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    Whisht @whisht

    he he @craig – yeah why not? I’m in (as long as both online and offline identity not known!)

    and no @juniperfish – I’m not RTD, even if my ideas are as naff!


    vizier @vizier

    @juniperfish My son seemed liked the Bells of St John Episode a lot (which I didn’t as much). Rings, we both found utterly bizarre, I get the general impression that he thought that it was stupid. (On 2nd viewing, I didn’t mind it as much but felt that it was fairly bonkers, with the bad Smiley faced sun to end it..)

    Cold War… I didn’t get a chance to watch it with him, so all I got out of him was that he didn’t like that the Ice Warriors can suddenly take their armour off. (He’s seen Seeds of Death and the Peladon stories before).. 😀

    I loved Cold War.




    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @craig – I’ve been at the searching for victims ::cough:: sorry, research subjects stage myself, so I’d be happy to volunteer. Like Whisht, I trust she’s giving her subjects anonymity? (if she isn’t, she needs to re-read her ethics chapter 🙂 )

    Wibbly @wibbly

    Hello People !!

    Just joined – fantastic forum !  Looking forward to reading all your speculations!

    I am quite new to the world of Doctor Who but I am well and truely hooked.

    After much web searching I found this forum and I liked what I read and so here I am.

    Just saying hi to everyone and picking a comfy sofa spot to camp out on 🙂

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @wibbly There is something very satisfying about the phrase “Wibbly on the sofa” 🙂

    I hope you brought jelly and ice-cream. Nice exploding TARDIS avatar, or is it really the collision of two, or even three, versions of the TARDIS? One of the many things currently being mused over around these parts.

    Welcome! Jump in. We are mostly on the Cold War thread at the moment, when someone is not DJ-ing in the music thread (under “General”).

    You will see on your travels that we have our origins on Dan Martin’s blog on The Guardian and we still travel regularly between here and there.

    The latest from there: http://www.guardian.co.uk/tv-and-radio/tvandradioblog/2013/apr/13/doctor-who-cold-war

    Wibbly @wibbly

    @wibbly There is something very satisfying about the phrase “Wibbly on the sofa” 

    @juniperfish That really made me chuckle – thanks for the welcome.  I think it may have been something on The Guardian site that led me here.  Glad I found it.


    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    A warm welcome to all new adventurers to this happily bonkers corner of the Whoniverse! Have a cupcake…

    Dalek cupcakes by Folorn Faerie on DeviantArt

    Sofas need cupcakes…

    Artist’s credit 🙂 : http://forlorn-faerie.deviantart.com/art/Dalek-Cupcakes-205171107

    ardaraith @ardaraith

    @juniperfish – Oh, Yummy!!

    HaveYouFedTheFish @haveyoufedthefish

    @juniperfish – which one is the Doctor … :-O

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @haveyoufedthefish Indeed! Lol 🙂

    The one squawking “geronimo”? He seems to have dropped that…

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @juniperfish  Hahahahaha. Great cupcakes (even down to the dot of blue on the eyestalk). Yummy (and LOL @haveyoufedthefish)

    Wibbly @wibbly

    Edible ballbearings – Brilliant !

    janetteB @janetteb

    Love the cup cakes. My second son is currently making a marzipan dalek for his father’s b’day cake. He’s putting on bumps now. I will take photos, I promise.



    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    For those interested, Dan Martin is reviewing “The Sea Devils” as his next classic serial..

    Craig @craig

    Don’t you mean @danmartin is reviewing “The Sea Devils” 😀

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    @craig. I stopped myself from asking Dan Martin if he was the @danmartin who signed when I posted on the Sea Devils blog, as I thought it may cause him problems. I hope it is @danmartin and not some Auton replicant @danmartin with internet access.

    HaveYouFedTheFish @haveyoufedthefish

    Sorry, but nightmare in silver is a rubbish title. Neil, please feel free to help yourself to my unused cyberman story names:

    When in chrome
    Much ado about rusting
    Tin god we trust
    I would have got away with it too, if it wasn’t for those metal/tin kids
    The alloy of sex
    Hope I die before I get gold
    Anodised and confused
    The zinc panther strikes again
    You can’t put a gold head on young shoulders
    Time to separate the men from the alloys
    All work and no play makes jack a dull alloy
    Polly, put the metal on
    Better dead than lead

    (Yes … I am bored)

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @haveyoufedthefish Haha “Tin god we trust” is my fave 🙂

    Now I challenge you to actually write the story and post the link in the “Fan Creativity” section! NB, for hosting, “A Teaspoon and an Open Mind” is the major online Dr. Who fan fiction archive – here:


    Craig @craig

    As the kids say, @haveyoufedthefish LOL.

    I hope someone in the BBC gets to see that list. You’ve just given them about 7 series of episodes 😀

    Actually, copyright them all right now. Go do it, quick…

    It was supposed to be called “The Last Cyberman”, or something like that, so I think there is a colour thing going on. Especially with “Crimson” in the episode before. Crimson of course was important in “The Doctor’s Wife”.

