• As an ExFan, I am now convinced to be Fan of the Future. Perhaps this will convince others that a well reasoned arguement or two really makes a difference. Literally “time” to move on.

    The only sad thing now is that we have to wait so long for the next episode!

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  • To try and answer you Lordwindowlicker, I agree this last writer enabled the idea that a Timelord could be male or female. Missy/The Master being the main example. This does not make it right. The story lines from this writer have not been the best. This is probably why Capaldi appears the worst Dr Who? To gender bend does not improve the story…[Read more]

  • I take your point job jimthefish. Change yes and intolerance. Ok, will give her a chance, but still feel that until this series introduced the idea of the Doctor being male or female, he was always male. Going back to the first Doctor, he was definitely male. He was a grandfather not a grandmother. William Hartnell was believable from the off.…[Read more]

  • So Chibnall choosing a female Dr Who is obvious. I wouldn’t know as I had never heard of him and after destroying the ethos of the series perhaps everyone else will forget him too. It is worth joining to vent my anger somewhere. The BBC don’t listen even if I knew how to contact them. Look at the rubbish on TV generally. This probably is great for…[Read more]

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