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    bendubz11 @bendubz11

    @thebrainofmoffat I would theorize that the regeneration in question is that of Me. CapDoc stated the Hybrid wasn’t Dalek, but at no point did he mention that it was Gallifreyan. Here we have a functionally immortal hybrid of two warrior races, who now probably has access to the TARDIS, and has already started working with “they”, “they” being someon who wanted to put CapDoc in the confession dial, suddenly appearing on Gallifrey should the trailer be believed. In my opinion it’s got to be Me and she will be the first Gallifreyan, and perhaps also the Doctor’s mother.

    jphamlore @jphamlore

    The Tarot card for next week’s Hell Bent, and also for the beginning of the season for the Daleks, is The Tower, the card for the collapse of social order:

    The Doctor upended the Dalek social order when he regenerated the Daleks that had been left in their sewers. I expect he will upend the Time Lord social order and thus break the billion hearts of those in the ruling class and the establishment that supports their rule. I suspect it will be having failed to procure a suitable energy source from other species, the Time Lords have had to resort to preying on their own kind, the lower class Gallifreyans, for regeneration energy.

    I have to wonder if there will be a distinction between feeding off the mass of people, similar to what Davros was doing with the Daleks, or picking some victims and sucking them dry until they are dead.


    jphamlore @jphamlore

    A clue right in front our noses might be seen from the end of Heaven Sent.  The Gallifreyan citadel city is surrounded by what appears to be a barren desert.  That is not right.  It should be a green belt.  This is known now, on Earth, 21st century.  It gets even worse if as seems likely there will be shown plenty of people trying to scratch out a living in this desert.

    That is why this tower, this social order, must fall.  The Time Lords are literally sucking the life out of their own planet.


    A small detail, I suspect of no consequence in itself, but on the BBC site the vid of the teaser has a thumbnail of CapDoc in the diner (Elvis in the background). Not shown in said teaser.


    jphamlore @jphamlore

    @pedant: I wonder if the Doctor has been trying to compose a song to say what he thinks about his relationship with Clara for who knows how many years.

    Of course in my dream world he then says heck with that and starts riffing on Merry XMas Everybody. 🙂

    Anonymous @


    I actually thought the grass, like the sky, was red? Perhaps not. I recall a discussion on Sim’s ‘death  bed’ where he spoke of running around the red grass on the Master’s estate -must re-check this.


    Whoa, heck of a theory there. I think ‘Me’ is a part-time companion here. I don’t think she’ll be a hybridised version of what we may think. I believe it’s a teaser -but often I’m wrong! I do wonder who is in that regeneration device  -I think the Sisters of Karn wouldn’t want him to ‘go into it’ but perhaps the Doctor does choose to do that and comes out rather different -the beginning of the Valeyard (?) or maybe its end because there were times when the Doctor -given last year’s performance  -and indeed his attitude toward avenging Clara, certainly suggests a Valeyard impression to me.

    Just Puro

    these days I feel like the ragey Valeyard 🙂


    Mersey @mersey

    It seems that we have the title of the next Christmas special and a new pic!

    Christmas greetings, sweeties! We can reveal this year’s Christmas Special will be called ‘The Husbands of River Song’.

    via Doctor Who facebook page

    bendubz11 @bendubz11

    @mersey wrong Omega River, wrong Omega

    janetteB @janetteb

    @bendubz11 You beat me to it. I was thinking today that it is possible that Ashildr is the Doctor’s mother and thus he is the bootstrap paradox. He created himself as it were. I admit that I am not overly fond of the theory. Another possibility is that she becomes his daughter in law and hence Susan’s mother and it is Susan who is the hybrid hence the Doctor taking her to earth to hide her. It appears that she does end up on Gallifrey which is where I suspect she is trying to get to though she may not know that herself. She needs a home where those around her have a degree of immortality.

    Though of no significance whatsoever I am certain there is a human living on Gallifrey, married to a Gallifreyan and no doubt producing “hybrid” children. Leela and she was the child of a warrior race.

