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    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Cheers to HTPBDET & to everyone.

    Share your celebrations over on the Days of the Doctor – The ”Big 50” Blog as well.

    (     Also via:  big50@thedoctorwhoforum.com      )

    What are you drinking? What are you nibbling?


    OsakaHatter @osakahatter

    @wolfweed – scotch and jelly babies.  I’d like to say in tribute to the previous and next Doctors, but basically because I like scotch, scotchy scotch scotch.

    I may break out the custard later.  No fish fingers though.  Unless I get really drunk.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Cheers to all from the blenkinsop household.

    Mrs Blenkinsop and I have opened a fine bottle of Australian shiraz (which I feel would be approved of by the third Doctor in particular)

    We toast you all!

    OsakaHatter @osakahatter

    Just a warning.  I’ve just read a Zoe Williams piece in the Grauniad about the ExCel celebration.  The last paragraph may be a cock up or a major spoiler.  I suspect cock up, but recommend avoiding it til Saturday evening to be on the safe side.

    stevethewhistle @steve-thorp

    I ate a salmon fillet with veg for my tea, washed down with a bottle of Chilean Cabinet Sauvignon as I watched last night’s “An Unearthly Child”.

    Cheers to HTPBDET & to everyone.

    Tomorrow’s the AGM of Friends of DalesBus (aka The Yorkshire Dales Public Transport Users’ Group”), then, in the evening, I will be visiting a nearby cinema to see “The Day Of The Doctor”.

    (and then, on Sunday, off for a walk in the Yorkshire Dales – if I wake up in time.)


    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Still waiting for some incriminating photos from The Dean Swift to manifest over on the ‘Big 50’ Blog.

    Pop on over there to tell @phaseshift (who’s sharing the progress on his Cocktail Crawl) what you’re sipping & nibbling on…

    Also find out if the Strip-o-gram is okay…

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    @wolfweed – Yep, no pictures or updates at all. They’re probably too drunk, or were involved in that fracas with the Strip-o-gram. 😉

    Whisht @whisht





    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    Am drinking equal parts Pernod, vodka, black current cordial topped with lemonade. Tastes like liquid aniseed balls. Love you all, had better stop posting now, damn you iPhone for not including a breathalyser.

    Anonymous @

    @osakahatter – just read the Zoe Williams article in the Grauniad and this bit stood out!

    “Everything you really need to know in life, you can learn from the Doctor,” observed Sharon, a moderator on a Doctor Who forum.

    It couldn’t be our @Shazzbot could it?

    ScaryB @scaryb


    Could very well be our @Shazzbot – she said she was talking to a Graun journalist at the Excel. Got the link to the article?

    ::waves @miapatrick and @osakahatter:: Cheeeers 😎

    Anonymous @

    @scaryb – Didn’t think anyone was still awake and/or sober at this hour!

    The Gruan article is here.

    Just listening to ‘Invasion Of The Dalkes’ on Radio 4extra then of to bed. It’s a big day tomorrow 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Anonymous @

    I meant ‘Daleks’ of course 😳 Blimey, and I’m sober.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Graun article about their day at the Excel – starring our very own @Shazzbot – or why a Dr Who Convention isn’t like an International Arms fair*.

    @fatmaninabox – well stop it then. Get unsober… but don’t miss Sat at 7.50pm 😀


    *There’s more explosions at a DW Con 😉

    Anonymous @

    @scaryb – The bottle of brandy I keep (purely for ‘medicinal’ purposes 😉 ) goes nicely in a hot, milky mug of drinking chocolate. Hic.

    Correction to post#21221, it is, of course, ‘The Dalek Invasion of Earth’. Dear oh dear, it’s late and I’m getting all exited 🙂

    janetteB @janetteb

    We are running a day behind in Oz. The real celebration is tomorrow but we did get up at 7.30 am and raise a glass to @htpbdet.

    Lots of articles in the Guardian today to enjoy between party preparations.

    Hope everyone else is having a wonderful time..



