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    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @monochromedimension – Yes… sometimes I wish I had a Tardis so I can go back in time and “undo” something I’ve stated or done. I had no idea that the “nerdy” comment would be taken so seriously here and I didn’t mean any offense by it. Nor am I concern with the label of it, for me DW is very awesome, and I do not care if many of my peers in the US think that it’s nerdy… mind you, not in the negative way of “ugh… nerd”, but in a very positive way of “only the smart people who can understand Quantum Physics well enough do enjoy that show.” kind of way. And I meant to mention it in passing, in contrast of the very serious view that the show is somehow only for males and it’s weird for females to be fans of it. In the US, there’s no such thought of the show, only the nerdy bit, which is harmless and the only discriminating remark I’ve experienced, is all I wanted to convey. Also I do understand that no such thing is in UK, because the show is a national treasure… just like “The Simpsons” is ours here. And The Simpsons has no gender or “nerdy – cool” connotation to it.  So, I’m not insisting that the show is nerdy for you guys, not at all! Star Trek does have that title, as of any other sci-fi show here, including The X-Files and Star Wars. Yet, it’s an accepted “uncool” type of thing. However, to be clear, I don’t care what’s nerdy or not… I’m a garden variety weirdo, an eccentric, and like whatever I want. I don’t need to classify things in order to enjoy them, I just do! I only take issue if people suggest that I’m a part of any of the high-school subcultures like “emo” or “hipster”, ugh… no! First of all I’m way too old to be pigeonholed into a subcategory, being that my high-school years was well over a decade ago, and I’m well done with that hell-mouth (BTvS reference!). And when I were playing that high-school game of labels in my teens, I was “Goth” and a “nerd”, never the others.

    Okay, I’ll stop breaking the topic! That’s all I wanted to clarify. lol.

    And yes, the Seventh is very cool! I quoted him on the topic of Tenth’s possible love with Rose, and how the alien maybe didn’t want to love her because he knew that with a human they will grow old and die someday, while he will live forever through regeneration. Yet, he couldn’t help himself but to love Rose anyway, because as the Seventh said, “Love has never been noted for its rationality.” 🙂

    Anonymous @

    Thanks for the welcome MonochromeDimension. I am old enough to remember loads of the original series (first memory of Who-the Planet of the Spiders regen). I watched it religiously thru the eighties but the tail end of the Davison era, and all the Colin Baker era were painful (not Colin’s fault). Then I stopped watching. However, I recently saw some McCoy stories for the first time. Paradise Towers was awful, (possibly a left over Baker story) but the Remembrance of the Daleks was fabulous, and then Greatest Show in the Galaxy was odd,strange and utterly compelling.

    Anonymous @

    to MonochromeDimension- I saw “Genesis” on its first broadcast aged 5. I was terrified by Davros! Watched it again recently and found it to drag at times. Maybe it would have been better in 4 parts, but still excellent and powerful. Michael Wisher is easily the best Davros and Peter Miles as Nyder is one of the most underrated Who villains.

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl – Oh I myself am not bothered by the ‘nerd’ label… I refer to myself as a nerd sometimes. But saying that I am more used to American terms… to be honest… I wish I lived in the US.

    The Seventh Doctor is very quotable! Have you got to the end of his first season yet? Because ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’ is the first serial in his second season, and its the end of that serial with him talking to Davros that always stood out to me. Oh and what the Doctor just tricked Davros into doing of course… but that’s spoilers.

    @tomsscarf – Ah I actually really like ‘Paradise Towers’, its my favourite serial from his first season. But I’m one of those fans who doesn’t mind the silly stuff as well. But yes, ‘Remembrance’ is a brilliant serial, as is ‘Greatest Show’. I love the surreality to ‘Greatest Show’, and also the atmospheric soundtrack. I also suggest the Ace storyline arc of ‘Ghost Light’, ‘Curse of Fenric’ and ‘Survival’.

    Re: Genesis – I agree that Wisher is the best Davros, I of course think Molloy was great as well. Again; I have to reevaluate the New Who episodes with Davros as I haven’t watched them since transmission.

