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    Did anyone think the voice bellowing “Doctor Who” sounded like the voice of the Great Intelligence?

    I’ve got to rewatch the episode. On first viewing it felt rushed to me, like too many gags got crammed in there. Really liked the last 15 minutes or so, however, and thought that Matt hit all of his marks.

  • Saw this over on the Doctor Who tumblr: it’s apparently Thank You, Matt Smith in Circular Gallifreyan.

  • @wolfweed said

    Nobody complained when Liz 1 (& Zygon Commander) kept pawing David Tennant’s Dr that she was (they were) molesting him…

    That’s because no-one at the BBC asked me! I felt bad for Tennant’s Doctor, getting grabbed and snogged all the time. Madame Pompadour seemed like the only woman he didn’t much mind being kissed by. I thought…[Read more]

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    @PhaseShift @wolfweed Perhaps y’all saw that the Doctor Who movie sales were second only to Catching Fire on release day. Pretty spiffy!

    In that vein, the 50th Anniversary was the largest TV event Tumblr has seen, with 5.0 million posts, 4.9 million reblogs, 3.1 million likes and 1.0 million contributors (source: Doctor Who Tumblr). It was a [Read more]

  • A funny comic I saw recently (it’s a number of panels so I didn’t embed it): http://www.funnyism.com/i/funnypics/82064 — ribs the fans a bit.

    And there’s this gorgeous artist that I’ll be hitting up for some of my holiday gifts (her art can go as prints, on tote bags, mugs, etc). She’s so good that some of her pieces got officially licensed by t…[Read more]

  • This is a barely coalesced theory but. “Silence must fall when the question is asked; Doctor Who?” The War Doctor has been redeemed and now counts as one of the Doctors. Time streams have moved. Has the question been answered? Darn my toddler anyway; she’s singing the ABC song on constant repeat this morning and I can’t quite think it…[Read more]

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    Maybe y’all knew about this, but I recently discovered a site that makes fandom teas. It’s got a lot of fandoms to explore (and I think you can make your own, too). And of course for something as nerdy as a tea fandom there are multiple Doctor Who teas. I tried the tea for the tenth doctor and it’s pretty tasty. As I read through all of the…[Read more]

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    I’ll preface this by saying that I think Moffat does pretty good most of the time, and I’m very satisfied with the 50th anniversary, overall. However, this article raises some good points.

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    @Craig, thanks for putting that back. It really makes a difference to my ability to participate on the site.

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    Eleven was reading a book on quantum mechanics at the beginning of the episode. (@ardaraith says that’s because they’re still stuck in the time stream, which is a lovely idea). I also think it was a clue from Moffat that things were going to get quite timey-wimey.

    Isn’t there a multiverse theory, one that Heinlein used quite often, that every…[Read more]

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    @badwolfie My personal headcannon for 9/Rose Tyler had been that while Eccleston doesn’t remember her, he maybe remembers her subconsciously. Hence the instant connection and fondness. But I think I like your idea better: that he remembers her from before the time stream memory loss and goes to look for her!

    In my theater Billie Piper, Tennant…[Read more]

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    Does Hurt regenerate into Eccleston? I sure thought I saw Eccleston’s face bleeding through but it wasn’t clear, and I can’t check it just now. If Hurt doesn’t verifiably regenerate into Eccleston, then we might have another gap in which to insert another hidden regeneration. It would be pretty cheesy to do so, IMO, but Moffat does like to leave…[Read more]

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    I’m sorry, but I can’t figure out how to subscribe to a forum in the new layout. I knew how to do it before. I can’t be on the web site that often, so I subscribe to a forum and follow it via email on my phone. I’ve diligently searched all over; can you help me figure this out?

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    Real Life With Toddler  often keeps me from things but I managed to participate in some of the 50th events anyway, at least the ones I could get to online. We watched the first half of the Day of the Doctor while my kid was out with her grandmother and then they came back right in the middle! We had to stop watching until she went to bed! So we…[Read more]

  • I just flailed so hard I almost injured myself.

    So The War Doctor does horrible things to try and stop the Time War — not win it, but stop it, I imagine — and then afterwards we get tragic and wounded […]

  • I’d been putting these on the sofa but they probably go better over here. (Here’s the intro to the project and the links to the weighted chart and sonic uses by writer. Thist post has the tally of sonic uses by […]

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    I watched the special with my daughter; she’s 3 and liked the glitter so I didn’t complain. It did feel exciting, especially since I was also following some liveblogging at the time. I loved PC as the Angel […]

  • Oh dear, it’s my third comment in 20 minutes. Done after this, I promise, but @Bluesqueakpip said over in this post:

    oh, Rory’s attraction for Amy has always been something completely obvious to me. He’s her […]

  • Sorry about the double post, didn’t get back to the edit link in time.  In any case, I just read an author I like (Sarah Rees Brennan) talking about fan engagement:

    One of my favourite stories is actually a […]

  • @Bluesqueakpip don’t forget Captain Jack/Everyone, which is actually true to Jack’s character even though not every character would have been open to the idea.

    On the one hand, I think that “shipping” — trying […]

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