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    I think you are right, begin with David Tennant.


    You can always go back and watch Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor at a later date – when you’ve settled in, as it were.



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    The ABC in Australia is currently replaying series 1, and it’s been a while since I’ve seen them, so I’m taking the opportunity to watch them again, and offer some quick thoughts.

    This episode is played rather too much for comedy for my liking, with Micky in particular played basically entirely for comedic effect, Jackie heading that way, and t…[Read more]

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    @nightfell Oh I hope not.  Back when I had DirecTV, watching Doctor Who wasn’t an issue, I could DVR it and catch up whenever I wanted.  But, between series eight and nine, I switched over to Charter, and on the basic package, Charter doesn’t get BBC

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    @NightFell I wouldn’t worry too much about it (I’m American too by the way).  When I saw it was being removed, I looked into it.  Netflix is– please forgive me if I phrase this wrong– under a yearly contract with the BBC to show Doctor Who.  All that means is that the contract is almost up and Netflix just has to renew it, which it most likely will.

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    I do want to go through the Classic Who episodes first!…  any suggestions where I can find something a bit more complete?

    Hulu says it has 413 Classic Doctor Who episodes available for a subscription.

    Subscriptions start at $7.99 a month.  But as with any plan, watch out for the fine print.

    Gee, I should sign up for that.  I’m ge…[Read more]

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    IMO, if you are introducing someone to Doctor Who and having them watch the show on their own, I wouldn’t recommend this episode as a introduction

    I totally agree.  In fact, I recently put together a watch-list for a co-worker to get her to the 50th Anniversary episode without giving her so many episodes that she would just quit.  I end…[Read more]

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    Welcome @nightfell to the forum! We love to hear new voices in our discussions. It was wonderful to take the step from lone viewing to reading all the theories and thoughts from the people on this site.