“Days of the Doctor – The “Big 50” Blog 23-11-13

As we approach the big day, I’ll be attempting to highlight details of the celebrations and, more importantly, what you are doing to celebrate. Be it attending the big convention in London, or sitting forlorn and alone in your home, comforted only by a bottle of Cheap Sherry and a Pot Noodle, while wearing a homemade Fez.

This is a work in progress, so I’ll post more information and requests as time goes on. Just remember:

Want to tell us about your Celebrations, Parties and Events?
Contact Phaseshift and Wolfweed at


SATURDAY23rd November 2013

18:52 As I enter the final hour before the special, I feel absolutely great. The Barcelona was a bit sweet, I think, for Doctor 10, and may need an adjusted recipe. We can’t get perfection every time though, and these things depend on individual taste.

The finale of my eleven cocktails – “The Madman in a Box” is a doozy.1 oz absinthe, 2 oz Benedictine liqueur, 2 oz dry vermouth over 5 oz crushed ice. May I toast your, and everyone on the forums very good health, as well as the next 50 years of Doctor Who. CHEERS!

17:52 the real fatmaninabox from hudseyThis mat be a challenge over the internet, but @Hudsey has sent us this picture of “THE REAL” @fatmaninabox. Many thanks – Simon looks in marvellous shape there, (i.e round and chucklesome).
17:36 I’ll recommend that episode of Splendid Chaps, but even more strongly recommend the “Black Leather”. Fierce, uncompromising and more than a little dangerous, that is one drink to savour.Next up, I feel like breaking into a bit of a Freddie Mercury impression, with the “Barcelona” – inspired by @Pufferfish. That’s about 2 oz sweet sherry, 1 oz Spanish brandy, 1/2 oz Licor 43® liqueur, 1/3 oz lemon juice,
2 1/2 oz lemonade. I’m a little bit confused at the moment, and may have forgot to salute the beginning of Doctor Who a while ago. Oh well. Cheers! Happy Birthday Doctor Who!
16:11 Oh, name and the taste. I’m getting initial disappointment, followed by a rush of alcohol, and the an aftertaste that has the slight knowing campness of the earlier Doctor 8 audio adventures (that’ll be the creme de bananes). Fun, quirky and a bit longer lasting that you would initially expect, that was brilliant.Doctor Nine, and the “Black Leather”. 1 oz brandy 1 oz peppermint schnapps and 1 oz 151 proof rum. I have unadvisedly tried to set it alight, and possibly have a 999 situation on my hands. EMERGENCY – OUT OF CONTROL.
14:55 Ooooh, the Rrrrragnarrrrrock is very enjoyable drink. That underlying bitter aftertaste really sums up the feeling of hearing about the cancellation when IT WAS GETTING BETTER!Someone of my aquintance suggested the mix for Doctor Eight – the “One night in San Fransisco” over ice cubes pour 2 cl vodka, 2 cl creme de bananes grenadine syrup, orange juice. I’m on it.
14:00 I’m now fortified by a really greasy fry-up, and feeling much better. I’ll be continuing my drinking but I was torn about what to watch listen to. CBBC has an afternoon of Who related materials, including some Sarah Jane Adventures. I’ve got those though and so I’m currently downloading the latest free podcast from those Splendid Chaps in Australia. Available from today, they’re looking at Doctor Eleven, and the general topic of “The Future” as portrayed in the show.
12:58 You know – it takes an AWFUL lot of vodka to dilute Carrot Juice. I’m feeling more than a little giddy. I need food, so I’m logging out for a while to fry something tasty.When I stagger back, I’ll be drinking a toast to Doctor Seven. A thing of humble simplicity, the Rrrrragnarrrrrock consists off equeal measures (double shots) of Drambuie and Benedictine over ice. Add in an umberella.
12:20 Looking at the UK Press today, it’s a wealth of tributes and features that will even test @wolfweed s capacity for posting great links. I’ll link to this one at the Guardian, which is Rowsons Cartoon. I particularly like the sign hanging on the TARDIS.
12:12 Like the Sixth Doctor himself, I’m finding the Carrot Juice, Carrot Juice rather hard work. It’s the Carrot Juice itself, which I’ve never been happy with. I’m diluting it with more Vodka, and this may be the cocktail that never ends. A bit like the feeling I got when I last watched Trial of a TimeLord – When IS THIS GOING TO STOP! Well done @Bluesqueakpip.
11:52 @ScaryB also reported to me that Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker and Peter Davison looked very pleased with themselves about their “Day of the Fish Doctor” project, which is going on the BBC red button tonight from 10pm. Knowing Peter Davisons other video works related to Doctor Who, expect some genuine laughs.
11:14 Doctor Six, and I face the unwelcome prospect of vitamins. Still – a healthy brunch will fortify me, so I’m preparing Carrot Juice, Carrot Juice as provided by @Bluesqueakpip.The recipe goes – “One part vodka to 3 parts carrot juice and one part apple juice. Add 2 slices fresh ginger. Stare at it for a bit, then chug in more vodka.”
10:05 As I’m recording “Who Made Who”, I’m dipping into (ooh-er missus) Graham Norton on Radio 2 who is broadcasting his show from the Celebration at Excel.
09:30 Breakfast must be the Pimms Turbo, kindly nominated for Five by @Pufferfish. That’s Pimms, a shot of Gin and garnished with, what else, Celery. It’s a nourishing alternative to food, I’m finding. It’s a bit cold, so not having the desired effect of summoning those thoughts of warm Summer cricketing season.I’ve added some images to the posts from @ScaryB and @Juniperfish who have provided us with valuable insights to last night shananigans.

