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    Kharis @kharis

    @jimthefish  Thanks, you have calmed my nerves.  Nice defending at the Guardian BTW.  Had never looked over one of their articles before, but saw you fighting the good fight in the comments.  Well done.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @kharis — no problem at all. I’m sure there will be lots of things to look forward to in CC’s tenure. Change is good and has been the mainspring of Who’s continued success.

    Yeah, the Graun is not for the faint-hearted and is basically Moffat-hating ‘why can’t it be the 1970s no more??’ central. The temptation is always to dive in (when the wise thing would be to just ignore it). The downside is that there’s always a residue of combatitiveness left over when you return to safe havens like this. Probably not healthy and I will give it up one of these days. But Dan’s blogs are always good.

    Kharis @kharis

    @jimthefish  I noticed the overwhelming hate of Moffat, Matt Smith and the strange giddiness to see Capaldi leave on that site, which I found all of to be absolutely bizarre.   Is everyone on the Guardian over 70 with an IQ of 99?  Wow, intense haters and die hard old Who and Torchwood lovers abound, and their opinion is fact in their minds, that is made very clear.  Glad we have the Forum, that comment section on the Guardian is depressing.  That crowd even thought the 8th Doctor’s movie was not that bad, and thought last season was a mess.  I can’t imagine agreeing with people less than I agree with that crowd.  Wow.




    What Jim said. Nothing has happened that is inconsistent with what Moffat and Capaldi have been saying for a few months now. (The Beeb is under the cosh from ideologically motived Slaves of Murdoch, but that is no reason to put 2 and 2 together and make an imaginary number).

    Kharis @kharis

    @pedant I’m sure, good to know.

    @pedant Excuse my ignorance, but what or who is Murdoch?



    Rupert Murdoch, sociopath and media megalomaniac.

    Kharis @kharis

    @pedant  Oh!  He is not part of the BBC now is he? YIKES!



    No, but one of his former lickspittles is now head of news, and it shows.

    Kharis @kharis

    @pedant OH DEAR GOD!  Fox is considered the propaganda machine by anyone with a mind or heart in the U.S. and this man is the ring leader.  I looked him up and almost threw-up.  The BBC better watch out if they have any of his minions in their mix.  I’m going to be sick.

    CountScarlioni @countscarlioni

    @missy  @kharis   See below for the link to the full story: “The source told The Mirror: ‘Bosses are already discussing a fresh start when Steven leaves. They’ve been happy with what Peter has brought to the role but some think it might make sense to give Chris his own choice of actor to play the Doctor.”

    I have no idea how accurate or reliable this piece might be; I hope it’s not true. Like earlier some posters on this topic, I’d have thought CC might appreciate not have to find a new Doctor as well as take over the show.

    @jimthefish  After training and practice, I can now read Dan Martin’s blogs without reading any comments!




    The missing bit of logic there is that Capaldi might well be CC’s choice…

    (But I am fairly sure Capaldi has also spoken in terms of 3 seasons being optimal)

    The Mirror’s logic, obv – not yours. And at least it doesn’t have the anti-BBC agenda of the Murdoch, Desmond and Barclay press.

    winston @winston

    @jimthefish      You are right -change is good.  When RTD and Tennant left I wasn’t sure if I would like the new Doctor  but of course Moffat and Matt were great. After the initial regeneration shock (mine, not the Doctors) I found I liked the change. Same goes for the many changes on this show and lets face it everything changes. Doctors, companions and even the Tardis. Thats what I love about the show and that is what makes it exciting. I will be gutted to lose Capaldi though.

    Missy @missy


    You and me both winston.



    Kharis @kharis

    @countscarlioni This is terrible news.  I hope it’s just stretching a truth to be news worthy.  The loss of Capaldi would be entirely too much.

    Missy @missy


    Just me being picky, but it really gives me the pip!

    When you say “Attorney” do you mean Barrister or Solicitor?

    I’ve just noticed about your mum. Hope all is well.

