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    @blenkinsopthebrave   @nerys  and @arbutus   To my fellow Canucks… Happy Canada Day.  We live in a beautiful and country , I have driven it from coast to coast and no matter how long you have you can never see it all. It is vast, and yet the people make it cozy. We have oceans and lakes and mountains and prairies and frozen tundra, heck we have it all! Stay strong, be  Canadian and we can face any obstacle with compassion and sheer determination.

    To all my other Whovian family members a classic Canadian greeting  ” Good day eh!”

    Now I am off to put on my toque and drink some maple syrup.

    winston @replies

    @draigh    Welcome!  One thing I have learned about Doctor Who is that there are always more Daleks, always. I don’t know how but they always come back. That is a good thing though , Daleks are cool bad guys.

    winston @replies

    @missy  I am so sorry to hear about your loss.  You must be devastated and I will be thinking of you. I agree that line is so true and so sad and I hope you get through this with the love and help of friends and family. Stay safe.

    winston @replies

    @shepherd    There are many great shows featuring transgender characters and many wonderful transgender actors including Bethany Black who appeared in the Doctor Who episode “Sleep no More” but the Doctor is not one of them. The Doctor is an alien from Gallifrey, a Time Lord who can “cheat death” by regenerating. Every cell in her body dies and is replaced and anything can happen. The 9th Doctor says he could have 2 heads or no head and the 11th thought he was a girl for a second. In other words they can be male,female or something else entirely. There is no transgender agenda only a plot device to replace actors and keep our favourite show going.

    winston @replies

    @bluesqueakpip   I really enjoyed Picard and I really like Discovery also. I do like the episodic style of Discovery especially for rewatching later when I can watch favourite stand alone episodes. The new style of Picard on the other hand makes me want to watch it all to solve the mysteries and finish the arc but I am not going to watch any episodes on their own. I will watch the whole series again so I don’t miss anything. Picard does get pretty exciting at the end.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave   We were surrounded by those cottagers , filling up the town and lining up in front of the stores they promised not to shop in. Apparently they feel that their taxes allow them to infect us. Ahhh covidiots. Thanks for the link.

    @janetteb When I get to hug them I may never let go. Good to see that things are getting better in your area.

    winston @replies

    @nerys  Good to hear you are doing OK. I love your beaches because you can walk forever and hardly see a soul just beautiful shore birds. It is great that you have no Covid where you are, we don’t have as much as Toronto but our seniors have been hit hard and one home lost half of its people to this horrible virus. Maybe some of these covidiots who call it a fake could explain their reasons to the families of the victims .Oh well  I tell my husband we have to take care of our own health in the end and rely on our own judgement to get us through. I do miss my granddaughters and their hugs but they are all healthy and that is what counts.

    @thane16   I have not heard of the show but I will check it out. I hope you and the family are good and healthy. Have you picked out a door colour yet? My house is white and my door is a grey\blue colour that is very boring and I may change it when the stores are open and I can buy paint. You have inspired me to add a splash of colour.

    Stay safe and sane everyone!

    winston @replies

    @miapatrick   I have a very talkative brain myself so I sympathize and I share your insomnia.   @dalekbuster523  We tend to go for pizza or Chinese food , maybe because they are both good for breakfast.

    winston @replies

    @mudlark  That was a privilege to watch and I am in awe of Stevie and the rest of his comrades in the Bomber Command. His memories were priceless and his loss is a loss for us all.I really liked the bio at the end and the long happy life he had with his wife was a reward he earned again and again. How brave and selfless were those young men who must have known how many of them were dying and yet they still volunteered. Thank you for this , it has given me some much needed hope and reminds me of how good we can be.

    winston @replies

    @craig  That was haunting.

    winston @replies

    @craig  My husband told me today that it was covid. He has been talking about the band and singing songs all day. It is so sad  about the people being alone at the end. Just too sad.

    winston @replies

    @craig  That is sad. My husband is singing along to the song as I type. He was (he would say still is) a punk and loved the Stranglers.We have a couple of albums here. I will have to dig them out and have a listen.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave   and  @cathannabel    There are messages above this but I fudged it up somehow.

