Before Gap (BG) Episodes

We are discussing Doctor Who stories from before ‘the gap’ (ie, 1996 – 2005), as they were originally shown –  one episode a week.

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The Invasion of Time (1)

The Invasion of Time part 1

After signing a treaty with enemies the Doctor returns to Gallifrey and demands the Presidency of the High Council of Time Lords.

The Aztecs (4)

The Aztecs part 4

Ian finds the way back into the tomb. Can the TARDIS team escape before Tlotoxl’s plans bring them all down?

The Aztecs (3)

The Aztecs part 3

Tlotoxl finds out about The Doctor’s plans to find an entrance to the tomb and his suspicions are aroused.

The Aztecs (2)

The Aztecs part 2

Tlotoxl has threatened to destroy Barbara for being a false god and begins to put his plans in place.

The Aztecs (1)

The Aztecs part 1

The TARDIS has landed in an Aztec tomb and Barbara is mistaken by the High Priest for the reincarnation of the god Yetaxa.

The Tenth Planet (4)

The Tenth Planet part 4

The Z-bomb fails to launch and Cutler is furious, but before he can do anything the Cybermen re-take the base.

The Tenth Planet (3)

The Tenth Planet part 3

As Earth is drained of its energy, Cutler is determined to save his son and destroy Mondas by using a doomsday weapon.

The Tenth Planet (2)

The Tenth Planet part 2

While everyone is trying to get the astronauts safely back to Earth the Cybermen infiltrate the tracking station.

The Tenth Planet (1)

The Tenth Plant part 1

The Doctor, Ben and Polly land in Antarctica at a space tracking station just as a mission starts to go wrong.

The Keys of Marinus (6)

The Keys of Marinus part 6

As time ticks away, the Doctor and companions try to prove Ian is innocent of murder and save Susan from her kidnappers.

The Keys of Marinus (5)

The Keys of Marinus part 5

The final key is stolen before Ian can get to it. He’s accused of murder and the Doctor must come to his defence.

The Keys of Marinus (4)

The Keys of Marinus part 4

Split up in a region of ice and snow, the companions must find each other before searching icy tunnels under a mountain for the third key.

The Keys of Marinus (3)

The Keys of Marinus part 3

Barbara quickly finds what she thinks is the second key but is captured. The key is a fake. Ian decides to look for Barbara and the real key alone.

The Keys of Marinus (2)

The Keys of Marinus part 2

Barbara is missing, but the TARDIS team quickly discover that she’s fine. She’s living in luxury. But all is not what it seems.

The Keys of Marinus (1)

The Keys of Marinus part 1

The Doctor, Susan, Barbara and Ian arrive on an alien planet and are soon set on a quest to find the four micro-circuit keys that could save it.

The Face of Evil (3 & 4)


The Doctor and Leela enter the spaceship and discover the terrible truth about Xoanon. The Doctor realises that he is to blame.

The Face of Evil (1 & 2)


The Doctor is captured by the savage Sevateem. Accused of being ‘the evil one’ he begins to suspect he has been here before.

Earthshock (4)


A shocking finalé. The Cybermen have taken over the ship and are turning it into a flying bomb headed straight for Earth.

Earthshock (3)


Now that the Doctor and Adric have been caught aboard the ship the Cybermen plot to take control of the freighter.

Earthshock (2)


After the rescue team destroy the androids the Doctor opens the hatch to reveal a bomb and has to try and deactivate it.

Earthshock (1)


A rescue mission finds that an exploration team of paleontologists and geologists have probably all been brutally killed.

The Deadly Assassin (4)


The Doctor survives the Matrix but finds the Master dead. Continuing to investigate he discovers many worlds could still end.

The Deadly Assassin (3)


In an attempt to track the Master, the Doctor decides to take on the Master’s plans from within the reality of the Matrix.

The Deadly Assassin (2)


The Doctor has seemingly assassinated the President. He invokes a legal technicality to avoid an instant judgement.

The Deadly Assassin (1)


After having a precognitive vision of the President of the Time Lords being murdered, the Doctor heads home to Gallifrey.

The Dæmons (5)


Azal rises for the final time. Will UNIT get there in time, with the energy exchanger that the Doctor desperately needs?

