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    Whisht @whisht

    Hi Puro,

    Others have been far more eloquent.

    All I’ll say is “Fuck this”.


    I trust and hope that at some point in the future we’ll be graced again by your openness, knowledge of music and general Puro-ness.

    take care.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Dear Puro,

    It has been a real privilege to be inspired by your reflections on this site. I have been in awe of your insight, your compassion, your humour, your erudition, and your encyclopedic knowledge and love of music. I do so hope that you will (and will be able to) come back and be part of what, in a strange way, is a vast, extended family (and I use the word purposefully) of enthusiasts of something we all hold special.

    It is such a pity that your stepping back from the site has been under the circumstances it has. But real life, as we all know, is not as neat and well-scripted as fiction.

    I wasn’t quite sure how to express my feelings adequately, so I will do it through the clip below. It is from my favourite movie of all time, and features perhaps my favourite song of all time.

    For you:

    If you can, come back.


    Pufferfish @pufferfish

    Dearest puro,

    You’re one of the nicest and most accomplished people I’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter online. Thank you for being here, and know that I am so very sorry to hear about your health problems (I’d been reading between the lines that something wasn’t quite right, and it stings to have it confirmed). I’m sure I will not be alone in thinking of you often, and hoping that you at least stay signed in so your posts don’t turn Anonymous, because everything you’ve written here is glorious. Think of it as leaving the porch light on so that the rest of us can find our way back to you.

    Lots of love from a fish, momentarily out of puff. xxx



    SirClockFace @sirclockface

    Dear puro,

    I haven’t been here long (only introduced a couple of months ago by @pedant) but I would like to thank you for making me feel welcome and sharing your ideas and opinions (I think you may have even started the tarot theory. Anyway I wish you all the best in your hard times,


    bendubz11 @bendubz11

    Dear Puro,

    I don’t normally come on to this thread, but I think this warrants an exception. Like @sirclockface, I’ve only been here since the start of this series. But you’ve made me feel right at home here. Encouraging me whenever I started bonkerising, providing theories of your own, just generally being so kind and welcoming. I hope you come back, but if not, it has been a privilege of mine getting to know you.

    All the best for the future,
    Bendubz11 (Ben)

    Hudsey @hudsey

    Thanks for all the theories Puro, I hope you feel able to come back and share many more with us soon. All the best.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @Purofilion. I will miss you so much dear friend as will everyone on this forum. You have given so generously to this little community, your thoughts, your passion for Who and music especially, and your warmth.

    I also echo @pufferfish request that you keep your account open so that your name and icon remain with us.





    nerys @nerys

    Dearest Puro/Melissa,

    Thank you for this explanation and apology to Geronimo/Daphne. Heartbroken for you is all I can say. How I will miss your eloquent observations and reflections on the Doctor’s not-so-aimless wanderings. Through you and others here I have learned so much about this beloved show … but even more importantly about humankind. If it means anything, I hold you in my heart right now.

    I also understand that you need to do what you need to do at this time. And I respect that.


    ichabod @ichabod

    Puro/Melissa, I am so, so sorry.  Like everyone above, I will deeply miss you and your kind, funny, and knowledgable comments.  You’ve been a strong presence here, and a force for bringing out the best in everyone at this table.


    Frobisher @frobisher

    Hello Puro.
    I’ve only been a member of the forum for a short time, but in that time I have already come to know you and your posts here as thoughtful, creative and eloquent. Your kindness has shone through on many occasions, and your posting style was one of the reasons I decided to sign up here. I am very sad to hear you received the news you did recently. It is utterly horrible. Having read what you are going through, I respect your decision to leave the forum. If you decide not to post here again I can assure you that your contributions will be well remembered, and that you will be missed. If you decide you would like to “pop in” again, I’m sure there will be many people delighted to talk with you.
    I wish you all the best for the months ahead, and would like to send you strength and positive thoughts.
    – Stuart

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    Dear purofilion (Melissa).

    i’m so sorry to hear your news, and I’m sorry about what’s happened here because I really know that isn’t you. Thank you for your kindness, your theories and your wonderful posts about your family.