FRIDAY22nd November 2013
Award - Craig

Emperor of the known Universe, @Craig, receives his award, and a nice copy of the Doctor Who Technical Manual at the Pub meet up. Speech, Speech!!

Rocky and his submarine

Special effects Whizz Rocky impressed @ScaryB and @Bluesqueakpip at the Excel Celebration with his model work (pictured with his Cold War submarine). On working for the show he said “It beats working”.

23:06 @Juniperfish promised me decadent with her champagne and absinthe cocktail, and she wasn’t far wrong. I got the separation she mentioned briefly, but the bubbles soon break down the phase. I feel quite drunk, many thanks to her.I’m polishing off the champers now, and I have a feeling I’ll need an early start tomorrow. Pimms for breakfast?!
21:04 The Venusian Lullaby was really very nice. Not sure if it captures the Third Doctor or not, but the notes of Peach and the directness of the almond make it a stately drink, which may do the trick.I’m preparing the “Great Green Vampire” suggested by @Juniperfish next. A glass of champagne and then a finger of absinthe poured carefully on top. As I have a full bottle of the champagne, and I’m going to have to consume the lot, this will possibly be my last recipe tonight. I shall report back later.
20:02 If the party in The Dean Swift can hear a bit of a kerfuffle going on outside, then don’t worry. Apparently a Bonnie Landford “look-a-like” has just been set upon by some angry Who fans. Her screams are apparently REALLY piercing, which apparently made them angrier. Alas, the poor gel has had to be escorted whisked away from the scene by Policemen for her own protection. Shame that’s put a dampener on things. On a lighter note, my Venusian Lullaby is going down a treat!
19:20 The “Giddy Aunt” is reminds me of being slapped in the face with a hefty fish, more than a bit bizarre. Crème de violette and cointreau is a really odd combination, giving an aroma reminiscent of a six year old throwing up a packet of Opal Fruits. Quite tasty though. Thanks @ScaryBDoctor Three – “Venusian Lullaby” up next. 1 oz amaretto almond liqueur,2 oz peach schnapps and 3 oz club soda over five ice cubes, with a twist of lime at the end.
18:30 Oh – the fickle finger of fate has struck. The look-a-like agency has just called to say that “Amy” has come down with a food poisoning issue. Happily they have a red-haired Doctor Who alternative who is “a bit frisky” in their words. You do like Bonnie Langford as “Mel” don’t you Craig? She can do the voice and everything.
18:00 It’s a real shame not to be at the event tonight. Hope everyone has a smashing time. Of course, with @shazzbot giving me the location, I had ample opportunity to make a quick arrangement. An Amy Pond look-a-like Strip-o-gram has been ordered for over a week and has been told to ask for Craig. That’s our little secret though, isn’t it Internet?
17:50 Good call by @WhoHar for Doctor 1. The Old Fashioned in a cheeky little number that certainly hits the spot. A triffle harsh, but with an underlying warmth. I can feel my hair whitening and the sudden rush of alcohol would make anyone fluff a line or two.I think I’ll move onto the next, which we named “The Giddy Aunt”. A @ScaryB nomination, 2 ½ Oz Gin, ½ oz vermouth and ½ oz cointreau. Add in 2oz crème de violette and 2 oz fresh lime juice.
17:05 11 Doctors, 11 Cocktails. I’m kicking off the weekend with “The Old Fashioned” for Doctor 1, as suggested by @WhoHar. Place a sugar cube in your glass, and 2-3 dashes of angostura bitters, add an orange slice and introduce 3 oz bourbon whiskey. A cherry to garnish.I’ll provide tasting notes later.
16:58 From my faulty memory, I think at least three of our number have been at the Excel Arena for the first day of the convention. Hopefully, lots of reviews and stories will be relayed when they are in a fit state to communicate. That’ll be about Tuesday then.
16:55 Huzzah! It’s that magical time, the beginning of the weekend at chez Phaseshift. Time for a Whoathon. I understand that many people are making their way towards a bar in London for the first meet up of the disturbed denizens of this Forum. Good luck to them. May the alcohol and conversation flow in equal measure.