    Perhaps the title of every episode of the new season reveals The Doctor’s name? Or just his password.

    Whisht @whisht

    @haveyoufedthefish – loved these!

    Made me think that in a parallel universe, Tintin may have been a young cyborg adventurer….

    with a K9 called Snowy.


    Apropos of stuff, a cautionary tale that there is a time and a place for everything, including bonkers theorising.

    Craig @craig

    @pedant (IAmNotAFishIAmAFreeMan) The Guardian carried almost exactly the same story twice.



    I can’t help thinking that old media is jumping on an opportunity to hit back against citizen journalism/new media, despite old media being just as unreliable in the past.

    This is not meant as a defence of what happened, they are idiots and deserve condemnation. But as I say, old media has been just as bad.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    If you are bored @haveyoufedthefish let’s ……

    SPIN THE WHEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can I take your bets (for notional DoctorWhoForum “Gold Stars”) on the contents of the Tardis in the episode “Journey to the centre of…”

    I have, at the moment…

    Many…..many, bloody corridors (Evens)
    Scores Null points (bit obvious)
    Many…..many, bloody corridors that look suspiciously like a closed hospital circa 1978 (1000:1)
    Scores 100 points
    Eleven’s previous control room (20:1)
    5 Points
    The Doctor’s study (40:1 as seen in the spinoff games from series 5).
    10 points
    Ten’s previous control room (100:1, remember it was deleted)
    50 points
    The First’s control room (50:1, has been reconstructed for the drama-doc)
    25 points
    The Cloister Room (20:1)
    5 points
    The Pavillion Changing rooms (66:1, Castovalva saw Davison pick his cricket outfit here)
    30 points
    The Zero Room (100:1, It was deleted in Castrovalva)
    50 points
    A Swimming pool (10:1)
    3 points
    A Library (10:1)
    3 points
    A Library in a swimming pool (10:1)
    3 points. Sorry – you don’t get anything for a pair. NOT IN THIS GAME.

    So, any other previous locations in the TARDIS we remember or want to see? Let’s suggest some oddities, place values from them, select 4 each and play a notional sweepstake?

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @craig – yes, they have – the Leveson Inquiry dealt with more than one person who’d been falsely libelled as a criminal by the traditional press.

    But since I have asked previously that we avoid current events in our little corner of the Internet, could  I suggest that we don’t discuss this further?

    Craig @craig

    @bluesqueakpip Apologies, you just get chatting and before you know it…

    Agreed. You have definitely taken on some sort of honourary mod role despite yourself, which I’m very happy about. Please keep picking me up on it when I forget. I’m still kinda new to this. 🙂

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Can I just admit my point scoring system was a bit all over the place in the last post?

    Invitation to scenarios and things we will see still stand. Points to be determined on nominations.

    I’ll offer 100,000,000:1 on a pocket construction dimension that contains a partly built spare earth (as in HGttG). Potentially game winning points on offer!

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @craig – drat. One and a half glasses of red wine and I start forgetting which site I’m on. 🙂

    Glad you don’t mind. Just stop me if I suddenly start discussing Joss Whedon. 🙂

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @phaseshift Totally lost on the points thingy 🙂

    But I’ll bet on the library and the swimming pool, possibly merged as you say…

    Maybe some former companions’ own rooms too. How about one for the lovely Prof. River Song?

    Or some kind of shrine room, where sketches and photographs and mementos of former companions are pinned up on the walls and candles lit, with “Et in Arcadia Ego” written over the door [or is that too pretentious? :-)]

    I’d like the Doctor’s some-time walk-in wardrobe to get a look-in too, with the outfits of former Doctors hanging up there, along with various bizarre Comedia del’Arte masks etc.

    What’s my score?!

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    Maybe some former companions’ own rooms too. How about one for the lovely Prof. River Song?

    Some valuable suggestions there. They will score highly. I did think I’d suggest the room Susan inhabited for some reason (I may be coming round to that theory). Let’s keep the bidding open over the weekend. I think @htpbdet and others may have other suggestions based on dialogue (I’m sure I’ve forgotten loads). Lovely suggestions though 🙂

    Craig @craig

    @bluesqueakpip no probs at all. Am happy for the advice. My forum experience has always been either answering technical questions (always on topic) or chatting randomly (never on topic). I see now that this needs to be kept on the path.

    Whedon will probably inhabit a little space on our site. Maybe once he gets enough traction in the TV forum. Then you can go wild. 😀

    HaveYouFedTheFish @haveyoufedthefish

    @phaseshift – 1,000,000:1 at some point someone says about the tardis “OMG…actually, it’s full of stars”

    1,000,000,000:1 a gravity bubble with another police box at the centre

    1,000,000,000,000: the eye of harmony – because we all ate too much cheese before bed in 1996 and dreamed that one. It. Never. Happened. OK?

    I’d say 4ths secondary control room should defo be on there too (200:1 ?)

    Romana’s bedroom (150:1 ?) – jettisoned I think?

    Boot cupboard (20:1) – extra points if the doc makes a joke like “who’s shoes are these?”