    Kharis @kharis

    Dear Puro/Melissa,

    I just cried when I read your letter.  It’s too terrible to fully digest.  ):

    This Forum will not be the same without you; all your wonderful posts, intellectual insights, musical notices and kindness.

    Another horribly sad day for the Doctor Who world.

    Much love to you,

    J. Smith


    TardisBlue @tardisblue

    Dear Melissa (@Purofillion)

    I was absolutely gutted when I read your post. I have no words to express what I’m feeling. I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now. My heart is sorrowful and worried about the year and years to come.

    My heart is breaking for your son. No child should lose his mother that young.

    My heart is breaking for you, too. No mother should miss her son’s victorious matches at National League Soccer, or his transition from boyillionhood to manhood.

    My heart is breaking for your husband. No spouse should have to watch his beloved go through a long and difficult decline only to loose her far too young.

    I’m finding some modicum of comfort from the music of your compatriot, Dvorak. I’m not familiar with Ladislav, but his Czech requiem is next in line in my queue. Would love to know some of your favorite pieces so I can think of you when I hear them.

    If you are able, I’m sure all of who have come to love and respect you here would appreciate updates from your family or friends about how you are doing. I’m going to ask the Doctor to christen a new star in your honor, so your light and love will shine from here to Gallifrey.

    With love and respect and hope that your journey will be peaceful and comfortable (you listening, Australian health care system?)


    P.S. I’ve been faithfully lurking on the Twelfth Doctor episode threads, but this is the first time I’ve logged in the Forum in ages. I *will* miss you, puro.



    Just had a note from Melissa. For some reason the silly girl is under the impression that she is not worthy of the love shown here. Personally, I think all the sugar generated will make the inevitable Sudden Onset Diabetes a nice distraction. Practically speaking, her meds are messing with her quite a bit at the moment, not least in her ability to see the keyboard (or, indeed, know what day it is, or where she is).

    In about 15BE (Before Email), while doing my Masters, my friend Colin failed to return as expected from the Easter break. We were very concerned and eventually I got a letter describing violent abdominal pain, initially misdiagnosed as appendicitis. A couple of specialists later the correct diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease was reached.

    He eventually returned, but after a while it was clear that his behaviour had changed markedly (the details are unimportant). I now understand that he was exhibiting (practically canonical) symptoms of severe clinical depression, but back then then we (me and all of our friends, including his flatmates) simply didn’t understand this, so he did not get the support he needed. For all the dissing the Internet gets, it has at least created space for a corrective that blindness.

    Should you wish to learn more about Crohn’s Disease there is an excellent resource on the Crohn’s & Colitis UK website.

    nerys @nerys

    @pedant Thank you for that reflection on your own experience, providing more info on Crohn’s and updating us on Melissa’s state of mind. It sounds like the side-effects from her medication are dreadful. Depression is a monster, eroding self-perception and stealing optimism and belief in one’s own good. I hope that she will come to realize and accept the truth of our love.



    I think it is not so much state-of-mind as drug-scrambled-brain 🙂

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @pedant and @nerys

    Crohn’s can be a very nasty disease indeed. If you’re fortunate, it’s long periods of nearly normal life with periods (flare-ups) of being very ill. If you’re unfortunate – as Melissa and my brother both are – you vanish into a nightmare of complications, hospital stays, and sometimes intensive care. My brother emerged ‘only’ permanently disabled; he was lucky.

    Yes, the side effects from the medication can be horrible. If things are bad, it’s not ‘medication’, it’s a cocktail of medication, some of which can be so strong that they have to give you other medication specifically to reduce the side effects. Which gives you further side effects, and then you get more complications because the doctors have misjudged the balancing act for all these bloody drugs.