    Anonymous @


    With regard to the nerd label, its really insulting to use that phrase cuz someone LIKES/LOVES something. Try standing in a pub listening to bores waffling on, usually loudly, about football. At least “nerds” don’t force their opinions on others…….

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @monochromedimension – Oh, I know. I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to vent to you specifically. I’m just a tad annoyed and frustrated with myself for mentioned the term “nerdy” in the first place, because I see a theme appearing here now of mentioning “nerdy” before everything, which was never my intent at all. Honestly, it’s not considered an insult here, at least for my generation and older. That’s why I had mentioned it as a contrast from what others mentioned about DW being a “guy thing”, because no such experience in the US, only the “nerdy” comment sometimes and not even said in a real insulting way. I was really asking, “Is it true that people in the UK have a gender divide over DW? It’s the first I heard of it. Interesting… we only have the nerd vs. cool thing here.”

    Regarding wanting to live in the US.. really??? Ha! I often feel like I was born in the wrong country and wish I was born in the UK instead. Especially when I see reviews on the Netflix for DW that goes like: “Netflix, please make subtitles available for this show! Because, the actors, they’re foreign and don’t speak English correctly.” WHAT??? And there’s a lot of one-star ratings for the show for reasons of, “They sound too British! I couldn’t understand what they were saying!” I weep for my countrymen sometimes. 🙁

    Nope, I haven’t finished the rest of the season yet I made it to Dragonfire! I plan to catch up on more this weekend, which is my best times to watch several episodes in one sitting. I can’t wait for Remembrance Of The Daleks!

    @tomsscarf – Hi there and welcome to the forum! I completely agree with you, nerds don’t force their opinions on others, which is why I don’t see it as an insult to be called one. Now, “hipsters” do… call me that and those are “fighting words”. And I love your username, I’m a fan of the Fourth! 🙂


    wolfweed @wolfweed

    The 3.75″ Wave 2 Figures are out now. Grab them while you can!

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @tomsscarf – Oh yes if somebody is being mean about it, but I was using the phrase ‘nerd’ about myself… as I said I’m more used to American terms.

    @faegrl – That’s okay! And yes I would like to move to America. I seem to get along with Americans, and you guys have so much stuff over there! My favourite states are Massachusetts (haven’t been there before… but its got the history and its beautiful during Fall), California, Florida (only state I’ve visited), Louisiana and Arizona. Oh no… my Topic Dalek instincts are telling me this is going off-topic! Wait… getting back to Doctor Who…

    That’s rather interesting that folks find Doctor Who sounds too British sometimes! lol Better tell the actors to stop sounding so British, eh? Hah. There, I got the thread back on subject…

    Re: Seventh Doctor – Ah, okay. I think you’ll also like ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy’; it starts off really random… but its a great serial. But I’m sure you’re already used to how odd the Seventh Doctor’s serials can be! Talking about him… I got a paisley tie today for my cosplay! It looks great with the sweater, yep!

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @monochromedimension – Ack… skip Arizona, completely, you wouldn’t like it there. lol. Just some friendly advice! And yes, most people from the UK love Florida for some reason. I never been to Florida yet… just a few states in my country: Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and now currently in Minnesota.  😉

    Back on topic, I was very shocked with the reviews and complaints on Netflix! I laughed, but then felt so very badl, because it was completely ridiculous! It’s a British show, so of course the actors have British accents! I had so many face-palm moments, reading the reviews. I would think they were “trolls”, but that’s a lot of trouble to pay for membership just to write crazy reviews for shows.

    Hmm… I don’t find Seventh’s serials odd at all, not yet anyway. I love them all so far. I especially enjoyed “Paradise Towers”. Congrats on the tie! And I do love the sweater, it seems to suit you very well. 🙂

    If I were to cosplay, it would be the Fourth… although, I would need a curly wig. I have the huge eyes and teeth naturally.

    Anonymous @

    Nerdy???? You can call Doctor Who anything you like….. but tell me another TV show which is quite as diverse. It appeals to all colours, gender, sexuality and age. Its smart, funny, sad, innovative, and able to warp to any other genre. After 50 years its also one show that has never “Jumped the shark”!!!!