FRIDAY8th November 2013

16:35 Many thanks to those who have contributed cocktail recipes for the Doctors! Anyone got any ideas of Time Lord related foodstuffs? I have updated the schedules, which are are just short of a couple of confirmed dates and times now.

SATURDAY2nd November 2013

14:40 The tension mounts as more scheduling information drips out to a desperate fandom! Our listings sections have been updated for your delight.

SUNDAY27th October 2013

17:24 As we in the UK revert back into GMT, and it is now almost dark at 17:00, it all starts feeling a bit more real. This, surely is the time of year for Doctor Who to return? Less than thirty days to go! I’ve updated the Events and Cinema sections to reflect the weeks news, but it sounds as if the gamble of having Cinema showings has paid off. I’ve read internet accounts that many venues have sold out.

TUESDAY22nd October 2013

19:35 I’ve shared this over on the news thread, but find below in Cinema more details on the Cinema showings for the 50th Special. I’ve also expanded the Events section to include the Australia and New Zealand events I’m aware of, if you’re on Walkabout.

SUNDAY20th October 2013

20:30 While we all reel from the splendid trailer shown yesterday, @Shazzbot has news of the location for the Pub meet-up for The Doctor Who Forum. Check out events below for details.

SATURDAY19th October 2013

12:50 One of the side projects I had in mind for this blog is developing, with your help, the ultimate guide to getting a Who related party together. First of all – Drink! I’d welcome any suggestions over the coming weeks for Cocktails that play on a Doctor Who theme. Be it something fiendish of your own devising or renaming an existing cocktail. For example a “Slow comfortable screw” could become “Look – it’s just holding hands, as there are children watching”. Give us your ideas.

FRIDAY18th October 2013

23:14 Gosh – how exciting! @Shazzbot has already demanded that I draw the attention of everyone who is looking at the Doctor Who Forum pub event to check out her post here. Better do it people – she has the power of life and death over your posts!
22:10 To start this blog off, a request from @ScaryB who asked us to consolidate what we know about TV, events and other things to do with the 50th in one place. How could we refuse? Lots of To Be Confirmed in the list at the moment, but I’ll update as and when more information comes to hand.



  • Wondering what to do with the kids at half term? Into Doctor Who? In Yorkshire (if not – why not!?). Well, Bradford Media Museum can sort you out. Running from Saturday 26 October – Sunday 3 November the Doctor Who Family Half Term promises fun for everyone. Well, everyone into Doctor Who. Staying with the Bradford Media Museum (and why not), running from 23 November 2013 – 9 February 2014 is 50 years of Doctor Who Fans which is a celebration of, well, us, I think. More information here.As of 09-11-13, Doctor Who news has an article on how the event has been put together here.
  • Manchester seems to have gone mad for Doctor Who, and has a number of events including live shows, theatre, film showings and guest appearances in the two weeks up to the anniversary. In fact there is so much to highlight, it would be exhausting to list it all, and I’ll just post the link to an article that @wolfweed kindly provided.
  • Monday 18th November will see a garden party at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the show. Anyone got an invite? No!? How dare they! Only reason I mention it is that I feel this needs the eye of a Royal Correspondent, and maybe we should recruit one from our ranks? Qualifications seem to include being ginger, called Nicholas, be able to drone on about dresses and describe the pictures in the most obsequious tones/prose possible. As we are doing it on the cheap I’ll just take the dresses thing.
  • The Inaugural Doctor Who Forum Piss-Up will be held at a watering hole in London on Friday 22nd November from 18:30hrs. Location: The Dean Swift Pub, Butler’s Wharf
    10 Gainsford St, SE1 2NE. Detail, maps, etc in this post. Dress to impress, distress or just don’t dress. It’s all good (subject to local bylaws).
  • The Big 50th Convention will be held in the Excel Arena in London on Friday November 22nd November to Sunday 24th November. I hope participants will be keeping me up to date with goss, pics and the latest titbits of information. Dependant on how hungover they are after the Doctor Who Forum piss-up of course. Guest lists for the convention have recently been released.
  • The Doc-Lands @ 50 party will be held in a venue in the Excel, The FOX @ ExCel, 2 Western Gateway, London, E16 1DR on the 23rd November 2013. Lots of events and fun promised with a big screen showing of the 2-D episode if you were unable to get access to the 3-D version. @Shazzbot has ten places booked, so contact her via PM to arrange your participation.

