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    winston @replies

    I just saw that the air pollution over most cities is down(less cars) and Venice has lovely blue and clear water in its canals(less boats). It is amazing how quickly we can change our environment.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave    Great shout out to the National Film Board of Canada, I grew up watching these films at home and school. I am going to check it out .

    winston @replies

    @jimthefish   I would be up for a re-watch of Day of the Doctor and even though I own it I would watch at 7pm my time, just because I need some structure in my life these days. I would also like to discuss it again with everyone else.

    As far as Penny Dreadful goes, my library is shut for now so I would have to go on memory.

    @bluesqeakpip  I am glad you feel on the mend but that is the perfect time for more rest so you don’t overdo it. I haven’t watched series 2 of Discovery, it is on hold at our locked up library, but I kinda liked 1 so I hope 2 is better.

    @blenkinsopthebrave  I am also twitter, Instagram, Facebook and tik tok?  free and I like it! We are also isolating ourselves as much as possible to be safe but where we live means we are often alone anyway so it is not too hard for us. My grandkids are going crazy from boredom already and both my sons and their wives are out of work for now.My daughter works in a bank and so far still has to go. Other than that life goes on but I will admit that I am anxious and trying to fight it.

    Everyone stay safe and sane.

    winston @replies

    @miapatrick It sounds like you already have your hands full so I hope you can keep clear of this. Stay safe and sane.

    @blenkinsopthebrave   Our library is closed now but they have an online library so I have the books and the time to read them. We still have one more day of syrup making and then I can get down to catching up on movies and books.

    We went shopping for water today and we were in luck and found some. Our well is not good for drinking and we have to buy water or boil all of ours which I will do if I have to. What surprised me was what was left on the shelves like canned and dry soups and dried beans although all the canned ones were gone. No pasta but bags of egg noodles, no white bread but lots of rye bread,no potatoes or frozen veggies but lots of fresh veggies that could be frozen to preserve them. What does it mean ? Who nose, I am just nosey about the buying habits of my fellow Canadians.

    Anyway, I hope you all stay safe and connected.

    winston @replies

    @mudlark  Thanks for that. It was funny and sadly true.I actually heard someone say that “it only kills seniors or people with other illnesses”! First of all to downplay the loss of these people to their families is so wrong it is fu*ked up. As if they don’t matter.  Being a senior I hope I matter but this is a shocking insight to how we are viewed by some selfish dicks. Sorry for the rant and thanks for the chuckle.

    winston @replies

    I live a few hours north of Toronto and just today a few cases in our area were announced. While OH and I are at the risk age we are still OK an hope to stay that way, but who nose. The panic buying in the city has spread out and there were 10 times the people and traffic going to our town to buy stuff. There was no bread ,toilet paper , potatoes or milk in any of our three grocery stores. We live out of town in a region that gets a good big winter where you never know what to expect so we are always prepared. Like @mudlark I bake my own bread so no worries there and I still have 50 lbs of potatoes from the garden so we won’t starve but I do think I am done with town for awhile. We are making maple syrup now so that keeps us busy and sticky and just on the edge of a sugar coma.

    Now we will hunker down and keep an eye on some even older neighbours. To everyone of you stay safe and take care of yourselves and to quote Douglas Adams “Don’t Panic!”

    winston @replies

    @jimthefish  I would be interested in watching Penny Dreadful. I am pretty sure they have them at my library. I have seen the 1st series a while back but I would do a rewatch if others are interested.If I remember it was very good and very creepy.

    winston @replies

    @davros   It sounds like so much fun watching these episodes with your son and nephew. I agree that a six year old might struggle but 11 is a great age to watch Doctor Who. I am watching with my 11 year old granddaughter and it is so great to see it through her eyes.I came to the show as an adult so its fun to watch a kid enjoy it and sometimes for totally different reasons than we do. She loved the Slitheen and the Abzorbaloff an teases me that she loves the Daleks and thinks they are cute.

    When I watched Love and Monsters I enjoyed seeing this small group of people ,all from different backgrounds, who got together for one reason but found friendship and acceptance instead. I really think that it was lovely. Of course that all ended badly, very badly. Have fun watching series 3.

    winston @replies

    @mark-reach  Hi and welcome to our friendly forum! It is a good place to be a Whovian.

