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    @miapatrick  I watched it and then I waited 3 days and watched it again. So good! @janetteb I watched the first few episodes of Stranger Things while visiting my son and I really liked it but I have to wait for the next visit to watch more or hope my library orders it.

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    @pedant  That is a cool creature and would make a very excellent Who monster. Is it a moth because if it is I am already scared.Also nice picture.

    @doctor-levina   So you have reached the crusty ,sarcastic and cheeky 12th Doctor and isn’t he great. Have fun.

    winston @replies

    I just finished the miniseries Good Omens based on a book by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman with the script by Gaiman and I really enjoyed it. An angel and a demon on earth since the beginning must team up to stop the end. It is a funny ,tongue in cheek story about good versus evil with a great cast including David Tennant , Micheal Sheen, Jack Whitehall and Miranda Richardson. The only thing wrong with it is that it was over too soon.  It is a great summer series.

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    @pedant  I have heard about the show and I am glad it is as good as they say. I will have to wait for my library to order it but they are pretty good at getting things if people request them. Thanks for the review.

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    @doctor-levina   I envy you meeting all of the Doctors for the first time.I remember my journey through Who and it was much the same as yours. The 9th Doctor was my first and I was so sad when he regenerated but then the 10th came along and he was so good then the 11th and so on.Each time I am sure I won’t like the new Doctor and each time I am wrong.What a great show!

    Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor is an old soul ,sweet and silly with a core of steel. When he gets angry it gives me chills. Have fun watching it all and believe me you are going to love the 12th Doctor too.

    winston @replies

    @doctor-levina   Hi and welcome to the site. If you are obsessed with the Doctor than you came to the right place. There are days worth of reading here on almost every episode and topic ,with some really good conversations and theories on everything Who-ish.

    You will find young and old here and all are very welcoming and we all love Doctor Who! So come in put on your fez and enjoy all things Whovian.


    winston @replies

    @thane16  Sorry , I am no help at all.  “Its all Greek to me” Sorry again I couldn’t help myself being as its Friday.

    I missed your name change, does it have a meaning ? Anyway I like it!

    winston @replies

    @craig  I borrowed this from the library awhile back and it was really good. The cast was very good and I also recommend watching it for something new. In fact I think I will borrow it again as it is worth a re-watch. And if you like trains well……..!

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    @mudlark  That sounds worth looking for. Thanks for the tip.  In my opinion , the BBC  does not seem too far left. I know because I am way too far left and people need not fear me  because I am the least threatening person I know.  Anyway diversity is the future.

    @janetteb  Your story sounds interesting and all too plausible as the poor will suffer more from the impacts of climate change. Extreme heat or cold costs more just to live comfortably, food and housing costs keep rising and bad air makes people sick. A great idea for a story.

    winston @replies

    @pedant  Thank you for that link, I needed a hit of something Doctorish and that did it. The Judoon are like intergalactic police  so I wonder what the Doctor is up too.

    winston @replies

    @craig   Your post really hits home as I lost a friend of 40 years to suicide a few months ago and it is devastating to those left behind. So many questions and so many ifs. While we thought he was fine, his world was crashing down on him.We would have listened and helped but he never talked to us, in fact he seemed to be a fairly happy person because that is what he wanted us to think. So if you are feeling helpless or sad or anxious talk to someone about it. People really do care about you and what you are feeling they just need to know. It is kind of you for caring.


    winston @replies

    @thane16    A tuckeroo is a flowering tree!  They look like nice shade trees.

    winston @replies

    @mudlark and @thane16   We have periwinkles here and they are sold as ground cover and tend to grow in shady areas where nothing else wants to grow. I love the dark shiny leaf and the purple/blue colour. I don’t have them here because I am afraid they would get loose and invade the creek banks as a few other plants have done but the in-laws have some and I like it. @janetteb I had to look up coypus too and I knew them as nutria (sounds like a food supplement) and they are free in the southern USA because of fur farms. They look like a big muskrat which is an aquatic rodent we have in here. Now I get to look up Thanes tuckeroo and learn something new.I love that!

