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    I don’t know what happened. I’m rather disconnected from the fandom atm because I’m not enjoying the new season( I don’t connect with the writing or the characters)

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  • @missy yes and I understand perfectly¬† I’m not hyped at all about the new series, unlike 4 years ago when I was waiting the new Doctor with illusion

  • @missy I think it’ll take time for me to get used to her as the Doctor. In my mind the Doctor is a male character and I find it hard to adjust to the change of gender

  • @mudlark thank you. I hadn’t seen your post. I suppose you are right and it’s better to watch it with a positive attitude

  • And what about hair dye? Her roots are clearly darker, the Doctor regenerates with the hair dyed 😂

  • @thane16 sorry I didn’t want to offend anyone. Simply I don’t want for it to be too angsty. A familiar of mine had cancer some years ago and I suffered a lot in that period of my time. I have become very sensitive with this and I can’t stand watching people suffering cancer on tv since I use it as an escape.

  • <span class=”useratname”>@bluesqueakpip</span> agree with the alien. Totally forgettable. I hope for more originality and inventiveness in the future.

    I’m still on the fence about Jodie. I liked her, she has great energy and the right amount of quirkiness but let’s see how she performs in the moments of gravitas. I need to know more about the…[Read more]

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    Thank you very much. This is hilarious

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    @nearlysane thank you very much. I studied it at an academy but during the years, reading and posting on internet and watching movies and listening to audiobooks has improved a lot

  • @kharis Hah, I feel very similarly. I didn’t connect with Amy, I don’t know if it was her personality or what. The way she treated Rory didn’t help.

    I was hoping also that Capaldi would regenerate into McGann, but as you say, under other showrunner would be great but my hopes aren’t very high with Chibnall so better not. The Movie was very…[Read more]

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    OMG that was hilarious. I didn’t know I needed that in my life.Thank you

    Edit to add: The Classic doesn’t work, it says video unavailable – video removed by the user

  • @kharis I share most of your feelings. The tooth monster was gross but a very forgettable villain, nothing original or innovative. I didn’t connect very much with the companions either, not the way I connected with Rose when I started to watch the show for the first time (I don’t like her very much on series 2 but I loved her on series 1), I…[Read more]

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    @nearlysane I’m relatively new here too. I had problems registering because of a captcha problem but @craig fixed it. I’m not very active but enjoy reading the conversations. A lot of people here seems very erudite and well spoken (or written) and me not being English speaker sometimes I’m a bit hesitant to write. Welcome

  • Yes, in Buffy there were demon of the week and also the season arc. Let’s see what brings the future 😊

  • @thane16 haha don’t worry, now I know you are two people. I suppose they will flesh out Graham as time passes. I’m not totally confident on Chibbers habilities tbh. The episodes that Moffat did during the RTD era were extraordinary. The ones Chibbers did were average, but we’ll see. I hope some of the new writers come with imaginative stories and…[Read more]

  • @thane16 I feel very dumb but I’ve just realized you are two people writing, Thane and Puro

  • @thane16 yeah, sorry, English is not my native language so maybe I misunderstand things. Yes, I didn’t fell in love with the music till later, so I hope Segun Akinola will deliver something good. The fact that the episode didn’t impress me greatly doesn’t mean anything, every episode is different and I’m sure I’ll like the next one. I think we…[Read more]

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