    Best regards,


    Missy @missy


    As long as I can see, I’ll keep everything crossed. *big grin*



    Missy @missy


    Thanks for that. Matt Smith was fun and played his part well, but there is no comparison between him and Peter Capaldi. You all know who gets my vote.

    Gordon Bennett, could this be the demise of Doctor Who.

    Pass the bottle!


    Narvin @narvin

    As much as I like when a companion stays throughout multiple Doctors I would love to see a companionless season. Sure a 2 parter with a guest star but a season that just focuses on the Doctor would be nice for a change.

    Anonymous @

    dear @missy

    I am confused. I do not use the word ‘attorney’.

    Is this something I said? I think it was @ob-wan who used it .

    So, I can’t you there.

    Thank you for the wishes.  Son of Puro

    Missy @missy


    So sorry! I can’t find the post and would still like to know the answer.



    OB-Wan @ob-wan


    I did mention lawyers.  I used to work with lawyers.  In this case I mean “lawyers”, as in American lawyers/attorneys – not Barristers/Solicitors.

    In America there is an expression among lawyers that I mentioned…

    “Are you going to believe me or your own lying eyes.”

    It refers to trying to trying to trick an eyewitness into getting confused about what they actually saw and trying to get them to doubt their own experience.  Trying to get them to accept the lawyer’s version of what happened despite the fact that they saw something different with their own eyes.

    Anonymous @


    dear missy, sorry I didn’t know that one.

    @ob-wan Oh, the lying eyes thing again. And you mentioned that because?

    Who knows. I will mention that book to my mother Miss Missy -soon.


    Arbutus @arbutus

    @missy      In North America, there isn’t the same barrister/solicitor distinction as in the UK. In Canada at least, lawyers are qualified to do both, although not every lawyer does courtroom litigation.

    Craig @craig

    Hmmm… One can’t help begin to wonder what is going on. All the US people I know who’ve heard of Doctor Who have become massive fans. This makes no sense. Is the BBC making it too expensive for broadcast at the behest of a Government that doesn’t want it to make popular programmes? If someone has real information I’d love to hear it.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @craig — who can tell but Netflix has been getting a lot of stick from content providers for not making it hard enough for VPN users overseas to access the US content. And they have a lot more Who up than the UK site does — including Capaldi’s first series. Considering that the Beeb has just opened up their own online download store, maybe they felt that Netflix was doing them out of potential sales?

    Allonsy @allonsy

    @craig with Netflix being my primary way of watching DW this saddens me very deeply. I am a new fan of the show and am only on season 5. I will now have to find an alternative way of catching up on the show (maybe Hulu or Amazon Prime). It blows my mind that a good show, that I’m sure so many people love, is leaving but 90% of the other garbage stays. I don’t know all of the ins and outs of why it will no longer be available but it sucks for those of us in the States who love the show. If I didn’t like the Marvel shows, Peaky Blinders, and Sherlock so much I would probably cancel my subscription due to this news.

    Craig @craig

    @jimthefish @allonsy If Jim is correct (and of course he is) then it may be that they are just dropping Capaldi’s episodes, as they say “promise to care for David and Matt”. As Jim says, Capaldi’s first series is not available on UK Netflix. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    OB-Wan @ob-wan


    According to CinemaBlend –

    Sadly for us and any who might have come after, Netflix will be pulling Doctor Who from its streaming service on February 1, 2016…

    Official confirmation that both series collections of Doctor Who will be soon gone from Netflix is disappointing, considering that there have been false alarms in the past about the franchise being discontinued on the streaming service that were debunked.

    Netflix actually confirming that the TARDIS will soon be making its final streaming appearances is definitely a bummer.

    Craig @craig


    Moffat gone. Netflix gone. No episodes in 2016. Conspiracy anyone?

    I’m writing to my MP (Member of our Parliament, for those not from the UK) tomorrow, and I shall tell them that I am very annoyed. I shall stamp my foot. I shall demand that something be done! That’s kinda what we Brits do.

    Craig @craig

    @ob-wan It now makes even less sense than I thought it might. Why make money out of a growing fan-base when you can just shut the whole thing down and nobody makes a penny?