    I think they now know that clinical depression and Crohn’s are very strongly associated, pedant, but I don’t know how well they knew that in 15 BE. But I hope that, underneath all the medication, Melissa knows that she is loved.

    Mersey @mersey

    Depression is one of the most horrible thing in the world. I’m sure I don’t have to told you that but my dad has suffered from it for a few months and this year has been really, really miserable for us.

    Puro wrote to me and told me about her illness and she was so kind that I told her about my situation. I didn’t have the strenght to speak about that with my friends but after my conversation with her I felt much more better.

    I hope she will recover and feel better.

    @pedant @bluesqueakpip

    Thank you for your posts and news from Melissa. I’ve heared about Crohn earlier because I’m a fan of Ali Carter, a snooker player, who suffers from it either but I didn’t realised how serious it can be.


    @bluesqueakpip @mersey

    The depression, I suppose, isn’t too surprising given its life changing nature, but the problem back then was our simply not having a clue what Colin’s behaviour meant. It was only really my coming to terms with the black dog that got me to begin to grasp it, 20 year later.

    Puro is having the odd lurk, so our mission to give her diabetes must continue.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @pedant  Mulling it over.  It’s good to know a bit about this monster-illness, so thanks everyone who’s brought some experience to the table.  “Life is shit.  Scottish philsophy.”  — Peter Capaldi, at ComiCon.

    Anonymous @


    my absence didn’t last long -did it?

    We came to a decision, Boy Ilion and I -he is home today with some cold or another. Sometimes he’ll type what I ‘suggest’ and mostly if I write something silly or outright moronic, then he’ll delete it before that ‘submit’ button. He isn’t drugged up. Not yet anyway! 🙂 I consider it a type of Crohns/opiate tourettes.

    So, yes,  the Little Ilion is typing now.

    I wanted to thank  many people especially @pedant for providing a personal story about this illness and also giving out information about my state (sugar indeed!!)

    There are many others to thank for their kindness -possibly I will forget some but young Ilion’s h/w is to go back and do a check (I prefer just Ilion ma as I’m 14 -almost 14, give it  4 days – and I’m 5 ‘ 10″ now).

    thank you to @jimthefish @pedant @bluesqueakpip @tardisblue @mersey @ichabod @blenkinsopthebrave @arbutus @lisa @whisht @serahni @geronimo @nerys @miapatrick @bendubz11  @Frobisher @kharis @pufferfish @sirclockface @hudsey

    Whoa, from memory that isn’t too bad at all. (appreciates applause). 🙂

    Ilion thinks you have crazy names. It now occurs to me that Ilion has no real reference point due to the puroandson tag now. Eventually he may take right over -he’s a keen lover of Who and whilst it was a slow burn with Capaldi and his Doctor will probably be Smiths he is a keen follower of the arcs and Capaldis stunning performances. In fact there are some very interesting re-arrangements of the order of the episodes that I noticed (well, Ilion noticed first) written by @bendubz11 -wont refer to that here as its a spoiler (keenly demonstrating I know location/position/ time of day / and in fact who I am right now. 🙂

    Again, thank you for the sugar -which I am actually eating now in the form of dark chocolate. Food is awesome. A simple thing but good. I might even have a very small glass of red -very small mind

    Thank you -really, a heartfelt thanks and words are lost to me -except that one.

    Anonymous @

    In my lame state I also forgot the wonderful words (and terrific posts always of) @mudlark @janetteb and @juniperfish

    it was in fact the latter who had been on the site well before I visited -your tone and meticulous writing together with that of @ardaraith encouraged me to sign up.

    Thank you.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @puroandson             Longest month of my life.

    Welcome, Ilion! As Puro has often shared your thoughts about the show, I don’t feel as if you are a “new” member at all. I am “Arbutus” after the lovely trees that grow along the shoreline here in southwestern British Columbia. Hope you are soon over the cold, we have all been fighting them off in our house, too.

