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    ichabod @ichabod

    @mudlark  Yes on your observations and speculations, but there’s another possibility, and it’s far more frightening than Trump himself.  Many knowledgeable commentators have been pointing out that Trump has never done any real work in his life, since he never needed to, and is accustomed to demanding what he wants and getting it; he thinks he’s been elected King of America.  When he discovers how the structure of the government and the principles in the Constitution constrain his childish will, he may very well implode in a real way, or just walk away —

    leaving the US to be led by Vice President Mike Pence, who is a smart, ruthless, politically experienced Republican intent on canceling women’s rights entirely and imposing a Christian theocracy on the country.  And he might well have enough support among Congressional Republicans to actually take steps in those directions.

    Frankly, I’d rather have 4 yrs of Drumpf lurching about in frustration than any amount of time ruled by a villain like Pence.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @thane15  Yes, it’s going to get worse, IMO.  And it will be a long time before it gets better.  The fact HRC has won the *popular* vote by a margin of nearly 2 million votes makes it impossible for progressives to just meekly bow and accept the evil farce of a Trump presidency.  To add fuel to the fire, it’s the idiots who spent the past 8 yrs attacking, slandering, and limiting President Obama who are now piously “reminding” us that now that Trump has “won”, everyone must respect him and “give him a chance”.  It’s so outrageous that it’s keeping Democratic rage on the boil, and even intensifying it.

    Now, Democratic rage tends to be a pretty tame affair and to take a very long time to result in change (see: Vietnam War protests).  But this time is, perhaps, different.  We’ll see.

    Meanwhile, hugs to you for kicking out friends who cheer Trump’s fake “victory” (and you’re probably right about their motives, too; the world is stuffed to bursting with pathetic numpties who can’t think for themselves or choose not to).  And don’t worry about swearing; I’ve been cursing a blue streak since this travesty of an election, and so have all the Democrats I know.  It’s justified.



    Mudlark @mudlark


    he thinks he’s been elected King of America.  When he discovers how the structure of the government and the principles in the Constitution constrain his childish will, he may very well implode in a real way, or just walk away —
    leaving the US to be led by Vice President Mike Pence

    That also.  It was clear all along that he hadn’t any real clue as to what the office entailed, or even about the Constitution – other than the 1st and 2nd amendment , and if he ever paid any heed at all to the advice and briefings of his advisors and aides during the campaign, very little if any of it seems to have gained any purchase on his mind. It is all of a piece with what we know of his may-fly attention span and his profound ignorance of anything which is not conducive to his self interest.  According to a piece in the NY Times he still seems to be under the impression that he will be able to continue to live part time in his gold-plated pad in Trump Tower, weekdays as well as weekends, as if it were a 9-5 job. And apparently he has also expressed an interest in continuing to hold large rallies, where his sense of self importance can be bolstered by the adulation of the crowds.

    If he does not do a Sarah Palin and quit, and if his team find him impossible to keep under control, there would appear to be ample grounds for impeachment, should Congress have any wish to take that route; but that, too, would result in President Pence – perhaps a less scary prospect from the viewpoint of the rest of the world, but clearly not for you and like-minded citizens of the USA.  Over here there is the added worry concerning the fall-out with regard to Brexit, adding yet another layer of uncertainty to the outcome of that disaster.

    In your earlier post #54694 you referred to the entourage gathering round him to form his transition team as ‘evil vultures’, and by all accounts that is extremely apt.  Query: how many of them, if any, were cronies of his before he decided to run for President?   From this side of the pond it certainly looks as if he has potentially enabled the worst and most regressive elements in the Republican Party – nativist, dominionist, narrow minded and intolerant – as well as stirring up the worst elements in the population to the point where the white supremacists, racists, xenophobes and homophobes feel empowered to give open expression in word and deed to their repulsive views.

    All the alternatives seem dire, and it is difficult to summon up even a spark of optimism at the moment.  I have an appointment with the local eye clinic at the end of this month, for assessment to see if I need cataract surgery, and I have to fill in a questionnaire about my general health. One of the questions is how many units of alcohol I drink in a week, and the answer, if I am honest, would have to be  ‘at the moment, far more than I should’.

    lisa @lisa


    Exactly right  about Pence.   He will run the government with the repugnant-cans.  Trump

    has already said as much.   He admitted yesterday that he finally looked up online

    to check out what Obamacare is really about and he admitted ” it has really good stuff” !