    I fear there is a lot going on behind the scenes of the BBC and the UK government, and there are many vested interests, perhaps SKY or US corporations such as FOX.

    I’m kinda treating all this news flippantly because Doctor Who has survived everything thrown at it. But a little bit of me is slightly scared. Not for Doctor Who – it’ll live for ever (there may be breaks). I do fear for our BBC though.

    These news reports are actually little cracks in the wall, or the dam, depending on your metaphor of preference.

    Allonsy @allonsy

    Well a little good news (at least for me). I decided to check my on demand from my cable provider since I have BBCamerica and lo and behold the have all of the AG episodes. I didn’t take the time to see if the had all of the specials but my crisis has been averted, at least for now.

    Missy @missy


    I thought so, how very confusing. In the old days – according to Dickens – ‘lawyer’ was used instead of Barrister.

    It was possibly changed to Barrister and Soliciter to avoid confusion. Unfortunately I never know which is which in American programmes.



    Missy @missy


    You’ve got his description off to a tee!

    Vandal, would fit the bill too!



    Missy @missy

    Fortunately I have a modest fund (which I save for) especaiily for DVD’s, which means I buy the series, therefore no problems.


    OB-Wan @ob-wan


    My first thought was maybe the BBC thinks that BBC America is losing $$$ because of the other outlets.

    Perhaps they want to expand the Doctor Who offerings.  I had seen that they were playing Classic episodes on Saturday mornings (Tom Baker, or course) a short time ago but I checked their schedule and don’t see them anymore.

    Hopefully someone will put everything together soon and tell US what their grand plan is for The Good Doctor.


    OB-Wan @ob-wan


    If we’re going to go much further we should probably move this to the Sofa.  I’ll try to put it into perspective and then if you have any other questions – please put them there.

    In the US, any lawyer can be a trial lawyer, but many don’t have what it takes, so they join a firm or refer their clients to others for a referral fee.  Most specialize in one kind of law (contracts, divorce, criminal, litigation, etc.).  Lawyers need special certification to argue a case before the Supreme Court, but they don’t get a special name for that.

    So basically they’re all called lawyers or attorneys as long as they have a law degree and pass a rigorous test called a “Bar exam”.

    A bit of trivia – the railing that separates the working area of the court from the audience is actually called ‘the bar’.  So “passing the bar” means passing the exam and being allowed to pass through that railing into where the action is.

    I worked for a law firm that only handled personal injury and contact cases with the potential of a million dollars or more in damages.  Shortly after I started with them one of the lawyers asked me if I had any questions.

    “Yeah, I know that you depose the witnesses and Mr. Smith deals with the clients and Mr. Jones handles the documents and Mr. Able is the trial lawyer, but what does Mr. Baker do?  He just sits in his office all day and I don’t know what he does.”

    “Why, son”, he said laughing.  “HE’S THE LAWYER!  Every law firms needs at least one person who knows what the law is.”

    I hope that was somewhat helpful and I’ll see you On the Sofa.

    OB-Wan @ob-wan


    I’m tired and probably just too dense, but I can’t seem to figure out what “AG Doctor Who” stands for.

    A little help, please.

    I will now have to find an alternative way of catching up on the show (maybe Hulu or Amazon Prime).

    I have Amazon and I really don’t like it.  I’m going to drop it before my renewal date.  I don’t like the selection of programs.  The only original programs I’ve watched were a couple of episodes of “The Man in the High Castle”.

    And they change their selections so that one month a show might be free and then next month you have to pay a fee to see it, even if you have Prime.

    Right now, I would have to pay $2 per episode for STANDARD DEFINITION to watch Season One of the new series or $25 for the entire season in SD.  HD doesn’t start until Season 5 and then it’s $3 an episode and $34 for the Season.

    And that’s WITH a Prime membership.

    I might go with Hulu which has Classic and New Doctor Who, although I know I that Daily Motion also has the Classics.

    I’m seriously considering just dropping my cable television and switching to all-Internet viewing combined with over-the-air broadcasts since I really don’t watch much sports except games that would probably be on local over-the-air channels anyway.

    Does anyone have Hulu and what do they think of it as an alternative source?