The Dæmons (4)


The Master wants the Dæmon’s knowledge but Azal wants to speak to The Doctor to see if he is worthy to take over the world.

The Dæmons (3)


The Doctor realises that the Master is trying to conjure up an ancient and all-powerful demon which is actually alien in origin.

The Dæmons (2)


On opening the tomb, The Doctor and the Professor have been frozen to death. Captain Yates and Sergeant Benton rush to the site.

The Dæmons (1)


An excavation is taking place near a sleepy English village. Miss Hawthorne, a local white witch, feels everyone is in mortal peril.

The Enemy of the World (6)


With Bruce’s suspicions aroused and Astrid’s discovery of Swann, from the underground base, things don’t look good for Salamander.

The Enemy of the World (5)


Bruce has tracked down the Doctor. The Doctor wins Bruce over and they go to Salamander’s, where Jamie and Victoria are being questioned.

The Enemy of the World (4)


Salamander is now aware there is someone who looks like him. Astrid and Fariah are under suspiscion and Salamander’s troops move in.

The Enemy of the World (3)


Jamie works as security and Victoria works in the kitchen. Denes awaits his trial. Salamander plots to kill him but Astrid attempts a rescue.

The Enemy of the World (2)


The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria put in place Astrid’s plan to infiltrate Salamander’s inner circle.

The Enemy of the World (1)


The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria arrive on Earth in the future and soon find themselves in danger due to mistaken identity.

The Edge of Destruction


The Doctor, Barbara, Ian and Susan are all temporarily rendered unconscious. Then they start turning against each other.

The Curse of Fenric (4)


The final part. Fenric has inhabited the body of Dr Judson and has an old score to settle with the Doctor.

The Curse of Fenric (3)


Millington’s plans begin to fall apart, the vampire-like Haemovores move in and our heroes fight to survive.

The Curse of Fenric (2)


While something lurks in the sea, the Doctor learns the secret behind ULTIMA and Commander Millington’s true plans.

The Curse of Fenric (1)


During WWII The Doctor and Ace arrive at a British naval base which intercepts German coded messages.

The Mark of The Rani (2)


The Doctor is saved by George Stephenson. The Master and The Rani continue their devious plans. Can The Doctor stop them?

The Mark of The Rani (1)


The Doctor and Peri arrive in 19th century England looking for the cause of a time distortion. Something is transforming miners into thugs.

The Awakening (2)


The Doctor opens the crack in the wall to reveal the Malus. It is Sir George who has caused it to awaken. Can the Doctor stop him and save Tegan?

The Awakening (1)


The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough arrive in an English village that is re-enacting war games. Are the re-enactments going too far? And if so, why?

Black Orchid (2)


The Doctor is accused of attacking Ann and murdering the servant. Can he prove his innocence and solve the mystery?

Black Orchid (1)


The Doctor and companions arrive at an English country house in the 1920s and somebody dangerous is lurking in the secret passages.

City of Death (4)


The Count demands Romana help him go back in time. The Doctor is determined to stop him and tries to turn the Countess.

City of Death (3)


The Mona Lisa has been stolen. How is the Count in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Italy and modern day Paris at the same time?

City of Death (2)


The Doctor, Romana and Duggan are questioned by the Count and Countess about the theft of the bracelet then locked up in the cellar.

City of Death (1)


The Doctor and Romana are enjoying Paris but something strange is happening – time distortions. And is someone plotting to steal the Mona Lisa?

Day of the Daleks (4)


The Doctor finds out how the world came under control of the Daleks. The Controller thinks the guerrillas have no chance. Can the Daleks be defeated?

Day of the Daleks (3)


The Doctor flees the Daleks in the tunnels and allows himself to be taken 200 years into the future in order to find Jo.

Day of the Daleks (2)


The Doctor is mistaken for the diplomat and is threatened with execution by the guerrillas. The Doctor is more interested in ‘when’ they are from.

Day of the Daleks (1)


UNIT and The Doctor are called in to investigate after an important British diplomat is attacked in his study by a “ghost”.

The Mind Robber (5)


Zoe and Jamie have been turned into fiction. The Master tries to persuade the Doctor to be the new Controller.

The Mind Robber (4)


The Doctor and Zoe escape the dangers of the labyrinth and make their way to The Citadel. Meanwhile, Jamie is under threat of discovery at any moment.

