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    @missy – None of the previous directors were used in Series 11.  I agree with you about Talalay’s obvious, massive talent, and at first I was shocked that Chibnall wouldn’t want to use her.  But, then again, she directed the last three Who outings before S11, and the viewing numbers weren’t great.  So I can see why they went ahead without he…[Read more]

  • @thane16 – Thank you for that, and no worries, I’m always writing something.

    As for Rosa and Season 11 in general, I watch very little television, and no dramas other than Who.  What got me onto it was that RTD and Moffat were doing the same things I read SF for: to come up with an imaginative story premise, and then explore its ramifications.  S…[Read more]

  • @thane16 – Thank you!  I knew there’d be a case both for and against, thank you for being kind enough to present one of them.

    I’m not going to take a side, I think it’s already clear that a) Rosa really worked for a whole lot of people as an episode, and b) I wasn’t one of them. 🙁  I could wish it worked for everyone, including me, but, shoot, i…[Read more]

  • @ichabod said –

    I’d accept “no killing the bad guys” as a new rule, a result of what the AG Doctors have learned in their more lethal adventures, if WhitDoc were to articulate why Graham must not kill someone who’s trying to kill him, beyond the “no better than he is” stuff.

    My thought was maybe Graham could have articulated it. I know when I used…[Read more]

  • A speech Ryan could have given in The Battle of Ranskar av Kolos (discussion in the episode thread):

    I was never anything but a bus driver, Tim Shaw. You probably don’t know much about that, being an alien and all. But I was a bus driver, and a good one.

    I got to work on time, drove my route on time, and kept to my route. I was dependable, I was.…

    [Read more]

  • @nerys

    I think what happened in “It Takes You Away” really made him face the fact that she is gone, never to return.

    Agree completely.  It’s interesting to speculate if he would have gone ahead and shot Mr. Stenza if it hadn’t been for “It Takes You Away.”

    And it’s all too easy for those of us who’ve faced injustice or want a wrong righted (or…[Read more]

  • @swordwhale

    I too feel “bigger and better finales” goes along with “more explosions and effects” in films

    I think a finale can be bigger and better without explosions and effects, but that sure is the route a lot of filmmakers go with, isn’t it?  Very glad Chibnall and company avoided that one!

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    Okay, I’ll try.

    I can give any young person what I can hope are life lessons about sex and relationships by recounting some of the incredibly foolish things I did when I was young.  By including why I made a particular mistake, maybe they can avoid that one and make some other one instead.

    Whereas with Rosa, at least, why any of the people in…[Read more]

  • @bluesqueakpip @magickirin

    …[T]here’s a very good production reason for making three companions work – it means the actor playing the Doctor doesn’t have a production schedule that puts them in hospital after three series (or seasons).

    I’m not even talking metaphorically. David Tennant had to have a major operation on his back, Matt Smith w…

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    @pedant – I just finished deleting a long answer about the distinction I see, even if others don’t.  But I decided it sucked, so it’s gone.  If I can come up with a good response, I’ll come back and make it.

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    Let me add that, in my last entry, the key words are in the first sentence: the difference that I see.  Perceptions always vary, and not everyone will be struck the same way (obviously, given the range of views already).  I’m just trying to clarify that I don’t think everyone else should have gotten the same impression I got…although I suspect s…[Read more]

  • Since @winston left a comment and it disappeared, posting one as a test.

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    @winston – Drat that the comment got eaten, but at least you liked the post…

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    @ichabod – Where the “lecturing” is concerned, the difference that I see is that, for example, in the Zygon Invasion/Inversion, 12’s speech was designed to show Bonnie the lesson that 12 had learned, and spare her the pain of learning it.  He did his best to show her where she was headed.  Whereas in this last season I’ve sometimes felt that w…[Read more]

  • @nerys

    When we first meet and look up to an authority figure…

    That’s a good point.  When using firearms came up during The Ghost Monument, I wasn’t actually seeing this Doctor as an authority figure, because she struck me at that point as trying to be a friend to the rest of the TARDIS Team rather than a superior.

    But a) that’s not how…[Read more]

  • Was this the best season ever? Or the reverse? Well, we could crouch down and take a good look, but first let’s consider terms.

    It’s a long way to Series Twelve, so I’m going to give you a big bacon […]

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    @thane16 – And that is an amazing dream, especially with what your auntie said afterwards.

  • I haven’t been entirely fair to this episode; just because I loved It Takes You Away doesn’t mean I didn’t like this one.

    One highlight for me that no one else has mentioned is when the Doctor talked about being a bit more flexible about shooting things and blowing them up.  “My rules change” gives more scope for discussion than “guns are bad.” 😀

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    It can be a bleak time, Christmas: despite the white picture-post-cards of trees warmly lit and candles in café windows, there are many who experience misery. Remembering the lost, the fallen and the misgivings of the season…But there’s joy too. In hidden moments.

    You’ve just expressed why my favorite Christmas special is The Doct…[Read more]

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    Maybe the Doctor could ‘magically rewire his brain’. But that would be a terrible path for the show to take.

    I agree completely.  I have to remember Vincent and the Doctor, and how the show is more special for letting us see what the Doctor can’t do, too.

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