    The problem is that the people voted with their emotional guts instead of with their

    critical thinking skills.   They are STILL trying to conflate this with Brexit.   I will surely

    admit that this is a populist wave and it will get much worse for the EU with out a doubt!

    But the big difference is that the UK wasn’t voting for a socially regressive govt.   They

    wont have to worry about their basic freedoms as UK citizens.  They know the government

    WILL try to be relatively fair minded. They  just wanted out of the EU.  Our election outcome

    was way more toxic and malevolent.  I’m pretty sure that we just gave power to fascists.

    Obama has said that he will be an activist again after he leaves the presidency.  I’ll be with him

    fighting the fascism!  This was NOT really about anti-globalism, well not for me and tbh  the whole

    country didn’t vote for trump because of that.   Michael Moore said it best “They voted against

    the current system that left them at bay and to push the liberals to come out of their bubble!”

    Anonymous @


    They wont have to worry about their basic freedoms as UK citizens.  They know the government WILL try to be relatively fair minded.

    What do you base this on please?

    The loss of the EU to the UK will have astonishing domino effects. This is easy to predict. If Sunderland lost its wealth due to the loss of the EU then people there will be unemployed. Just like in the US but for different reasons.

    Why do you believe the UK’s govt will be “relatively fair minded” ?

    The UK govt did not get its point across to the citizenry. As far as I can see it still isn’t listening to the majority of its people -same thing that happened in the US.

    As for “basic freedoms and not being frightened of losing them” -that has no merit or basis in fact at all.

    At least no different to the U.S.  The people who’ve been affected by the loss of the EU (a vote you said your friends all supported) may not notice problems appearing immediately but they will happen.

    It may not be as obvious straightaway from what my rellies in the UK have said -the effects are ‘creeping’ in and the local parliamentarians aren’t listening or, have their hands tied.

    The connection with Brexit in regards to the  vote for Donald is that no govt is able to pass their message on in a way that it reaches the people without Chinese whispers causing a distortion in the message.

    Originally many US readers who supported Brexit did so because the papers which they got their information from were owned by Murdoch or Trump.

    lisa @lisa


    Excellent questions!   First I don’t get my news from Murdoch.  As for Sunderland they aren’t losing any jobs.

    In fact Honda and Nissan are expanding their manufacturing presence in the UK.  That was in the UK news.

    The citizens of the UK are protected by the Human Rights Act. That is not EU law.  Basic freedoms

    will not change for the British.  However here in the USA we have an opening on our Supreme Court

    that now will get filled by a President Trump.   This can have far reaching and very big implications

    for many of our freedoms by being either disputed and possibly relinquished based on future court decisions.

    Examples are here :


    As I said previously, all the folks in the UK that I know are intelligent professional people !

    They voted for Brexit for economic reasons.  They all read European news and saw all the cracks

    in the EU system.  Too many bailouts, insolvent banks,  negative interest rates, bad decisions

    made on the Schengen Agreement, over reaching regulations having the biggest effects on small

    business but not the corporations, etc. BTW, the UK has stronger workers rights than the EU.  Now

    when you read the EU news there is a growing consensus that the EU has got to change the risky way

    it operates or it will not continue to exist.   Its ALL about economics. In the UK it was wrong IMHO to

    stigmatize the ‘leavers’  for their beliefs.  They are basically saying stop draining the UK treasury

    to keep the EU on life support. Also 2 more big issues are that  unemployment in the EU is outrageous

    now and they cant afford to cover all the peoples pensions.

    The “leavers’ that I know don’t feel its justified to keep paying out to a broken and broke system.




    I see Dunderhead Debbie is still talking drivel. Possibly the only person who actually believed the £350m a week for the NHS promise (that was recanted on the day of the result, to be replaced by £18bn of cuts). I guess to some people being gullible is a lifestyle choice.

    I must say, the idea that we don’t have a socially regressive government would be hilarious if we didn’t have to live with the truth.

    The citizens of the UK are protected by the Human Rights Act.

    Which the government wants to abolish (it was an election manifesto commitment).

    That is not EU law.

    Actually, it is specifically the encoding of the European Convention on Human Rights into English law (one of the things it brought it was a specific right to privacy, that had never existed in English law since it was first encoded under Henry II).

    BTW, the UK has stronger workers rights than the EU.