    Allonsy @allonsy


    AG is just an abbreviation for after gap.

    I’ve had Hulu before. The selection is good. The only reason I cancelled it is because I have cable and could watch all the shows when they aired. If I wasn’t cursed with Comcast, which has a data cap on their Internet, I would drop the cable and just use Hulu.

    lisa @lisa


    AG Who  =   after gap  versus BG   before gap.

    The gap years were when there were no episodes  from the BBC


    Daily motion has all the Who episodes from all the Doctors  although there might be a few

    holes.   Just type in Doctor Who and the episode in the search bar.  You might probably have to do

    some navigating around and  deal with a few commercials but I just mute the sound  then    🙂


    The ‘Sleep No More’  episode was my least fav of the season.   But 2 of my most fav

    episodes were the Missy stories.   I hope with all these new changes that they don’t

    decide to also change her!   That would just make me very sad.


    OB-Wan @ob-wan

    @lisa & @allonsy

    After Gap.  Thanks to you both.  I never would have gotten that.


    “If I wasn’t cursed with Comcast, which has a data cap on their Internet, I would drop the cable and just use Hulu.”

    My limit with Comcast Blast service is pretty high.  But I’m an old guy so I may not be using as it as fast as a younger person might.  I don’t play online games and my phone isn’t on Comcast.

    Missy @missy


    Me too. Sleep no more was the least enjoyable.

    Everything in which Missy has appeared have been winners in my eyes.

    Cancelling the whole thing would make me very sad indeed!

    I meant to say. Don’t you love the recurring words: “Are you my mummy?” and my favourite: “Yes, we know who you are!”

    All I wish is that the media would get their facts straight.

    First off the BBC are dropping SM for CC.
    Then they are going to axe DW altogether.
    Then the new DW could be some chap called Richard Madden, because the new Doc should be – get this – sexier? Don’t like the look of him at all btw.
    All this after the complaint that this DW 9, is more for adults than children?
    So, the next Doc may be ‘sexy” – perfect for kids!!!!!!!!

    I’m beginning to get very cross!

    Grumpy Missy

    riker666 @riker666

    I know this is probably old news but is there a general feeling on “who” could be playing the next Doctor? From the list I like most of the actors but don’t know if they’d fit, I might even be in the minority but I’ve enjoyed every doctor since the restart.

    From the list below I like most of the actors but don’t know if they’d fit. However I might even be in the minority but I’ve enjoyed every doctor since the restart no matter how sceptical I was beforehand of each appointment!

    List of potential Doctors:

    Anonymous @

    @missy @jimthefish @craig @pedant

    from the mentions above, and maybe you’re waking up to this now, but is there a definite plan for a doctor to replace PC already?

    Is this just bandcandy or serious talks?

    By the way @riker666 just say your name and saying ‘welcome’ to you if you happen to be new ’round here. Tis a fun place -even in these hectic Who times 🙂

    Kindest, Puro and Son

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @puroandson– There’s been no definite announcements yet but I think the smart money would be on that happening. Not sure if they’d actually have someone cast already but you never know. However, I’d expect to hear soon that PC will be standing down.

    Just to add, I really hope it’s all ready cast. I’m not sure I can face all that endless interminable speculation that we had to put up with last time.

    @craig — re. Netflix. Even if they’re taking all of Who down, I’d imagine it’s because they want the BBC store to be the only point of availability. Wouldn’t be surprised if it goes from the UK site at some point too. Which will be vexing on a purely lazy level as it saved getting up from the sofa to change a DVD.

    But something’s definitely going on with Who, I think. There’s some news yet to come out, I think. It could just be the announcement of a new Doctor in the offing but there was also that cryptic statement from SM that 2017 will be his last few series but there might be ‘something more’ as well. Not sure what that could be. Movie maybe?