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl – Ah its the scenery I like in Arizona, I adore mesas and the like… but there are other states that have those I guess! lol

    Ah well that’s a good sign you like his serials already! There’s some brilliant stories in his next two seasons… and of course the manipulative aspect of his personality is explored more.

    And yes I was surprised at how much the sweater suited me, guess I picked the right Doctor to cosplay as! Not to mention I’m short and the Seventh Doctor is the shortest Doctor… still taller than me though… why am I so short…? lol I used to go out wearing a Fourth Doctor scarf, but for me to try and cosplay as him would look ridiculous… he’s so tall!

    @tomsscarf – But I wasn’t just referring to Doctor Who, I’m a fan of many franchises. And I’m very in-depth and theorize a lot about aspects of these fandoms. Hence why I called myself a ‘nerd’, and it doesn’t bother me, so it shouldn’t bother you… because I was talking about myself, not you.

    Anonymous @


    Doesn’t bother me! I just don’t like it used to others, just because the are positive and passionate about their chosen subject, as I’m sure you are. Good luck and enjoy all your fandom!

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @tomsscarf – Ah okay. lol No I don’t use it to refer to other folks, except maybe my sister, but we both acknowledge our ‘nerdiness’ and its in a joking manner. But, thank you.

    @everyone – Okay folks, I have a question for whoever… if Capaldi’s Doctor faces the Daleks in season 8 (and I wouldn’t be surprised at how much they’re over-using them at the moment), what kind of story would you want? I personally think they need to make it subtle, like ‘Dalek’… there’s been too many episodes recently with thousands of Daleks ‘flying’ about. Also… is anybody going to get exterminated on screen again… ever!? The Daleks are becoming less and less threatening. Oh and Davros needs to return with a proper story too… oh another question! What returning villains do you folks want to be in the next season… from either Classic Who or New Who?

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @monochromedimension – Yeah, I do understand, the scenery there is beautiful. It’s true of a lot of states, but the politics and laws there is enough to drive anyone crazy. Arizona is a bit too occupied with race and sexual orientation right now, denying rights to many and making crazy laws to enforce their bigotry. Of course, not all citizens there agree with it and fight against it, but it would make for a very hostile place to live in right now. 🙁

    And yes, I so love the Seventh! Is he really the shortest? I thought the Second Doctor was, because of the comments he got in “The Five Doctors” special. and it was funny when he called the Third Doctor, “fancy pants”.

    @tomsscarf – Yikes, that’s why I had my earlier rant, because I so hope that I’m not causing an “international incident” here, with the “nerdy” comment. Again, I wish I could go back in time and not mention it in the first place, because I didn’t mean it as a judgement to fans of Doctor Who. I don’t even share the idea that people who enjoy Science Fiction shows are “nerds”, no matter if it’s Doctor Who or any other sci-fi show, although “Trekkies” (fans of Star Trek) proudly say that they are nerdy and get angry if you don’t address them as so. I mentioned that in America, people label any love for something that’s intelligent and witty in the subject of science, maths, or technology as “nerdy”, yet I don’t particularly have the same view. I’m nerdy, not because of my love for Doctor Who, not at all. I’m nerdy because I love science (especially Quantum Physics, Cosmology, and Forensic Science), so if my peers want to add my love of Doctor Who to that list (which they do, because Science Fiction seems to be lumped in with the term in the US as well), I don’t mind it! I’m nerdy anyway, so I may as well have something “fun and awesome” on the list than “boring old Quantum Physics”. And no offense meant to any Physicists here, if any! However, that’s not to say that I believe anyone on this forum is “nerdy” for enjoying the show, unless they want and appreciate that label, like me and Monochrome. I’m sorry and in the future I will be more careful with dropping titles. I forget what’s acceptable and is a compliment to me may not be so for everyone. 🙂

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl – Oh yes I’ve heard a bit about the political issues at the moment. 🙁

    And yep, the Seventh Doctor is 5’6”, the Second is 5’7”. So yes, they both are the shortest Doctors. And if anyone wanted to know, I’m 5’3” 1/2. lol!

    The bickering between the Second and Third Doctors can be rather amusing, they just don’t seem to get along! Was ‘The Five Doctors’ the first episode you’ve watched with the Second and Third? I guess its not much to go on, but any opinions yet?