    This is false. A lie.

    They are basically saying stop draining the UK treasury to keep the EU on life support.

    False. They are saying they don’t like foreigners. They entire debate was cast in terms of immigration, and “controlling our borders”, which was obvious to anybody watching it. That we already controlled our borders, since we were not part of the Schengen agreement, is one of those awkward facts that exposes the true motives those who can’t be bothered to research.

    @Thane15, I’m sure you realise that everything in the post above this is wrong – the factual assertions could not be more wrong, and the matters of opinion are simple born of ignorance and being easily led.

    (And the government has had to write a blank cheque for Nissan to keep it here, after the Japanese Trade Ministry used language of unprecedented bluntness to say they would be off if they didn’t get one. Take back control. By giving it to Japan.)

    Meanwhile , this is a devastating critique of the monstrous balls up our government made of trying to suck up to India, in the hopes of replacing the trade we will lose from the EU.


    lisa @lisa


    I am so saddened by your lack of   perspective !   I know your strange ideas give you peace of mind

    But just as you say I’m entitled to my opinions you are also entitled to your opinions, but not your

    own facts  🙂


    Anonymous @

    @lisa @pedant

    Yes, it is wrong, Lisa.

    I know the correspondence in previous months on the Forum between you and Mum was about the concept of the EU and where some of the decisions which you yourself made about the EU were based on false premises.

    I may only be 14, but in this country we learn sufficient information to be very well schooled in economics and business. Not just in this country but in the UK and the US.

    First of all, it is not “all about economics”.

    If I recall Mum mentioned a very good economist and sociologist called John Salston Raul and his book The Unconscious Civilisation.

    If I may so bold as to recall that you specifically said that “such a book (of only 250 pages) didn’t sound like a fun read to me”.

    This is where gullibility is a choice. If these things happened in the US (the late election) then in many cases it was due to whole-hearted and deliberate ignorance which I cannot abide. When a country has free access to appropriate and non-biased print media and radio then everybody can be educated. Whether they have a double PhD or post grad credentials from Yale or an arts degree in California or no university education at all they still have the ability to make clear sighted choices.

    This is something that can be done when it came to the EU. And the concept of worker rights in the UK.

    This year we spent 18 weeks, of three hours per week, on the Industrial Revolution which progressed into an analysis of the economic situation in the US and the UK as well as the EU.

    Workers Rights emerged from the EU -as Mr P states, it is part of the encoding of British law coming from the EU.

    One of the facets of the election promise was to roll that back completely. One of the H/W strands which we have to do, is to make a folio of important economic and business issues over 12 months starting on January 1 this year (if you wanted a ‘B’ or higher). As I plan to take Legal Studies next year, I have been keeping a close eye on these issues in a variety of papers.

    The real problem, Miss, is that web sites to which you link are often simplistic and don’t; do anything except confer on the reader, the opinions they wish to harbour or own. One way of mitigating this (I don’t know if I mean militate or mitigate -pardon me, but I haven’t finished school yet, so I am a bit like those fellas in the US who didn’t finish high school and who were targeted by Trump! LOL!) is to read periodicals from different parts of the world. The word counts are high in these articles -probably about 3000 -5000 words but they are very very focussed and contain a lot of foot notes referencing times in history when the EU was successful for the UK and to what extent it was taken for granted by the general public.

    Immigration -or race – was the bitterest part of the Brexit vote: “too many immigrants, let’s control our borders” and yet the UK was already doing that!! In other words it was a false argument. What we call a straw man argument.

    Additionally, the UK’s treasury was not being depleted by the EU.

    Where did you find information to support this?

    People have since lost jobs due to the UK’s exit from the EU. Large companies have forced people into retirement or redundancy because the UK is a service economy and one which required small amounts of people to serve the economy. The EU provided jobs (not just for vehicles) in various parts of the UK (not London, just). We’ve spoken at length  (I’m channelling Mum) about the universities and colleges subsidized by EU funds which provided continual and ongoing employment.

    But back to cars for a minute -what bloke doesn’t like cars, yeah? 🙂

    In economics we studied exactly how those companies that you mentioned above managed to stay and work on UK land. They did it through economic harassment. They did it by saying “if you don’t take our protection we will look elsewhere but you have to pay US because we really don’t need YOU”.

    So this control that you speak about is lost.

