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    SirClockFace @sirclockface

    On sunday in Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK a doctor who scene was filmed. Sadly I was unable to be there but one of my friends was and said she saw Jenna Coleman and various 1910ish looking people.

    There are also 2 pictures:

    Sadly coleman does not appear in the pictures



    The car is later than 1910s and the uniform of the dude with the peaked hat is RAF-ish, so more like 1940s I reckon. Actually, I hadn’t noticed the bunting among the trees so maybe VE Day set?

    Mirime @mirime


    Crazy thought, but what if it were originally Clara that died instead of Danny and her going back just ‘corrects’ a change already made.

    Danny would be free to be great granddad to Orson, and I don’t think the Doctor would just let the Nethersphere die if Clara were in there.

    Thinking about it further, (and I am just throwing this in for fun) could the Doctor already have gone back and used the speculated on third Mire first aid kit (or something similar) on Clara? Could she already be immortal? The Doctor made it clear to Me why he wouldn’t travel with another immortal… It would also explain why he keeps telling Clara to get a new hobby.

    Would also make Clara one hell of a hybrid – part Mire, part Dalek, part Zygon (psychologically at least?), plus who knows what jumping into the Doctors time stream did, so possibly part Time Lord as well.

    Mirime @mirime

    And if it’s all something to do with knowledge or remembering (all the serpents and ravens etc), finding out all that would presumably not be good for you mentally, particularly as the Doctor wouldn’t save Danny. Imagine if you found out someone had broken all the rules to save you but had then refused to save someone you loved?

    SirClockFace @sirclockface

    @pedant Yes I hadn’t thought of that even though I should of because it was filmed outside the Brit’s Cafe. Plus a VE day episode could mean the return of Matt Smith’s Winston Churchill which would be a nice touch.

    Anonymous @


    only read those spoilers if you absolutely want to be spoiled!

    I’d advise against it -still, thank you @jphamlore


    lisa @lisa

    Wednesdays seem to have turned into the big ‘release the new teasers’ day this season.
    I like them but in a way they make it worse! I have to say though this is as good and
    sophisticated a fairy tale as there ever has been!

    If we are to believe that the hybrid is definitely a mix of Time Lord and Dalek I can
    only say that I’m reminded of Missy saying in the end of ‘Witches Familiar’ when she
    was trapped by Daleks that she “just had a brilliant idea”.
    So I got to wonder cause she’s not gone yet.

    The D. Who magazine cover is all shades of blue and red again. I’m guessing red is for
    Gallifrey and blue is Earth and also the apron Clara wears looks like it has ET eyes?

    lisa @lisa

    @countscarlioni @purofilion
    Guys that is a real American-ish style diner not a set. Its located in Cardiff.
    Obviously tidied up for the show ūüôā

    lisa @lisa


    should be a bbcAmerica trailer for next episode

    (fingers crossed it pasted)

    jphamlore @jphamlore

    On a sad note for Face the Raven, how perfect it would have been for The Stig to have made a guest appearance.  This is why I think the BBC should be more active getting guest stars on the show before something happens that makes it impossible.

    Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine has apparently been begging to be on the show, and the BBC has been pushing Florence and the Machine hard.  How awesome would that be to have the Doctor shown with What Kind of Man playing in the background.

    Pufferfish @pufferfish

    I know for a fact that Florence likes Doctor Who – she might even be friends with Karen Gillan since they became Ginger Twins on a night out a few years back.

    Anonymous @


    you mean The Stig from that car show? With Jeremy whatshisname and that little dude?

    I liked James -the rest of it? Not so much. Of course The Stig could be something else entirely, I dunno.