    Anonymous @

    Hello @arbutus

    mum says “no, it’s only been 5 mins” and you should say “i’ll be thejudge of time”.

    I haven’t been paying attention -I only watch each episode once so I don’t know the reference above. Thankyou for welcoming me/us/ . I appreciate it.  Also, yes, I know a bit about BC -Mum visited there when she was my age (I can’t believe Im in a pub -is this legal?) -which was years ago. SHe said it was very cold and very beautiful. It’s not cold here Im afraid. I have the airconditioning running all night and now its got a rattle -oh man. Anyway Im rambling….LOL. This is an adult site so I shall not write LOL or OMG or any of that stuff I type on instagram.

    Puro and Son.

    Anonymous @

    oops not that kind of adult!

    ichabod @ichabod

    @puroandson   So glad you’re back with us!



    Anonymous @

    dear @ichabod @arbutus

    thankyou Ichabod

    Thankyou arbutus -I have a bronchial thing -its typical. Soccer has been mad and I missed all the trials. Still, mum says its political -whatever that really means. I thought it was merit. Maybe so! I think I’m just run down. We have assignments. One said “24lessons and 4 weeks” We had 2 lessons and 1/2 week.

    But I will look after Mum  And watch her posts should the Drugged up Mum become an issue. Youre all very patient. I shouldn’t say it like that but at home we’re pretty relaxed about it and laugh a lot -except when, you know, the other day -not good, but  onwards! – I think that’s what she often says on the site when I peek. I will have to watch each episode more than once. 🙂

    Thank you

    Puro and Son

    TardisBlue @tardisblue


    Delighted that you’re posting here.

    In fact, you may be our fist hybrid member. That’s certainly in keeping with one of the themes of season 10.
    Way to go! I haven’t seen much LOL’ing or OMG’ing hereabouts, but you’ll see a fair number of expressive faces interspersed among the verbiage.

    Happy almost birthday, ilion!

    Give your Mom a gentile hug from me if she’s up to it. Glad she’s back with us.


    ichabod @ichabod

    @puroandson   I will have to watch each episode more than once. 🙂

    Well, you don’t *have* to (all those assignments etc.); but what I like best about CapDoc’s series is that I always see new stuff, details that I missed (hear them, too, in the dialog and music) the first time around.  I don’t remember it being so packed with good bits before New Who, but maybe I just didn’t notice.  Or maybe I was just lazy — ?

    Hugs to your mom,




    Arbutus @arbutus

    @puroandson     Well, where would we be if we couldn’t laugh? I’m laughing right now at @tardisblue‘s typo about “a gentile hug”. 🙂 I guess mine would be a gentile hug as well! But bonus points for the hybrid reference.

    I don’t LOL but I do OMG occasionally. And I definitely watch every episode twice, once to suck it in a kind of joyful haze, and again a day later to catch all the things I miss the first time around. (And to make notes for this Forum, because you can take an academic out of Uni, but can’t take Uni out of the academic, or something of the sort!) @ichabod, I’m pretty sure the old show wasn’t this “packed”. I think it’s designed nowadays for multiple viewings and bonkers theorizing.

    janetteB @janetteb

    So sitting in a cafe earlier this afternoon looking out at a sky mottled with dark grey and brown plumes, watching the CFS trucks belting up the main street and then everyone’s phone pings a message alert at the same time; a CFS warning about potential fire danger. Fire has sweept through a vast swath of farmland north of the town. Right now the Barossa valley in under threat and as I type sirens screech past.

    This is the second major fire this year and people say that fires are natural. They just happen. Yes they do but two major fire incidents in the same region in a year is not “normal” any more than having major bushfires in November is normal.




    ichabod @ichabod

    @arbutus   I’m pretty sure the old show wasn’t this “packed”. I think it’s designed nowadays for multiple viewings and bonkers theorizing.