    And this is exactly what you and Mum were talking about on the Forum with other people. These fuddy duddies know something!  🙂 But seriously, Miss, one of the issues that we discussed was if the EU closes itself to the UK  (vice versa) then the UK just “has to find lots of pretty willing partners to assist in the continuation of the economy”

    That’s what you said. And you’re right, they do have to.

    But from where and how?

    And now we know. These deals are such that the UK has LOST out. Because these other countries that the UK has lost to mean they possess the mandate for a bargaining position. So the UK has lots its. And what we predicted happening from our “total lack of perspective ” (as you put it to @pedant) is exactly what unfolded: a complete loss of any bargaining position to take the economy further.

    Mr P is an economist and geographer and whilst Mum’s expertise lay in music her other love was history and a job with Defence which provided a  heck of a lot of knowledge about economics and the prediction that this govt had to make in order to respond to “the new world order.”

    A comment you made some months ago. “New World Order” statements are proto fascist terminology.

    You also speak of how Trump wants to repeal all controls and regulations -in an earlier post. Certain regulations which would ensure the enshrining of a new order in the States both against women and trade.

    And yet by supporting Brexit you are contradicting the main elements which make the EU successful: laws, regulations, international law and the Fair Use of Trade Act.

    I think your friend Debby from Derby might need to read some of these excellent periodicals. They’re printed here with editorial rights to people in Melb. & Syd but they’re fairly available at good newsagents around the world?

    They could give you some extra knowledge about how  economics isn’t easy and isn’t quite the way that 400 word articles from a web site paint the picture. Ultimately, if you play chess, you know that you can give away a few pawns but you have to hide and protect your Queen. The UK failed to do that and now is basically one screw away from being prostituted completely.

    It has no power and little security.

    I fear for it and should anyone with a modicum of sense who is willing to understand “the whole board” (yes, Mr P I have been watching West Wing again with Mum!).

    The puricle

    Anonymous @

    @lisa @pedant

    I know your strange ideas give you peace of mind

    Miss Lisa these are not his “strange ideas”. Neither are his facts made up!!

    Come on now! He is using actual % figures .

    This situation shouldn’t boil over though. I know that many people here whether it be @mudlark or others who actually live in the UK are probably able to do a better job of debating than I can and I do apologise for my very long post.

    I guess I needed to state where I sat on the matter which was focussed on how Brexit will ruin to some degree parts of the British economy.

    If you present facts Miss @lisa I would love to read and learn from them because I implore all people to have an open mind like Mum did. It’s the thing that keeps me going. The fact she never stopped until she found answers to ensure that she could not just teach me (over the dinner table every night) but tell me where to find the answers. Whilst some of the periodicals she read like Quadrant (once edited by the great Robert Manne and which has now gone definitely to the Right -which means it’s centre DEM to the US way of thinking) have gone Right they still contain articles which promote a fact-based study.

    And it is these facts upon which Mum drew as, I imagine, from different sources, as does @pedant

    If he lives there, and if he’s an economist, then I suspect his “perspective’ is the most believable.

    But please do continue. We (dad and me) are really glad to see you on the boards after all your work with the DEMS and your volunteer efforts which Mum asked me to pass to you as a congratulations for work well rewarded though sometimes unappreciated. So, here, we thank you for your efforts to get a good lady elected. Shame it didn’t happen and whilst I read a message from someone which said “we have to muddle through” I don’t agree: I believe “muddling” is the wrong thing: People must do their part to ensure your basic rights aren’t violated by the Supreme Court -yes, that is something we are taught about a lot. Our periodical reading in pre-legal studies contain assignments on the Role of the Supremes in United States Judiciary.

    Thank you for reading my very long posts and apologies for rambling to the mods

    Puricle (I owe any and all of my thinking to Mum and to others here from which I’ve learnt so much. Thanks to you all)

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Hello all, I have been gone a while. Stuff happens.

    @ichabod, @mudlark, @lisa, Totally agree about Pence. There is something about him that conjures up images of a right-wing Christian theocracy with police state trimmings.

    @pedant Yes, you are clearly correct, but you do realise that you are somewhat like a doctor who has exactly the right diagnosis but with, well, zero bedside manner.

    @thane15 I wish I had of had your insight, erudition and commitment when I was 14. As I recall, I was mainly focussed on Doctor Who at the time. (And please say hi to your mum.)

