Here to Engage? Or Enrage?

We’re a welcoming site, but that doesn’t mean we welcome just anything. If you look around some, you’ll see the site is devoted to reasoned discussion. So anything deemed unreasonable will tend to get short shrift.

For those who don’t want to read a lot of the existing posts, I can give you a number of pointers:

1. Give Reasons “Jodie Whittaker is the worst Doctor” by itself is going to get you ignored, or maybe mocked. We’re here because we like to talk about Doctor Who. Give us something to talk about. “Jodie Whittaker is the worst Doctor because she doesn’t give big shouty speeches” is going to be met with argument, but argument is fine.

2. Avoid Loaded Words “Worst” will pass, just barely, but “stupid” or “hack” or “incompetent” not so much. Words that carry a whole lot of emotional loading make rational discussion harder.

3. Avoid Pejoratives That’s a formal way of saying no name-calling. “What a jerk” won’t pass muster. And don’t use “SJW” that way either; I know what “social justice warrior” is being used to say nowadays, but since when is seeking any kind of justice a negative?

4. Avoid Personal Attacks We’re here for reasoned discussion, and attacking someone personally, whether another poster or someone connected with the show, has no place.

5. Avoid Hyperbole Exaggeration doesn’t help keep things on a rational level. Instead of “She’s the worst,” starting off “I just can’t get comfortable with her” helps the rest of the sentence be part of a discussion.

6. Don’t Rant It would be an interesting writing test to successfully rant while following all of the above, but, even if you can do it, don’t do it here. There are plenty of places elsewhere on the internet for ranting.

7. Don’t Set Out to Rile People Up That’s just not what this forum is for. As the title of this post suggests, we’re here to engage, not enrage.

Did I say a “number” of pointers? Guess I’m guilty of understatement. Because there’s seven do’s that will help you along with the seven don’ts:

1. Feel Free to Be Positive Look, honestly, if you say “Jodie Whittaker is the best Doctor” by itself, you won’t be mocked. You may not get a lot of response, but we love Doctor Who, so positivity will get you some leeway.

2. Feel Free to Disagree We have long-time forum members who don’t like every Doctor or every episode. Not everyone here agrees on much of anything. So go ahead and disagree, but see the don’t section for how to do it respectfully.

3. Don’t Expect Others to Agree You don’t have to, and neither do they.

4. Remember Quality Does Not Equal Taste It’s hard to accept that something you don’t like is great. But consider silent movies, or opera, or, I don’t know, the works of James Joyce. Do you like all of them? (If so, think of another example.) You can accept that all can be great, right? Same for Doctor Who writers, performers, episodes, and the rest.

5. Remember Others Don’t Share Your Taste Remember Great Aunt Edna who loved fruitcake. Even people you love can love things you can’t stand, and that’s okay. Same’s true for Who.

6. Be Respectful If you want respect in return…

7. Be Kind Remember the Twelfth Doctor and Twice Upon a Time; it’s what he’d have wanted. Besides, if Missy can do it…?


  1. @kevinwho

    Not everyone here agrees on much of anything.

    I have to say, I don’t agree with that. I think most of us actually do agree on most of everything. A look back at the history of the site, the various members over a year to 6 years ago might show surprising answers. Interesting blog though!  🙂


  2. @thane16     Puro     It occurs to me that everybody agreeing about things might be a bit of a drawback on a forum! The key I think is being able to disagree with civility and respect. (Which you demonstrated above.)

    So, with the greatest respect, I must disagree with you on that one!

  3. Well said.


    Quality doesn’t equal taste is perhaps the wisest thing here: (I personally don’t  like Picasso, pepperoni pizza, pepperonis or romance novels)(but apparently some of those are legend).

    Also putting things in “I” perspective. “I feel” because of xyz reasons. Not “that sucketh raw ostrich eggs because it does”.

    And yes, this little thing called civil discourse!

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