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    Are those figures doing “The Timewarp”? How apt.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    Don’t worry – I’ve made a note of your and @arbutus nomination of Genesis of the Daleks (and his alternative of Seeds of Doom). They are both additions to the pretty wide range of Fourth Doctor stories nominated. I publish the list nearer the time if we are showing the Doctors in Order to finalise. Front-runner (just) is Deadly Assassin, followed by City of Death.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    Geek and Nerd have rather lost their power since they inherited the Earth. As a scientist and sci-fi fan I’m happily confirmed as nerd squared and will happily take on the mantle.

    It’s interesting how these things change. I think you’ll find many of the older fans decline to use the term “Whovian” because it was largely a media construct and used in a pretty dismissive and derogatory way in articles back in the day. It came as quite a surprise to me that the newer generation seemed happy enough with it.

    Anonymous @

    Monochrome Dimension

    As to new Dalek stories, in the past they’ve been beaten by being really thick and dopey . Why not make them really cunning and one step ahead like the Cigarette Smoking Man is in The X Files? Dramatically it would make the Doctor up his game.

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @monochromedimension – Wow! I’m just a half of inch taller than the Seventh! lol. Yes, “The Five Doctors” was the only episode that I seen the Second and Third together. They’re bickering is hilarious, I agree. I look forward to finding more crossover someday soon. I have to take them one weekend at a time, as time is too sparse for me during the week. 😉

    But my opinion of the Seventh is that I adore him, so far. And of the Second, I haven’t seen any of his serials yet but I can tell that I will like him already. I’m not sure about the Third Doctor yet. I do like the First Doctor. I’m a long time fan of Fourth and the Fifth is okay. The Ninth was fantastic, I’m a fangrl of the Tenth, and the Eleventh I never connected with but he wasn’t bad. Now… I have to meet more of Sixth and Eight Doctors, I barely know them at all. So many episodes to catch up with, so little time!

    Anonymous @


    For the second, go for The Mind Robber-very strange and years ahead of its time, similar in tone to Amy’s Choice. Third Doctor- Carnival of Monsters, Very seventies!


    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    I lost my internet connection at the weekend, so didn’t get round to:

    Coming Soon

    We’ll be restarting the BG retrospectives this weekend on a week by week basis. We’re going from One onwards, and for the First Doctor we’ll be looking at The Time Meddler, a four parter. There will be existing review material available, but, as ever, your viewing experience will probably be much better if you buy the original.

    Cheapest internet deal at the moment appears to be the BBC shop where it’s available for £5.49 of your Earth Pounds. Amazon have it for £6.50.

    The Time Meddler has a number of claims to fame. It’s the first attempt at the kind of historical as we probably recognise it today. It’s also the first story where the Doctor has a YANA moment (of a kind).

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    @Tomsscarf @faegrl

    Unless there is a late surge for something else, The Mind Robber is the serial we’ll be moving onto after The Time Meddler.

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl – I think you’ll also like the Second Doctor a lot, he’s very sweet (in my opinion). And I agree with tomsscarf, you  should check out ‘The Mind Robber’ for the Second… also would put a mention in for ‘Enemy of the World’; but its a serial that has no monsters/aliens in it, and some people get put off by that.

    @tomsscarf – I would prefer some more cunning Dalek plans in episodes as well.

    @phaseshift – Cannot wait for ‘The Time Meddler’ rewatch! Brilliant serial with my favourite Doctor!

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    I look forward to your comments. Actually, I almost threw a spoke in the works after catching up on the Time of the Doctor threads, and noted some ongoing confusion about how the Doctor could change the outcome of Trenzalore. I was going to suggest a rewatch of Space Museum. Arguably the Doctors first “Trenzalore” – he changed the outcome of a potential end point for himself.

    A lot of the components of SMs timey-wimeyness that some people complain about have clear precedents in Who history. So it could be a good reminder that when some claim that he has no rules for Time travel, he seems to be using the rules established in a 50 year history. 😉 Perhaps the next round of BG stories could be themed around this concept? (Gosh – planning ahead for 2015. That’s adventurous!)

