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    Right: at least when I hear that I jump in!

    He loves Joy Division -fortunately. I think he fancies himself as the lone warrior, the lone mediator, the lone trigger happy cowboy  or a …musician who cannot sing or play….

    <slight problem there>

    There’s a show from Melbourne (I think)  where several taxi drivers, equipped with cameras,…[Read more]

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    Hi there and welcome. The sofa’s the best place to start! Great story posted by @jimthefish. I really like her reading voice.

    The music thread’s another fun one…



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    @rob great to see you and your avatar back! Your coffee machine is working over-time?

    Reminds me, need to pop down and get the 27- buck coffee plunger going -hilariously cheap and very good coffee (considering I was a percolator girl but no-one else would drink it claiming it was so strong the spoon stood up!).

    Agreed: the clues in The Pilot…[Read more]

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    @jimthefish @missy

    I think Missy was referring to McManus whom you identified, Jim. I explained to Missy that in Australia Rove is a very satisfactory interviewer in an after-show environment. But that’s entirely my opinion and I can see that Rove might ‘grate’ occasionally. He’s a bit silly –  I think even Rove himself would agree! *-_-*

    In an…[Read more]

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    @whisht @pedant

    Early this morning, Thane rocked up the stairs and wacked me ’round the head: “The Smiths, you gotta listen to @Whisht‘s music. He put so much effort into it and I hate it.”


    No, he LOVED it:  “It’s The Smiths, now, Mum they’re so cool. ‘William, It Was Really Nothing’ is AMAZING.”

    In between tuneless singing & mouthfuls…[Read more]

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    @jimthefish @tardigrade @bluesqueakpip  @juniperfish

    I’ve been kiboshed from the site by Mum who says “study study” and it IS the business end of the semester now, but I really saw that the ‘rent’ was satire.

    I mean, they’re a robotic species, an AI, so rent may well be “saying hello and thumbs up every time you pass an interface.”

    I understand…[Read more]

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    Oh that’s very good. I understand that a lot better now. “He removed a layer of conditioning”  and I recall him saying a lot of quick words which suggested that was his ‘plan’.

    I recall, way back in the first episode when he meets Davros that Missy was explaining to Clara how the Doctor saved himself and others? The sonic, the time…[Read more]

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    and the other thing of import was that “generic slave race” was a quick way of explaining things to Bill. By the end of the episode we see they have some sentience. But not much. Because they need re-booting. And I think it’s a ‘need.’

    Also, as @mudlark stated, far better than me and I appreciate it, is that they’re a type of composite, possibly…[Read more]

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    As a moderator do you have the ability to see I’m logged in and log me out? That’s happened three times in exactly this situation.


    As for “no” (I’m going to type the whole thing out again anyway).

    “no” is like saying : “you’re wrong.”

    I don’t think I am. I have another opinion.

    The Doctor isn’t wrong headed about…[Read more]

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    @geoffers I see where you’re coming from, definitely.

    it’s not intended as a knock against peter, at all, he’s fabulous with what the writers have given him (all the nuwho guys have been equally terrific in that respect). i just think the overall vision of the series was stronger and more cohesive for smith,

    I agree totally. It’s a terrific place…[Read more]

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    Hi there and from Puro. Looking back though (this is Thane the 15 year old one) if the Doctor set them up as “the interface” and then rebooted them, he was effectively recognising they weren’t the “intelligent species” or, on the other hand, they were ‘The Magic Haddock.’

    They were built to do what they did. They weren’t slaves or…[Read more]

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    “my riddle is my middle”

    or the other way? :)

    “were you very angry?”


    I should’ve realised. And I didn’t. Oops. I know this very well but I forgot!


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    lovely ;obvious? Ha! Who minds.  It’s beautiful.

    Puro and Thane

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    What if the vault contains the new doctor?

    In story, instead of “we now present…the”

    Obviously, not but funny…anyway.


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    He has that presence or ‘Parousia


    Yes, indeed, you have. Presence. Place and it depends whether it’s Homeric or Athenian Greek, but it’s “place whither” -although a Homeric scholar will say, “no” but we’re close enough with “presence.”

    Haven’t seen Leftovers yet. Will very soon. The modem…leads to Netflix…leads to much fun.

    Need a…[Read more]

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    Yes, Donna! Wasn’t she wonderful? It’s interesting to me how a resident comedian (and I hadn’t seen much of her work in Aus) can do drama so very well. I recall her shock and misery at the existential pain and singing of the Ood and how the Doctor couldn’t transcend that unified voice. For him it was always there. Donna could project…[Read more]

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    @geoffers OK, it was @Ichabod -but actually both of you as I used that springboard to travel myself.  😀

    Even when editing this, you’d receive the initial 1st post in your email box and @Geoffers would be thinking,  “you’re who now?”

    That’s why Thane’s around! He’s there to say “no, wrong person, mum!” He’s actually studying at the present. I…[Read more]

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    Now — that’s all put to bed, except for an echo here and there, and we’re seeing more external adventures — lots of plot/explanations, and at least an effort to blow something up, in “Smile”.

    I’m not saying the Doctor could or should continue in the darker vein of anxious introspection of the previous seasons; but I am saying that I,…

    [Read more]

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    Oh, yes you did! You’re being kind. Honestly, the innernet, hey? I was just on a link from a member here to do with Lucy Allan and her wish to remove 30 pounds from those most in need and I was SO close to making a comment: thank goodness I didn’t. That’s why I have Thane! He’s my better angel, always sitting on my shoulder sayin’ “mum,…[Read more]

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    in case anyone makes the mistake of checking internet reviews on youtube, be aware of the ‘Did it Suck?’ review.

    My particular gripe was the reviewer claiming all “of the music in this episode was re-used” together with “why would Nardole leave a smelly poo if he’s a droid? Lazy writing!”

    Big Sigh. If I was all over youtube making comments, I’d…[Read more]

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