    Right now water is our  problem because it won’t stop raining and many areas around me are flooding. So far our creek has turned into a river and has broken its banks but we are on high ground so we are good for now. I really wish it would stop raining because many people have lost their homes or have had damage done to them. Climate change means once a century floods coming every 6 or 7 years.

    We have 2 good old Canadian canoes so we can just paddle away with the dog if we have too.

    winston @replies

    Happy Earth Day to everyone! I hope you all got a chance to get outside and enjoy the little piece of earth that is yours. My little corner is filled with song birds and ducks and turtles and even a local beaver (we call him Justin) living in our creek. The earth is truly a marvelous place to be. We showed her our love by picking up a big bag of garbage from our creek. @pedant  I checked out a few local nesting platforms and spotted 4 pair of osprey taking advantage of them. It was good to see them back. @mudlark  I have crocus aplenty in bloom all over my garden , I am so thirsty for colour and they are trying their best to satisfy it. Spring has come to Ontario.

    winston @replies

    @pedant  Those pics are great and I will google the place later to learn more. Thanks for posting them.

    As for the ospreys, it looks like spring has sprung. As for the tee shirts, I wore one in the 70s and my brother had a poster. Sooooo tacky it makes me blush.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave   There are definitely parts or clues to a much larger arc that Chibnall  writes into this story and I also wonder if it is harder to write. When I was at school ,a long,long time ago, it was easier to write a story when the teacher told you what is was to be about so maybe it works that way.

    The look on the Doctors face when he realizes that he was the last one to see Elliot and had not stopped him from going outside was heart breaking. He looked devastated. This is also one of my favourite 2 part stories.


    winston @replies

    @craig  So I got the time to watch this and I really enjoyed it again. I think it has aged well and it was fun to see the 11th Doctor and Amy and Rory. Once again the Tardis has taken them where they need to be and not where they want to be so Amy has to wear her Rio clothes through the adventure.

    Something has gone wrong at the mine and while investigating Amy is sucked under ground in a very scary and emotional scene with the Doctor.The Doctor takes Nasreen in the Tardis to find Amy and make a truce with the Silurians and Rory is left behind to guard Alaya the Silurian hostage. Chris Chibnall wrote this and seems to like to split up the team and have a few separate stories going on in the same episode.Poor Amy has a bad time what with being sucked into the earth , gassed and then threatened with dissection. My favourite line from this episode is “Did you just shush me?” Never shush Amy!

    I liked the romance between Nasreen and Tony Mack , it was sweet. The group left behind are interesting with the almost manic Ambrose looking for her son and willing to do anything to the hostage to find him with Tony backing her up and Rory trying to keep Alaya safe. Alaya wants to be killed in order to spur on a war to take back the earth and kill us all. The Doctor tells them they have to be the best humans but can they.

    Anyway I liked all the actors in this episode and thought they all did a great job.I really like Elliot and I love the accents. The old church was beautiful and the graveyard was suitably spooky in the dark. The Silurian are monsters to us but we are invaders to them so how will the Doctor bring about a truce in the next episode?

    winston @replies

    @craig  I will watch this one tomorrow while Sunday dinner is cooking.

    winston @replies

    @craig   Welcome back!  I got all of the 11th Doctor’s series for Christmas so I am ready for this one and although I have watched it I will again before I comment.Thanks, I am excited about this as it has been a long winter.

    winston @replies

    @mudlark   Mudlark Manor sounds lovely. I hope you have a ton of tadpoles in your lake so a frenzy of frogs can sing to you. I love frogs and toads and I am very happy to see them in my ponds and flower beds. We have a creek and wetlands in our backyard so there are a lot of frogs to hopefully eat some of the bitey insects we have but right now the creek is frozen and the frogs, toads and turtles are still hibernating.

    My old gardener makes some really funny noises when she has to get down on her knees and even worse sounds when she gets up. Maybe my granddaughters will want to work for cookies this spring.