    CraigNixon @craignixon

    Hope the Dean Swift went well, although I wasn’t online I raised a glass to HTPBDET.


    Hopefully will still make it to Cinema tonight, might have to watch it at home but I should be ok. CANNOT WAIT, this is gonna be awwwweeesome

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @Shazzbot ‘s name is no longer hidden in the Medusa Cascade. Watch out for The Rani, Shazz! Remember the Blinovitch Limitation Effect…….

    DrSmith @drsmith

    Hey guys I’m abit confused on why the count down says 5 hours when it’s on in 14 and I thought the UK was ahead of amurika?


    Apropos of everything, a rather beautiful tweet from the BBC Radio 4 Extra account a day or two back (also linking to a play)

    Dear Delia Derbyshire,

    Thank you for everything.


    Electronic Music.

    http://bbc.in/1aVal1V #DoctorWho pic.twitter.com/NOjILcAr8D

    nallie @nallie

    Hello there everyone; am new here. Hope to get along with all of you; fellow whovians. *fixes her bowtie & salutes*

    …why am I saluting?

    *waddup The Day of The Doctor refference*

    GroovyLord @groovylord

    Hopping on board, long live Doctor Who!

    wolfweed @wolfweed



    Welcome, @nallie & @groovylord

    ScaryB @scaryb


    Welcome, @nallie & @groovylord

    From me too.

    re the Police Phone box with the scarf  wrapped round it (you posted the photo the other day) – I passed it earlier and it seems to have acquired a fez as well 🙂  (I’ll try to check it later when it’s not so dark and get a pic if poss (or maybe someone else will))

    LOL’d at the cartoon

    thommck @thommck

    What kind of fan are you? I think we safely fit into one of the categories 😉

    thommck @thommck

    Not sure if this is a well-know ‘coincidence’ but in an attempt to watch something un-related to DW over the weekend we watched Back to the Future 3 :D. In that, Doc marries a woman called Clara!

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    (London Excel Convention Pictures)



    WHO STOLE @SHAZZBOT ?!?!?!?!?!

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @pedant – She’s still on her hol’s (for a while yet)…



    Pah. Bloody part-timers.

    Anonymous @

    @pedant @wolfweed – I just got home from a long weekend with no internet access.  Got taken on the Virgin Pendolino northbound with a stranger who, instead of offering sweeties, offered me all of time and space.  In what appears to be about 4 hours earth-time, I’ve become an Aztec goddess, saved a planet which was drifting toward the sun (I learnt how to use the Tardis’s pull-ropes – all that gym-time on the rowing machine certainly paid off!), fought furry monsters on the Underground, and yanked someone up by his question-mark umbrella from a very worrying ice-cliff.

    Yes, I’m a Claricle.  😀  Worship me.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @Shazzbot – As far as I’m aware, everything remains available to watch on iplayer. I thought you were roaming the Universe for another few days.



    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Don’t forget David Tennant on Jo Whiley @ 8pm (GMT) on Radio 2 tonight…


    @thommck – I  fit into quite a few of those types of fan categories…

    OsakaHatter @osakahatter


    It couldn’t be our @Shazzbot could it?

    You know, that entire paragraph went right over my head because of the end of the article (suggesting that Peter Capaldi would be The Doctor from Saturday onwards) – really thought that I’d spent all week being hyper careful to avoid spoilers, only for the Graun to bloody ruin it!  Fortunately, not to be.

    @Shazzbot, if you must go cavorting with journos, can you at least insist on proof reading before they go causing mild panic in the Hatter household!?

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    An Evening with David Tennant


    wolfweed @wolfweed


    Anonymous @

    @fatmaninabox @osakahatter @wolfweed @scaryb

    Forget me and Zoe Williams, ask about @juniperfish and LindaLee!  I think @craig has a photo too …

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @Shazzbot – Pray do tell us about @juniperfish & Lindalee…….