    Which brings me to my real point. Clearly, we are all on the same side. In many ways, but in one important way. We all get caught up with the wonder of Doctor Who. So, might I suggest, as a way of coping with these, frankly, troubling times, to our Emperor, @craig, that we look forward to the future; that is, the Chris Chibnall future, by continuing with the thread on the Chris Chibnall retrospective with another Chibnall story?

    @craig, how about another Chris Chibnall story that we can sink our teeth into, as we await the Christmas episode, and the one really positive future we have to look forward to – more Who!

    lisa @lisa



    Workers rights did NOT originate from the EU.  In fact the EU has limited the ability for unions to negotiate

    for better pay and conditions.  Look at what is happening in Greece !  In the UK health and safety is much

    stronger than in the EU.  Also, if workers rights clash with the 4 freedoms then its all the bosses that win!

    The Schengen system is working out so well that they have completely suspended it.  The people I know

    did NOT vote for Brexit because of immigration issues. I’m sure some others did.  They voted because

    of the economic catastrophe that is the EU !   Look sweetie, I am well aware that most on this forum

    are put out over leaving the EU.

    For me it comes down to this.

    I still view the EU as having morphed into a tremendously risky project that has punished a lot of countries

    thru oppressive economics and stupid immigration decisions.  Many more people are beginning to not feel

    the same stake in the EU as they once did and to me it  looks  like a  house of cards now for a lot of  EU countries.

    Its just too much   of very poor policy making. The way things are going the UK will have some very strong

    bargaining chips with the EU because of the many trade deals with other countries. This is not an  if! The UK

    also has the use of the security component. Teresa May seems extremely capable and has the intention to take

    the UK out of the EU.  The Germans already see the writing on the wall. They are laying off thousands of folks

    in large part cause  they know that they wont be selling all those cars into the UK.  Look up the unemployment

    figures of the different EU countries.  Look at how all these countries are cutting back on services for their

    domestic populations because they don’t have the funds.

    The UK still  has a very strong vibrant economy and has this ‘opportunity’ called a Brexit.  That’s my assessment

    and its the same as all the folks I know in the UK.  The EU started out as a really good idea.  So did the USA.

    Times and events are changing both.



    Anonymous @


    Ah, I no, Mr Blenk (I saw a show the other week with the name Mr Blenkinsop -coincidence? I think Mum would’ve mentioned that to you already) I reckon you would have had more insight and better ways of expression. Like being concise for instance. I’m not and my business teacher has really picked up on that!

    I agree: a Chris Chibnall story for those who haven’t seen Class yet! A way to heal the wounds?

    That would be great Mr Blenk (doesn’t sound the same as “….insop”). @craig I hope you can do that. If you have some time.

    I don’t have an easy bedside manner either. I think what happened was that Dad’s nephew (he’s not very close to him) lost his job at a vehicle building site because the part-time jobs were  reduced? Then he had to find work in Hungary. He’s only 18 just but he has to provide for his dad who has MS and his mum is sick too. Both sisters help out. One lost her job as a receptionist in the vehicle trade as well.

    I think this caused Dad a whole lot of worry and so we had our own heated conversations about the situation in the UK. When it’s relatives I think it’s difficult to remain calm although I agree that this site is for Doctor Who and all things Who-ish. I would apologise if I was being aggressive. Not usually my way but I know young Adam (not his real name) and how he hasn’t been home in months. He was a Remain voter.

    @lisa “sweetie” LOL. No, I don’t think anyone would call me “sweetie” as if I don’t know anything. 🙂 But that’s OK. And yes, workers rights are encoded from the EU, as it were.

    Thank you for reading,



    winston @winston

    @thane15 and @blenkinsopthebrave    I agree that it would be nice to have something new to think about these days. A new Chris Chibnell story is just what the Doctor ordered (pun intended) and would give us a little distraction and something different to read and write about. That is what Doctor Who is for me, a place where I can go to escape , a magic place where anything is possible, a couple hours a week when I can let the cares of the world be taken care of by the Doctor. Then I pick myself up, dust myself off, and start the good fight all over again. Dear @craig maybe when you have time?

    Anonymous @


    Totally on board with that.

    It’s hard sometimes to forget why we’re really here: to talk about a show we all love. Sometimes I can get carried away by the miseries of life.