    @whisht  Grab your towel and “Don’t Panic”.

    winston @replies

    @thane16  @mudlark @pedant and @janetteb   Yup! You are all correct, my pancakes are a thicker version of crepes (I do love crepes) but they are not sweet by themselves just by what you put on them. They are usually eaten for breakfast and yes often put in a pile till they are limp and tepid depending on the size of your griddle and the speed of the cook. But maple syrup makes it better in fact it makes everything better except diabetes.


    winston @replies

    @thane16  I am happy that you got some rain and I hope it helps your garden. I have a plastic tub with a lid that I keep at my sink for coffee grounds and tea bags to be worked into the garden all winter. In the summer I put them in a big bucket of rain water and dish water to use in the garden. My Grandma did it so… must be good.

    We have too much water now as it is raining a lot and melting the snow quickly so our usually lazy creek has broke its banks and is rising into our back yard.Our house is on a rise and we have never flooded but some of our neighbours have in the past. Being Canada it is going down to -10C tonight so it will freeze again and that will help.

    Being a good Canadian I have my pancakes with butter and maple syrup that my son makes from his maple trees.Mmmmm now I want pancakes at 10pm.

    winston @replies

    @pedant  Thank you for the pictures, they were lovely. The green grass, blue and white checks and cute little pony made me happy. The town and the church are so beautiful and all the people looked like they were having a good time. Your spring and mine look a lot different right now. When I look out my window all I see is white, grey and snirt ( snow +dirt) with a sad lack of green so seeing your colourful pictures gave me hope. Olney looks like a nice place to live.

    winston @replies

    @bluesqueakpip  The blog is great and I have written 2 replies over there that seem to disappear into thin air or another time?  That is too bad because I wanted to tell that I agree with you about the loss of Grace and how it effects  Ryan and Graham in this series, how it changes all of them because loss is change and change can be scary. There is the loss of Grace and Bill and even our crusty old 12th Doctor to challenge Team Tardis.

    I only watched the first 3 episodes when it aired and had to wait till yesterday to get the series from the library so after a re-watch of the first 3 I will carry on with the rest and then comment again on your blog. Hopefully it won’t disappear again. Thanks for the post, it came at the right time for me.

    winston @replies

    @pedant and @thane16   I second thanes “whoa”  and add a…… what!

    winston @replies

    @thane16   @pedant and @whisht   I heard about Peter Tork earlier and although I am very sad at his leaving I also remembered all the fun he brought me as a young girl watching the show ,singing the songs and trying to decide who was the cutest. .As a much older person I have learned to appreciate their music and even took a Monkees CD  on our last road trip.

    Thanks  whisht for the Louis Prima song, I could listen to him all day. In fact who can be gloomy when Louis Prima and his band are playing.

    winston @replies

    @craig  No problem, I have a bunch of Who to watch and a whole lot of time on my hands so I can certainly wait. I hope everything in your life goes smoothly, these days its the most we can ask for.

    winston @replies

    @bluesqueakpip   Thanks for the heads up on the Time Meddler. I looked and found the discussions right where they should be. Now I need to find the episodes and watch them because they look good. Maybe we can find an episode we have not re-watched , I am open to anything.

    winston @replies

    @cathannabel  I am sorry for your loss. The service you describe sounds beautiful and I am glad it brought you good memories of a woman who sounds very interesting and accomplished.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave   I think that would be a great idea and it could spark some new conversations. I shall see if I can find it at my library.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave and @archaicwhovian   I really like Whoopi and I am happy she is such a Whovian but as the Doctor? Who nose? It would be great if she could do an episode of Who , maybe as an alien.

    winston @replies

    There is a new show on here called “New Amsterdam” about a hospital in New York and one of the Doctors is played by Freema Agyeman,  our own Martha Jones. I heard her  on the TV from the other room and recognized her voice. It looks OK but I have not watched it yet.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave   I think it would be fun to look back at older episodes of Who and discuss them and I hope @craig  considers it. I am lacking in my knowledge of BG Who and it would be mostly new to me, in fact I admit to never watching “The Meddling Monk”. Sorry.