    Anonymous @

    Ok, well… Hello
    I’m interesting by this : http://www.amazon.com/Doctor-Who-Limited-Edition-Blu-ray/dp/B00DYAE2IY
    But if anyone know, is there french subtitles in this ?
    (This place is the first wich come to my mind to ask…)

    Oh and forgive me if I did some mistakes, English is not my native tongue.

    Craig @craig

    @wolfweed @Shazzbot

    @juniperfish and I were at the convention on Saturday and we both spotted her at the same time and shouted “Look, it’s Linda Lee!” So then her Dad asked if we’d do an interview. Me, being true to my mostly lurker status said to JuniperFish “You can do it”. So JuniperFish sat on the floor and was interviewed by Linda Lee.

    She was a cutie (both of them I mean), but Linda Lee was tired and we both felt she was maybe being pushed a bit too hard at that moment in time. She was more interested in JuniperFish’s top hat, which was covered in jewels and buttons, than talking about Doctor Who. So we doubt the interview will make the final cut, but we told her we were all big fans here on the forum.

    We saw her again when we were leaving and she must have had a nap because she seemed much more perky then, and when she saw JuniperFish again she ran up and gave her a big hug.

    Matt Smith? Tom Baker? We saw them… but we also spoke to Linda Lee!

    I do have a couple of blurry pics (phone camera not working very well, grrr) but hope you’ll excuse the discretion. If JuniperFish makes the final cut I’ll leave it to her to squeee “Look, that’s me and Linda Lee”

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Thanks, @craig. A lovely story. Hope the pic makes the final cut…

    Anonymous @

    @alfraidodalek1 – please don’t take this the wrong way.  But you already posted your magnum opus on the Fan Creativity thread, so it’s a bit redundant to re-post it here on the On The Sofa thread.  Relax, people will see your work on the other thread and respond to it as they wish to.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Recent tweet from McGann –

    Paul McGann ‏@pauljmcgann 21h Staring out of a window and waiting for a phone call–doing what an actor does best.

    An actor’s life indeed.

    sora3087 @sora3087

    Hello all,

    I’m trying to get someone interested in the show. Say what you will about order and character investment but they are impatient and will get bored with “fluff”. I made a poll of about 10 episodes (including 2-parters) that I think would be good. Anyone that wants to help me in my quest to enlist another Whovian, I ask you vote for your favorite episode.



    ScaryB @scaryb

    From Paul McGann’s twitter – Prize board at Rada – As he puts it “includes a future River Song and 2 TimeLords”




    Anonymous @

    @pedant – love what you’ve done with your hair! 😆



    a) Will it give my life new meaning? That depends how much meaning your life has
    b) Does following people I don’t know and am unlikely to ever meet make me a stalker? No. I follow people I know and people who interest me.
    c) Is the fact that I’m about to go and buy some milk really that interesting to anyone but myself? No, but I am sure there is much more you can tweet about.  That thing, for instance. You know, that…..thing.

    The trick with Twitter is to use a client so you can have it open in a corner of the screen. If you are on a Mac I recommend Tweetbot.

    bandbtango @bandbtango

    Two questions if I may, and forgive if the answer is really obvious or has been answered elsewhere, that were posed by my son after watching the Day of the Doctor

    1. What is the plural of Tardis
    2. What is the collective noun for a bunch of Tardises/Tardi/Tards



    1. That is a point of some debate.

    2. Er… a “Blueness”?

    DenValdron @denvaldron

    Well, since the fever of the Day of the Doctor has come and, if not gone, then stabilized, I thought I would follow up with some explorations of interesting, unofficial corners of the Doctor Who Universe.

    Okay, let’s talk Curse of Fatal Death, which is not officially in continuity with Doctor Who. This was a 23 minute special produced by the BBC for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day. Originally broadcast in four parts, it was later re-edited into two parts, and then eventually released to VHS. No DVD’s out yet, but I think you can find it on Youtube.

