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    Arbutus @arbutus

    I had a few rambling final thoughts on Series 8 before it becomes past tense.  In watching through all of the episodes in relatively close time, it has occurred to me that the series as a whole is actually an interesting exercise in genre storytelling. Into the Dalek was classic geeky sci-fi; Robot of Sherwood gave us some pseudo-historical Errol Flynnery; Listen was a straightup thriller; Time Heist was as stated on the label, a stylish heist flick; Mummy was a classic murder mystery; Flatline was done in that modern fantasy style that sets the unreal in a real-life urban setting; Forest was a fairy tale, full of foresty darkness and beauty.

    The opener, the final two-parter, and The Caretaker, half way through, were the arc stories, stories that really couldn’t stand alone. Which leaves Kill the Moon. I really can’t figure that one out. It’s sort of an arc story as well, except that it doesn’t really advance the arc much. It starts out as a sci-fi genre piece in a sort of 1960’s style, but it moves away from that part way through. Maybe that is why it didn’t work so well for some of us? It didn’t really know what it wanted to be?

    In any case, I found this a really fun way to build a series. I imagine that Series 9 will be something entirely different, and I can’t wait!  🙂  I get to see it Sunday morning Pacific time, after the download becomes available on iTunes. Meanwhile, everyone, wherever and whenever you are watching, I hope you enjoy the jammie dodgers, jelly babies, and assorted other TARDIS treats, and most importantly, the show!

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    @arbutus. Your thoughts are far from rambling. You make a good point about the series of genres utilized this (past) season. But for me, this  made the season feel a bit disjointed. It was a bit like the season where Matt Smith did the western, etc. And maybe you can get away with that when you have established the character and the arc of the Doctor (which they did brilliantly in Matt Smith’s first season as the Doctor), but I am not sure it worked with a brand new Doctor.

    Peter Capaldi is simply brilliant, not only as the Doctor, but in everything he does, but I really felt that they didn’t quite know what to do with him in his first season. Even the re-vamped Tardis was an example of this. It acquired books, and a vaguely Edwardian feel, but it never really related to the Doctor as he was presented in the stories, which, as you point out, were so very different each week in tone.

    Dear me, I hope this is not coming across as ARSE. I hope, rather, that it might be read in the spirit of the byline of my profile that I have shamelessly pinched from a quote by the third Doctor: “a touch sardonic perhaps, but not cynical”.

    However, my main concern in the next 24 hours is to figure out a way of watch the show (as I am too cheap to pay for cable). I am trying to upload a service that claims to let me look at sites outside my region in the wilds of Ontario (such as BBC iPlayer), but the instructions look fearfully complicated for a person who only mastered the art of the retractible Bic biro a couple of years ago. I may be back soon, or after the release of the DVDs. Oh dear…


    Anonymous @


    “It didn’t really know what it wanted to be?”

    I’m with you there, Arbutus. I also think your analyses of these episodes and their genres are spot on.

    I’m rather confused as to the genres in Who, and so, either on this thread, or elsewhere, I started to call it simply The Doctor Who Genre: TDWG. It seems to drive full pelt at one of those orange hat road markers and then veers away at the last minute driving full on at another genre, slamming into it, backing up like Jason Bourne and rear-ending another genre! It covers the entire road way like Jeremy Clarkson on speed (as it were).

    Anonymous @


    I may be back soon, or after the release of the DVDs. Oh dear…

    Oh no, we cannot have that. We simply can’t! You have to be around to comment! Yes, not-in-Oz you have cable to contend with and it’s not cheap (better to fill up that marvellous cellar).

    Is there a Netflix option? And will that show Who in real time? Probably not, as you’ve no doubt investigated it.

    You could door knock. I did that once many years ago when TV went on the blink and I wanted election coverage: of course that was more popular and ‘relevant’ than Who (which is sacrilege in itself)

    Good luck and do not be a stranger. 🙂


    janetteB @janetteb

    @blenkinsopthebrave I hope that you find a way of watching the episode.

    @arbutus I agree also with your episode analysis. Maybe that is why our boys, like Blenkinsop had some reservations about this series. I personally loved the variation of style but I can see how disconcerting it might be.

    Happy Who Day all.



    Craig @craig

    I have received a press release that may be of interest. Award-winning Doctor Who writer and creator of Being Human, Toby Whithouse, is doing an “In Conversation” and Q&A at the New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth on 11th November. You can win tickets.

    New Theatre Royal Creative Lab Associate and multi-award winning playwright and dramaturg, Bernie Byrnes will be hosting an In Conversation with Doctor Who writer Toby Whithouse at New Theatre Royal on 11th November.

    To celebrate this exclusive event, New Theatre Royal has launched a competition giving members of the public the chance to submit a question to put to the award-winning writer. The winner will also receive tickets to this unique event to hear Toby’s answer to their question.