    winston @replies

    @thane16  It is so good to hear from you and to know the family is doing OK. I think a yellow door would be perfect against the blue and white so I say “go for it”. It s too bad that thane junior cannot find work and I have my fingers crossed that he finds a job soon. Like you we usually hang around the house anyway so this is not a stretch for us and we have our gardens and the creek. We throw the canoe in and paddle down and into the wilderness and that is bliss. I do realize how lucky we are and have invited our friends to use the canoes if they want.We will keep the paddles and canoe as clean as possible.@cathannabel I know how you feel, I miss my kids and grandkids so much! I don’t have a camera for my old PC and we talk on the phone a lot but a good old fashioned hug would do this body good.We also have health problems in the house so until there is a vaccine our isolation will have to go on.@blenkinsopthebrave This site and the people on it have helped me through some dark times and it still does. There is nothing like Doctor Who for pulling me up and inspiring me to do the brave things and to be kind to all creatures who cross my path. The only thing better than watching the Doctor is talking about it to like minded people.

    Stay safe and sane  out there and paint your doors any colour that makes you happy!

    winston @replies

    @missrori  You sound like you are having a rough go of it and I am sorry.First of all thank you for working through this virus,you are very brave. I know that the future looks very uncertain right now and it is good to have something to look forward to. For me that is gardening and I am lucky enough to have the space to grow veggies and flowers. Maybe a new hobby like painting or knitting or taking an online class.

    We have had a couple small groups of covidiots protesting here and it does piss me off so much! Holding signs protesting the “hoax” and the government and common sense apparently.Most Canadians will stay at home until our doctors say it is safe but even we need food now and then and these people who won’t stay home make us all less safe. So stay safe and take care of yourself.

    winston @replies

    @craig and @blenkinsopthebrave  I have seen neither so this is a great opportunity.  I have been running out of good entertainment so thanks for more.

    winston @replies

    @craig  That was great!

    winston @replies

    @craig and @blenkinsopthebrave That is the one! Thank you both,now everyone can watch it. The one thing I have learned to regret during this lock down are my dismal computer skills. Without someones help it is harder to learn now but I am trying…..I need a grandkid here. I also want to learn how to skype or facetime or whatever so I can see my kids but my pc has no camera so that is the first step.Oh well that is for another day.


    winston @replies

    Hi everyone!  I hope you are all safe and sane. I wanted to tell you all about the the new Canadian cover of the song Lean on Me that you can watch on YouTube.(I have no idea how to make a link) It seems to have almost every Canadian singer in it and it is very pretty with some lovely harmonies. You get to hear Bieber and Getty Lee sing together along with Buble and Celine Dion and well everybody else. It is really good especially since it was made in everyones own home and sometimes with their dogs. The show Stronger Together has raised over 2 million dollars for Canadian food banks and the Red Cross so good on you Canadians!

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave and @janetteb   I watched last night again and they really are very good episodes. Poor John Smith when he realizes he isn’t who he thinks he is and doesn’t want to be anyone else. He wants to be a regular person and stay with the women he loves but she tells him he must do his duty.The war is coming and so many of these boys will die doing their duty.

    There are so many elements to this story , the boys and the bullies, the scary Family, Martha being the Doctors carer,love and loss and duty. The punishments are chilling.I can watch these episodes many times and still see something new.

    winston @replies

    @craig  I always thought that a converted church would be a nice home and I wish I lived near The Doctor. Tom Baker did look good and he might be getting younger which makes me wish even more that I had a Tardis.

    I found out our show is on Sunday night.Ooops.

    winston @replies

    @craig Thanks for that! I for one will listen to the Doctor and stay inside.The “Big Night In” looked great and I hope it raised money and let the front line workers know how much we appreciate them. Canada is doing a big show on Saturday with  some great Canadians like Celine Dion, Micheal Buble, Justin Bieber, Margaret  Atwood and Mike Myers just to name a few. It looks pretty good. It is amazing what is done from everyone’s home not to mention seeing what their homes look like( because I am nosy).

    winston @replies

    These 2 episodes have all the chills and thrills you need. It brings back so many of our old faves and throws them together in a war with Daleks. Of course it gives us the Doctor Donna and then just as quickly she is gone, no memories of all of her adventures.How sad is that? Rose gets her Doctor and I just saw the clip where the new Doctor is given a piece of the Tardis to build a new one.The Doctor and Rose in the Tardis. I love a happy ending.This was the finale of all finales.

    winston @replies

    @nerys and @blenkinsopthebrave   I have not watched the last episode yet but I love this show and so does my husband or as I like to call him “my social isolation buddy”. My son gets them for us and we actually put off watching them because we don’t want it to end. We both like all the old and Next Generation Star Treks and this show makes us happy. What I like best is how Picard has changed from the strict upright Captain who always followed the prime directive to this older man who is willing to break rules to save others and do the humane thing even if it isn’t the right thing. We think when we are young that we are so cool and flexible but really I think that being flexible in thought and emotion comes with age and empathy and sympathy. I like this old Picard, fighting to right a wrong and to make a difference far more than young ,know it all Picard . He has mellowed with age like one of his wines.