The Mind Robber (3)


The Doctor can tell they are being set tests by a ‘fantastic mind’. Jamie is back thanks to Zoe – and then we’re in a labyrinth.

The Mind Robber (2)


A very dreamlike episode. Everything, including Jamie, is wrong. But there’s a name, and an observer. The Master!

The Mind Robber (1)


To escape destruction by lava the Doctor removes the TARDIS from normal space and time. The crew find themselves in a ghostly white void.

The Time Meddler (4)


The Doctor has realised he’s found a time meddler. But what is The Monk’s masterplan?

The Time Meddler (3)


The Doctor has escaped and Vicki and Steven also manage to find the way out but all are soon drawn back to the monastery.

The Time Meddler (2)


The Doctor is trapped and the monk is definitely not of this time. Vicki and Steven escape capture and search for the Doctor.

The Time Meddler (1)

The Time Meddler 1

The Doctor, Vicki and Steven land in England in 1066. A mysterious monk is keeping an eye on them and some things are ‘out of time’.

The Tomb of the Cybermen (4)


The final part. Klieg is intent on controlling the Cybermen and will stop at nothing. Can The Doctor stop both him and the Cybermen?

The Tomb of the Cybermen (3)


The tomb is revealed as a trap and the Cybermen are planning a new race on Earth. Klieg and Kaftan still think their plan has a chance.

The Tomb of the Cybermen (2)


Intending to leave but with their ship seemingly sabotaged the expedition are forced to stay in the tomb.

The Tomb of the Cybermen (1)


On Telos, the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria join an archeological expedition which has uncovered a hidden entrance in a mountain.

The Web of Fear


The Yeti returns. Almost all the episodes have been found and restored. Discuss them here. Try to keep spoilers at bay.

The Enemy of the World


The Doctor meets his double in Salamander. All the episodes have now been found. Try to keep spoilers at bay.

Terror of the Autons (4)


The Doctor attempts to stop the Master activating the deadly plastic but UNIT have a military plan.

Terror of the Autons (3)


The Autons arrive like Terminators, the Doctor has trapped the Master on Earth, and everything plastic could be deadly.

Terror of the Autons (2)


The Master’s devious plan continues as he develops a deadly plastic. Jo, disappointed at her failure, follows the Doctor to the circus.

Terror of the Autons (1)


The first appearance of the Doctor’s old enemy the Master. He arrives on Earth and plans to kill the Doctor.

The Caves of Androzani (4)


Back on Androzani Minor, the Doctor attempts to get his hands on the anti-toxin while Chellak plans an assault on Jek’s base.

The Caves of Androzani (3)


Peri is recaptured by Chellak while the Doctor is caught by Stotz who decides to take him back to Androzani Major to see Morgus.

The Caves of Androzani (2)


The Doctor and Peri find themselves prisoners of the mysterious Sharaz Jek and discover they are suffering from deadly spectrox toxemia.

The Caves of Androzani (1)


The Doctor and Peri quickly get caught up in the politics at play on the planet of Androzani Minor.

Ghost Light (3)


The secret of the basement is revealed.

Ghost Light (2)


Ace has discovered the secret basement but her escape attempt leads to the release of whatever is in the cell.

Ghost Light (1)


The Doctor takes Ace to a Victorian mansion as an initiative test and a surprise but it quickly starts to feel like a dangerous madhouse.

The Talons of Weng-Chiang (6)


To save Jago and Litefoot the Doctor bargains his way into Weng-Chiang’s lair where a final showdown takes place.

The Talons of Weng-Chiang (5)


Weng-Chiang has the cabinet. The Doctor and Leela follow one clue to his new lair while Jago and Litefoot follow another.

The Talons of Weng-Chiang (4)


The Doctor and Leela attend the theatre where there’s a battle of nerves with Chang as Weng-Chiang closes in on the cabinet.

The Talons of Weng-Chiang (3)


The Doctor discovers advanced technology that originates from Earth and Leela carries out a much more dangerous investigation.

The Talons of Weng-Chiang (2)


The Doctor continues his investigation into the missing women and we learn much more about the motivations of the mysterious Chang.

The Talons of Weng-Chiang (1)


The Doctor and Leela arrive in Victorian London so that Leela can experience musical theatre. But women are going missing.