    @davros  Both of those episodes are great although the wolf creature still scares me and makes me jump in “Tooth and Claw”. In the next episode “School Reunion” is one of my favourite scenes of all Who,  Sarah Jane seeing the Tardis for the first time in many years.The music, the lighting and the acting  are all perfect for that scene. Now I want to watch it again.

    Mickey is the tin dog.

    winston @replies

    @nightingale  Hello from Canada!  The sofa here is very comfy so welcome and sit right down. Have fun here it is a great place.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave       Oh, that is too bad!  I really liked the Graham and Ryan pair. Maybe as a grandparent I enjoyed the easy, friendly relationship between them that has developed over time. I liked Bradley Walsh as comedy relief on the show also. Oh well, changes will be made whether I like it or not.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave   I literally just finished part 2 of “The Best of Both Worlds” 5 minutes ago and it was a great episode!  The Borg are scary enough without a Picard Borg helping them out.

    I am also really impressed with Picard and it does get better and better. I especially enjoy the new Captain and his hologram helpers with different personalities. Great idea and acted superbly. One of my new faves.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave  and @janetteb  I have just finished watching the 4th episode of Picard and I can’t believe how good it is and how much we are loving it!  It gets better every episode and it is fun seeing Picard gathering up his new crew. I also admit to giggling every time someone swears and imagine Scotty or Jordy swearing at the engines.You know they wanted to.  Every time an old character shows up I watch the old episodes that featured them which has been something to do on these long snowy days while we are stuck at home. Anyway my OH is making me wait to watch the next episode till tomorrow night! We also watch together and that is nice too.

    winston @replies

    @thane16  Thanks for the laughs! One hour of the crossroad song is insane. It is now stuck in my head after only a couple minutes of it. I love that show and I am sad to see it end.

    winston @replies

    @beemartha   Hi and welcome to the site! I have never thought about being the Doctor , more about what Doctor I would like to travel with. I think being the Doctor would be exciting and fun and maybe even fulfilling being able to save planets and people but I also think it would be very sad. The Doctor doesn’t and can’t save everyone including companions and other people he loves and that must be terrible. The Doctor lives far longer than most people he meets and he will outlive them and that is so sad and lonely. He\She is always faced with an emotional dilemma, be alone in the Tardis or bring along a companion that you know you will lose some day. So I think it would be easier to be a companion of the Doctor and travel in the Tardis while you can than to be the lonely Doctor.

    Mind you I am a prickly sort of person , crusty outside but soft inside so I think I am more like the 12th Doctor but I wouldn’t want to be him.

    winston @replies

    I was also going to say that historical episodes do spark my interest in the people portrayed and I usually go in search for more information about them. They also inspire me to read or reread books, poems or plays they wrote or check out  inventions the made or paintings they did. If that works on children that is great.

    winston @replies

    I finally watched and I liked it! The historical episodes are always my favourites anyway and I have no problem with the writers changing things up a bit with these people from the past. I enjoy seeing real people from the past put in these impossible, fantastical situations. It was fun to see Shakespeare being controlled by alien witches and Dickens fighting the Gelf in the gas pipes. What if werewolves were real and Queen Victoria battled them or Queen Elizabeth 1 married the Doctor or the Frankenstein monster was based on a Cyberman ? I love what ifs.

    @blenkinsopthebrave  I agree that the pace was slower and less hectic and that helped me sink in to the story easier. Loved the Doctor in this one, she was very fierce. Grahams control was amazing, I would have either wet myself when I saw the ghost or rushed out into the rain. I might have looked for a chamber pot because I just bought a pretty antique one last week. My OH spent summers at his grandparents in the early 60s and they had no indoor plumbing so at night it was the pot or the trip to the “little house” out back.