    No doubt I shall be “he he’ed” at -entirely at my expense ūüôā

    Gosh, I don’t even know Florence¬†and the Machine! Holy Dooley


    janetteB @janetteb

    @purofilion I am as “discombobulated” as you as to whom Florence is and also a little puzzled by The Stig whom I thought was someone in a driver’s helmet whose identity was never to be revealed. So I will join you in being “he he’d at.”



    jphamlore @jphamlore

    I did not mean to suggest having the actual person who plays The Stig, a person who changed as the years went by on Top Gear. ¬† But instead I wanted having the character of The Stig, helmet covering face and body in a driver’s suit, appear as a dangerous extraterrestrial. ūüôā

    In the words of one of the classic Doctors, “Why not?”¬† ūüôā

    lisa @lisa

    I’ve been thinking about all the times that Clara has had a dream scene over the
    various seasons and there have been many. So I made a little list of the ones I can
    recall. As Puro has reminded me “like the Doctor once you get Clara in your head
    she stays there ūüėČ

    Asylum of the Daleks – dreamed up an alternative life inside a Dalek
    Name of the Doctor – sleeps to join in a conference call and gets mentally linked to River
    Last Xmas – with the face huggers dreaming up an alternative life again
    Dark Water – dream patches that manipulate her visions
    The Zygon Inversion – inside the pod mentally linked up to Bonnie

    May have missed 1 not sure. SM likes to do dream scenes with Clara always using alien technologies.
    Sometimes clues are hidden in dreams so I thought to do the list and see if I could detect
    some substance here. Clara is never really herself in most of these dream states and yet
    dreams are usually situations being controlled by our subconscious.
    So far the only thing that occurred to me is that maybe Clara’s end might be some controlled
    dream state and a loop since Clara did start out as a woman living a whole life out in a dream.

    Anonymous @


    Clara’s end might be some controlled  dream state and a loop

    Yes, you know, I always thought that the moon as an egg, the jolly legend of the Sherriff of Nottingham and young handsome, bantering Robin, all reminded me of something ‘dreamy’ or concocted at the time. I think @bluesqueakpip¬†substantially explained¬† it the other day¬†-also @phaseshift¬†hammered that home referring to those lines belonging to Ten (written by RTD by the sound of it!) and there’s certainly a beautiful allegory to be had¬†with the Horde of Travesties (easily explained) and definitely the degradations of Skaro -which we know both Missy and the Doctor were familiar with.

    The Master, at the time where he was¬† encouraged to let Gallifrey through, did not recognise¬† those “horrible things” Ten defined and was truly frightened of¬†-the King with his Army of Meanwhiles and Neverweres¬† etc. Certainly Missy understood the concept, though, of the Daleks never actually dying and being chucked into¬†‘revolting sewers;’ a horrible eternal grossness.¬† ūüėą

    Truly, those creatures inside the Dalek casing still keep me up at night – listening to Dalek Caan wittering away in that high and terrible voice, up and down the pitch range, madly prophesying a future he himself had created across time to ensure Doctor Donna arrived on ‘time’ -much like Clara herself appearing in this Doctor’s (and Eleven’s) time line.

    I did always wonder whether¬† -and I think @scaryb and I had the same thought back then, whether those episodes occurred out of sync -and it was simply due to haircuts rather than anything else -if the hair was longer and if the Doctor was wearing his sparkly t-shirt, then I would place those episodes together. Turned out it didn’t fit at all. But it was¬†fun fiddling about with Moffat’s Rubik’s cube ūüôā

    I wonder how, Clara, engineered herself to be the one (by the way, dressed gorgeously in that episode and no doubt if there’d been no¬†Marion would she have loved young Robin?) who spoke with the Sherriff? If you’re gonna dream, you look great (believe me, in my dreams I’m 20 pounds lighter and my hair is longer) and you’re the hero -and there she was. Same in Flatline

    I’m also partial to those who discuss how the Doctor doesn’t quite need her now: the phone call in Deep Breath was the ‘I need you: he needs you’ symbol which was necessary throughout the season and so were the cards in Under the Lake (devised perhaps months earlier). Now Clara says little. The Doctor is ‘flying solo’ like a kid without training wheels.

    He knows he’s not a killer, he understands that he “saves people” and he’s that¬†idiot in a box enjoying the company of humans who want to see the world in the same way he first saw it -with similar glorious rapture and breathy astonishment. Does he still feel that way? I don’t know.

    I think he gains delight from that of others.