    The hybrid prophecy has all the markings of myth about it and myths are rarely accurate, so the hybrid may turn out to be very different to what has been prophesied.



    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @mersey — saw that. And sad to say my first reaction was ‘oooh, new sonic’….

    lewis97 @lewis97

    We have a preview clip!

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Random thoughts about the future of Ashildr, based on what we know from BBC sources.

    In the “Next Time” trailer, there is a brief shot of Maisie Williams in modern (?) clothes sitting in a modern (?) leather chair saying: “The hybrid: I think it’s time to tell the truth”. In other words, it doesn’t imply Gallifrey to me. Therefore, I suspect it comes from the end of the episode, post-Gallifrey. If so, it also implies that we will be seeing Maisie Williams as a recurring character in series 10. If so, will she be in league with the Doctor or opposed to him? Perhaps both.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    The trailer for the Christmas special:


    Arbutus @arbutus

    Based on this trailer and the “next time” teaser, I am really looking forward to this. I wasn’t initially delighted with the news of River Song’s return because I loved her goodbye with the Doctor and didn’t want to see it undermined. But it seems from the tiny bit here that she doesn’t actually know who the Doctor is, which could be interesting, a reversal of the first adventure with Ten. And I like the look of the dynamic between her and the current incarnation.

    janetteB @janetteb

    I am really looking forward to seeing River and Capdoc. I don’t think it will diminish the poignancy of her farewell with SmithDoc, (@arbutus) because to River each regeneration is a the same but different. I always thought that she was familiar with more than two incarnations of the Doctor and as she only met TennantDoc once.

    Must say the trailer however did not excite me but it is not fair to judge by the trailer.



    lisa @lisa


    Was that Rose window shopping???  I hope it was  🙂

    lisa @lisa


    lisa @lisa

    lisa @lisa


    “Like a Hellmouth”

    I’m in.

    Anonymous @


    “yes, it’s true”


    “you’re talking to a BOY!”

    That mum is bloody awesome.

    On some youtube thing the dicks have started with “its got gay people so I won’t be watching.”




    Craig @craig

    Hey @puroandson, it’s good to be back.

    I know. YouTube is its own Hellmouth. It does look like it could be good though. Do you know when Class will be shown in Australia? I’m trying to work out how to handle it on this site.

    Anonymous @

    and I went to YouTube…. 🙁


    There were strangers to our kind saying “Nuwho has children, teens and schools in it and I won’t watching one second of this tripe”

    I left a comment. After all, they’re probably cyberpeople (strangers)

    Anonymous @



    you worried me there: I couldn’t see you up and about (work, I’m assuming)

    Alrighty, I have no idea when it will be shown.

    I shall search the airwaves instead of replaying the 2 mins video over and over (ahem). Back in a tick.

    But I think if you set up a ‘Class’ page and us Ozzies don’t see it for, say, 6 months, then a simple ‘spoilers’ warning should be enough. We can either read the comments or just avoid them until the actual episode has been shown.

    Before the ABC put Dr Who up on its site at the time you were watching it, we just waited 48 hours until we came to the page to post and read others ‘ comments? Same thing in this instance.

    Dr Who Australia is a patient place  🙂

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Thanks to @lisa for all the wonderful visual candy!

    So, the Christmas special…with Nardole. Hmmm. Just thinking back to “Christmas Carol” and “The Snowmen”, which were reflective, and confronting and even poetic, and which I loved, and some of the other Christmas specials which were wacky…and which I loved, well, perhaps less so.

    “Class” does look interesting. Here is a question from a colonial ignorant of recent changes in the English education system. I notice that Coal Hill Secondary School has become Coal Hill Academy. I am sure there is a context for that change, and I would be interested to know if it is likely to have any implications on the dynamics of the show. Is a point being made? Should I read anything into the change?

    tardigrade @tardigrade

    Do you know when Class will be shown in Australia? I’m trying to work out how to handle it on this site.

    According to Wikipedia:
    “In September 2016, the series was picked up in Australia by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, where the first two episodes will be fast-tracked from Britain for ABC iView on 22 October 2016, and will be broadcast later on ABC2 on 24 October 2016.”

