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    Not at all. Give peace a chance. I mean, of course, write, write away! That’s how we’re supposed to do things. Many years ago I was looking at a pretty famous conductor’s notations on a score of Beethoven and I didn’t really like what was there so I changed the notations (in brackets naturally) and the orchestra was twitchy. I said,…[Read more]

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    I like that! Thing is, is it possible, having seen him in Rosa, knowing the sort of person he is, knowing he was nursed back to health by the lady who would become his wife, would such a narrative be necessary?

    I know that Thane likes a particular thriller author. This author, in his books, writes something like this:

    “In films and…[Read more]

  • @kevinwho  My thought was maybe Graham could have articulated it. I know when I used to watch TV dramas, they’d almost always let the hero express moral superiority over the villain during the climax. So maybe some of us were wishing we’d get something like what I made up over on the fan creativity thre…[Read more]

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    I think we know exactly who we’re with, right?

    Craig’s correct. Let’s not bother with the nasties who do an occasional fly-by. Talk of a character being a coward etc isn’t nice. If I were in charge of the sandpit, I’d be turning away. I think that’s a good plan. Otherwise he might need to delete whole…[Read more]

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    But I think we can all be with @craig

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    @kevinwho   . . . in this last season I’ve sometimes felt that whole episodes aren’t showing me a life lesson, they’re telling me what to think.

    Yes, sometimes — because she’s telling her companions, our stand-inswhat to think, but with no detectable (to me) emotion and personally-felt experience behind it.  Good grief, maybe my feeling a…[Read more]

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    Whereas in this last season I’ve sometimes felt that whole episodes aren’t showing me a life lesson, they’re telling me what to think.

    Well, no. It is a distinction without a difference.

    Distinction: addressing antagonist or address newbie travellers.

    Difference: either of the above vs addressing the audience.

    And remember, I’ve state…[Read more]

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    @kevinwho  I liked your new post on the greatest or best series and I left a really good reply that disappeared!  You would have liked it,  maybe even loved it. Anyway thanks for the interesting post.

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    @kevinwho One highlight for me that no one else has mentioned is when the Doctor talked about being a bit more flexible about shooting things and blowing them up. “My rules change” gives more scope for discussion than “guns are bad.”

    Isn’t that always the way? When we first meet and look up to an authority figure, we often take their every word as…[Read more]

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    As always, a beautifully expressed post. And coincidentally, I was thinking last night of Buffy’s The Body and what an impeccable piece of writing it is. Possibly one of the finest 40 minutes of television I’ve seen.

    I love this:

    even if they were to say there wasn’t, I’d just quote D H Lawrence: Trust the tale and not the tel…[Read more]

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    @kevinwho @idiotsavon

    Thanks for the kind words. And you don’t know the half of how amazing she was. She took a course in trauma rescue (whatever they call it – car crashes etc) and they asked her to become an instructor. When she couldn’t nurse, because she was ill, she became the instructor for the whole hospital on patient resuscitation (which…[Read more]

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    @craig She sounds incredible. 🙂

    @kevinwho Thank you for sharing those bittersweet and beautiful words. I really like your take on Doctor Who aswell.

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    It’s called clever. And I’ve been here- regularly for about 5 yrs now, so…you know….read the posts. But you won’t.

    Also you’re my age (when my son isn’t me) which makes some of what you write a little ‘weird’ for one so ‘mature.’

    @pedant agreed. The show was terrific to me too  @bluffme any dismay was totally understandable but…[Read more]

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    Seconded @kevinwho. Well said.

    Welcome, @bluffme. 🙂

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    @cathannabel @kevinwho @idiotsavon

    Many thanks. I actually took that photo – she was an Intensive Care nurse, so saved many lives during her short career – her colleagues say she was one of the best nurses they ever worked with. Then she decided to do drama at university (while still nursing) to see if she could maybe act – that pic was her head…[Read more]

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    The Antizone certainly shared some characteristics with the labyrinth, and Ribbons perhaps the Minotaur

    The labyrinth and the minotaur of classical legend are to me firmly rooted in the Mediterranean and sun-baked Knossos, not the North of myth, legend and fairy tale which is evoked here. The Antizone reminded me more of a natural…[Read more]

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    @craig @cathannabel @kevinwho

    I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine how it must feel to lose a partner or parent. I wish I knew the right words to say. Language is rubbish sometimes.

    “if it seems we’ve wandered too far afield from the episode”… or maybe right to the heart of it?

    Such a beautiful photo, Craig. I hope you get your dream tonight.

    Hugs…[Read more]

  • @kevinwho  . . . too much standing around and talking

    Well, likely true for some people, and that’s part of the supposed SJW “issue”.  Grounding your action, when it’s imminent, in establishing clarity re why we’re going to not-kill the creature trying to kill us — that’s got to slow things down a bit (another reason that the “Bad guy!  Q…[Read more]

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    @kevinwho @cathannabel

    Cheers Kevin. Ah, it’s not too bad these days although I do still miss her. And the dreams aren’t all that great sometimes either as she’s obviously part of my subconscious – so it might be just her telling me I have to clean the bathroom tomorrow, or do a bit more exercise etc. But I’ll take that! 🙂

    I’ll use this as a…[Read more]

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    @kevinwho @cathannabel

    I’ve written about this before. I lost my wife 16 years ago but I still feel her presence every day. In many situations I think “What would she do?” or “What would she think?”. Sometimes I even talk to her to ask her.

    And thankfully I frequently dream about her – those dreams only bring me pleasure (even after waking up…[Read more]

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