    All in all I think it was a great episode.

    winston @replies

    @cathannabel   I am so sorry for the loss you have suffered. I understand completely that feeling of being in a fog and trying to get clear of it. There is little I can say that will help you get through this except I am thinking of you. We will be here anytime you need us to be.

    winston @replies

    @beechgirl10      Hello and welcome from a neighbour up in Canada and a fellow nerd and Whovian. I think you have landed in the right place. Have fun reading and commenting on all the episodes you have watched. They go back to the 9th Doctor and I learned a lot about the Doctor that way. There are days of reading here. There is a place for music and one to discuss other shows and lots more. Have fun and have a good day.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave and @whisht     I agree that those episodes tell you so much about Picard. My OH and I are rewatching New Generation because Picard reminded us how much we liked it.

    winston @replies

    @thane16  Pink Floyd was part of the soundtrack of my youth and I feel like I have heard this song a thousand times when I was younger. I have not listened to it for a long time and I find it so sad and heartbreaking now that I can barely listen(but I did). I am always surprised at how music affects me differently at different times of my life. When I was young it was just a cool song that I liked but now it is a story that affects me very emotionally. The older you get the more loss is a part of your life and there are so many people “I wish were here” Since feelings are the stuff of life thank you .

    It was my own fault for listening, I knew what I was in for but it is such a beautiful song.

    winston @replies

    @lrf868      River was fully human but because she was conceived on the Tardis she could regenerate so maybe the meta crisis  Doctor ,who was “born” on the Tardis also has that ability. It was the 11th Doctor who realized that so the 10th Doctor would have no idea it could happen to a human when he left him with Rose. Maybe Rose grew old and died or just died so the Doctor was heart broken and left the alternate earth to travel about in the Tardis he built. Or maybe I am totally wrong and this is a bonkers theory at its best.

    winston @replies

    @arbutus   Thank you for the SNL  clip. I giggled out loud until my OH came in to see what I was laughing at. I remember watching that years ago and it is still as funny.

    winston @replies

    I thoroughly enjoyed that from start to finish, with massive surprises in between. First there was the Judoon searching for a fugitive, but a much more realistic Judoon capable of showing far more emotion. Then there was Captain Jack and I clapped my hands in surprise! But then there was another Doctor? What? A doctor we don’t know and who don’t seem to know one another. Wow. A whole bunch of stuff to ponder over and a rewatch is required.

    @blenkinsopthebrave  I also think that somehow the Doctor and Fam are  in an illusion but how or why, I don’t know. I said after Spyfall and seeing the Masters house spinning about like Dorothy’s house in the twister that the Doctor wasn’t in Kansas anymore and I still get that feeling. This new Doctor seems not quite right. First she doesn’t seem too bothered to lose her companion and then she ripped off the Judoons horn which was cruel and robbed the Judoon of honor. Our Doc was shocked about that and the gun that new Doc “fixed ” to misfire when she probably could have stopped from firing at all. I feel like she is an imperfect imitation or illusion. I am probably so wrong but there you have it, my bonkers theory so far.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave   We watched it here and we both liked it. Patrick Stewart is so good and it was good to see Brent Spiner as Data. Its 20 or so years later and Picard has retired to the family vineyard in France with his dog who is called Number One. ( My daughter has a dog called Riker )It was a great start and I look forward to the rest of the series.

    winston @replies

    I just saw the sad news that Terry Jones , comedian, author, historian and director to name just a few of his talents has passed away today. He was 77 and had a long battle with dementia.

    Terry of course was a member of Monty Python and quite a few of my best memories as a teen involve a dark, smoke filled  basement and a collection of their albums. Later we watched the show than the movies in other smoke filled rooms even having Monty Python themed costume parties. Terry was a happy part of my youth.

    Later we watched his history shows in less smokey rooms with far less giggles but with a sense of spending time with an old friend. He was a funny, smart and talented man and I am so grateful for the many hours he had me laughing.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave     It gave me the chills! I can’t wait.

    winston @replies

    Well, I liked this episode but then I like them all especially the historical ones. I am always curious to see how these real people will be presented to us and I think they did a good job of job of pointing out the differences and the similarities between the two inventors. The sets were great as were the costumes the Fam wore. I loved Grahams bowler hat!  The Doctor is starting to feel more alien to me and I am feeling some of the other Doctors in there while she  remains unique. Loving her steampunk goggles.