    As parents and relatives,¬†don’t we? I think of Christmas’ past,¬†when the wee ones were very little. How they’d patter nervously and breathlessly into the lounge room where the tree was lit and the presents¬†delivered and displayed in glossy wrapping and shiny ribbon. The beauty and intensity of that moment is quite a holy thing in its¬†way -the Doctor enjoys those times when he sees the fires of planets reflected in the eyes of companions:¬†glossy planets; water made of gems, entire peoples who are ‘all ears’ (The God Complex).

    But now there’s a mourning going on. He’s not delighted, whirly and giggly with ‘let’s see this and let’s go now!’ Maybe this Doctor hasn’t ever been like that -more serious, introspective and sombre, even dark but still, a cloud hangs precariously close to him. @arbutus what you think? Did these episodes from last year contain a¬† hint of a ‘Clara’ dreaming or of living these ‘episodes’ either in a dream state (egg moon,¬†an actual Robin Hood, a bank heist (who’d love to do that and it not be actually illegal: no kills, no real theft which harms/injures anyone: hands up? I would!!) ) or, out of sync for a reason I can’t yet decipher: but it does seem odd.

    Also @sirclockface Apologies, I didn’t welcome you! -I normally do to new visitors and members.¬† *slaps head*

    Thank you also for those¬†awesome pictures -they’re lovely¬†to look at, to glean some clues as¬†to the meaning of what we see. I like the car, myself. And if Clara is there -mmm? What does that mean? Maybe it’s a catch up scene -some problem with a scene on the cutting room floor and a Clara-stand-in?

    I imagine if her contract is complete, she’s either resting from an unbelievably hectic schedule, in Hawaii ūüôā or starting another job. I wish her well because, really, right from the beginning she was an interesting character who, as an actor, developed beautifully over time. I’m sure she has a lot to be thankful for, working with the likes of Moff, Capaldi etc.

    Despite the motor mouth parts (not her fault) she’ll be¬†remembered as one of the best companions¬†-yes, Donna had the Doctor Donna paradox but here, there was more than just the¬†Impossible Girl arc. More to be revealed. I still get stuck on why she said she was born “under or beside a clock”. This has unnerved me for over a¬†year.¬†Perhaps, simply, one of her incarnations was born near a church -hardly a peculiar piece of ‘history’ for anyone. ūüôā


    Would also make Clara one hell of a hybrid ‚Äď part Mire, part Dalek, part Zygon (psychologically at least?), plus who knows what jumping into the Doctors time stream did

    I agree -this follows from what I said above. But you nailed it. She’s a very complex character of considerable depth and substance, imo.

    jphamlore @jphamlore

    @purofilion: Wonderfully written, nothing really to add from me.

    Jenna Coleman is going to play a young Queen Victoria:


    jphamlore @jphamlore

    Suppose that we’ve all been wrong about the word being “hybrid”:¬† Actually, we’ve merely been hearing the pronunciation and it should have been “high-bred”.¬† Clara is the “high-bred” from when the Doctor stole the Gallifreyan President’s wife and had a child with her.¬†¬† As it turns out the President’s wife was a young Queen Victoria and Clara amazingly looks just like her mother.¬† Later to protect his daughter the Doctor erased his memories but left enough clues to eventually recover them if there was to be an emergency.¬† Sadly what the Doctor needs to do is send Clara with the Hand of Omega back to Gallifrey through a one-way wormhole never to see her again, because only Clara can bring peace to Gallifrey.

    Oh wait, that’s the plot to the movie Men in Black II.¬† ūüôā


    Kharis @kharis

    Maybe because I was the first person to write the CAL & Clara theory long before ¬†‘Name of the Doctor’ which was heavily picked up on by other bloggers after my original post, and then once again this season I was the first to notice Ashildr and Ellie Ravenswood were dressed alike, so I apologize that I can’t let it go. ¬†It could be like Sheldon Cooper describing his “mind making a baby” so I feel I have to nurture my sad little theories I originated one last time before they are all disproved by the next few episodes. ¬†Knowing Moffat my theories will be destroyed in about three weeks, so I’m going to give my “brain childern” one last hurrah here on the Forum where people who are as bonkers as me can at least enjoy my crazy. ¬†ūüôā

    Moffat has pretty obvious tarot, musical and mythology refrences and his names are also extremely deliberate.