    But your gardening sounds awesome. I know Mum said there was nothing better than getting your hands stuck in the soil? It seemed to help her and dad to connect with the Life around them? Things would grow -particularly the lavender. About 2 months ago, we had SO much Mum made several dozen posies (pozies? sp) and joined them with string and then pedestrians walking past would take one for their drawers at home.

    NIce touch. Do you enjoy eating the veges from your garden more than if you bought them? Do they taste fresher?

    Thank you,


    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    Just talking to an old friend from the, well, old country, and then saw this recent story about Brisbane on the Guardian.

    My memory of living there was coloured by the experience of moving in just a couple of weeks before the last massive flood. I see that nature continues to plague Brisbane.

    All the best from the other (western) edge of the Pacific.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    My previous message was, of course, intended for you.

    For both of you.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    And I meant the eastern edge of the Pacific.

    Oh dear, could it have something to do with the quality of the wine…?

    Missy @missy

    I have hesitated to ask, but it isn’t idle curiosity. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t ask.

    Does anyone know how the puro family is fairing?




    Puro is medded up to her eyeballs, but in good hands and has promised to send me a copy of her letter to the eejits who effed up her kitchen installation.

    Spawn is currently on a soccer tour of Europe and in Spain, so has yet to see the last two eps of Class.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @pedant   Thanks so much for the update.  One worries . . . or rather, we all do, I think.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @pedant thank you for the update. I have been concerned as there have been no posts from them recently. Glad all is as well as can be.



    Missy @missy

    @pedant: Thank you so much for letting me/us know. Puro and I never seemd to hit the right note, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think of her and son.

    @ichabod: Of course we do.


    nerys @nerys

    @pedant Thank you for this update. I too was on the “concerned” list.


    @nerys @missy @ichabod @janetteb

    It also turns out she is an international super spy.

    And possibly in need of exorcism.

    Either that or she has done something really bad and the Feds are after her.

    Missy @missy

    @pedant: Not boring then. *grin*



    For this who have had trouble logging in, here’s why. (@Craig, for your interest).

    Whisht @whisht

    As I’ve been struggling to log in, that was an interesting link @pedant – as was your explanation of “1” and “100%” ages ago which lifted a veil for me at least.


    Anyway, in case I can’t log in again for a while, just saying I’m glad this place exists and looking forward to discussing the Who special when it (finally) arrives.


    This year has been a bit tough. A missed funeral of an old school friend (that’s all three of the funniest friends I had gone), two other family funerals, and last week I learned I lost my job (though maybe I could continue, work my arse off and lose it in the Spring….. the fact I’m even debating this with myself shows how much I’ve invested in what I do and the team around me). Hey ho. Lucky to be in work in the first place.

    But yes, 2016 can fuck off.

    However, I’ll find some hopefully fun, interesting music to share, and hopefully share a smile with people here. I’ve left a taster on the Music Thread as ’tis the time to be merry*


    * and on that note I’m beginning with the beer – wine maybe tomorrow with cheese.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @whisht sorry to hear your news. I hope that the employment situation is soon rectified. 2016 has not been a good year. the world is a mess and on the personal front we too have lost a family member which is casting rather a cloud over our Christmas preparations. But the trees are up, the lights are on and my SO has but five days of work then a year off. (half pay which means we will be p0or but happy) and it is only a week until Doctor Who inhabits our screens once more. Have been watching old Christmas specials for the past week, a much needed distraction from the real world.

    Have been unable to log in all day. @pedant thanks for that link.





    Bugger about the work sitch. Hope it resolves itself in the direction of new work sooner rather than later (especially given the horrors some of our pals here have had to face at the hands of the jobsworths).


    Watched the Kylie special for the first time in an age the other night. Much stronger than I remember, and the only real bum note was Queenies ‘Thank you Doctor”. RTD couldn’t resist his kitsch. Last Christmas survived rewatch easily (Nick Frost is a bit one-note, but he played it very well) and Husbands of River Song should be taught as a plotting master class.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @whisht  Sorry for your losses — some chez moi as well, what with oldness advancing in my age cohort and all.  So sympathies, of course.  You too, janetteb.

    @pedant  HoRS stays as wonderful as it was the first time round; I have hopes for “Mysterio”, but after this long in the desert, I’m not feeling all that picky.

    Couldn’t log on for a while, glad to get through again in time for upcoming comments on “Mysterio”.  Nobody will ever get my password (even if they could spell it correctly), so I wish they’d stop trying so hard.  Not gonna happen, persistent efforts are just a damn nuisance.   (“Nuisance” is a very odd-looking word; must look it up, after I finish some chores and a million or two other things).