    The evening will see Bernie cover a number of topics with Toby, including how training as an actor at Guildford School of Music and Drama has informed his writing style and how he finds inspiration.

    Bernie commented, “We are very excited about this rare opportunity and would love for everyone to get involved and send us their questions. We will be looking for the most imaginative and insightful question possible that we can put to Toby.”

    As well as writing for the hugely successful Doctor Who Series, Toby’s other television credits include writing and creating the bafta-nominated series Being Human, The Game, Torchwood and Hotel Babylon among others.

    To enter this competition, please send your question to bernie@newtheatreroyal.com or tweet your questions to @newtheatreroyal by 8th November 2015. The New Theatre Royal team will select the winning question and the winner will be notified by the 9th November.

    For more information please visit http://www.newtheatreroyal.com

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @craig – thanks for the Toby Whithouse Q&A link. I’ve finally managed to catch up with the beginning of Being Human. Really enjoying it.

    @blenkinsopthebrave OH NOOOOOS! Hope you can find solution to watching as it goes out. Seconding @Purofilion – we can’t have you not commenting till after Xmas! (and no, reasoned argument isn’t ARSE.  I didn’t have a problem with different styles in S8, but understand why some did. Even Capaldi has said in interviews that he doesn’t think he’s nailed it yet (but he’s working hard on it!). I think S9 will be different)


    Hope you all thoroughly enjoy Magician’s Apprentice tonight. I really can’t wait to see it again and hear all your thoughts about it (tho it’s going to be tomorrow before I can get back on the boards)

    Meanwhile – for a wee bit of timeywimey fun, I leave you with this – a flashback to Glasgow c1978 – to a band called the Dreamboys. Check out the guitarist on the far right 🙂 Apparently Craig Ferguson is on drums but you’ll have to take my word for that! (Keep in mind when you watch tonight!)



    Jude@Fjackets @judefjackets-2

    I dont like the fact she left. But who can blame. 100 grand was offered to her

    Anonymous @

    @scaryb what a wonderful pic! Absolutely superb. thank you for that.

    Enjoy this evening one and all: whether it be tonight, tomorrow or this morning!

    I wanted to mention something you said, Scary, a long time ago and it stuck with me since: “at any given time some of us may be grieving, intoxicated, hurt or panicked by real life. It doesn’t matter if an individual has a strop from time to time, falls out, makes up. It’s what adds colour to our life. Sometimes people need their families -sometimes more, sometimes less, but family is the place you can come back to where they’ll welcome you and accept you as you are. Like the Doctor, we should aim to be the best we can. Sometimes we have to work at it.”

    I think this reminds me of why we come together from all over the world to talk about this little show with big ideas. We debate, we argue, we laugh and learn. I know I might sound a bit twee but it’s great to know you all and to have learnt such wonderful things from all of you.

    So, to another great season and much merriment and no doubt a bit of heartbreak on the journey…

    And the fun begins…. 🙂


    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Talking of rock\Doctor Who images, this cheeky image released today made me laugh.

    abbey road

    Quite funny because Jenna is in Paul Mc position and is going barefoot. When Abbey Road was released the barefoot thing started this big old rumour that he was dead.

    Craig @craig

    @phaseshift SPOILERS!!!!!!!! 🙂

    221BadWolf @221badwolf

    @phaseshift *SPOILERS* Well, Clara has been confirmed to be leaving this series, so it’s really fitting!

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @blenkinsopthebrave @purofilion @janetteb

    I completely understand how the continual shifting of styles might not have worked for many. I guess it worked for me because, somehow, I felt that I knew this new Doctor the minute he emerged, disheveled and commanding, from his TARDIS. Within minutes, he had become without question my AG Doctor. So however much the tone or the style changed from one episode to another, that thread was there for me, holding everything together.

    Rob @rob

    Hello all

    Sorry it’s been so long, I’ve missed you all but I’ve been working away from home and with virtually no Internet access…… however back and incredibly excited about the new series and jumping  up and down squeeeeeeing internally about what the gang are going to write about

    Manly hugs to all

    Thats appropriate type of hugs one hopes 😉

    midnyt @midnyt

    @blenkinsopthebrave wrote:

    But for me, this  made the season feel a bit disjointed. It was a bit like the season where Matt Smith did the western, etc. And maybe you can get away with that when you have established the character and the arc of the Doctor (which they did brilliantly in Matt Smith’s first season as the Doctor), but I am not sure it worked with a brand new Doctor.

    I’m not sure disjointed is the word I’d use, but there was a feeling of finding himself a little in S8.  The promos I’ve seen for S9 so far appear to show a much more, I don’t know, confident? Doctor.  He really seems to have owned the character for S9 and realized the potential that was there from the beginning, at least for me.