    (√Āsvaldr) Oswald = God Power

    Ashildr =  God Battle      Einar = Legendary Immortal Gods

    Oswin = God Friend        Clara = Clear and bright

    Osgood = God Good         Petronella = Stone

    Looking at these names I see a picture forming about these character’s relationship with the Doctor and each other. ¬†Oswin is the friend (like a rock) Oswald is the power (clear and bright power, a window of power) ¬†Ashildr is an immortal battle God, oddly coming from a family named for immortal Gods as if Ashildr had a known destiny like Donna, and Oswin is the clear friend.

    Now here is where I add my original theory…prepare for bonkers:

    CAL. ¬†A charlotte is the dish you make a souffl√© in. ¬†Abigail means Father’s Joy. ¬†Lux is a unit of illumination. ¬† ¬†The souffl√© is the recipe. ¬†Maybe seeing the potential of CAL’s mind in the Library, her potential to protect and save at all costs, Missy cooked a CAL from the Charlotte and the souffl√© was Clara. ¬†Maybe she was engineered to save the Doctor the way River was engineered to kill the Doctor. ¬†River is always showing up at Clara’s pivotal moments, if you subscribe to the River is Tasha Lem theory. ¬†Maybe River has a hand in it, maybe Missy, Ashildr and River text constantly, keeping their Clara plan together. ¬†Ashildr certianly had a hand in it and somehow tied up with Ellie. ¬†I think the enemy in the friend will eventually be the Knightmare Child, Ashildr finding a way to access nightmares to her advantage will eventually be part of her weaponry. Of course, we have seen that River and Clara can not be easily controlled in a dream state. ¬†The Doctor knows Clara is destined for death. ¬†The only way he would let Clara die is if she made the choice, or more probable, she is a bootstrap paradox, and somehow she was like the Beethoven story. ¬†Something I always found odd is why a little girl would picture an early earth nineties home (cord phone, type of electronics, Ren and Stimpy, etc.) if she is from the 50th century? ¬†I¬†think it will be a big moment when River is downloaded from the Library. ¬†It will explain where they got the Clara recipe. I also think Gallifrey is right were Missy said it was, just in a pocket universe he doesn’t see or detect, or it’s on Tranzalore in a pocket.

    Just for fun, from a cooking book I have:

    … be poured into a chilled mold (a porcelain souffl√© dish or, preferably, the fezshaped metal mold called a¬†charlotte).


    Kharis @kharis

    So the permanent dream state is the Library.

    Kharis @kharis

    @jphamlore great story!  Some of these theories are great stories in themselves.

    Kharis @kharis

    I meant Osgood is the rock.  Writing too fast again.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Thought I should put this here, even though the idea came from the photos and material on the BBC Spoilers page.

    For some reason, I started thinking about “The Sixth Sense”. Could it be that what is in store for Clara is not her death, but her realisation that she has been dead for some time?

    Perhaps this has been discussed before?

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @blenkinsopthebrave — don’t know if that has been mooted before but I like it. Like it a lot.

    However, I suspect all this diner business is another massive misdirect like the ‘Is Maisie Williams Susan?’ and the shots of Rory with the Cybermen prior to A Good Man Goes To War. Creates lots of buzz but end up having not a lot to do with the episode in the end.

    Having said that, I do get the feeling that this year’s finale could be something special….

    spacedmunkee @spacedmunkee

    Random thought. In The Magicians Apprentice and Witch’s Familiar, the doctor barely acknowledged the confession dial when presented to him by Missy. What if the doctor has not actually sent the dial to missy yet (in relation to his own current timeline). This would mean he is yet to send it to Missy. As he takes possession of the dial when escaping Skaro he now has the dial that he sends to Missy later thus creating another bootstrap paradox.

    Bonkers theory. Like the Osgood box, there’s nothing on the dial. It is the maguffin that enables Missy and Clara to track down the doctor. The doctor has to make an impossible choice. Send the dial and set in motion events played out this series that lead to Clara’s death and regeneration into the hybrid. Or worse, don’t send the dial and suffer some other consequences not yet revealed.