    And yeah, the Beeb in general is approaching squeaky bum time, if it isn’t there already. Charter renewal coming up fast. They’ve been very ardent in sucking up to the Tories but I don’t think it’s going to be enough. And Murdoch has been on the ropes because of Leveson but he seems back now and cosying up to Cameron and co with a vengeance. He’s getting on a bit now and I would think he’ll want to see the Beeb permanently hobbled before he pops off. This is his best, maybe last, chance to do so. So if they don’t out-and-out lose the licence fee this time around, it’ll be put on notice to become less of a ‘tax’ and more of a ‘subscription’ or some such bollocks.

    Definitely dark times for the Beeb and I suspect we’re now seeing its last years in the form which we’re used to seeing. All the shifting of the top deckchairs on the Titanic and the creation of production off-shoots, online stores etc. seem to point in that direction.

    riker666 @riker666

    Sorry, hi my name is Mick, apologies for the ST:TNG username, hope it does not offend but been using it on Forums for years!I thought PC had announced his intention to do one more series?

    I thought PC had announced his intention to do one more series and move on? The Sun was reporting something along those lines today.




    Barrister – does all the work in the court room, if you see a wig its a barrister.

    Solicitor – does pretty well everything else. No wigs,


    I am sure Capaldi has made a remark to the effect that 3 years is optimum – and having an established assistant for a new Doctor is actually the traditional way to do it.

    It would be interesting to see a generation mid-way through Moff’s last season, with him working to tee the new direction up for CC.

    Anonymous @


    Doesn’t offend me in the slightest! I think by one more series he means ‘a Christmas special’ and who knows? An Easter special in 2017? That last is a brainstorm from me.

    I also recall him saying an optimum period would be  three series and in a way, if you include tHoRSong and the forthcoming xmas special at the end of 2016 then that might be considered a ‘series’ -on Gallifrey, maybe!

    🙂 Cheers

    Anonymous @

    @missy @pedant‘s right. Could even come close to a dictionary definition. Oh ‘LOL’.


    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @riker666– welcome to the forum. Interesting list. Generic bookies’ list, of course, but interesting. Not convinced by Richard Madden. Bit square-jawed and lacking in quirk for Doctor material I would have thought. But you never know. Vicky McClure’s inclusion is an odd one. I don’t hate it but can’t really see that happening. My bet would be for someone young, relatively unknown (and cheap). All the names on that list are either too busy or too expensive, I’d suspect.


    Yeah, as I said yesterday it’s almost without precedent for a new producer to inherit a Doctor. JNT was the only one and even he doesn’t really count as Barry Letts was essentially calling the shots on his first season. Davison’s first season was also JNT’s first without the stabilisers on.

    I do like the idea of a mid-series regeneration though. That could be interesting. I wonder if Chibnall would want that though, Moffat putting his fingerprints over a new Doc. He might prefer a blank slate.

    Moffat will almost certainly want to make some sort of mark on regeneration though, want to put a new spin on it. And it’s hard to see how to do that. I’ve always liked the idea of a multi-Doctor story with a future, previously unseen Doctor on it. It always struck me in the Three Doctors, Five Doctors etc. what that must feel like for Troughton’s Doc etc. — seeing the man you’re yet to become. I like the idea of a future Doc showing up, helping in an adventure and the current Doc becoming him at the end of the story or something like that.

    Or just a really low-key off-hand regeneration. Something completely anti-epic. Maybe even done at the start of an episode rather than the end. If any Doc would fit that it would be Capaldi’s constantly defying expectations Doc.

    OB-Wan @ob-wan

    I’ve already seen a couple of articles quoting a “source” or “sources” inside the BBC as saying a new Doctor is coming. (For whatever THAT’S worth.)

    After all, do you think PC’s contract pays him for making one show in a year?  There’s probably a clause in every TV actor’s contract about the show going off the air or suspending production.  I realize that’s speculation but it seems reasonable.  Believe me, Pete’s agent is on the phone right now lining up guest shots or stage work to fill the gap. (After all, I know he also writes and directs.)

    I realize that a lot of people here just love Capaldi but he has not been well-received universally.  It makes sense on the producer’s and the actor’s part that if they were even thinking about a change – 2017 would be the time.

    But they have the time, so I would not expect them to be in a hurry to make an announcement.  And I wouldn’t start speculating so early on who Who will be.

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