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    Craig @craig

    Almost all the episodes have been found and restored. Only episode 3 is still missing. Discuss them here. Do try to keep spoilers at bay please.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    Interesting to see that they had ‘Doctor Lite’ episodes back then, as well. It’s something I’d been told, but because there weren’t really any surviving examples, it hadn’t registered. Until the final credits rolled for that episode, and I realised the Second Doctor had only appeared in the recap from the previous episode.

    I’m really liking this so far; a couple of ‘we will now sit down and do the exposition’ scenes, but otherwise it’s very tense and fast moving.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    The story rattles along in comparison to the Loose Cannon recon’.

    Of all the episodes to be missing, 3 is probably the most bearable loss.

    Lethbridge-Stewart never looked so good as here, wearing his Glengarry, shooting relentlessly at the new, less cuddly Yeti.

    Watching this after TBOSJ, I couldn’t help thinking that Miss Kizlet must have been secreted somewhere as the G.I.s getaway vehicle.

    Hopefully the dvd will at least have production notes, so that we can find out stuff like which Yeti John Levene played.

    Not much more to say on this story – you simply have to watch it.


    MutantMike @mutantmike

    Does the “Lost years” boxed set contain the same stuff that is on the regular Web of Fear set? I would had to buy both and not need both

    SDL @gray

    The fight scenes when the Yeti attack UNIT in the streets are frankly some of the best I have ever seen. The epitome of my idea that some of the best Troughton episodes are the peak of Doctor Who for me. Combining on-point 60’s style and imagination.

    This was always a joy to hear had been recovered. I’d accepted as a kid with my copy of ‘Monsters and Villains’ that I’d never be able to see this scary-looking atmospheric story…so nice to have that thought quashed. Still can’t believe it is (largely) watchable for the first time in far too long. The remaining missing classics MUST be found..please…as they only exist in the memories of a lucky few it’s tragic that classic epics like Evil and Power will remain lost forever…

    Both this and EOTW are amazing Troughtons to have back. Might have been nice to have some extras on the DVDs but I can’t complain.



    johnnybear @johnnybear

    Patrick Troughton was one of the best Doctors Who ever!


    Wester @wester

    I am looking forward to DVD release with the new animated episode 3, but cant seem to find any updates on when this is coming out. Anyway, having read the book, and watched the existing DVD release, its one of my favourite DW stories.

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