    Anonymous @

    How did the Timelords gave him a new set of regenerations? In Day of the Doctor they were frozen in a moment in time, plus lost. Surely they could have given the Doctor a clue as to where they are so that they could get back.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    There is a fair amount of discussion on those points on the Time of the Doctor (link) thread, if you want to read and post your thoughts or questions on the specific thread (this really isn’t the thread for in-depth discussion).

    Needless to say though, he suggested that the Time Lords would be Frozen in Day of the Doctor, and it turned out he was wrong. It’s part of the proud tradition of the Doctor being wrong on quite a few things over the years.

    Anonymous @

    Timey~wimey eh? lol

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @phaseshift – Oh, ‘The Space Museum’! Lots of people dislike it… I however think its great. Especially the first and second episodes. Its actually got a very creepy beginning and interesting ideas, it just seems to veer away from them after the first episode which is a shame. But like you said, it is the first time the Doctor intervened in time like that. I like that idea for 2015, its an interesting concept.

    Also ‘Space Museum’ has some great scenes.

    missShannonKent @missshannonkent

    Question: If Peter Capaldi doesn’t sign on again for series 9, which actor would you like to see play the Doctor and why?

    I’d like to discuss some of the answers I receive in my next podcast. Thank you!

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    I think that may be a request that will send members of the site screaming from their computer screens. We kind of got “next-Doctor-speculation-itis” after the first four weeks of last years silly season, and still haven’t recovered. Your can check out some suggestions on the first twelve pages of the Next Doctor thread (Part one).

    For me, a large amount of “who comes next” will depend on how Capaldi plays the character and what traits of Capaldi he needs to “reject” to form a new personality.

    Mind – if you are starting a pre-emptive “the Doctor must be female/non-white” meme can I also highlight an important cause I intend to promote next time? Yes – the next Doctor ought to be Welsh. 9 English and 3 Scottish actors now makes Doctor Who thunderously regionalist. Our Welsh cousins deserve a fair crack of the whip now that Cardiff is Who Home Base.

    Anonymous @


    Next Doctor??? A shot in the dark – Tony Gardner, good character actor, played a lot of different parts. Comedy and drama. Can be goofy and serious. been in Last Tango in Halifax, Lead Balloon, and The Thick of It (with Capaldi).

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    That gif never gets old. 😀 I don’t think I’d count Space Museum as my “go to” episode for the first Doctor in most circumstances, but there are interesting elements to it.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @missshannonkent and @phaseshift

    It will send me screaming from my computer screen.

    Besides, it’s more than a little impolite to start talking about an actor’s replacement when the poor bugger’s barely had a chance to get three lines out. 😉

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @phaseshift – Gotta love that gif! And no, ‘Space Museum’ isn’t the first choice for the First Doctor’s serials, but its one that is very unusual and quite interesting. But I think the choice of ‘The Time Meddler’ is best for now.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    it’s more than a little impolite to start talking about an actor’s replacement when the poor bugger’s barely had a chance to get three lines out

    That as well. 😉 I’ve seen it cropping up on more than a few websites, a cast-iron belief in some quarters he’ll only serve one series. I think it may be wishful thinking in some parts of the audience who wanted young/sexy as the next Doctor, and those who think his end will mark the point that Steven Moffat will step down – and that’s more what they want.

    Thing is though – SMs on record as saying that the circumstances he took the job (new Doctor & main cast/entirely new senior team) weren’t really the best to ensure smooth transition. There’s no guarantee that it’ll happen that way in the future, and if he were to step down, we know these things are planned out way in advance, and his successor could have been consulted on the choice of Capaldi.

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @phaseshift – I at least want three seasons with Capaldi, I’m so happy we have an older Doctor again!

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @phaseshift – personally, I would have thought that the last reason Steven Moffat would ever engage someone as a ‘one-series Doctor’ was that he’d be stepping down himself at the same time. If Steven Moffat is planning to leave at the end of Series Eight, he’s probably asked Peter Capaldi to at least stay until the end of Series Nine – and yeah, the future showrunner may have been consulted.