    I love the Doctor because he never follows the prime directive, something I never do either.

    winston @replies

    @nerys  We have visited Nova Scotia and spent a lot of time in the area where this tragedy happened.It is a beautiful place filled with the nicest people we have met on our travels.People stopped in their cars to say hello as we walked down the street and the camp owners kept a pot of coffee going all the time for the campers and we laughed because  even the dogs were friendly.It was a joyful place to visit .

    I am so shocked and sad for the people who lost family members to such evil. The hearts and minds of all Canadians are with Nova Scotia and although our tears don’t help,we still shed them. Of course we ask “why,why,why?” and yet we will never understand why someone would do such a horrific act. I hope that the inner strength and faith of these communities will help them get through this but that is made harder by this damn virus. Stay strong and know that all Canadians grieve with you.

    winston @replies

    @craig  I agree that a memorial to all the people who have lost their lives to this virus is the right thing to do in every country. Sorry I can’t sign yours but I hope everyone who can will.

    winston @replies

    @craig   Nice!  There is something good about watching these episodes with a lot of other people around the world like it aired in the first place. Also knowing when they are playing and planning for that adds some much needed structure to my life. It also helps me know what day it is ,they are all becoming a blur. So thanks and stay safe and sane.

    winston @replies

    @craig  I watched this one again and I just can’t believe how well written it is and how the Tardis has been been brought to life only to break our hearts.What a genius idea, to put the Tardis inside a women so the bad guy can inhabit the Tardis instead. We got to know the little blue box we have loved for so long.Ever since this episode I have felt more connected to the Tardis as a separate companion of the Doctor. Like the Doctor, I always know she is in there.

    This time though I paid more attention to the strange inhabitants of the “House”, Uncle and Aunty and poor Idris and the Ood. I found these  mismatched people to be properly creepy and yet they had somehow managed to survive and form a very dysfunctional family.Weird characters.

    Great episode.

    winston @replies

    @nerys   I am in Ontario so it was dark when I looked because I am stupid.You are only an hour ahead of us so I will look in the morning when it is light.We have been to Westport but we had the little dog with us so we couldn’t go out on a whale watch. we met many people who had been and they all saw whales! We were lucky to see some whales and seals  just from the shore so that was great. It is so beautiful in Nova Scotia and the people really were very nice and kind.

    The economic and social impact of Covid-19 is too big and far reaching to contemplate. In Ontario it is manufacturing and now farming that is being hit hard and the social impact on the farming community is tough on a bunch of people who usually band together in hard times. A small town near us called Bobcaygeon has been hit hard by Covid in a seniors home. Almost half of the 65 people have died with 25 or so of the carers also testing positive. It is sad beyond words for the families and the seniors and the little town itself. It is a scary time for all of us. If you are still working then thank you! Stay safe and sane.

    winston @replies

    @craig  Count me in!

    winston @replies

    Dear Whovians, I hope you are all well and doing your best to stay that way. This is a truly scary time for us all especially us old ones and my heart goes out to anyone who feels anxious or afraid and to all the families who have already lost loved ones. We are isolated and sometimes alone and we miss our friends and families and our normal way of life and we feel stressed out. We also worry about our loved ones and the future and our own health.

    There is a phrase I normally dislike but in this case it applies “it is what it is” and there is nothing we can do but stay home when we can , stay 6 feet away from others and wash, wash ,wash.We can also phone everyone we know or talk to our friends online and share our fears and hopes with others all stuck in the same spot.A virtual hug doesn’t feel as good as a real one but it still feels good to know others care. We can also laugh as often as possible, at a funny movie or YouTube clip or even Trumps daily briefing but laugh whenever you can. You can also thank a front line worker which will make you both feel better.

    To all my friends , stay safe ,busy ,useful and sane but most of all stay positive and optimistic and of course stay home and watch Doctor Who. I don’t want any of you or your families to get sick.


