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Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor

Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who

Now that Peter Capaldi has only one more episode to go, please let us know what you think of his time in the TARDIS.

Jodie Whittaker is the Thirteenth Doctor

Jodie Whittaker - Doctor Who

Now CLOSED for comments. Jodie Whittaker has been announced as the new Doctor. It’s the start of the Chibnall era.

An Adventure in Space and Time

An Adventure in Space and Time

As David Bradley is back as the first Doctor, it’s time we looked back at his wonderful performance as William Hartnell, as the first Doctor.

The Curse of Fatal Death

The Curse of Fatal Death

Steven Moffat’s first televised Doctor Who story. It’s a comedy skit made for UK’s Red Nose Day in 1999 and features the first female Doctor!

Doctor Who series 10 (or 36)

The Doctor Falls

The Doctor Falls - Doctor Who

The Doctor makes a final stand against an army of Cybermen to protect a tiny band of humans from destruction.

World Enough and Time

World Enough and Time - Doctor Who

A huge spaceship trapped in the gravity well of a black hole, teeming with impossible lifeforms, harbours one of the Doctor’s most feared enemies.

The Eaters of Light

The Eaters of Light - Doctor Who

A hunt for a lost Roman Legion leads the Doctor, Bill and Nardole into the middle of an ancient battle that could cast humanity into the dark forever.

Empress of Mars

Empress of Mars - Doctor Who

The Doctor, Bill and Nardole land on Mars, where’God save the Queen’ has been scrawled on the surface. What will they find beneath the Martian surface?

The Lie of the Land

The Lie of the Land - Doctor Who

The Monks have invaded Earth and the Doctor is in prison. Bill and Nardole must set off on a dangerous mission to rescue him.

The Pyramid at the End of the World

Doctor Who - The Pyramid at the End of the World

A pyramid appears and every clock in the world begins counting down to the Earth’s destruction. Three armies are ready to annihilate each other.


Doctor Who - Extremis

Everyone who has ever read ‘The Veritas’, a book stored in the Vatican, has been found dead. Can the Doctor read it and survive?


Doctor Who - Oxygen

The Doctor, Bill and Nardole are trapped on a space station and soon discover the spacesuits keeping them alive are also trying to kill them.

Knock Knock

Doctor Who Knock Knock

Why do floorboards creak? When a sinister landlord shows Bill and her friends the perfect houseshare, they have no idea what lies ahead.

Thin Ice

Doctor Who - Thin Ice

London during the Frost Fair of 1814. Revellers are disappearing, snatched through the ice and pulled into the depths of the Thames.


Doctor Who - Smile

The Doctor takes Bill to a future human colony, but there don’t seem to be any colonists. Cute androids hold the answer to why.

The Pilot

Doctor Who - The Pilot

It’s finally here! A new series and the last for Peter Capaldi. As the title suggests, this first episode introduces the Doctor all over again.

Class series 1

Class is a spin-off from Doctor Who. It is created and written by Patrick Ness, who also produces alongside Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin, who acted as producer on Doctor Who and two of its previous spin-offs, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Not suitable for the young ‘uns. Violence and blood and sex etc. In the UK they’re saying it’s for 16 and over.

The Lost

The Lost

The concluding episode. The gang must fight the Shadow Kin again and their friendships are tested like never before.

The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did

What Quill Did

Episode 7. Miss Quill embarks on a dangerous mission to impossible worlds to remove the Arn from her head and reclaim her freedom.



Episode 6. Thrown into detention, the gang are forced to confess their secrets. The alien power may tear them apart forever.

Brave-ish Heart

Brave-ish Heart

Episode 5. April must confront Corakinus in his alien realm. Meanwhile, the invasion is overwhelming as the gang try to save Earth from extinction.

Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart

Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart

Episode 4. As April’s connection with Corakinus strenthens, troubling her with newfound power, something sinister is invading the streets.



Episode 3. When London is infiltrated by an alien, a visitor comes to Tanya’s window. The team must battle to stop Tanya from being lost forever.

The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo

The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo

Episode 2. Ram struggles to cope following events at the Prom but when the school is faced with a new threat the gang must unite to fight it.

For Tonight We Might Die

For Tonight We Might Die

Episode 1 of a new spin-off. When Coal Hill Academy comes under attack from monsters, four students form an unlikely alliance to defeat them.


On the sofa


Somewhere to hang out and have general chat about Doctor Who. If you’re a new member please pop in and say hello. We’re very friendly.

The Maldovarium

The Maldovarium

The next pub on our pub crawl. A break from the sofa and Doctor Who. Somewhere for chat about news, politics, sport etc. Avoid if it’s not for you.

The Faces of the Doctor


There are now twelve faces of the Doctor to examine, and also to consider how our favourite show has changed over the years.

Doctor Who news


A place to post links to, and discuss any news items you come across related to Doctor Who. But NO spoilers!



The ONLY place on this site to post spoilers! Everywhere else is banned. If you post here, make sure you respect other users.

BBC Approved Spoilers


For anything the BBC has released in advance. It may be official, but it could still be considered a spoiler by some.

Doctor Who memories


A thread to discuss your first introductions to the show, your earliest or most vivid memories, and why it means so much to you.

Companions past and present


Here you can discuss your most, and least, favourite Doctor Who companions. Any Adric fans out there?

Fan creativity


A general thread to discuss fan creativity such as fan fiction, videos, art, costumes and conventions.

Russell T Davies Retrospective


We’ve discussed a different episode written by Russell T Davies every week. Feel free to add your views.

Steven Moffat Retrospective


Our retrospective of episodes written by Steven Moffat. Please feel free to add to the discussions.

Before Gap (BG) Episodes


We’re also discussing Doctor Who stories from before the gap, as they were originally shown, one episode a week.

Non-Doctor topics

TV Shows


A thread to discuss TV shows other than Doctor Who. Which ones are your favourites?



Tell us what you enjoy in the world of film. Dark Knight or Avengers? Looper or The Matrix?



A general thread to talk about your choice of reading material. What are your favourite books currently or of all time?



A general thread to talk about music. How down are you? Are you spinning or downloading?



A general thread to talk about live theatre. Let us know what you’re watching or working on.

Website comments


A thread for comments and suggestions regarding this site. Site updates will also be posted here.