    In the unlikely event that Peter Capaldi has been asked to take the role for one year only, Moffat is staying on for Series Nine. 🙂

    I can guess where the rumours started: it’s obvious from the speed and ease with which Capaldi was able to leave his role in The Musketeers that he prefers contracts which only commit him for a year at a time. One-year contracts have several advantages – especially if the actor then becomes a massive success in the role. They certainly don’t mean that an actor won’t stay for several years, renewing their contract a year at a time.

    Probably renegotiating their pay (upwards) each time, as well. 😈

    Anonymous @

    This whole concept of Capaldi as a one-season Doc was touched upon in a mini-pub conference of the Scottish contingent last night and it is definitely all speculation and adding one and one and getting whatever you fancy it to be. But I will say this, the role of Richelieu is kind of integral to the Musketeers and Capaldi can’t do both really. Something’s going to have to be recast at some point. And he is kind of high profile and seriously in demand kind of actor to be the Doctor I can’t help but feel.

    Having said that, I hope he stays for ages. I don’t really want a one-season Doc but won’t exactly be blown away by shock if that’s what we end up getting. (An interim Doc to be make way for a more controversial choice maybe?) And as @scaryb pointed out in said conference, it’s the 10th anniversary of Nu Who next year. And who knows what that will bring…

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @tomsscarf  and @monochromedimension – Thank you so very much for the suggestions! I will put those episodes on my viewing list for this weekend. And yes, that’s my impression of the Second Doctor, that he’s very sweet, which I know I will love. And I suspect that he’s the very Doctor that my grandmother and great grand enjoyed the most. 🙂

    @missshannonkent – As for the topic of Capaldi, I hope to see him in a few seasons before a regeneration first. I hope he doesn’t get replaced too soon. I haven’t recovered fully from the short season of the Ninth! I wanted to see more of him and I’m use to Doctors having a long run of the show in general. So, I can’t force my mind to think of a replacement yet, it’s way too soon… Capaldi didn’t get in yet.

    Anonymous @

    Re: being the Doctor. This is perhaps one of the hardest roles in the world, its akin to being James Bond. The pressure to get it right is awesome. You have big shoes to fill, respect the past AND, put your own stamp on the role. I’m sure its also a physically demanding part, and as John Hurt pointed out, a lot of the script can be pretty hard to learn with all the technobabble. The producers have been lucky recently with Matt Smith as he clearly loved the part. David Tennant even now is totally devoted to the show and would return to guest at any point like a shot.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @jimthefish I can’t remember if it was @juniperfish or @bluesqueakpip, but one of them pointed out ages ago that there usually seems to be a plan B for all new Doctors (certainly AG) so that they can be written out at the end of 1 series if it’s not working out (on either side). But the hope is that Capaldi will see it as his dream job and pension plan 😉

    @faegrl Don’t be fooled by Troughton’s sweet and buffoonish exterior. He’s still very much the Doctor (in fact his incarnation did almost as much as Hartnell to define the role) and can be as shrewd, cunning and manipulative as any of them (see Tomb of the Cyberman for examples)

    @tomsscarf (welcome btw) Being the Doctor is coming close to being a full time commitment these days, with all the promotional activities round the world. And not just the AG Doctors. McCoy, Davison and C Baker seem to be on an almost constant touring circuit. Which seems only fair really. I doubt very much if Capaldi will have any trouble with the technobabble, he’s been fluent since he was a nipper! 🙂

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Responding to some comments from way back (sorry, my mum’s got my absence note 😉 ) re the Doctor shedding previous relationships when he regenerates –
    He doesn’t always; more often than not the companion overlaps regenerations. The Brig lasted thro several, and is still referenced in AG series. But there is the problem of different ageing rates between humans and time lords. Matt has been several hundred years in this body. Even River in the library computer is a long, long time ago by NotD.

    But I still don’t see any problem with giving River another Doctor to play with – she’s probably been hanging out with him already 😈 (It would be a younger River than the one who met Ten in the library though, so maybe less knowledgeable). Could be some great dialogue, and would make a great point about outward appearances not mattering a fig in a long term relationship.

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @scaryb – Okay… I won’t be fooled then. Although, I doubt I would be, as every Doctor has their dark side… maybe not Eleventh so much, which is perhaps why I didn’t relate to him too well. Either way, I think all of the regeneration of Doctor’s I’ve experienced thus far are awesome. And my first impressions of the Second is that he’s very sweet.  😉

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @scaryb – I think it was me. It’s most obvious in Matt Smith’s first series – but his age and inexperience as a leading man means that the BBC higher ups probably insisted on a planned, scripted exit strategy.