    Part of the problem for me, was that the companion is supposed to be our way in.  We had something invested with Rose when 10 came along.  And though 11 had a brand new companion, I think most people could connect to Amelia (if not Amy) the little girl waiting on her raggedy doctor.

    But Clara has always been something of a problem for me.  In S7 she didn’t get enough character development for me to care about her, and I really had no empathy for her confusion with the new Doctor.  I felt more in touch with the new Doctor than his companion.

    I can’t wait to see what Capaldi does this season with his Doctor.

    Anonymous @

    Cor blimey, I’ve been so busy over the last few weeks and haven’t had time to log in and the one chance I do get, everything goes pear-shaped. My electricity supply has been off all morning until about an hour ago, water supply was virtually non existant (unless you count the water from the hot water tank) but is back on now. 😡

    So, now that I’ve finally got a few hours to myself, I’m going to sit back and watch TV for a bit. Can anyone recommend something to watch? 😉

    Anonymous @

    Welcome @fatmaninabox

    So, now that I’ve finally got a few hours to myself, I’m going to sit back and watch TV for a bit. Can anyone recommend something to watch? 😉

    I don’t know if you will like it, but I’m gonna watch this new show called The Doctor Who? Sounds like a mystery or a musical group.  Who nose really??

    Jude@Fjackets @judefjackets-2

    i have never seen so many people comment on a forum. I mean the database must be exploding now. These spoilers should be put here but only with inclusion of the spoiler banner. Which is something like


    what do you think??

    Anonymous @



    what do you think??



    Jude@Fjackets @judefjackets-2


    thanks for the support. Hopefully others will agree too

    Craig @craig

    @judefjackets-2 (Glad you can post again – it worked!) and @purofilion

    No. Anything that is remotely spoilerish should go in the Spoilers topic which can be found on the Home page.

    Spoilers should not be posted anywhere else.

    Anonymous @


    no! I meant no! Not yes!  I actually mis-read the posters intent: I thought they meant to say “what do you think of spoilers in the spoilers thread with an additional statement?” -because I was one to originally wonder what the spoiler thread meant -in a sense. Did it include news, for example? And apparently that’s an issue now resolved, so goodness no. I would not go against any particular rule set aside by a mod, in any case.

    I really didn’t communicate that properly. Apologies. Phew.


    Jude@Fjackets @judefjackets-2

    hmmmmmm ok 🙁 i mean it was just a suggestion from my side. i agree with @craig . I actualyl did not see the spoiler topic in the list. I may have missed out on it. Anyway when is the latest season starting?

    Jude@Fjackets @judefjackets-2

    wow! i have never been so rejected in my life. ahhahahaah well yeah craig! Thanks so much for helping me out. Although i still find it hard to sink in, i gladly appreciate the help n advise.

    as for the spoilers suggestion, i bet everyone can disagree. I kinda missed out on the spoiler forum so i had no clue. I have just joined and didnt take a tour of the site. SO im sorrry.

    Craig @craig

    @judefjackets-2 and @purofilion

    Apologies if I was a bit short this morning. I was rushing out to work but felt I needed to clear it up – we’ve had so many problems with spoilers in the past!

    Anonymous @


    you are ever the gentleman mod -I was the one misinterpreting what I read. It’s the internet and I tend to respond very quickly -in d’ olden days, with quill and parchment, I’d take my time and do things right.

    You must have been busy because I’ve missed both your and @jimthefish‘ comments/posts regarding the 1st episode -I hope Real Life settles down, somewhat.

    Anonymous @


    “Anyway when is the latest season starting?”

    Are you in the States or the UK? I think it’s up and running now, yeah?


    ichabod @ichabod

    Started here in the States last Saturday night.  Next, part two of S9 Episode one: hurry up, damn it!  It’s outrageus that tomorrow is only *Tuesday*

    Jude@Fjackets @judefjackets-2

    I reside in USA, however, i currently packed up my stuff to go on a training session to Malaysia. I know it has started in the US, but i wanted to know about the Malaysian timings. I will be going tonight and stay there for two to three weeks. I was searching for the timings but i couldnt find it. Hopefully, if it’s in my luck, i’ll get to watch it there and enjoy in a 4 star hotel 😀

    Anonymous @

    Hello all and hope everyone is OK. This is a very random subject, but definitely Doctor Who related.

    I recently registered a personalised registration GA11FRY, and it’s now fitted to my car.

    Having lived with it for a few days now I an coming to the conclusion that it was an impulse buy too far.  I wondered if anyone knew anyone who might be interested in buying it for their vehicle?

    Wasn’t sure where else to post this kind of thing?

    PM me or reply to this if you know of anyone who might be interested.



