Series 9 (or 35)

Face The Raven


The Doctor and Clara, with Rigsy, find themselves in a magical alien world, hidden on a street in the heart of London.

Sleep No More


The Doctor and Clara land on a space station which is in need of some care. But why has it been neglected?

The Zygon Inversion


Part two. With Zygons everywhere and UNIT neutralised only the Doctor stands in their way. Can he stop a war and save his friends?

The Zygon Invasion


The Zygons have been living amongst us without our knowledge. Can the Doctor, Clara and UNIT stop a possible uprising?

The Woman Who Lived


Sort-of part two. In the 17th Century a deadly highwayman stalks the streets of London. The looting of an alien artefact attracts the Doctor.

The Girl Who Died


The Doctor and Clara encounter some unfriendly vikings but it’s not long before a bigger threat presents itself.

Before The Flood


Part two. Clara is left in the underwater base while the Doctor goes back before the flood, as the detective story continues.

Under The Lake


An underwater base comes under attack. What is behind the terrifying events? Are there really ghosts?

The Witch’s Familiar

the witch's familiar

Part two. No TARDIS, no sonic, no Clara, no Missy. The Doctor is trapped on Skaro, alone at the heart of the Dalek Empire.

The Magician’s Apprentice


The Doctor is back in a new series but where is he? When the skies are frozen by an alien force Clara is called in by UNIT.



The prologue for the new series. The Doctor visits one of The Sisterhood of Karn. And she knows him very well.

Peter Capaldi retrospective



A businessman finds himself in “London Below”, amongst fantasy creatures who are invisible to the people of “London Above”.

Selling Hitler


The award winning true story of the biggest fraud in publishing history – the Hitler diaries. And Capaldi gets to act with Tom Baker.

The Lair of the White Worm


A campy horror in which Capaldi plays an archaeologist who unearths a large snake-like skull. He then investigates the local legend of the d’Ampton ‘worm’.

The Love Child


Capaldi’s first leading role. A love child of Sixties acid-rockers, he’s an accounts clerk who’s desperate to be normal.

John and Yoko: A Love Story


A 1985 TV Movie with Capaldi as George Harrison and John Lennon is played by Mark McGann, Paul McGann’s brother.

Local Hero


A US oil company representative is sent to a village on the west coast of Scotland to purchase the town and surrounding property.


On the sofa


Somewhere to hang out and have general chat about Doctor Who. If you’re a new member please pop in and say hello. We’re very friendly.

The Fox Inn


The next pub on our pub crawl. A break from the sofa and Doctor Who. Somewhere for chat about news, politics, sport etc. Avoid if it’s not for you.

The Faces of the Doctor


In this fiftieth year, we have Eleven faces of the Doctor to examine, and also to consider how our favourite show has changed over the years.

Doctor Who news


A place to post links to, and discuss any news items you come across related to Doctor Who. But NO spoilers!



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BBC Approved Spoilers


For anything the BBC has released in advance. It may be official, but it could still be considered a spoiler by some.

Doctor Who memories


A thread to discuss your first introductions to the show, your earliest or most vivid memories, and why it means so much to you.

Companions past and present


Here you can discuss your most, and least, favourite Doctor Who companions. Any Adric fans out there?

Fan creativity


A general thread to discuss fan creativity such as fan fiction, videos, art, costumes and conventions.

Russell T Davies Retrospective


We’ve discussed a different episode written by Russell T Davies every week. Feel free to add your views.

Steven Moffat Retrospective


Our retrospective of episodes written by Steven Moffat. Please feel free to add to the discussions.

Before Gap (BG) Episodes


We’re also discussing Doctor Who stories from before the gap, as they were originally shown, one episode a week.

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TV Shows


A thread to discuss TV shows other than Doctor Who. Which ones are your favourites?



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