    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave   Thanks for the giggles!  The Fuck All song is hilarious,even hubby liked it. I have watched it enough to memorize  the lyrics and I intend to sing it whenever I feel too anxious. If a Dalek told me to stay inside, I would.

    Stay safe.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave  I also watched it again and I am trying to say something I didn’t say above. Still think it is the best intro to a new Doctor and companions that I have watched.When Matt Smith pops his head out of the Tardis with that cheeky grin and the twinkle in his eyes I still think “this is going to be an exciting ride” and it was. I also have always thought that Raggedy Man is the best nickname ever. Like @jimthefish this is a comfort Who for me and it never fails to deliver.

    winston @replies

    @craig  Thanks for the clip.  It was funny yet chilling at the same time.

    winston @replies

    @craig   That was as good as it gets! This is one of my faves and my daughters absolute favourite episode.The only thing that stops me from watching it more often is just how sad it is. We both cry at the end every time.Poor Vincent, that’s all I can say and poor Amy who thought she had fixed him. I have family members who suffer from and are treated for depression and Curran’s portrayal is very real. He was excellent and this is one of the most human portrayals of a historic person on Who.Of course just my humble and non-critical opinion.

    The scene where Vincent casually pulls a painting off the wall and covers it with white paint to the horrified gasps of Amy and the Doctor is very funny as are many other parts of this episode. So it is funny and sad and hopeful.It has all the feels you need.

    winston @replies

    The longer this isolation lasts the lazier I get about what I look like.After all nobody is coming over to see me. I have taken to pajama day like a duck to water.Today I had on what I called my mullet clothes ,business on the top and party on the bottom. While in the back yard I saw some people paddling down the creek but when I realized what I was wearing I ran inside before they could see me. I had on PJ bottoms that were blue ,fluffy and covered in stars and I had thrown on a red and black checked lumberjack type shirt. It was ridiculous. They would have either laughed or paddled away very quickly.

    I might try harder in the future but jammies are so comfy.

    winston @replies

    @craig  Happy 50th Birthday!  It is a real drag that you have to spend it without your family but at least you have your phone and your Whovian fam online. I hope your cake is your favourite kind and you have ice cream to go with it. In fact I will have some ice cream in your honour. I hope you like my sacrifice.

    winston @replies

    @nerys  I agree with you on Chris Ecclestons Doctor, he was really great in the role.  I also found him funny and heartbreaking at times. He and Billie seemed to fit together by the end of this episode and I wanted to see where or when they were going next. He adds a seriousness to the role that fits a man who just destroyed his planet and is all alone.Billie Piper on the other hand as Rose is young, with all the fun and foibles that come with youth.

    The Empty Child is one of my favourites and his “Everybody lives, Rose! “is one of the most feel good moments of Who.When he is angry it is terrible, in the episode with the Dalek chained up he lets us know pretty quickly that the Dalek was a threat even if it looked silly. He was so angry and so tough but he was terrified, if the Doctor is that scared then the Daleks must be pretty scary.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave  I saw this on the news and it was great! We can’t do enough to help and thank these brave,  hard working folks.As to the off- license  being closed I feel for you. Ours are still open for now.

    winston @replies

    Rose was my introduction to a show that is now part of my life in weird and wonderful ways and I still love it. It was 2005 and the CBC in Canada was advertising the return of Doctor Who playing on their network. I saw Christopher Eccleston  and remembered him from Second Coming and so decided to watch it. I was not a fan of the BG  Who because I rarely saw it and never in any kind of order but because Chris was in it I gave it a go and after Rose was over I was hooked.

    Within minutes we know so much about Rose, she is an ordinary girl who lives with her Mum and works in a shop. She meets her boyfriend for lunch and can’t wait for her work day to be over just like everyone else. Her ordinary life is changed by the lottery, she doesn’t win it she just has to give Wilson the money.Then the manikins start to move and Rose is in danger. We get to meet The Doctor the same time she does and his first word”Run!” still gives me happy chills. I have been running with the Doctor ever since. Thank you RTD.

    Billie Piper is Rose and I can’t imagine anyone else in the role. The rest of the cast is great and I came to really like Jackie and Mickey and I consider them both honorary companions. I watched one episode of a new show and I was an instant fan and I have come to appreciate the brilliance of the idea of the Doctor the more I watch and learn. Rose was an excellent introduction to new Who and I enjoyed watching it again.

    winston @replies

    @miapatrick   I am glad you still have a sense of humour in this horrible time.I think that may be the only way to get through this sh*t storm, that and binge watching Doctor Who of course. My husband wakes up far too early and watches the news, so when I get up I am deluged with bad news before I finish my 1st coffee. Wait till I am finished before you fill me in on the news please.