    Anonymous @

    @kharis @jphamlore love those theories -the idea that Clara is hi-bred wud never have occurred to moi. Awesome thinkin’ people

    The petronella stone -yes, brother geologist would have picked up on that f’sure -your tarot knowledge is at PhD level Kharis -some great connections with the previous names of Osgood and Ashildr as well.


    the 6th sense? Ooh I like that -yes, I wonder ‘where’ Clara is too. In some other perpetual dimension?

    I think this week’s ep may well be a place holder but I’m still wondering about why she’s at The Diner and why the Doctor is also there. I suppose the simplest explanation could be that she was there as a claricle ready to save him -she would have known the Doctor died, or was about to. But if the Doctor fooled ‘time’ by being in the tesselecta and fooled those who had turned Professor Song into the assassin of all assassins then he may easily¬†‘fool’ a claricle.

    It reminds me that if the Doctor didn’t die -which he didn’t, was supposed to, however, and yet it seems that he did,¬†would the claricle involved in saving the Doctor¬†be in an ‘eternal loop’ attempting continually¬†to save her Doctor and fulfil her prophecy?

    In all of time and space -when River¬†tried to assassinate the Doctor and did not succeed….¬† could¬†some version of Clara be ‘hanging’ about? Insofar as her ‘mission’ to save the Doctor hasn’t succeeded or been made redundant? She’s in a holding pattern.

    The connection between River and Clara is a mental link that wasn’t/isn’t broken so Clara exists in a temporal location as well as possibly a parallel one (like River herself in the Library)

    To save the Doctor means the claricle intervenes and dies. Therefore which Clara is she now? The present one who met the Doctor as she nannied the two children or the one ‘still’ in Utah (which makes no sense at all!). @kharis I need some help here! Is this making¬†sense to anyone?

    Mind you, I’m turning on the telly and realising some hellish news has been revealed in Paris.


    To the pub for a soothing drink.


    Anonymous @

    goodness, I hope my edit worked as I didn’t press submit -I was still stumbling about making excuses for my edit -which was 30 mins after I wrote the thing. So even the edit is probably senseless and breathless -down to the 3 cups of coffee and counting this morning (technically now afternoon, which means time for another)

    Anonymous @


    ooh no! No McGuffin! (I never had heard this term until I joined the Forum!). I do think there will be some special events for her finale. As I mentioned before, the companions have had some ‘acceptable’ moving on/passing -with Rose and her doctor (no Capital ‘D’), Martha happy and working at¬†Unit occasionally and also Torchwood; but with Donna experiencing the most difficult loss (“the loss that is yet to come” says the ‘sister’ serving at the Shadow Proclamation) -but again, from our knowledge, and that of her mother and Wilf (the latter quite heartbroken) she was safe, at least.

    I fear this is not the outcome destined for our Clara. Safe? Maybe somewhere, but either¬† intangible or unavailable to be seen. I recall in the Mummy, or perhaps another episode, where Clara fondly says “well, this isn’t the ‘end’ is it? I mean you could come over for dinner, Doctor? You do that, right? You eat dinner?”

    And he says, showing discomforture “sure, yes, I¬†can do that”.

    I don’t think that he knew her ‘destination’ at that point. Certainly he didn’t know Dan’s approaching end, either? Or did he?

    *Mmmm, murmurs*

    lisa @lisa

    So I’ve been thinking now about the mental link that River said she had with Clara.
    I went back to watch that again. It was striking that the Doctor also said to River that
    he always sees her. Just like Clara. I got stuck on that for a while. Naturally I had
    to surf around to look for any more connections.


    I like this theory. Check out the leaf connection at the very beginning.
    I think that this theory implies that the baby Melody became Clara. Then the Doctor
    wipes his memory of doing this to protect her which is why she was such a mystery to him.
    So does this mean River is Clara and can Clara regenerate? Maybe to protect
    Clara/Melody/River he did something to make her human? To keep her hidden. Does this
    mean Clara will at the end of her run regenerate back into the Melody form or some
    other new woman in between? Eventually she must be Melody again and grow up with
    her real Mom and Dad (Amy and Rory). Then she becomes River. We did see a scene (cant
    recall which episode) where she was a little girl in an alley regenerating.

