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    winston @replies

    @purofilion Parties for 30 or 35 year olds are alot more fun but wth equal amounts of crying and temper tantrums.Just adult sized.

    nighty nighy,winston

    winston @replies

    @missy I certainly wait with great excitement for some new Sherlock. It is such a good re-interpretation of an old favourite of mine. It is near perfect television imo. I also where a big goofy grin at the thought.

    Now I am off to bed its past midnight here and morning always comes too early so…

    nighty  night, winston

    winston @replies

    @countscarlioni Great spot on the cards,I will look for it on next viewing. Stuff like that makes me pretty happy for some reason. I guess it helps remind us the he is every Doctor with all the same memories and experiences of his past incarnations.I like those connectios it keeps the past 11 doctors alive and in him. I too love a good cliffhanger,it keeps me guessing and bonkers theorising for a whole week. Such fun.

    The Doctor definately wants Clara alive but why and for how long. Who nose?

    winston @replies

    @purofilion  I hope all your trips to hospital are short ones.It is always feels better to be at home. It is late here and it has been a massive day so I am off to bed to dream about my trip in the TARDIS ,or so I hope.( I’ll probably dream of yelling children). I have to get up early to watch my only other tv addiction, Coronation Street. Have a great day or night I am not sure of the time difference., and enjoy the new Who episode, I did.

    nighty night, winston

    winston @replies

    @purofilion Yep I am from Canada and the weather has been very nice lately. The party went well,lots of children,family,pets and noise. I have 3 grandchildren and we are all very close. They are the rewards for not not going insane when  my kids were teenagers. Today was my 7 year old granddaughters day and she had a great one.

    I found this forum by luck while searching for anything Doctor to fill my need between series 7 and 8 and finally decided to take the plunge after only a year or so lurking.

    winston @replies

    @purofilion Thanks for the kind words of welcome. Because of my lurking I knew you were very welcoming to newbies. Ialso know you live in Australia , a world away from Canada and yet here we are having a conversation about our Doctor.Sometimes the internet can be used for good.

    Matt smith is also my son’s favourite Doctor and I loved his energy and his outrage against unfairness anywhere he saw it. He was cheeky and flirty with great fashion sense.I do think bow ties are cool. He wore his emotions on his face and he sure worked that chin when he was angry.He was the oldest Doctor in the youngest body.

    Tennants Doctor was sad and lonely and made more so by his loss of Rose and then Donna . He lived fast and hard trying to keep one step ahead of his memories. I loved him the moment he stepped out of the Tardis and asked if he was ginger.  He is also easy on the eyes and he will wear those skinny suits.

    As I said I like the Doctor no matter what face he is wearing. Even one with attack eyebrows.

    winston @replies

    @missy Since I have loved and lurked for so long I know where alot of stuff is and I love reading all the comments. Whovians  have to stick together and what better place than this friendly place. It was a beautiful day here,suuny and warm,and then a new Who. Life is good.

    winston @replies

    I just watched and it blew my tiny mind! I obviously need a few more viewings so I can wrap my head around all the timey-wimey stuff. The monster was behind the couch scary as were all the dark tunnel scenes. I loved when the Doctor talked to me, challenging me to open up my pudding brain and understand the mystery of time travel. Unfortunately I failed him. I am hopeless with the whole time loop, paradox thingy.

    The  Doctor playing the 5th on his guitar and the funky theme well can I just ask “permission to squeeee!!!” As you can see I really enjoyed this 2 parter.

    winston @replies

    Thank you @ichabod. Because I was such a rabid lurker I feel pretty caught up. I will try to work my way through the site and add anything I have to say that has not been said before. It will be difficult to top the great bonkers theories already posted so I will just carry on reading everyone elses and enjoying pondering the possibilties. I can hardly wait till tommorow my granddaughters 7th birthday and a new Doctor Who, Saturdays are good,I like Saturdays.


    winston @replies

    Hi, I am new to this site but not to the Doctor. I started watching in the 70s with the 4th Doctor but it was hard to find on the 4 or 5 channels we had so I gave up.When I saw trailers for AG Who ( see I got some of the lingo) It was Christopher Eccleston that made we give it another look. I had watched him in The Second Coming and was very impressed with his acting. I watched the first episode and that was it. I was hooked the second the Doctor grabbed Rose and said “Run” I have ran with him in his many faces ever since and like Donna Noble I would travel with him in his Tardis forever. I like all the Doctors ,in whatever face he happens to have at the time ,but because he made me reconnect with this story ,about a mad man in a blue box, than ChrisDoc number 9 is my Doctor.

    winston @replies

    Yay! It worked.

    winston @replies

    Hello everybody out there! I just joined the forum but I have been lurking since before series 8 started. Because I have read so many bonkers theories from so many of you I feel I know some of you already. So maybe it is only fair to let you know a little about me.

    I am a “middle age” grandma who lives in rural Ontario, Canada surrounded by farmland,forests and lakes. It is very beautiful country. I love my family and friends, my saucey terrier Newton,my natural environment and Doctor Who. And not always in that order. Oh yeah I think I am funny. You can be the judges of that.

    I am new to forums but after a year or more of enjoying this Who Home  I had to join.Please excuse any mistakes as I learn my way around.I am not even sure this post will work.(fingers crossed)

    So… I love the Doctor and I wanted to share that love with like-minded people from around the world.How exciting. I think I will go explore some more.


Viewing 12 posts - 651 through 662 (of 662 total)