    For David Tennant’s first series, it seems to be more that the Battle of Canary Wharf could have been re-scripted to either force the Doctor to regenerate, or give a ‘wrap-up’ to the series (on cancellation, obviously) – with both the Doctor and Rose trapped in the alternate universe.

    Anyway must dash, as I have to go explain Faustus’ state of mind in Act Two … 😉

    Anonymous @


    On the subject of the dark side of the Doctor.I never realised when I was younger but recently I’ve noticed that the third Doctor was a bit of a git. His arrogance is highly annoying and the more I watch the less I like him(even more so than the sixth). Whether it was intended, I’m not so sure. On the flip side Troughton’s Doctor is highly subtle with his manipulation, giving the impression that he’s cuddly and a bit of a fool whereas he is anything but. Tennant, at the end of Family of Blood is chilling in his punishment of “The Family”.

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @tomsscarf – Yes, I kind of got that impression Third Doctor as well, when I view “The Five Doctors” earlier this week. I’m not sure if I’ll like him, but I want to give every Doctor a fair chance. I can tell from the short episode that I will like the Second one, from the start. It’s possible that my opinion may change, but I can’t guess that now without experience first. And yes, I absolutely ADORE the Tenth Doctor, however he had his very dark and cruel moments, especially with his chilling punishment of “The Family”. I think that was the first time I realized that even though the Doctor is usually very light, clever, charming, witty, and all of that good stuff, one doesn’t want to cross him… EVER. 🙁

    Oh and regarding your earlier comment about the role of the Doctor being one of the hardest to play for actors, I do agree with you on that completely! I believe that David Tennant would have continued to play the Doctor as long as possible, and like his last words as the Tenth “I don’t want to go!”, the actor didn’t seem to ever want to leave that role, if he had his way. I imagine that on his last day, he may have been holding onto pieces of the set and screaming out, “Noooo!” until someone escorted him out. Then again, I have a very silly imagination. He really did love the show, the cast, the writers, and the crew very much.

    In an interview, he was asked if he had to be convinced to show up for the Christmas special and he replied that he was a “cheap whore” and would show up for anything. I love that! 😀

    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    responding to @faegrl  earlier comment about the 2nd doc being sweet oh my oh my you only have to see his expressions when he thinks no one is looking sometimes you think seven is manipulative but the doctor showed his mastership in his second regeneration he perfected the “look I`m a clown ” look and the doctor certainly hasn’t got the name of trickster from nowhere 🙂

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl @tomsscarf @scaryb

    Re: Second Doctor – Oh yes, the Second Doctor can be manipulative as I have mentioned before (though not as much as the Seventh is),  but he really does have a sweet demeanour. He’s a very caring Doctor (and before you point out all Doctor’s are caring, yes I know, I know! But with the Second Doctor you really get a sense of a caring soul), and very cute sometimes, I might add. He’s my sister’s favourite Doctor, she’s just a bit obsessed with him. lol  I got her a figurine of him for Christmas, along with many other pieces of Second Doctor merchandise. And as I’ve mentioned before, she’s making a cosplay of him at the moment, as I am of the Seventh Doctor. She already has her hair cut similar to his anyhow! Yep, 60s style.

    Re: Third Doctor – I like the Third Doctor. But… I usually consider him my first Doctor… not sure if he actually was, because I can’t remember correctly. But I know when I was younger… when folks mentioned Doctor Who, I would think of the Third Doctor.

    Re: Family of Blood – I don’t know too much about this but… the original story actually featured the Seventh Doctor, not the Tenth. They adapted it for the Tenth. I do not know how different it is… but the punishment of the family in that episode seemed more like something the Seventh would have done than the Tenth. Of course, as I said… I don’t know how much they changed it.

    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    @tomsscarf i don’t know if anyone else has commented about this but has anyone noticed the similarities between the “old gods” in the sevenths adventure greatest show on earth and the family of blood in the Tennant  adventure…. just a thought thats all

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