    Me too, since once technology made it possible to grab an episode (for a price, of course) the morning after it first airs and keep it stored on your computer and re-watch at will, the whole game changed (for those with the brains to see it and the wit to start *writing* for repeat viewing.  This could be magnificent — writing on lighter level (no Big Blood, heavy on the action) with denser meanings embroidered behind that, which is what we saw in an episode like The Girl Who Died — but it can also lead to trouble.

    There are, I’ve read, already complaints racking up about Raven — too dark, too scary, too lethal for the younger set’s peace of mind.  Steven Moffat has already given out rather dismissive warnings about Heaven Sent, which, judging by what that episode promises to deliver, are fully warranted.  Would Peter Capaldi, age ten, say, have wanted to see his Doctor crushed physically and mentally in a nightmare castle — even with an escape (more likely a cliff-hanger) at the end?

    Then there’s Clara, and dying with a soundless scream.  Kids worry about death — deaths of parents, deaths of pets, deaths of strangers noted in passing on the TV news.  I think forewarnings need to be stronger about episodes like these.  Otherwise, I worry that the DW creatives will be called to account not just for “going to far” but for over-riding their content-restriction rules and stepping outside of the “family viewing” or “youth audiences” category entirely.

    If they do that outrageously enough, could they be kicked off BBC’s roster?  Would it be worth BBC’s while to fire some people (after their contracts run, maybe even before) in order to reinstate a blander, lighter version of the show in place of the darkness and depth of what we’re getting now?  I’m not sure that Steven Moffat takes this problem seriously enough.  He should — he’s said that he wrote the Xmas special we’ll be seeing in December a while ago, because he wasn’t sure he was still going to be writing for Doctor Who when the normal time came to write it.  That sounds as if some pressures were applied, some threats made, to the degree that he either considered stepping down or worried that he’d be *pushed* down.

    Capaldi’s run so far isn’t just fascinating and challenging; it feels perilous in real-world terms.  I worry.  Needlessly, I hope.  And if S10 diverges into safer, more traditional territory for a bit, I won’t be upset.  A little bored, maybe, but not angry; looking back longingly at the time when only the second companion in DW’s history got smoked, literally, and the Doctor (as I hear it) was captured and tortured for a whole, extra long episode.

    Which I am, of course, dying of anticipation to see . . . but I haven’t been ten years old in a very long time.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @puroandson So glad to have you back with us Puro and welcome to “son”, or Ilion.



    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    Welcome back, Puro, and welcome, Ilion. Happy almost-birthday. Very, very glad that you feel well enough to be back, Puro.

    Ilion, yes, of course you’re allowed inside a Scottish pub – so long as we don’t feed you alcohol. Have a packet of crisps and some lemonade (old British joke).


    Frobisher @frobisher



    Welcome back, Puro, and welcome to Ilion. I like @tardisblue ‘s thought that you are our first hybrid member. Quite an honour!

    I’m glad you are feeling able to join us again, Puro. I look forward to reading your posts, as ever. And Ilion, I look forward to reading your thoughts too.

    Surely the boy Ilion can have a shandy, at least? My Nan was giving me cans of shandy when I was 5! (Though, seeing how I turned out, this may be a very good reason not to start drinking too soon…).

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    So nice to see you, @puroandson, what a good idea, and a great opportunity to draw llion into the dark world of bonkers theorising…

    and kudos to @tardisblue, the doctor has indeed played a part in the creation of a hybrid.

    (boy)llion can have a drink if he orders something to eat, surely? just keep away from the finger foods…

    Anonymous @

    @ichabod and @miapatrick. @frobisher @bluesqueakpip @janetteb and others. Thank you  on be-half of Mum. If Mum  is reading to me and I’m just typing I’ll say so. Right now, she’s  resting but allowed me to come along alone. I hope that’s OK. I won’t do it much because I have a  lot to   do.

    So, sorry if I make some mistakes.