    So I don’t think it’s necessary to worry about spoilers for Australian fans, as it seems we’ll get them on the same date.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @tardigrade Only a few days to wait. I am looking forward to reading others’ thoughts on the series. It will be so nice to have something new to discuss.



    tardigrade @tardigrade

    @janetteb Yes- it seems a long time now since there was anything new to discuss – with good reason I guess, since it was last year. I had to look back through old posts to remind myself exactly where things were at.

    Class is looking quite promising – given its premise, I’m hoping it’s not too juvenile in focus. But the trailer looks darker than I’d expected, so that’s a good sign.

    Anonymous @

    @tardigrade @janetteb

    Thanks for checking up on the show Class, tardigrade  -I hadn’t seen any ads for it at all and assumed it would be a long time coming.

    As for juvenile, I think people said that about Buffy (my all time favourite show) so I expect that with the ‘mature’ tag that’s added to it, it will be aimed at my generation as well as teens over 15.

    We’ve been having some superb discussions in the Pub recently: not Who related  but well worth a read -if you’re interested in the Aberfan anniversary there’s some appropriate links.


    Puro Solo


    Anonymous @


    My nephew claims that some schools have split into different ‘areas’ -academies being the High Schools of the US, in a way, where Years 11 and 12 are separate or, where the ‘academies’ are specifically designed for particular gifted and talented students. Now he’s heard this from mates of his (nephew works in Amsterdam and flies back and forth to the UK) during ‘drinkies’ and therefore it could simply be a case of Chinese Whispers 🙂

    Hope you’re enjoying the last autumnal visage….would love to see some pictures of trees in your neighbourhood!



    tardigrade @tardigrade

    @puroandson As for juvenile, I think people said that about Buffy (my all time favourite show) so I expect that with the ‘mature’ tag that’s added to it, it will be aimed at my generation as well as teens over 15.

    The main series has done a good job of being accessible to the younger generation as well as longer-term fans, so it’s certainly something they can do.

    In a way, a 15+ age range causes me a little more concern in terms of juvenile focus than a PG rating. With a PG rating the writing needs to avoid delving deeply into some older teen issues, so it can be more for everyone, but if there’s an explicit 15+ age range, then there’s more license to pursue those issues, which could tend to skew the show more towards a 15-18 target audience. The series writer (Patrick Ness) is apparently known primarily known for his YA writing also. Of course, quality YA writing can be perfectly accessible to an older audience as well. So I’m certainly not going into it with a preconception that it’s not intended for me.


    @tardigrade @puroandson

    As the Twitter feed explicitly states (not to mention the choice of author), Class is a YA show. And the references to Hellmouths, Storybrooke and Vampire Diaries in the trailer also indicate its target demographic. But, like Buffy, I would not be too surprised is it manages to break out of its nominal genre.



     I notice that Coal Hill Secondary School has become Coal Hill Academy.

    This just means it is a school that has opted out of local authority control. All part of our rancid excuse for a government’s cunning plan, where “cunning” means unable to get out of the 19th Century.

    Turns out that multi-school academy operators have no better (or worse) achievement rates than local authorities. Who would have thought that running multiple schools is actually quite hard?

    Anonymous @


    I notice that Coal Hill Secondary School has become Coal Hill Academy.


    This just means it is a school that has opted out of local authority control. All part of our rancid excuse for a government’s cunning plan…

    That seems more like it (compared to my initial answer): lessening of govt “control” indicative of the so-called “Big Government is Bad” idea rampant in Australia (unless you’re an ALP supporter -where “big Govt” to them means accurate and fair representation for all).

    Indeed: multi-school academy operators have no better (or worse) achievement rates than local authorities…

    The $20 -65 000 a year schools like Brisbane Boys Grammar and Churchie  (Church of England Boys School) have similar achievement rates to Puricle’s local SHS.