    The ponds bunk bed (30:1)

    Nyssas lab (80:1 ?) – that was in terminus, right? Or have I made that one up?

    Cloister and zero rooms, boot cupboard and bunk bed for me please, Bob!

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    Well, we’ve already had millions of corridors in The Doctor’s Wife. The poster features millions of stairs – admittedly the posters are rather interpretive, but stuff on them generally turns up in some form.

    Stairs Even money.

    The Swimming Pool Also even money. It’s been mentioned too often.

    The Library 100:1 because The Library might appear in the finale or at the 50th.

    Another Control Room 3:1 – they have three others readily available – Ten’s (which they’re probably using for the 50th), the First’s (drama doc) and the Eleventh’s Mk 1 (I doubt they tore it down).

    I think we may find that Professor River Song’s room is in fact her husband’s bedroom. Seeing as they are, in fact, married. She might have her own study.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    @haveyoufedthefish and @bluesqueakpip

    THIS IS WHAT WE WANT! (as Chris Tarrant used to bellow on TISWAS). Let’s get some more barking suggestions into the mix.

    janetteB @janetteb

    An art gallery with exhibits from all over the universe.



    Ubik @ubik

    Just popped in to say “Hello” and check my avatar …


    Craig @craig

    Welcome @ubik and the Dan Dare avatar is looking good. Look forward to your comments on tonight’s episode.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Interesting diagrammatic explanation of time (Who related) just posted.


    Branfish @branfish

    Well, hi there all.  Another migrant/vagrant from the Guardian series blog here.  Hello to my fellow travellers (who, a brief scan of the thread above suggests, would appear to be most of you).

    Not sure how regularly I’ll be able to post here, but I thought I’d show my face.  Hopefully I’ll be able to find the time to post here – the absence of bloody nesting may well make it less time consuming than keeping up with the Guardian blog…

    Craig @craig

    Welcome @branfish glad to have you aboard. You’re certainly one of the people we hoped would be joining eventually.

    And I promise. There will never be any nesting here!

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @branfish – Ah ha – finally another missing member of Clan Fish! We have @pufferfish and @jimthefish and @haveyoufedthefish and @IAmNotAFishIAmAFreeMan (aka @PedanticHammer)…


    Yes, I can’t keep up with the nesting. I lose the threads of the discussion. Still enjoy it over there and will continue to float between – but the flow is easier here. Also, we have cupcakes 🙂


    ScaryB @scaryb

    And a big sofa 🙂 (welcome @branfish)

    AND there’s an edit function. Not only time, but posts can also be rewritten here!


    ScaryB @scaryb

    @craig @branfish @Juniperifsh

    And I promise. There will never be any nesting here!

    too many bloody fish for nesting!!

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    Welcome, @branfish. So, do we now have a shoal? 🙂

    HaveYouFedTheFish @haveyoufedthefish

    … Something Fishy This Way Comes …

    HaveYouFedTheFish @haveyoufedthefish

    @bluesqueakpip – “So, do we now have a shoal?” We shurely do!

    Shurely everyone knowsh that fishes don’t have shoals …(hic)?

    Anonymous @

    We definitely need someone to call themselves Steven Moffish though….

    HaveYouFedTheFish @haveyoufedthefish

    @scaryb @craig – No nesting? Well who wants to break that bombshell to @chickenelly? (Maybe that’s whey bobbingbird can’t fly over?)

    I demand more egg friendly facilities! We can’t be – um – eggs-cluding … !

    HaveYouFedTheFish @haveyoufedthefish

    @jimthefish – arf! He’d only pick an argument with Russell T Dave-fish …

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Greetings fellow enthusiasts. It has been a while. I write from…the Qantas Club Lounge. Where else?

    It has been a busy time at chez Blenkinsop, and I have been travelling in time and space a bit, so hence the silence up until now.

    Now, I confess to not having read all the wonderful posts (but I do see that @whohar is active…hurrah!) so what I say is probably way out of date.

    I was thinking about who is Clara, and I have long harboured a theory that she is mother of Susan, daughter of River and the Doctor. Now I see that River Song re-appears in “The Name of the Doctor”, and there was all that talk of fathers and daughters in “Cold War”, and the 10th told River that “there is only one time I would ever tell you my name” (or something like it) and there was the point when River puts The Doctor’s  hand on the cradle and says “I am telling you”. Anyway, I am still hanging out for that resolution. But I am sure minds far more clever have proved that it cannot be true.

    While my Kennedy theory for the 50th looks all but dead, could The Doctor not spend a couple of minutes swinging by Dallas and pick up a new companion..Canton? I know; I hope for too much.

    Oh, my flight has been called, so it is off to travel in time and space again, on a ship which is smaller on the inside.

    Fortunately, the free booze in the club lounge helps.

    chickenelly @chickenelly

    Hello @blenkinsopthebrave

    We wondered where you’d got to.  Alas your Kennedy theory seems to have run out of steam since you’ve been gone, although @juniperfish is still clinging onto the two bowties theory.

    I’ve not come up my pet theory this series, although I have a few ideas….

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