    Missy @missy

    To all my Whovian friends, I wish you A MerryTardis Christmas and Capaldi New Year.



    MissRori @missrori

    @missy  Thank you!

    I’m feeling a bit lonesome today myself.  We have friends coming over to the “family homestead” tonight, but they all talk around me; I’m no good at small talk.  A close family member spent part of this last week in the hospital with a concussion from a fall, though they’re recovering.  And all the sour news in the world is casting a pall over the holidays.  And I have to record “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” for later because I have to work that night!  😉

    ichabod @ichabod

    @missrori   No “Mysterio” for me til next Tuesday — I’ll be seeing it in a cinema plex thing Tues. night, since my current TV services aren’t delivering it at home.  Bah.  I’ll have to go across the blasted river for it!  Ah, well.  We’ll see.

    No Christmas lights show downtown this year, no tours.  Everybody’s still shellshocked around here from the election.  One of my cousins came by with his wife, and my sister drove in from her place, and we had a good time just sitting and talking (since  the humidity has been 90+ and I’m having knee trouble and couldn’t go take a walk anywhere), had a couple of good meals, and off they’ve gone.  That’ll do just fine.  Tomorrow, I visit the Dementia unit.  It’ll be a zoo, no doubt, but the kids send a present.  Frankly, I’d rather just lie down and sleep for a month.  Maybe more . . .

    Happy thingamajig, everyone!

    TardisBlue @tardisblue

    Popping in for a moment to wish everyone the best of the season and a much better 2017!

    Been away from the forum for some months for reasons. Not because of you all, but because of stuff IRL and the recent dystopian exercise we went through in the states. And I won’t be back again for a few days to avoid spoilers, since I’m in a media-free home for the holidays and won’t be able to see it until I go home.

    Sending you all love and hugs and hope.


    Missy @missy


    I understand how you feel, the world is in a terrible mess. That is is why, for me, Doctor Who is essential.

    Escapism Tardis style.  I hope that your family don’t talk round you today, and that your other relative,

    is much better.


    The things we do for our passion. We shall have to curb our ravings, don’t want to spoil it for you. Try to have

    a good sleep tonight, and we’ll see you on Tuesday.

    Stay safe, both of you,



    janetteB @janetteb

    Happy Christmas everyone. Sorry for the late greetings. Been a mad scramble to get the house up to scratch and cook up a feast but now the rellies have all gone home, the boys have vanished upstairs and the SO is having a much needed snooze and I have time to relax at last, listen to bad Christmas music and catch up on the news.

    the air con is still working overtime and the garden is wilting but will have to wait till the morning for a much needed watering, the cat looks as though he has melted and the dog is chilling under the air con. The joys of a South Australian Christmas.

    We have to wait till tomorrow or Tuesday to watch the Christmas special. Boxing Day is traditionally cinema day here so tomorrow we go to see the Star Wars movie. I will not be so shy of spoilers though and am looking forward to reading the comments tomorrow morning. (especially as I am really unsure of this year’s special.)

    We do have some good Who related news. (albeit trivial) We completed our set of mini fig’ doctors this morning. (Thanks Santa.) We got the last three that we were missing.



    ichabod @ichabod

    @missy  Thanks for your good wishes; I’ll just stay clear of any discussion (or discussion page) of the Christmas Special until after I’ve seen it Tuesday, so please, feel free to rave away!

    The year is almost over . . . all best to everyone for a (magically?) better 2017!

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Christmas greetings from the lurking Blenkinsops to all those other lurking Whovians. It is a bit parky out here on the western isles (no, not those western isles, but the ones off the coast of western Canada), and as it is not yet 10am, probably a bit early for mulled wine. On the other hand it does provide a perfect excuse to play with the train that is currently running around the base of the Blenkinsop Christmas tree.

    No Doctor Who for us today alas, as the Blenkinsop TV technology is experiencing some downtime. But I suppose it means I won’t be distracted with questions like: “Hold on, I thought the Doctor couldn’t go back to Manhattan because Amy and Rory created a fixed point in time…or something?” I suspect it is one of those questions, which, as Mrs Blenkinsop wisely points out “you are just not supposed to ask”.