    I taught at both of the private schools above (called GPS: Greater Public Schools) & was surprised at the lack of distinct planning, professional development and staff turnover -many gents in the Social Studies ‘faculty’ had been there for well over 30 years. They used the same material each year. Seemingly no-one was bored teaching dreck over and over. 🙁

    For many it’s the school “networking” and “tie” which provides students with an alma mater of which they’re proud and which opens doors in their early 20s. Studies show that these students, coddled by ‘masters,’ suffer through university as they’re required to be independent and scholastically secure – when they’re neither.

    Apologies for rambling on the wrong thread.




    : lessening of govt “control” indicative of the so-called “Big Government is Bad”

    Yes, but an Academy hasn’t become a private school – it has just had its operation contracted out to a company, rather than the local education authority (ie the council).

    So Coal Hill Academy will still be very much and inner city school for inner city people (although I wouldn’t be surprised at some sly digs as the Academy system). Just not run by the London Borough of Gawdblimeyluvaduck.

    Anonymous @


    Ah, I see. Got it. Seems that the system here is vastly different.

    Craig @craig

    The BBC released a clip from the Christmas Special for their charity ‘Children in Need’ night.

    Here it is if you want it:

    Anonymous @


    Oh, ah! Erm? Really?  A masked superman? Loved the quip about the 4 explosions. They always say that in films!

    The lady plays Mary Boleyn in Wold Hall. Always smirking. Great performance.

    The Doctor’s accent has become less scotttish with each year!

    Anonymous @

    what I meant to add was “thank you”

    Anonymous @

    A “dashing male lead and younger companion with a whole team of writers. With a full series every year with accessible story arcs…”

    This was the news I read. The Aussie guy who did Dr Who comments was discussing what he read in the BBC article. He says:

    merchandising needs to be concentrated on – according to the BBC – which we understand is a business like any other. It’s depressing that many don’t seem to like Peter Capaldi and yet everywhere I read, people are saying he’s one of the best doctors we’ve ever had.”

    This Aussie guy goes on to say:

    I don’t like this article. I feel that if you’re Pearl and that’s the first thing you read about yourself you’d be really embarrassed. They want a full series a year with simpler stories, easier arcs and younger handsome leads with a monster of the week

    I think some people ARE saying this. But I wonder this….I’m no youtube or facebook person (I comment about crap on youtube: Mum wants to wack it outa me) but I think that if it’s “younger people” commenting on the state of the show then they are the ones more likely to want  a ‘modern’ young doctor?

    I find people of my dad’s age and mum’s, are not really over social media. They don’t go BTL and don’t comment so we have a skewed result of what all the people actually want.

    Reminds me of the US election actually. And the whole EU thing but that’s another story. It’s like younger people wanting their type of music whereas I grew up on albums like Pet Sounds and My Generation with discussions about which was the best album: Revolver or Sgt Peppers’.  But my friends who are 14 wouldn’t even know who the Beach Boys are and have no idea whether it was Roger Daltry who ‘wrote’ Revolver or some other ‘dood’ called McCartney.

    It’s fun playing music games with them: play this song and pick a band. I always win 🙂

    Still, compared with the real musos on this site, I wouldn’t stand a chance .


    Thank you for reading. Thane15


    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    OK. I have loved Doctor Who for the last 50 years, but I have to confess that I thought that trailer was distinctly underwhelming. Was it aiming for comedy? If so…well, Nardole for a start. (Sorry, I just do not see the humour of Nardole as a character.) Was it re-inforcing the idea of the Capaldi only existing (in a quite self-conscious way) as the inhabitant of a “story” but never as the inhabitant of the real world? As @missrori points out (quite brilliantly) on a different thread, he never encounters real historical figures, only story-books figures (Robin Hood, Santa Claus, and now a Superhero).

    Have been looking forward to some new Who with huge anticipation, but left in a little trepidation by the trailer. I do so hope I am wrong and it will be wonderous.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @blenkinsopthebrave I have become very wary of trailers of late. They always seem to highlight the aspects of the episode/series that I find least appealing and so I have concluded that they are aimed at a audience with very different viewing preferences to my own. (hardly surprising given that I am only interested in less than one percent of anything actually on Tv at any given time.)

