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    @thane16  Puro  . . . a few people thought “the Doc, on a TANK wearing sunglasses and playing an electric guitar?” That’s not gravitas! That’s baloney!” Except we describe him like this: proud and noble, dignified, dutiful, lofty enough to shit marble when I don’t think 12 was like that much of the time. @ichabod -would you agree?

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  • @kevinwho  . . . too much standing around and talking

    Well, likely true for some people, and that’s part of the supposed SJW “issue”.  Grounding your action, when it’s imminent, in establishing clarity re why we’re going to not-kill the creature trying to kill us — that’s got to slow things down a bit (another reason that the “Bad guy!  Q…[Read more]

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    I think you might also like @phaseshift‘s Time and The Doctor.
    My blog on timeywimeyness in the Smith Doctor’s tenure is: The Day of The Doctor – a time structure analysis. My more general one on time in the Whoniverse is Wibbley Wobbly, Timey Wimey.

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    @swankycriminal  Good stuff. And welcome to the site….

    Yep. I think you answered your own questions. The Doctor -particularly number 12 is very old, he doesn’t remember everything. He simply can’t. Even 11 has issues there. But in Day of The Dr it’s his present. And from then on, I assume he remembers. Missy is the same. But worse. She’s done…[Read more]

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    @miapatrick @swankycriminal

    Absolutely! Miapatrick: Your version is much better than mine. Of course the 11th Doctor remembers only from that point on because he’s the latest iteration and thus going back to meet 10 is the very thing he’s doing now… As you say, because that’s in his past -and his linear, chronological present too.


  • @swankycriminal

    None of it makes sense.

    Ah, I see where you are going wrong.

    Allow Jenna Coleman to explain:

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    @swankycriminal I think the elder version remembers the previous meeting only when it happens again. Before that he’s forgotten it because it still lies in his future.

    So, in Day of the Doctor, Eleven remembers meeting, well, Eleven, back when he was Ten only when he, Eleven, meets Ten.

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    @swankycriminal   @pedant

    Partly, they were “all” there to save Gallifrey at that moment in time. They do not, and cannot, remember ‘out of the cup of soup’ which is how they knew to keep Gallifrey frozen IN that moment (though the Gallifreyans were said to be living normal lives -but in a hidden part of the universe).

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    I don’t think so – it is established (per Day of the Doctor) that an earlier regeneration cannot retain the memory of meeting a later regeneration.