Australia/New Zealand

  • Currently ongoing in the Atrium of the ABC Ultimo Centre in Sydney is a free small exhibition of props, costumes and other ephemera from Doctor Who, including a TARDIS Police Box to have a photo with. On till 31st January 2014.
  • The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular returns at the start of the next year with shows in Melbourne (31st January – 1st February 2014), Brisbane (8th February) and Wellington, NZ (21st – 22nd February 2014). Details here.


  • Day of the Doctor will receive a theatrical release to coincide with the TV showing, apparently with additional introductions not available to people who are allergic to the Cinema experience (until the DVD comes out no doubt). This page has a tool to determine your nearest location, and includes all except Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada. Articles indicate this list is not final, and more will be added.


Apologies this is a bit UK centric at the moment. Let us know listings in your region if you want us to promote them.
DR= Doctors Revisited. For Australian and New Zealand, these shows will be aired in marathons over the anniversary weekend. A schedule can be found here.
For details of BBC America celebratory TV shows, try this article here, which summarises things.

Date Name Channel/Time Description
23-11-13 Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty BBC3, 21:05 Live celebration and thoughts following the special. Warning – this is by the same people who bought you the Next Doctor Peter Capaldi show. Drink may be necessary.
23-11-13 Day of the Doctor BBC1, 19:50 It’s the big one – the 75 min anniversary special episode.
22-11-13 Me, You and Doctor Who BBC2, 21:30 Culture Show special discussing the cultural significance of the show.
21-11-13 An Adventure in Space and Time BBC2, 21:00 Written by Mark Gatiss and starring David Bradley – the story of the birth of a legend.
21-11-13 Blue Peter Specials CBBC, 17:30 Two specials including Matt Smith Q&A
18-11-13 Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide BBC3, 20:00 Described as a wealth of archive material on all things Who
16-11-13 DR: Matt Smith Watch, 2pm Followed by Impossible Astronaut, Day of the Moon
15-11-13 Monsters and Villains Weekend BBC3, 19:05 Start of a 3 day countdown of viewer-voted top monsters in a series of shorts.
14-11-13 The Science of Doctor Who BBC2, 9pm Professor Brian Cox looks at the Science behind Doctor Who.
10-11-13 DR: David Tennant Watch, 2pm Followed by Stolen Earth, Journey’s End
9-11-13 DR: Christopher Ecclestone Watch, 2pm Followed by Bad Wolf, The Parting of the Ways
3-11-13 DR: Paul McGann Watch, 2pm Followed by the Movie. What else?
2-11-13 DR: Sylvester McCoy Watch, 2pm Followed by Battlefield (TBC)
27-10-13 DR: Colin Baker Watch, 2pm Followed by Vengeance on Varos
26-10-13 DR: Peter Davison Watch, 2pm Followed by Earthshock
20-10-13 DR: Tom Baker Watch, 2pm Followed by Pyramids of Mars
19-10-13 DR: Jon Pertwee Watch, 2pm Folowed by Spearhead from Space
13-10-13 DR: Patrick Troughton Watch, 2pm Followed by Tomb of the Cybermen
12-10-13 DR: Willian Hartnell Watch, 2pm Followed by The Aztecs