    I cant recall if anyone has already said all of this before on this forum. My memory has
    apparently been wiped. ūüôā If someone has said all this please come forward cause
    I would really like to have a word with you!

    BTW it sort of makes sense to me in an upside down sideways sort of way that Clara
    would have dreamt of so many alternative lives if she indeed had so many alternative

    @kharis ‘Souffles are served in a Charlotte dish’ like that! There may be a CAL
    connection as well mixed up in this possibly very very long story.

    lisa @lisa

    apologies I pasted the wrong thing in the previous post.

    If you can think of reasons that this cant work please
    post your thoughts!

    jphamlore @jphamlore

    I wonder if Moffat is about to show how great a fan he is of the classic series by revisiting yet another of my favorites in a new way: The Curse of Fenric.¬†¬† Instead of just trotting out the villain, why not use the story’s cool idea of a chess puzzle with seemingly no solution, until the companion tells Fenric of the solution of having the White and Black pieces work together.

    The chess puzzle is the deadlock between Time Lords and Daleks.¬† The player trapped by the puzzle is the darker impulses of the Time Lords to return back to this universe to rule it.¬† The companion who provides the puzzle’s answer to the dark player, to the horror of the Doctor, this time is Clara, perhaps in the role of a hybrid.¬† Will the Doctor be forced to break his companion’s faith in him to re-restrain the dark player?

    lisa @lisa

    For the River fans. I still have to figure out where the little girl fits
    in. Its either the little girl or maybe Clara then Melody? Not sure how that
    works yet.

    Kharis @kharis

    @jimthefish @purofilion I also think there is something really unique and awesome happening in the final. ¬†I would not be surprised to see guest appearances from some of the old favourites. ¬†ūüôā


    Kharis @kharis

    @lisa by the time we saw Mel’s she was already extensively trained to kill the Doctor. ¬†When did this happen? ¬†It wasn’t the little girl, and when would she have had time to learn combat when she was Mels? ¬†My guess is that she could have even had more than one regeneration in-between little NY girl and Mel. ¬†Not necessarily subscribing to the River theory yet, even though that’s so Moffat, but fun to bonkerize with you on it. ¬†I have always been suspicious about the regenerations between the little girl and Mels and also how long was River gone in he TARDIS in ‘Let’s Kill Hitler” it could have been years. ¬†That will have to resolved t some point.

    Kharis @kharis

    Maybe Ellie is wrong?¬† ‚ÄúA souffle isn’t a souffle. A souffle is the recipe.‚ÄĚ ¬† The recipe can be the same but the the result different. ¬†He tries to show her that several times, his regeneration was proof of that. ¬†Just like the bootsrap paradox, what matters is the origin. ¬† If CAL is the recip e then it all makes sense.

    Kharis @kharis

    How does Clara begin? ¬†“She is born, she dies” ¬†but HOW is she born each time? ¬†So the recipe is important. ¬†How does she become a Claricle?

    Mudlark @mudlark

    @kharis  @lisa

    I hesitate to pour cold water on an intriguing and suitably bonkers theory, but I was somewhat startled to read

    A charlotte is the dish you make a soufflé in

    A charlotte is a sweet dish made in a metal mould with slightly tapering sides.  For a classic Charlotte Russe the mould is lined with sponge fingers and filled with a Bavaroise cream and, when chilled and set, the charlotte is turned out from the mould.  A soufflé is usually a hot dish made in a cylindrical ceramic dish with ribbed sides, and it is served in the dish, straight from the oven. Somewhere at the back of a cupboard in my kitchen I have both a soufflé dish and a charlotte mould, though it is many years since I made either.