    Missy @missy

    Janette:  @ichabod:@blenkinsopthebrave:

    I hope that you all had a wonderful day, with no hicups – unless caused by the alcohol. *grins*

    Pity about the wait,  I shall be thinking of you tonight whilst I binge on the Doctor.

    @blenkinsopthebrave: As my husband loves to say: “It’s in the script!” Gawd, that annoys me!

    Happy Boxing Day.




    “Hold on, I thought the Doctor couldn’t go back to Manhattan because Amy and Rory created a fixed point in time…or something?”

    I figured it meant in their lifetimes. They were in their 30s by the time of Angels Take Manhattan, so would be dead by 1990-ish.

    Although ‘best not to ask’ is the same as a writer refusing to be trapped in a corner…

    Whisht @whisht

    Well, we’ve finally had our Who, and 2016 reminded us that its still around.

    Just snuck another in, huh? cheers.

    Bastard year.

    I wish I’d appreciated him more at the time he was producing really great singles.

    These two videos bookend each other.

    Roll on 2017 – I actually have great hope for it.

    nerys @nerys

    Yup, another immensely talented soul … gone. I knew he was something special, so much more than his “pretty boy” marketing image, when I heard “Careless Whisper.” That song has chops, and so did he for writing and singing it. The other reminder I recall was when Queen put together that tribute concert to Freddie Mercury. I always knew Freddie had an amazing voice, but it really showed with all the singers who struggled to hit those notes, and couldn’t manage to pull it off. All but one. George Michael was brilliant. Not only did he nail the notes, he captured Freddie’s spirit in his delivery. It was mesmerizing.

    The man had his personal problems, but it sickened me to watch the schadenfreude of many in the media, who seemed to delight in tearing him down. Rest in peace, George. You’ve earned it.


    Nuff said:


    And also:

    He also put on a free concert at The Roundhouse for nurses, in thanks for how they had helped his mother,

    winston @winston

    Another great entertainer is gone. Goodbye Carrie Fisher.


    Carrie Fisher, at ComicCom apparently, explaining bipolar to a little boy:

    nerys @nerys

    And now her mother is gone. 🙁

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Since it is proving to be so difficult to get onto the site at the moment, I thought I would use the opportunity to upload something. As my reply to @craig‘s excellent clip of “Singing in the Rain” indicated, I seem to have come down with the lurgy. And since misery loves company, I always find relief with the wonderfully funny episode of “Hancock’s Half Hour” where Hancock copes with a cold. So, in case there are any similarly afflicted Whovians out there, this is for you:

    Anonymous @


    How Apt!

    I’m just home from Big Tour Over Seas and sick as a dog. So sick I came out of Les Mis (I liked it) and got on the train and threw up from Stratford til Brentwood. Then, no cabbie would take Dad and me because of the vomit. People on the train were SO helpful. Dad noticed that nobody moved away. They all gave us hankies, wipes (one lady gave us a real nappy made of towelling!) as well as (finally) a bucket which was hidden behind the seats.

    In the end, in zero degrees the only cabbie who would have us said: “trip down to your smalls but leave your shoes on”. I had to sit in my jocks in the backseat covered in a newspaper that smelled of fish.

    I love holidays!!!!

    So, yes, Mr Blenkinsop, Mum wanted to say to you thank you for the comment meant for her and me. She is doing well right now. She’s lost some weight but then so have I (ALL the weight I put on for the tour so I could muscle my way into the press -soccer term -is now GONE. I’m a bag of bones. Also its 35 today and I do not want to eat).

    Some messages came via PM for Mum and so we are so very grateful. Friends are friends whether here on the Forum, living next door or living over the other side of the world. This place is a decent,  kind, caring, place. Honestly. Thank you with all our combined hearts to @craig @blenkinsopthebrave @pedant @missy @denvaldron @janetteb  (how’s the house due to storms? JanetteB? ) @tardisblue @cathannabel @nerys @arbutus @ichabod @whisht and any others I may have missed. Mum is very touched. As for what @pedant said

    It also turns out she is an international super spy.

    And possibly in need of exorcism.

    Either that or she has done something really bad and the Feds are after her.

    All true. I do not lie.

    Have a happy new year and may 2017 bring less heartache -though I doubt it  🙁

    Thank you for reading. It’s 1 pm here but 3 am your time and I need to go to bed. This is jet lag, I suppose!

    Thane15 and Puro.

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