    I would like to enter the conversation that others have said above about the stern warnings adult writers may be given when writing these adult centred stories.

    When I was about 9 there were no Tennant episodes that I couldn’t watch except when the Master arrived and started munching and saying “I’m so hungry”. For some reason that scared me considerably. Furthermore, I was scared with a few Mat Smith episodes -more than David Tennants time definitely. Hide scared me and that was only two years ago, and the weeping angels was quite scary but not so bad I had to run to my room or FF the whole thing.

    Now to S. Moffat. I’m 14 nearly so last year I was 12 -I found none of those episodes scary. Had I been 10 though I think that the Moon episode would have scared me a little but only in the part with the spiders. possibly the Christmas Special would have scared me.

    This year, I’ve found everything more real, more arc heavy and I loved Seasons 5/6 because of the “question that must never be answered’ and the whole Trenzalor mystery. In other words I love the arcs -last year Mum loved it more than me, I just felt it was a little series of fun but not always meaningful adventures. OK, they were meaningful to Clara who probably became addicted to being “reckless” during those adventures and “winning” but as soon as this year began I noticed the colours and the music -very dim colours? Lots of black and grey? Quite a lot of deaths too -Missy in the first episode killed off the soldiers just to show she was “not good”. We watched that again today.

    If I had been 10 or 11 I’m not sure I would have been anything except scared! The zygon episode wasn’t too scary but then the ghost episodes surely were quite frightening so I would agree with ichibod about how maybe the restrictions are a problem. But then again, if I should bring up the point about books we read, games we play etc (no adult much likes that argument)  we see so much already on those games we play. Doesn’t mean we should though. I suppose that’s the argument. Moreover, I was watching with Mum some truly horrible horror movies from the ’80s -and honestly they were filled with things I didn’t expect of Mum’s generation. There was nudity -lots of naked girls and I mean the whole thing!! There was really bad language and it wasn’t funny it was just there for the sake of it I believe. The blood and guts was terrible -I think much worse than some of the M rated films we see here. So, is it that much worse? No, I think it’s better with general TV and films but with the Doctor I think some of the playfulness is gone -I personally think that’s a good thing because it seems everything has stepped up a bit? But I can totally understand that a parent of a 10 year old when looking at the hand-mines would say “no, dude, you have to go to bed. And I don’t care if it’s PG”. For me, it’s not the lack of blood or ‘images’ of violence its the whole package. The tone, colour, music and the whole thing which causes the feel of something evil lurking behind the door that might cause parents and religious coalitions in America (mum goes on about that all the time!) to say ‘no more’.

    So I worry too.

    But I don’t mind it. And that could be the problem. Should I be minding it or is my mind dis-associated now after all I have seen? Mum would say definitely I am.



    Anonymous @

    Mr or Mrs @frobisher I am part Czech and part Irish/English. My uncle has made me try a gin and tonnic which was awful but I have had beer which funnily enough was nice. It was hot and I had one gulp. I know what a shandy is. Mum told me stories of how women in the old days could not enter a pub and sat outside with their children drinking shandys and eating chips -hot chips. I have had a red wine and my uncle? He is so funny. When he’s on his third wine he sticks his nose right in and starts chatting about the ‘nose’ of the wine, its colour and where on the hill the grapes were grown. this is in restaurants and gets embarrassing. Also he gets very loud but that’s OK. He’s 67 and has had a lot to do. He loves Who and is retired but never watches it because he’s busier than ever. I wonder why he retired then. Evertyhing is a puzzle.