    @kharis  I guess from the quote at the end of your post that the recipe in your cookery book is for the cold dish sometimes referred to as soufflé, which is basically just a mousse with extra gelling agent to make it set firm, and such a cold dish could indeed be made in a charlotte mould, though I have never heard the mould itself referred to as a charlotte. For that matter, a charlotte could be made in a soufflé dish, although the ribbed sides of the dish might make it difficult to turn out for serving

    But don’t mind me; I’m just nit-picking as usual¬† ūüėą


    Anonymous @

    @lisa @kharis

    A souffl√© -a cold one -which is actually put in the oven, first, then in the fridge can be made in mini charlotte mould. It’s quite the trend here.

    The souffl√© rises as it should and then immediately refrigerated where, by tying a ribbon about the top that’s risen, it won’t fall. There’s def some gelatin in it-as you’d expect.

    An early Oz Women’s Cook Book for ‘basic recipes’ has it in there. It’s fiddly. The typical one that’s hot is easier: having said that, souffl√©s can stink a bit from the over-use of eggs (the point I spose) but the cold one doesn’t -it’s delicious.

    So, there you go @mudlark. No water needed.

    Anonymous @

    @kharis as for #46904 (post) I have no idea. I assumed she was born into a life -she didn’t just ‘appear’ -but whenever she met the doctor she died (that’s as far as she goes -which you knew anyway!) but yep, I believe she’s born as a normal person is. I think ūüôā

    Is Mum the same? I don’t know! eek!

    Mudlark @mudlark


    So, there you go @mudlark. No water needed

    Fair enough, though the type of metal receptacle which I know as a charlotte mould -and which appears to be what is described¬†in @kharis ‘s cook book –¬†would not be a particularly suitable container for cooking¬†a souffl√© in the oven,¬†and not a very elegant way in which to serve one, whether hot or cold, so why not use a souffl√©¬†dish?¬† (The¬†mixture for the type of souffl√© which is basically a set mousse is cooked over a low heat before being poured into the chilled mould).

    And I still maintain that, in this part of the world at least, a charlotte is the dessert made in the mould, and not the mould itself Рand I did check in Larousse Gastronomique, various cookery books and the Concise Oxford Dictionary in case I was mistaken in my understanding.

    Kharis @kharis

    @mudlark and @purofilion

    Clearly you both know your way around a kitchen. We can bonkerize and cook here on the Forum. ¬†Interesting the subtle differences from region to region. ¬†Did you know that most people in California have never heard of a Jammie Dodger or fish fingers? Also, we were as confused as the Tardis/Idris was on the second! ¬†ūüėČ

    I just loved that the Charlotte mold was referred to as Fez-shaped in several books.   That was a particular laugh for me.  Here in Cali a Charlotte is both, the trendy dessert and the mold.  At a cooking supply store here the pan you would make a soufflé in (if not serving in individual ramkins) is called a Charlotte pan.

    For fun:  I think we should officially add another treat to Whovians parties, plus add another fun name to the cooking repertoire.

    Okay, I’m going to ask this in the pup and on the sofa too:

    Making a red coloured soufflé in a Charlotte mold is now called a ___________?

    Baked Bang? Big Tang? ¬†Ha ha! ¬†I’m terrible at naming things.



    darbycrash @darbycrash

    Souffle a la Smith. Works on so many levels you see?

    I swear I spent all morning on this thread’s last page and I felt like my brain reached critical mass. ¬†I love this forum. Completely unrelated: I’ve been watching the first Doctor and it’s pleasantly surprising how the Doctor’s series’ mesh to gether. Specfically I refer to the way in Series 1 he makes mistakes that you would expect of a yong person who was inexperienced. Like the way he’s oblivious to Carmoca (name might be wrong) totally falling in love with him and thinks giving Itaxa a sleeping leaf (drug?) to beat someone in a fight and DOESN’T even ask who he’s fighting. ¬†So even though he looks older than most of he’s regenerstions it’s obvious he’s younger. Or maybe not obvious, just decernable.

    Mudlark @mudlark

    @kharis¬†¬† Ah, the perils and pitfalls of our common language¬† ūüôā

    For the record, what we on this side of the pond would call a souffl√© dish pretty much resembles a ramekin writ large ( have both in my kitchen).¬† Moreover, it wouldn’t be referred to as a ‘pan’ in standard¬†usage or any British dialect that I am aware of, since that word normally¬†denotes a container made of metal, usually of the kind used in stove-top cooking.