23-11-13 Graham Norton Radio 2, 10am Graham will be broadcasting live from the convention, with guests in a 3hr show.
23-11-13 Who Made Who? Radio 4 extra, 09:00 Described as a 3hr journey through audio from the archive, new interviews and extracts from audio versions of Doctor Who.
22-11-13 Dalek Invasion of Earth Radio 4 extra, 18:00 A reading of the novelisation of the book, narrated by William Russell.
21-11-13 The Blaggers Guide to Doctor Who Radio 2, 23:30 A “blaggers guide” to Doctor Who presented by David Quantick
21-11-13 Who is the Doctor? Radio 2, 22:00 A 90 minute documentary about the histroy of the show with new interviews.
21-11-13 Human Resources Radio 4 extra, 18:00 Audio play featuring Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith.
20-11-13 Farewell Great Macedon Radio 4 extra, 18:00 A untelevised story idea for the first Doctor, as the original TARDIS team meet Alexander the Great.
19-11-13 Thousand Tiny Wings Radio 4 extra, 18:00 Sylvester McCoys Doctor confronts and avian collective intelligence.
18-11-13 Fanfare for the Commen Men Radio 4 extra, 18:00 Peter Davisons Doctor travels to an odd version of the sixties, with the Beatles seeming having been erased from history in favour of the “Commen Men”
17-11-13 Protect and Survive Radio 4 extra, 18:00 Sylvester McCoy faces an 80s which seems to be poised for nuclear armaggedon.
16-11-13 Doctor Who and the Daleks Radio 4 extra, 18:00 A reading of the novelisation of the book, narrated by William Russell.

The dramas broadcast on Radio 4 Extra will continue into the following week, schedule to be announced, but will feature Lucie Miller/To the Death, which I highly recommend.


  1. @shazzbot did a truly brilliant job of organising the Inaugural meet-up, with the assistance of two of the best behaved dogs I’ve ever met. Even if Triton did prove to be something of an escapologist. 😉

    It was lovely to meet everyone and spend the evening talking about Doctor Who. Shazzbot’s certificates were great – and I now have weebles to play with. 😀

    Okay, so, how can I work weebles into a theory of time?

  2. Reports of the booze up sound great! Very happy to be represented by the blenkinsop avatar.

    Mrs Blenkinsop and I consumed our bottle of Australian shiraz (a humorous little wine, as the third Doctor would have noted) and watched the first episode of “an Unearthly Child” and the last episode of “The Chase” where Ian and Barbara return to London.

    Many thanks to @shazzbot for creating, and @craig for sending on, the “Let’s Watch Hitler Medal of Merit” (who knows whether Hitler would have approved of the trailer when it finally arrived. Then again, who cares–he was a git!) Needless to say, it will be framed and accorded a place of honour among the various Daleks, Mechanoids, etc that we share space with in the blenkinsop abode.


  3. Oh dear. I have already eaten a succession of fried things eg omelette; saag paneer in paratha (kati roll) but my two-glass hangover is still hanging in there. Really nothing left for it besides a duvet, a cuppa and children’s TV.

    Thanks to everyone who went along last night and especially to @Shazzbot for sorting everything out including the certificates (we’re all certified, folks – but now it’s official) and the sur-prizes (sic intentional). You’re lovely, clever people and it was great to meet you all.

  4. As I didn’t get chance last night, I’ll do it now… A toast to Emperor @Craig for providing such a wonderful place to chat to fellow Whovians and the Timelords @PhaseShift, @JimTheFish and @Shazzbot for keeping the site relatively ‘troll free’ (and providing much entertainment when a troll occasionally slips past the ever watchful menopausal, gun-totting psychopath).

    A toast to @Bluesqueakpip for explaining paradoxes (I still get a headache thinking about them, but they’re more bearable), @ScaryB for giving my avatar a much needed night-out (he hasn’t come home yet, the dirty stop-out!), @wolfweed for all the pics and clips and @Airedales @Pedant @Miapatrick @Arkleseizure @Timeloop @Thommck @Pufferfish @Chickenelly @XAD4 @CraigNixon @Hudsey @Juniperfish @WhoHar @janetteB @TardisBlue @steve-thorp @OsakaHatter @magnetite @blenkinsopthebrave @Whisht @DanMartinUK @The Krynoid Man and @DrSmith (let’s draw a line under any recent misunderstandings and move on 🙂 ) and @everyone else for all the mirth, mayhem and general bonkersness 😀

    And, finally, with my remaining brandy, a toast to the future for @mini-HTPBDETs, The Fledgling and The McGann boy and of course, the memory of @HTPBDET.

    Enjoy the show tonight, I think it’ll be a helluva ride!

    PS. Chuffed to bits with my ‘Fab First Time Fan Art’ Certificate – it gave me a much needed smile 😀

  5. Happy Anniversary everyone.

    I hope you all have a wonderful time.

    I have been away and not allowed to log-on much, so sorry to anyone I have not replied to. I will try and fix that in a few weeks.

    Have a wonderful 50th.