    Frobisher @frobisher

    You can just call me Frobisher, @puroandson. (However, I do like the sound of Mr. Frobisher, so the rest of you can smarten up, get a bit more polite, and refer to me as Mr. Frobisher henceforth. 😉 )

    Sounds like you have tried quite a few refreshing beverages! I expect you will grow to enjoy some of the drinks the rest of your family do – I know I did. I expect (hope) your Uncle is busy doing things he likes to do instead of the things he had to do when he still worked. But you are right, of course; Everything is a puzzle. Puzzles can be fun to try to solve though. 🙂

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    @puroandson (son)- when I was a child I learned to read at an adult level by the time I was eight (I can’t remember exactly when.) My parents didn’t censor anything I read, they didn’t have anything very explicit. But I did wonder, as I grow older, about what adult content really means. My parents had a lot of sci-fi and fantasy books. As a result of some of these I trained myself not to think in sentences in my head in case someone read them, and  felt paranoid if I fell over or something fell on me, or something like that.

    That said, I was more or less left to it. I think when very young children watch things like Doctor Who, it ought to be a family activity, and it ought to be talked about. I think that when Doctor Who is very scary its not because it’s violent or graphic or anything that would get age restrictions put on it, it’s when it’s creepy- the Angels, the Silence, the Hand Mines. The Master/Missy’s insanity. It’s in the atmosphere. It’s scary because it isn’t (Unlike those 80’s films) gratuitous.

    Every few years they seem to dig up version of the Brothers Grimm children stories that are even more violent and disturbing than the last discovery. The idea that children should be somehow innocent and protected is a fairly recent (from a long, long historical view) recent idea. Where I think we are safe with Doctor Who is that there is an idea of- morality? rightness? Principle? under it all. A little like Buffy refusing to sacrifice her sister.

    (Sorry about the ramble, I’m supposed to be doing something else. I’ll get around to it…)

    Mudlark @mudlark

    @puroandson   Like everyone else here I’m delighted, with added sugar, to see you back with us, puro.  Son/Ilion  greetings and welcome to this haven of bonkersdom and all things Who, and all good wishes for your forthcoming birthday.

    Keep laughing as and whenever you can.  I find it a good way of getting through life, whatever it throws at you.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @puroandson — I’m so pleased you’ve decided to come back. And welcome to ‘son’. Even in these few short days, you’ve been missed. Welcome.

    Mersey @mersey


    Hello Puro and Son. How nice to see you back. Ever since I’ve read your post (that post) I’ve kept you in my thoughts.

    My nick is derived from the name of Mersey river which flows through Liverpool. I’m a football fan and support Liverpool Football Club. I don’t play football (because I’m a 27 years old old lady 🙂 ) but I run a blog about LFC history but as it’s in polish there’s no point in advertising it here.

    I’m really glad that you have come with such a great idea and you are here together.

    Anonymous @

    This is son writing and then I’m going to check instagram and go to bed but I napped today and did a lot of H/w and chatted to the nurse. SHe has piercings. I thought that would be not allowed.

    @frobisher (mr) and @miapatrick and @others yes, I can totally understand the talking bit which is pretty much what Mum does during Who. Its paused and then talked about and paused again.

    This can be annoying but I understand the …implications….? I think I mean this. Yes, mostly very little has been censored. Two years ago I watched Unforgiven with Dad. Mum was horrified -it was a Eastwood movie. He was in it and directed it. We talked a lot about it and it was ‘R’. Mum deleted it the next day but dad bought it much later. We have so many DVDs. I found Angel (the sequel to Buffy the Vampyre Slayer) quite scary actually -the reality of the monsters and the fact that the demons or whatever were eternal and the fight would never ever stop -that scares me and yes, things falling on you? That would be a fairly scary thing. A bit like the Master eating hamburgers. I like a good hamburger myself but in that scenes I found it too much for me. Now, I would watch it without being too frightened. Mum finds large numbers scary = or as a child she did. She said it nearly drove her mad and that’s why she was terrified of maths and only came to love maths in her late twenties. We were watching the Girl who Lived this evening and everything was so dark. The music is extremely sad but simple and the dialogue is very adult and I don’t know if children would like it. Still. Until I watched Buffy and Doctor who I didn’t know what good TV really was. I watched Burn Notice and Merlin and cop dramas all the while thinking this was as good as it could be. I couldn’t sit still. I thought I was ill with some problem? But I just wasn’t interested enough. Now I am.

