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    So i watched this episode twice, the first time i was watching it i had some distractions and missed a few key points, and was iffy on what i thought about it and that there was also something in the back of the mind bothering me about it, but couldn’t figure it out.

    Just finished watching it the second time around and i very much liked it, it…[Read more]

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    I never really considered this being an earthbound season, (minus Pertwee for obvious reasons) because i’ve felt that half the stories through classic and revival have always taken place on earth whether past,present, or future anyways.

    With the seasons up til now, most of the companions did come from present time earth, and always had a reason…[Read more]

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    It’s a good old ‘base-under-seige’ episode with a monster terrorising the crew of a clinical spaceship. To me it has hints of “The Ark in Space”. The plot is also reminiscent of “Alien” (or are they the same thing?)

    @craig Very interesting….I saw it as a Twilight Zone/Bugs Bunny gremlin destroying the plane scenario myself, And i loved it.  Sp…[Read more]

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    Let the Doctor enjoy peace of mind.
    After so long having the conflict of the time war eat away and control the reins of the doctors life the doctor is now able to take control back…live life in a new (and old) perspective of the universe is an amazingly beautiful place  worth exploring and experiencing with wonder, joy and fear and everything…[Read more]

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    Thanks for posting these refs. Will have to read through and give time to think and process.

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    Thanks for all the responses, i understand what you all are saying, i truly do. I’m also aware that over 50 years there are plot holes and contradictions, and i know how to just enjoy the show. Let me try asking in a different way.

    1. In Twice Upon A Time, both the 1st and 12th doctor meet up. Both doctors are holding back on why to regenerate,…[Read more]

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    and if only the oldest doctor can only retain memory how did the 11th doctor remember when all the doctors were there to save gallifrey, including the 12 and 13th? (13th not actually being shown but mentioned as being there) ..(and im sure the eyes/eyebrow shot of capaldi is where they got the pic for capaldis intro). None of it makes sense.

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    @pedant So does Day of the Doctor retcon every previous multiple doctor episode where they remembered meeting and events (The Five Doctors, Time Crash) for example?

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    Hello everyone, long time watcher, first time poster

    Had a question about Twice Upon a Time…i was thinking about leaving a comment in that particular episode thread but after reading through everyones thoughts on it and such and my question not really involving much to do with the story decided to bring it here.

    So, to my knowledge…the…[Read more]

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