Doctor Who rarely has an episode without at least one scene in the TARDIS. Star Trek: The Next Generation only had one episode without any time spent on the bridge. I remember that episode as being unsettling, and read somewhere years ago that the reason was the lack of scenes on the bridge.

Which figures, really. Both shows spend a lot of time in exotic locations; if we don’t spend any time at “home” we can feel lost in a foreign land. Which I’ll come back to.

The comments in the last blog entry got me thinking, because, well, it’s what I do, but mostly because they made good points.

Series 11 didn’t have any terrible episodes. They might not have been the best, but I didn’t have terribly high expectations going in. So why was I so disappointed?

Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor is so different in personality from her last several predecessors. Her TARDIS looks so different, and we haven’t had a great many scenes in it. Three companions means a different dynamic. Different enemies, different themes, different scale, different look, different music, credits…different almost everything.

Maybe I just haven’t felt at home.

I’ve been watching day one of BBC America’s eight-day marathon with a big smile on my face. I feel like I’m welcoming in old friends for hour after brilliant hour of imagination and wonder. Plus running in corridors.

I think on some level I’m wondering who these people are, and why they aren’t like the friends I’m used to.

Let me make sure I’m clear here. The viewing numbers are up in the UK and US. The Appreciation Index has stayed adequately high. Most of the folks on this forum are feeling happy. So everyone involved with the show can’t be faulted for the moves they’ve made—they’ve succeeded in putting the show back where it used to be.

But maybe part of the reason for some long-time fans’ dissatisfaction can be attributed to this. Maybe we just feel on some level like our old friends have become strangers.

Or maybe it’s just me. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Meanwhile I hope you’re all home for the happiest and most wonderful holidays.

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