    @thane16 It is good to have you back! I hope you and your family are doing well in this crazy time.We are pretty locked down here in Canada with some provinces harder hit then others but all affected by the virus and its social and economic side effects. We had 1 case last week in my area and that has jumped to 27 today with 2 deaths. It is hard not to be worried but we are stringently self isolating and my house and hands have never been cleaner. So stay safe and say hello to that lovely son of yours.

    Where I live spring has finally arrived in the form of geese, ducks, herons and songbirds. There are crocus, tulip and daffodil bulbs peeking out of the soil and beavers and muskrats swimming past our house with sticks to repair theirs. If these little animals and birds and flowers can make it through our winters year after year then there is hope for us all.

    winston @replies

    @nerys   Just looked at your Sandy Point webcam but all was dark except for the lights on the water so I will look tomorrow. We love N.S. and spent a month there in 2015 on the Digby Neck and it was so beautiful!

    winston @replies

    @missy  That video did make me smile and dance in my chair.. That zookeeper was cute and he had some good dance moves.Loved the fan work and the cheeky ending. Thank you.

    winston @replies

    @janetteb  We are doing our best to stay home and we are in week 3 of social isolation. Our Prime Minister is doing his best as are most Canadians so we hope to flatten that curve. There are always people who don’t listen but now they can be fined if they don’t stay away from each other like parties on the beach etc. Many manufacturers are now making medical equipment and supplies and grocery stores are only opening for limited times so they can restock.So we wait inside and see if it works. I hope you stay safe and busy.

    winston @replies

    @missy  Hello!  I am glad you are OK and I hope you can avoid this virus. Thanks for the video, we need all the smiles we can get. Stay safe and don’t get in a pickle.

    @nerys  I am trying to follow my own advice and stay safe and sane. It will be so much easier when it is warm enough to get into the garden and greenhouse. I will be starting more veggies than usual and less flowers. I think I will need the food more and I still have perennial flowers for colour. Until then I will keep busy inside. You take care.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave   My daughter is on the west coast of the island and she says it is either people freaking out or acting like all is normal but here where I am people seem to be staying home if they can.We went for a drive, just to get out of the house without being near other people, and the town streets were eerily quiet. We have 6 cases in this area now, unfortunately it has infected people in a seniors home and that is so terrible. To have your parent or grandparent sick and not be able to be with them is so sad and yet another reason to be so careful. I really miss my sons and granddaughters but they are all doing what is recommended and staying home. They phone a lot as does my daughter who is so far away from us.

    @nerys  Thank goodness for people like you who are going to work in such a scary time to keep the rest of us in food and medicine. People like my daughter who works in a bank and my daughter in law who works at a cardiac clinic who keep this country going. Thank goodness for health care workers of all kinds and first responders working to keep us healthy. Stay safe and sane.

    winston @replies

    @peacefrog   We are pretty much locked down in Canada now and our grocery stores are limiting sales of bread and other basics and opening for less hours so they can restock their shelves. They are letting us oldies in an hour earlier and by ourselves so we can avoid the crowds. I stay home myself and sing “It’s the end the world as we know it” to my irritated husband. Thanks for the music!

    winston @replies

    That was great fun to watch again and I enjoyed it as much as I ever did. All the Doctors were together,so different in looks but still the Doctor and it reminded me why I love this show.Tennants brave warning to a fat bunny and Smiths remarks on 10s skinniness still make me grin as well as Hurts complaints about the other Doctors use of the sonic screwdriver and the kissing. As @bluesqueakpip says this is a love letter to Who and one I would sign in an instant.

    I also think this was a very funny show with just the right amount of silliness balanced by a few scares and some sadness.It brought back some old favourites with a flash view of a future favourite.How does Moffat do it?

    I urge everyone who needs some cheer and some hope to watch this again and I bet they will feel better if only for a little while.

    winston @replies

    I just saw that the air pollution over most cities is down(less cars) and Venice has lovely blue and clear water in its canals(less boats). It is amazing how quickly we can change our environment.

    winston @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave    Great shout out to the National Film Board of Canada, I grew up watching these films at home and school. I am going to check it out .

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