    winston @replies

    @janetteb  That kind of heat sounds terrible and it must be so hard on both people and animals alike. We have the same sort of idiots in Canada using bad science to back up bad ideas. What I find even worse are the people who know that climate change is happening but refuse to do anything because it will cost too much. Too many taxes , too many regulations, possible job losses and the list goes on and very little seems to get done. Meanwhile, what kind of world are we leaving to our children and grandchildren if we are unwilling to pay the price now? I could go on but it depresses me too much.

    Where I am we are having a very cold week with temps. of -30C overnight and highs of -20 through the day. It warmed up a bit today and dropped a huge amount of snow on us.It is very pretty but heavy to shovel out of the driveway. Our little Jack Russell dog named Newton had a hard time for a few days even with his wee coat on and when he went for a walk it had to be short or he would start lifting up his feet because of the cold. He comes in and curls up in front of the fire to thaw out.

    What do you do when it is too cold to go out anywhere? We have been watching all the extended versions of Lord of the Rings with the 3rd one set for tomorrow. If it was as hot as it is where you are I would lay around and moan and worry about my garden.I hope yours makes it.

    winston @replies

    @fyrespryte  Welcome to the site.I hope you like it here.

    Your post is very interesting and sciencey  and I have nothing intelligent  to add to it. Time travel science makes my head explode so I let the Doctor explain it with “wibbley-wobbley ,timey-wimey.

    winston @replies

    @archaicwhovian   The episode with the wooden cyberman is The Time of the Doctor. It is a Christmas episode and there is a forum here about it.

    winston @replies

    @thane16   I also love old movies including the ones you mentioned but when I thought about it I realized that my favourites are the ones with fast snappy dialogue, an abundance of banter and a bit of slapstick. The Thin Man series and Bringing up Baby come to mind. That is probably why I enjoy the 10th and 11th Doctors so much.

    The Birds like most Hitchcock movies scared the hell out of me when I was younger.


    winston @replies

    @archaicwhovian  and @rougecyberman   Hello from Canada and welcome to the site! it is a great place to discuss Who and I hope you enjoy exploring it all.

    winston @replies

    @thane16   Wow!  That sounds like quite an enchanting holiday destination with exotic birds and other animals and beautiful blue pools of water. I am happy you and Thane had a good time and that you and your phone escaped too much harm. The only things I wouldn’t like are the leeches and spiders. I love going on long hikes exploring and I  have at least one spectacular or just plain funny fall or accident on every holiday but rarely hurt myself too bad. We have a bit in common.

    Great pictures by the way. It sure looks pretty.

    winston @replies

    @craig  It is a great show and Sandra Oh is excellent.  Also she is Canadian.

    winston @replies

    This Christmas my son got me a set of all of Matt Smiths episodes as the 11th Doctor and I finally got time to do a major re-watch.  I just watched The Eleventh Hour and it was so very good! I forgot how much I enjoyed the episode that introduced us to a new Doctor and 2 new companions. A little girl praying to Santa hears that wheezing sound followed by a crash in the garden and thinks that Santa has answered her prayers and he has. There is the poor old Tardis on her side and smoking badly when the doors fly open and a hand appears followed by another and then that face pops up. It is a young wonderful ,silly face with old eyes. Out hops our raggedy man, soaking wet from the pool and wearing 10s ripped clothes ,craving apples and wanting to help a little girl with a crack in her wall. Fantastic!

    Everything about this episode made me happy and who doesn’t want to be happy? I am looking forward to cold winter nights so I can curl up with a fluffy blanket and watch series 5,6 and 7.

    winston @replies

    @pedant  I used your Mothers answer today when Mr Winston asked me how long his chicken should roast for… “until its done” I answered and got a nasty grin in return.