    Once, when I was visiting the US, a friend produced an American/British English dictionary and challenged me to give the American¬†equivalents of a series of¬†British words.¬† I got all but one right, but I don’t think the vocabulary list included culinary implements and utensils.

    I’m not surprised, though,¬†that Jammy Dodgers and fish fingers are unknown in California.¬† I don’t much care for either, myself, or for custard – if by ‘custard’ is meant the concoction made with flavoured cornflour (as opposed to the ‘proper’ kind, made with egg yolks, cream and sugar).¬† Come to think of it, jelly babies aren’t exactly my favourite confection, either, so clearly I lack the credentials of a true Doctor Who fan and must slink away to contemplate my failings ūüėČ


    Frobisher @frobisher

    A Claricle thought:

    Claricles are “born”. As babies? Or do they pop into existence already Jenna Coleman shaped? Or, perhaps a third way – let’s call it Quantum Leap Theory. Claricles manifest by inhabiting the bodies of people who happen to be where and when the Doctor needs help. To those around them they appear unchanged. To us, the fly on the fourth wall, they look like Scott Bakula. No, wait, they look to us like Jenna Coleman. So, the Claricles we saw in the time stream never looked like Clara to the local observers, with the possible exception of the Doctor.

    Further conjecture (based on little more than a feeling we will have a boot strap paradox and the Impossible Girl moniker): One of the Claricles (the Seventh’s?) manifested in the body of Clara’s mother – meaning Clara gave birth to herself. An impossible boot strap paradox.

    Probably a load of old Sonics, but just a thought I had…

    darbycrash @darbycrash

    @frobisher How can a Claracle know what to do without Al and Ziggy to tellher? Or is her mission always to save the Doctor so she doesn’t need them?

    Anonymous @

    @kharis About how¬† Clara is born and dies as a Claricle, I don’t think she really has a beginning.¬† When she was sent throughout time and space, it seems as though she appeared in those places the way she was when she jumped into the Doctor’s time stream.¬† Her memories were probably replaced with fake ones to explain why she is where ever she is, kind of like how the human Doctor from The Family of Blood was given a fake history.

    @lisa @kharis¬† If I remember correctly, in the episode Let’s Kill Hitler, Melody, right before she regenerates, says something like “I haven’t done this since I was a little girl in NY” so I don’t think that it is possible for there to be any other versions of River after that point, but before the little girl…

    Also, I just want to comment on how in the first two parter if this season Clara says to the Doctor, “Which one of us is dying?”¬† The way the Doctor looks back at her suggests that by then, he already knows that something is going to happen to her or that something already has.

    TheatreGuy @theatreguy

    @frobisher a Claracle is born – it’s shown during The Name of the Doctor. One scene shows Victorian Claracle (from
    The Snowmen) as a baby being held by a women (presumably her mother). So the implication is that Claracles were born again and again once Clara went into the Doctor’s time stream

    bendubz11 @bendubz11

    Two things:

    1 – In regards to Face The Raven,having seen the trailer, I feel like SM is trying to direct us towards Clara’s death occurring in it, which makes me feel like that is unlikely. In fact I think it might be CapDoc who “dies”, hence his alone time in Heaven Sent.

    2 – I can not take as much claim as @kharis, since she was the one who actually wrote down the theory first, and it was she who developed it to include the Tarot theory, but it’s now looking very likely that the CAL=Clara theory I’ve held since pre-Series 8 is correct. It’s nice being correct for once.

    Anonymous @

    @theatreguy Thanks for clarifying that. I did not remember that scene from The Name of the Doctor. I’ll have to go re-watch it.

    Anonymous @

    @theatreguy @frobisher @theconsultingdoctor

    I also must thank you for that clarification. I had entirely forgotten that explanation Theatreguy, -I thought you were a new member? I don’t know! If you are, then happy days and welcome to you. Happy theorising for weeks to come!

    If not, then totally ignore me. I’m a bit scatter brained at the mo



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