• The more I think about it and read everybody else’s theories the more I’m convinced that Hurt has to be The Great Time War Doctor – how many references has there been to being a ‘soldier’ and being able to tell […]

  • Hmm.. I’m really not sure what to make of this episode yet. The only thing I’m certain on is that I’m not huge on Moffat, and much prefer Gatiss. It was certainly all down to the utterly brilliant performances […]

  • @Bobbingbird I don’t think it’s Clara under the Tardis as it’s mentioned by Tricky that someone’s UNDER there and we see a pair of boots sticking out from under the Tardis and a pile of thick wires. Tricky is then […]

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    @Shazzbot I hope I can do you proud, but there’s alot to live up to!

    I originally came for a year to be with a Dane, then ended up staying and making him my husband. We’re in Copenhagen. I love this city even […]

  • I haven’t rewatched the episode yet, and am heading into an exam period in a few weeks, so please excuse any brain farts!

    I was thinking as I was reading this entire thread (we’ve certainly all got some […]

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    Saying my ‘hello’.. been lurking about reading all your theories, figured it was about time for me to throw my hat into the ring! About me.. Well, I’m Australian, but live in Denmark so have to watch the latest […]

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