• Who would have made a good companion?


    Professor Lightfoot from Talon of Weng Chicang  Would be an older companion with the curiosity to want to be in the TARDIS and the interaction with Leela could have been great

    Lady Christina de Sousa from David Tennant era, an interesting rouge female

    Scorby from Seeds of Doom, yes he was a villain but…[Read more]

  • Here is why it would have been in character for Graham to kill Tlshar

    1. Grace nursed him back to health and they fell in love and unless I missed it he has not been married before or had a significant relationship

    2.  He blames himself for being a coward and letting her die

    3.  He had not moved on, he is basicly not dealing with her death by t…[Read more]

  • Craig

    Thank you.

    I am not the one doing these  personal attacks

  • Tie


    The Key to Time

    First overarching theme most fans have seen.  Except for Power of Kroll every seriel was great


    Season 18 Tom Baker’s last

    Best Trilogy E-Space

    Best Companion De […]

  • @bluesqueakpip

    Several of  the non military companions have killed during the show Ian, Leela, Romana and Ace

    I think it would have been better and more in character for Graham to kill  him.  It also would have added an interesting storyline for the Doctor does she go through on her threat to kick him off the TARDIS

    Regarding the three co…[Read more]

  • This was the best episode of the season.

    I still think they need to lose one companion, in this one Yaz has very litle to do

    I thought the Captain was excellent and he would make a great companion himself, ala Sgt Benton or Harry Sullivan.


    The Doctor has companions who have killed before and that has not been a problem for earlier…[Read more]

  • MagicKirin replied to the topic Doctor Who memories

    I started with the third Doctor, the PBS stations had to pay through the nose to get it from the BBC.

    I got into with Tom Baker but was stuck in the 4 season loop


    Saw Romana in college and fell in love with the Doctor’s Greatest companion.


    No internet spoilers so it was a shock when Baker regenerated.

  • Capaldi was the worst Doctor ever.  Even Colin Baker was more entertaining


    He also had the worst companion Bill Potts.

  • MagicKirin replied to the topic The Ghost Monument

    This is the best of the season

    The problems are Chibnal and the companions

    Fire Chibnal  get rid of his SJW garbage

    Get Whittaker a Harry Sullivan, Ian, Adric  a good male companion and just have one

  • New to this site


    Classic companions are far superior to New Who ones


    My favorites

    Romana 2

    The Brigadier


    Liz Shaw

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