    DenValdron @denvaldron

    Wowsers. I was cleaning out old files and boxes and came across some of my ex-wife’s stuff. She had a couple of program guides from Visions, a sci fi convention in Chicago, 93 and 94. I looked through, she had autographs from Jon Pertwee, Colin Baker, Carole Ann Ford, John Nathan Turner, Gary Downie, Anthony Ainley, Chris Barrie, Paul Darrow and Bill Baggs. It’s impressive. I’ll have to get it back to her.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @adric2015 It might help if you told us which country/state you reside in.. 😉



    Anonymous @

    Oops sorry, good point, I’m in the UK, so it’s a British number plate.



    Kharis @kharis

    @arbutus  Absolutely loved your breakdown of Season 8.  I really enjoyed the season and still go back and watch a few.   I didn’t see the pattern until you pointed it out.  There really was something for everyone.

    @purofilion “I think this reminds me of why we come together from all over the world to talk about this little show with big ideas. We debate, we argue, we laugh and learn. I know I might sound a bit twee but it’s great to know you all and to have learnt such wonderful things from all of you.”  Loved this quote from you.


    221BadWolf @221badwolf

    This is very random, but scientists have discovered liquid water on Mars, and as a Whovian, I sincerely hope none of that water makes it down here. *shivers* http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3250431/Has-NASA-discovered-ocean-Mars-Space-agency-poised-announce-major-science-finding-Red-Planet.html

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @kharis      Thank you! I didn’t notice that pattern either the first time through, only on rewatch when I wasn’t so busy looking for clues to things. What was fun for me about that macro-pattern is that it was entirely unrelated to any story or character arcs, but was just another way in which things hung together. As an entity, Series 8 was probably my favourite since at least Series 4, and possibly since the new show began.

    @221badwolf    Ha! No, that would be bad.

    Anonymous @


    thank you!

    @221badwolf I agree: that episode was utterly terrifying. It had a horror movie vibe to me.

    @arbutus I loved S5 the best: the crack in the wall, Pandorica…all wonderfully put into an arc

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @purofilion      Yes, I liked Series 5 as well, definitely my favourite of Eleven’s run.  🙂

    Jude@Fjackets @judefjackets-2

    For me it will always be Peter Capaldi. Matt Smith comes in third for me. David Tennant comes second and Christopher Eccelston comes fourth. I may not have watched every single episode of these actors but the ones i watched, really entertained me.

    Kharis @kharis

    @craig I just read the etiquette section on this site, since I’m still trying to navigate the proper place and way to use ideas or info that is considered a spoiler.

    Reading the Forum’s etiquette page made me love this site more.  I stopped reading all other forms of Doctor Who news and forums because they simply stopped being fun, and it did not read like a discussion.  It’s like the majority of people on the other forums and author’s of popular sites do not seem to grasp that an opinion is not fact, and discussions are meant to be a sharing of ideas not an argument.  It’s as if the goal is to define their love of the show through what they hate.  The etiquette page sums everything up much better than I am doing here.

    Basically, awesome blog\page, well-said, well-done and I think this etiquette page could and should be applied to a lot of pages and forums on the web

    This forum has a great creative and positive vibe.  May it continue until the end of time….and rebooted if there are any cracks in the universe.  😉

    ichabod @ichabod

    @kharis  So many other “discussion” sites I’ve had a look at turned out to be less like joining a discussion and more like falling into Colony Sarf.

    Kharis @kharis

    @ichabod LOL!  Exactly.  🙂

    ichabod @ichabod

    For anyone who hasn’t come across this — good stuff, though occasionally there, it looks a bit like Capaldi being interviewed by Davros:



    Craig @craig

    @kharis Many thanks, is honestly how I feel a forum should be run. I was very lucky to have a lovely group of people who enjoyed commenting on The Guardian reviews help start this forum (because The Guardian only allowed seven days for comments). Between us all we’ve managed to keep the convivial spirit they brought to The Guardian threads alive.

    It was tough at times in the beginning, with trolls bursting in every other day, but I think/hope that a tone has now been set for this site that is different from the norm and I will try to keep it that way. And as I’ve been a bit busy recently, I hope everyone else will help keep that tone as well.

    We do have great members here, and more join every day. It’s not huge in internet terms but I like it, we all kinda know each other (virtually) and it’s beginning to take on a life of its own. I’m enjoying being a part of it.

    Anonymous @


    well said


    janetteB @janetteb

    @kharis and @craig Well said both. This has indeed become a community. It is a very nice place to be and a privilege to be part of it.



    lisa @lisa

    An interesting albeit a touch pompous critique

    plus there was this which was connected to the above article for all the Buffy fans too

    lisa @lisa


    This accounts for why we saw a good amount of Coal Hill School last season

    lisa @lisa

    Its a bit of a shame that they killed off Danny in a way cause now he doesn’t
    get to be part of Coal Hill’s new show. Unless of course they decide to bring him
    back. Quite honestly, how shocking that wouldn’t be.

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