    I might wait until Christmas and skip the trailer. I am not overly excited at the prospect of this years special as I have never warmed to the superhero genre, but I do expect and enjoy a little silliness in Christmas specials.




    Anonymous @

    @blenkinsopthebrave @janetteb

    I’m with you there. I’m not a Nardole fan (sp?). The humour which I see a lot in movies (which is why I stopped going Mr Blenkinsop) was not funny!  For instance a character says: “I think this is a capital city” and another one says:
    no, it isn’t” and ….everybody laughs.

    It’s not that funny after all!

    I was watching with Dad on SBS some really funny guys from the UK.  It was a show from the 60s and the 70s and it really was funny.  The gags were clever (gag is a new word in this way to me).

    I don’t really go in for Marvel superheroes but I did find some of what was said was tongue in cheek like:

    “it withstands 4 nuclear explosions” and “small injuries are fine”.

    But I had to play it over and over as the music or the talking was blanking it out. Rewinding humour doesn’t work.

    On the issue of the fantasy people, yes, Santa Claus is a storybook figure as are elves (obviously) but St Nicolaus on which Father Christmas is based isn’t fantasy  – or Good King Wenceslas who was a real figure.

    Also he has not met Churchill, Queen Elizabeth, Agatha Christie  or Van Gogh as Ten and Eleven did but then he did create people who became famous in the Who world: Ashildr, for example, as are all the people who act their roles. They’re part of a social history and not one favouring only the famous leaders. The woman who featured in the Moon as Egg episode. Because of Clara and the Doctor she would have become famous -a leader of astronauts!

    I liked that about the show because we make or create these historical figures ourselves. I can’t really describe this properly 🙂

    I think there will be a lot of tongue-in-cheek humour in the Special. Maybe this is a good thing? People may need to be lifted out of a depression. So many people died this year -Alan Rickman, Bowie, the list is huge. Someone did a Sgt Pepper’s  type of  ‘the passing of people’ picture and it was enormous! But then there are those who aren’t famous, don’t get a mention and don’t lead us especially.

    Thank you for reading.




    I was watching with Dad on SBS some really funny guys from the UK.  It was a show from the 60s and the 70s and it really was funny.  The gags were clever (gag is a new word in this way to me).

    I think you’re going to have to be a bit more specific than that….

    AlexWho @alexwho

    Can’t wait for some new Who. The Christmas special looks fun, just like last year’s!

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    OK, this is on the BBC site so I suppose it is coming:

    But, well, I love Doctor Who and all that, but does this trailer seem, well, a bit feeble?

    tardigrade @tardigrade

    I mostly avoid trailers, and clicking through on the Xmas one has only justified that approach. Will wait and see how the actual program pans out, since I have a lot more trust in those who create the program than I do in those who create the trailers.


    @blenkinsopthebrave @tardigrade

    I think one has to be quite careful about judging from trailers. Down that road leads thinking there is more to Titanic that “plucky Oirisher woos spunky brit – oh, and a boat sinks”.


    (I thought the trailer for Husbands of River Song looked a wee bit weak…)

    tardigrade @tardigrade

    @pedant I think one has to be quite careful about judging from trailers. Down that road leads thinking there is more to Titanic that “plucky Oirisher woos spunky brit – oh, and a boat sinks”.

    Yes- it’s certainly not something that’s specific to Dr Who. I guess the fans will tune in anyway though – so it’s just a reminder for them, and maybe to get a few others tuning in as well.

    I had to take a look at the Titanic trailer after your mention. I think that one was actually useful for me- it at least let me know that it was god-awful romantic tosh to be avoided at all costs. Probably not what the makers of the trailer were going for though…

    MissRori @missrori

    I have largely avoided the trailers/clips right now because I want to preserve surprise and fun!  I learned this from my experience with Series 9, which often revealed too much in the various promotional materials, especially in the last stretch of episodes.  In fact, mostly avoiding THORS hype wound up being to my benefit…

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