    Officially, ‘Curse’ is not ‘in continuity’ and not part of the ‘canon.’    Officially.   When you take a look at the production however, it’s like the Kevin Bacon of the Doctor Who universe.  Curse’s production connects to the old series, new series, and even to other specials like Dimensions in Time, the Doctor Who movie and Scream of the Shalka.    Let’s take a look.

    Connecting to the old series:

    * The Tardis exterior is the same prop used in the series during the 1980’s run of Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy;

    * The distinctive electronic title sequence was borrowed from the Tom Baker era, with Tom Baker’s face removed.

    * The voice of the Daleks in this episode, Ray Skelton, had been providing Dalek voices for seven of the old serials, beginning with ‘Evil of the Daleks’ with the Troughton Doctor, all the way up to ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’ with the McCoy Doctor. He’d also done Cyberman, Kroton, Monoid and Computer voices and appeared as an onscreen character in a couple of episodes.

    * The other credited Dalek Voice, Dave Chapman, had also worked on the original series in visual effects, since the Tom Baker era. This was his first dalek voice, or any kind of voicework, but he definitely had history with the show.

    * Speaking of Effects, Special Effects are credited to Andy McVean, who had also been doing special effects during the McCoy era.

    * Mark Ayres, the Music composer for Curse, had also composed for several McCoy era serials.

    * The soundscape for Curse borrowed heavily from the original series, with musical cues coming from episodes of the Third, Fourth, Fifth and Seventh Doctors.

    * The planet Tersurus, the setting for Curse, is also mentioned in the Fourth Doctor episode, ‘The Deadly Assassin’ as a base of the Master.

    There’s also a carry over connection to Dimensions in Time:

    * The Tardis box used for Curse and for the 80’s series, was also used in Dimensions.

    There’s also an interesting production detail that links it to the McGann movie:

    * The opening image of the Tardis flying through space, is lifted directly from the McGann movie.

    Here’s another peculiar production detail linking Curse to both the McGann movie, and the two Cushing Movies:

    * According to Wikipedia (I wouldn’t have picked up on this myself) the Tardis interior appears to be lit, when viewed from the outside. This is a trope it shares with the McGann movie, the new series, and oddly, Cushing’s Doctor Who. It wasn’t used at all in the original series.

    Regarding Scream of the Shalka:

    * Both share Richard Grant playing the role of the Doctor.

    Finally, there’s some crucial production details that link it to the new series:

    * Steven Moffat, writer and executive producer, of course is the big one. Moffat, as we all know, was a writer for the Ecclestone Doctor – doing ‘Empty Child’ and ‘The Doctor Dances’, he’s gone on to be the head writer and executive producer by 2010, and the Matt Smith era.

    * Richard Curtis, the other executive producer, has also gone on to write for the new series.

    * The Mill, responsible for the visual effects, has done the visual effects here.

    * Richard Grant is back in the new series, not playing the Doctor, but playing a mysterious ‘Great Intelligence.’

    In general, there’s the fact that it’s a BBC Production.   And it got a VHS Release, something Dimensions in Time could never manage.  (PS:   All of this is sourced from the Wikipedia articles relating to Curse, its production and the people involved, as well as IMDB.com, and various Doctor Who Websites.  I’m not smart enough to dig all this up on my own.)

    So basically, in terms of production, for a ‘non-continuity’ piece, Curse is actually linking very strongly to the old and new series, and in fact, to just about every significant big of Doctor Who out there, including the McGann movie, the Cushing Movies, Scream of the Shalka and Dimensions in Time. They’re using the actual musical cues, dalek voice actor, the actual tardis exterior prop and opening sequence from the series.  It’s a paradox.  How do you get around that?

    With all that going on, I think we’ve got an obligation to at least take it seriously as potentially fitting into the continuity in some way.  The problem, of course, is despite all the connecting factors, Curse gives us a Doctor, a series of Doctors we’ve never seen before, for which we have no provenance, and no clear way to match them or fit them anywhere into the known Doctor Who lineage and Universe.

    Well, it might require a little imagination and initiative, but I think I might be up to it….    😉

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