    I really thought that it was the Racnoss when I first saw the queen but no, not a spider but a scorpion alien. See what happens when you answer messages from space without call display.

    winston @replies

    @galaxymage  Sorry about that, I added a letter.See above.

    winston @replies

    @thane16 and @galaxyimage  As I said after watching this episode, I liked it! I watch Doctor Who as an escape and escape I do, for 45 glorious minutes. I sink into the show like a soft mattress with a warm and fuzzy blanket refusing to move until it is over. How I feel about the show when I am watching is all that matters to me at the time and when I dislike an episode it is because of the feels it gave me. There are episodes I rarely watch but that is because they make me too sad or too anxious and those I watch again and again because they make me too happy.

    Sometimes when it is over and I think about things with my critical brain then I can see problems but next time I watch it I will once again be sucked in and forget the problems and enjoy the show. That is how this one is for me. I like running and corridors and monsters and aliens and I love the Doctor. My logical brain is one thing but the heart knows what it likes.

    My 11 year old granddaughter loves this Doctor and she watched Sunday night. On Monday she called me for help with a letter she was writing to the Mayor of her town to suggest ways to help with climate change. Coincidence? Maybe, but either way I have committed myself to help in her quest to help the planet. If the Doctor did that then her speech was worth it. The granddaughter comes over in the morning so I will ask and let you know.

    I also never have theories because I forget to think of them when I watch,lol  That is why I love everyone else’s!

    winston @replies

    Hi all!  Just watched and I liked it.I thought it was scary, funny and a little gory and I like corridors and running, “promise me you will run” “when I say so RUN” so much running I am tired. The Dregs were very bitey and very hungry and people getting dragged away by their feet always scares the heck out of me. The Doctor was busy saving people, fixing tech and talking up a storm including a bit of banter.So I liked it quite a bit. Anyway I look forward to watching it again and also reading your comments and theories.

    Wow! Are we scary in the future or what? Although I am sure I know some of their

    winston @replies

    @thane16  I also feel protective of this new Doctor precisely because she is a women and so am I and my granddaughters and my mother and daughter.They are all strong feisty females ,ready and able to rule the world with strength and with kindness.So is the Doctor! Is she different? Yes and weren’t they all? Does being female change the way this Doctor deals with things? Yes and so what? Is the Tardis different? yes and I don’t like it , but I never do. lol

    Fear is a terrible thing and it does horrible things to us not the least feeling weak and not wanting anyone to know that. Fear eats away at your confidence making you more withdrawn and having a near death experience like Yaz must scare you quite a lot.Hopefully the Doctor will notice and help her.

    You are not alone in that vast ocean you just can’t see the rest of us but we are there treading water with you.I wish I could bring you cheer like @pedant always did for me so I hope he comes back to bring us some laughs and links and crusty comments.I like crusty that’s, why I liked CapDoc so much.Stay safe and stand strong.

    winston @replies

    I liked it on first watch but it needs a re-watch so I can figure stuff out. I have been wracking my brain searching for a reason ,a reason so bad that the Master would or could destroy Gallifrey and I am drawing a blank. So I think maybe the Master is lying but I don’t know why except that he always lies. I hope to watch them back to back in the morning so maybe some of my questions will get answered.

    The cast was great as usual and that is about all I can say till I watch it again.

    winston @replies

    @vervain   Hello to you too!  Welcome to the site and to the sofa, it has a comfy new couch. I live in Ontario, Canada and I am fairly new to Who. I started watching in 2005 with the 9th Doctor but I had seen a few BG episodes growing up and I have tried to watch as many as I can. It is nice here with a lot of nice folks so I hope you like it.

    winston @replies

    Nice new sofa!

    winston @replies

    @ollie14   I think the Master did redeem himself in The End of Time by working with the Doctor to send the Timelords back where they belong. In fact he sacrificed himself to save the Doctor and  saved earth at the same time. I suppose he is angry at the Doctor for whatever happened to him back on Gallifrey.Well I guess we have to wait for part 2.

    winston @replies

    @pedant The flashes of lights did look like a show I saw on the brain. When different parts of the brain were used electric flashes showed the researchers what part of the brain was being accessed. So I agree with you there, I think she is in a brain like place.

    winston @replies

    @badwolfalice  Welcome to the site! I think the house was his TARDIS and I loved it, I don’t think were in Kansas anymore Doctor.

    winston @replies

    Why does the Master have to steal a body? Did he explain and I missed it? I really need a rewatch.