  6. @PhaseShift

    Thanks for asking. Alas, our news is not good. Our local cinema was sold out!

    That, combined with no accessto the cable channel, means that Mrs Blenkinsop are forced into hibernation (from this site in particular, I am afraid) until the DVD arrives in early December.

    Till then, I hope you all have a great viewing, and I am confident that Moffat will do us proud.

  7. Only 3  hours to go!

    I’m a bit sad I couldn’t meet you last night in London, instead I was at work until 1am… But my thoughts are always with you, also thanks to @PhaseShifts great blog, and all your lovely reports and pics. And I’ve got cinema tickets for tonight! 🙂

    Dreamt about the TARDIS last night. There were actually two TARDISses in parallel dimensions. One was possessed by a dog, the other one inhabited by a white rabbit. I’ll be very disappointed if that’s not exactly what we’ll see later.

    Keep on enjoying the celebrations and episode @everyone, I’m looking forward to seeing and reading all your thoughts and pictures on this forum in the next days. And more bonkers theorising!

  8. Just a quick one to say how great it was to meet up last night. You can never tell how those sort of things are going to work out and it turned out we were hardly weird at all…. And a big thanks to @Shazzbot for organising the whole shindig and to @Craig for bringing us all together in the first place. Let’s hope it’s the first of many….

    Just a few hours to go — can hardly believe it. Just about to fit in a couple of classic eps before the big one… much excitement….

    See you guys on the other side of the Time War…

  9. @Phaseshift

    Typos… and you’re never going to let me forget it, are you??!

    (btw I can’t PM anyone at the moment – is there a problem with it?)

    And yes, it’s surreal – there’s too much Dr who on TV etc to keep up with it all. Can only x fingers for for iplayer next week.

    @Wolfweed – thanks for all the posts from the Excel today – thank god someone there can work a camera better than me!)


  10. Well, that was fun! Big thanks to @Shazzbot for arranging it and for my new pet cyberman and it was great to put faces to names and avatars. I’ve just got back home and am now waiting for the time to leave the flat again and make for the ABC!

  11. @PhaseShift @ScaryB

    Hahaha, I’ll probably remember this during the only sad and quiet scene in the film later and start giggling.

    Good to see you’ve survived the 999 situation, though. Was getting a bit worried…

  12. @ScaryB

    Tis done, and I even corrected the link to @Juniperfish. in the post that you asked me to correct a previous post.

    And I thought I was tipsy. 😀

    Never forgot the “Phaseshit” error, as it made me howl with laughter. I’m easily pleased, but you made my month.

  13. Message from disconnected @Shazzbot (no WiFi)

    “I’m over the moon that everyone had a good time at the pub last night, and that all awards and prizes were well received. Am massively disappointed that I can’t see any photos (no wifi), but 50th anticipation reigns right now! So fantastic to meet everyone last night… Next year’s meet-up will surely require a larger venue!”

    Right, am off to the cinema – hope everyone survives the Time War! May all and none of our theories be right!

  14. Nibbles – check
    Nice cold bottle (or two) of Hoegaarden – check
    DVR set up – check

    With nothing interesting on TV for the next hour, I’m getting into the mood for Doc10’s return by listening to ‘The End Of Time’ soundtrack.

    The clock is ticking and the waiting is unbearable. See you all later 😀

  15. @phaseshift yes we had a quick chat to Simon he was a nice chap. He also sat a few seats away from us during the showing of the film.. Wasn’t expecting to be sat near a cast member for the anniversary, bit of a bonus! My girls featured in the picture you guys kindly shared on the blog are over the moon by the way (they now feel a little bit famous) and we also are proud owners of a portrait shot with Mr Smith himself from today at excel. They look a bit giddy in the photo (as do I a bit) 🙂

  16. @miapatrick – you said you would love a picture of ‘dogs taking food’ but sadly The Airedales had their dinner at the pub last Friday night before everyone arrived. (This was a deliberate strategy on my part, to ensure Triton’s nose didn’t end up on anyone’s fork! 😀 )

    But just for you, here’s a picture of them eating at home last year.  (Large dogs do well with food/water bowls on stands … not sure you have the same problem with your Yorkies!)

  17. @Shazzbot– Ahhhh!

    my Austrialian silkey is a little rickety on her legs, so I put her plate on a bit of a step, other than that dog meal time here mostly consists of me patrolling, making sure that everyone eats their own food and no one elses’. (One day I will give up and just get a trough!

    BTW glad the meet up went so well. And thank you for the certificate, that was a lovely idea.

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