    Thank you for all your welcomes. I ‘ll tell mum in the morning -or the late afternoon as she sleeps in as her nights are a bit restless.





    There is a very old (I think dated to the early middle ages) English saying that goes “If Doctor Who is not giving 7-year-olds nightmares it is not doing its job”.

    I was 7 when Web of Fear was broadcast and it has stayed with me forever. So when this “lost” episode was rediscovered a year or two back, and restored, it took me all of 2.3 nanoseconds to buy it. And, you know what, it is still as scary now as it was then.



    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave



    I wake up in the wilds of Ontario, covered in snow (Ontario, that is, not me) to discover you are back! And you have multiplied!

    Such great news!



    If you liked Unforgiven you should definitely get your dad (presumably when your mum of off her box on drugs) to watch The Outlaw Josey Wales with you. It is, in my considered opinion, the most perfect Western ever made. Thematically it is not that different from Unforgiven, but is lacks the undertone of preachiness that contaminates the more recent film.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @puroandson @miapatrick and @frobisher etc.

    I first started watching TV over at my grandmother’s house with a disinterested older brother. It was a rather gothic house, (though decidedly humble) and the garden was very overgrown so scary shows had quite an impact on me. I stopped watching at a fairly young age, until my parents inherited the TV. It was set up in a corner of the mostly unused dining room. TV viewing was not a family thing, there was no sofa to hide behind although the table did have a long, heavy cloth that almost touched the ground, where we sat. There were no chairs for TV viewing. (My parents did not ever really approve of television) As a result of their disinterest I was able to watch what I liked, provided it was on the ABC. I was about thirteen when I watched War and Peace and I Claudius. It was some years later when I discovered Dr Who.

    Tv viewing for our children was a very different matter. When they were young we did not have an actual table so ate in the living room in front of the TV. We very rarely watched what was actually on. (On the rare times they watched television as broadcast they would try and fast forward) One of the reasons was so we had control over what they watched, ie finger on the fast forward button. We watched a lot of Dr Who in those years but also shows like B.5. Some films and shows we watched so often they would know when to fast forward and remind us if we forgot. The only thing that really scared any of them was The AVengers. (TV series) I think it was because the series had a knack of turning the most ordinary and safe things into monsters. As a result we have still not watched the series since and don’t have it in our collection. The only episodes of AGWho that really frightened them were Blink, Silence in the Library and the first cyberman story, “Army of ghosts” (I think) when the cyberman were in the houses. They attacked from the “safe zone”.

    I think there is a growing tendency to “over protect” children. It is always difficult as a parent to set guidelines, especially when they vary so much from home to home. One of my son’s friends isn’t allowed on the internet, others have their own FB and Skype accounts. (they are all around your age, Ilion.) As our 14 yr old is the youngest of three he had tended to follow his brothers and we have trusted them to moderate what he does. (They are both responsible and can sometimes be more strict than we are.)

    Anyways I could keep talking about this but my head is greatly in need of an appointment with a pillow and I am beginning to ramble. (Late meeting in the city last night. urgh.



    Pufferfish @pufferfish

    Welcome home, Puro! And I hope it doesn’t embarrass him or you, but your son is tops and already posting at a rate of knots. Must run in the family ;-)))

    nerys @nerys

    @puroandson Welcome back, puro and son! Thinking back to my childhood many, many moons ago, the show that terrified me was The Outer Limits. It was a “monster of the week” show … very much in an X-Files vein, except without Mulder and Scully, of course. For whatever reason my parents didn’t feel a need to censor my viewing of that show, even though it left me not with nightmares, but weeks on end of nearly sleepless nights. So I try to imagine what Doctor Who would have done to me. I would probably have been left in a permanently sleep-deprived state!

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