    How would you feel if someone told you that everything you know is a lie? What, what?

    winston @replies

    I never see anything coming so I was totally surprised and really quite happy that I was. I am still not sure who the shiny  guys are although I have some theories or more like wild guesses.The spy gadgets were fun and the tuxes were cool as was the Doctors bow-tie .So the Doctor once spent 123 years in the outback?

    There was as usual too much to take in with one viewing  and I will rewatch it again. It was a great cliffhanger and I can hardly wait till Sunday.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave   Whimsy is such a lovely word and I agree that we need more of it as well as imagination and fantasy and wishes. Doctor Who is full of all of that and more and I can’t wait till tomorrow night to start a brand new series. I have my Who slippers, t-shirt,scarf  and TARDIS mug all cleaned and ready. Treats will be eaten and tea will be sipped and I will fall under the spell of the Doctor and her companions and that magical blue box. I can’t think of a better way to start a new year than with the Doctor. Happy New Year.

    winston @replies

    Hello to all my friends around the world and a Happy New Year!! I have 2hr. and 30 min. to go till midnight so some of you have long beat me to the midnight kiss. So I blow a kiss out to all of you with my hope that next year finds you happy and contented.

    Like all of you I wish for more peaceful dialogue between all sides with far more listening and far less shouting. I also hope that everyday,regular  people everywhere can demand that our governments address climate change. Not by talking but by doing something, anything , and that we at home can force change by being the change. We can consume less and follow the 3Rs and use less energy or plant some trees or go green or anything you want that is positive change for our planet. I know that is a lot to ask for,  but a girls gotta dream eh.

    Anyway that is my last rant of the year so……..Happy Who Year ! See you after the episode.

    winston @replies

    @arbutus   Thank you for the good wishes. My granddaughters did fill my day with joy and laughter and a little silliness.It was great! The teenager is here for a few days so the house is filled with her friends and her “stuff” and my bathroom is filled with make-up and hair products.Ah the memories.

    I hope your holidays are good and filled with love and family.

    winston @replies

    Six more sleeps as my granddaughter measures time.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave   It was Scrooged with Bill Murray  and at midnight Christmas Eve the Winstons watched the old black and white version of A Christmas Carol. I do like the Muppet version because of the music but didn’t see it this year, too bad.

    winston @replies

    To all my fellow Whovians and their families, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas filled with good food ,good company and laughing children. I wish you peace of mind and a little joy wherever you can find it. Have a great day!

    P.S.  Call your Mom or Granny and anyone who might be lonely, they will love it.

    winston @replies

    @pedant  Sad magic is my Christmas this year. It is a little tough for us but the granddaughters  are coming in the morning for Christmas Day and they are a blessing.

    @thane16  After Doctor Who, Boston Legal is my fave! I love Alan and Denny Shore. Thanks.

    winston @replies

    @thane16 and @janetteb   I liked that episode a lot but I have not watched in awhile and now I want to again! So many questions and mysteries in that episode. Like who or what if anything is under the blanket on the bed. That actually gives me the creeps and I hate not knowing.I better read the thread again in case someone had some answers. I will watch tomorrow when I make and bake pies so I can comment.


    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave  I love that movie and even those clips had me giggling! I love a good insult.

    @pedant Thanks for the clip and “ditto”.

    winston @replies

    @janetteb   I saw on the news about your record breaking heat and it must be hard to get through it. How hard is it to do your baking in that kind of heat? My oven is used as storage from June to Sept. here during our summer and I bake all winter to help keep the kitchen warm. We are having an arctic chill  and it is -22C right now and expected to reach -30 overnight. My feet are cold, but I am Canadian so I like cold and snow.

    I started my Xmas baking early thank goodness as my oven has stopped working! Fixing it will have to wait for now and I have no idea how I am going to cook my turkey on Xmas but I am trying very hard not to panic.  I will admit to having a moment when the oven stopped, a moment of frustration and shouting “why now?” but now I will have to come up with a cunning plan to produce a turkey dinner for my family. Oh yeah, for the first time in a few years I am hosting Christmas this year.

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