    @thane16  @idiotsavon and @mudlark  Quite a few years back my oven quit on Christmas Eve ( as they do) and I had  about 20 family members coming for dinner so there was much frantic panic. My kind neighbor was going away so she offered her oven to us and so we got the turkey stuffed and ready and put the roasting pan turkey and all on the sled and dragged it down the road to her house.We had no car at the time so every now and then throughout the day me or my OH  would walk down the road to baste the bird and when it was done we piled it back on the sled and pulled it back home. It gave my family a lot of amusement and gave me somewhere to go and get a breather now and then. That broken oven gave me a funny Christmas tale and showed us how kind people can be sometimes.

    winston @replies

    @pedant     Dr Hook  was part of the soundtrack of my youth and I have never listened to Sylvias Mother without tearing up. Ray Sawyer thanks for the music.

    winston @replies

    Happy New Year to all of my fellow Whovians all over the world!  I have 2 hours to try to stay awake so I can say I saw the new year come in. ( too old and wise to party)  I truly hope you all have a good year ahead and warm hugs to those who suffered loss this year. Lets all grab a hold 0f 2019 and make it do what its told.

    winston @replies

    @missy  Right back at you!  I hope your year is everything you want it to be.

    winston @replies

    @kevinwho    Sometimes I  try really hard to watch an episode objectively so I can discuss it with all of you  more intelligently and less emotionally but it never happens. I hear the music,read the credits, see the Doctor and I am lost in the story.  I do dislike some of the adventures the Doctor has but I never dislike a new Doctor . I just think “oh, that’s the kind of Doctor this one is” and accept them and carry on watching. That makes me the opposite of the haters and I suspect just about as valuable when it comes to being objective but I keep on trying. I just like the show way too much.

    @janetteb  Whenever there is a new Doctor I find it takes a second or third viewing of the whole first series before I get completely comfortable with them. That was the case with Tennant and Capaldi and I love them both now and watch them over and over. I am sure it will be the same with this new Doctor. and I will have plenty of time to get acquainted with her waiting for the next series.

    I hope you are managing to beat the heat a bit. Wow that is proper warm over there.

    winston @replies

    @thane16    It is an ever changing and evolving show that grows up as it grows old and it always challenges me in some way. Some episodes age better than others but I still love most of them and I find something new to like every time I watch an episode. It just gets better and better.

    Vampires in Venice, the Tardis and Amy Pond and her boys, what more do you need?

    winston @replies

    @thane16  It is still Christmas here for 27 minutes and the house is very quiet for now. Boxing Day brings another dinner and more family visits and then both granddaughters come and stay for a few days before New Years so we are still a little busy. I am kidding about the favourite son thing of course, or am I? I am.

    When it is too cold we huddle round the fireplace in housecoats and slippers and hibernate.

    I like Vampires in Venice , it is a funny episode and I enjoyed Rory in it. I think I will watch it as soon as I get a chance to sit down again as it has been awhile.

    15 minutes now and its all over till next year.See what a slow typist I am.

    winston @replies

    @janetteb and @thane16   Hope you both had a good day. I wish I could send you some cold because you are way too hot there and we have plenty to spare. Your feasts sound yummy and I would love a juicey summer nectarine or peach.Mmmmmm.

    @miapatrick  Your day sounds perfect and I love Christmas doggies.

    @kevinwho  I just watched that one and it makes me happy/sad  then hopeful and excited.Lots of feels. I had a lovely day with my 2 sons and my granddaughter and all their furry friends. Now I am unwinding with a nice cuppa and my pals here in Who Town. Also my youngest son gave me a collection of all Matt Smiths episodes and specials on 10 dvds (he is my favourite son this year).

    @fatmaninabox  Thanks for the song. Hope you had a great day too.

    winston @replies

    @ddoherty95    Hey!  Yes of course we missed you and I am doing great so thanks for asking. Just recovering from a great day at my sons house where I ate too much. Your pics were funny ,thanks for the giggles and Merry Christmas.

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