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    Bambi70006 @replies

    Hi @mudlark,
    Thanks for the welcome and Trump comment. I’m just so paranoid as to how the world views the USA leadership now I felt I had to make it clear I am not responsible 😁.

    Bambi70006 @replies

    @thane16 Thanks for the welcome.
    I don’t mind spoilers. I should be ashamed to admit the fact by the time I see the show being discussed I probably won’t remember anyway😁. I chalk it up to too many Diet Cokes rather than age.

    I don’t do social media but I do look at YouTube (don’t usually read comments) cast panels, blooper reels from DW, and recently found cast & crew lip synching “500 Miles.” I’ve watched it around 5 times for the joy of seeing Timothy Dalton, Donna in wedding gown, Johns Sims & Barrowman, and RTD & Julie marching along. And an Ood doing pelvic thrusts.

    I need to finish at least the first season of W. Hartnell because I keep wondering about Susan, his granddaughter. Such as was she part human? I know it was just production values in the 60s but I’m reminded of watching Dark Shadows after school. And Susan screams and cries too much like actresses on Dark Shadows.

    As for recent companions much as I loved Billie Piper I think Catherine Tate’s my favorite. I felt Martha kept after the Doctor too much after he’d made it plain he wasn’t interested. Amy’s ok but it seems they (writers) have her making rash decisions for the sake of making her look independent…like I’ve never made one πŸ˜‚.

    Again, sorry for the length here but I have no one in my “real life” to discuss the show with.


    Bambi70006 @replies

    Oh yes, I did not vote for Donald Trump.


    Bambi70006 @replies

    Hello, everyone.

    I’m new here and new to Doctor Who. I’m a retired surgical nurse (operating theater to those outside the US). I live in New Orleans but have been in love with England since forever. My childhood goal was to be Queen of England until my mother explained to me how that works. Early 2005 I was able to visit twice before Hurricane Katrina changed things for me (and countless others).

    I saw a couple of Tom Baker episodes on PBS in the 80’s (we were behind in the show here) and liked it. I don’t remember why I didn’t watch more but started earlier this year with Christopher Eccleston’s episodes on Amazon. Loved him. Then went crazy over David Tennant. I then went back to start at the beginning with Wm. Hartnell. I enjoyed them but wanted to continue with the 11th doctor. Having seen The Crown I was anxious to see Matt Smith’s time. Instead I cheated and skipped to “The Day of the Doctor” then went back to Matt’s doctor where I’m about on episode 6.

    I very much look forward to Peter Capaldi having become a big fan of his having seen The Thick of It and appearances on talk shows. Being retired I have no excuse for being so far behind! And I still intend to watch all the classic episodes.

    Sorry for the ramble. I read the posts here starting from last Dec. to get a feel before posting. Everyone’s so eloquent and interesting. I’ve omitted commas where I wasn’t sure. πŸ˜€ Science was my thing.


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