The Christmas Special

Twice Upon a Time

Twice Upon a Time

The twelfth Doctor and the first Doctor meet, just as both are refusing regeneration. Twelve must face his past to decide his future.

First Doctor Retrospective

As the first Doctor is making a surprising reappearance in the Christmas episode beside Peter Capaldi’s twelfth Doctor, we thought we would revisit some of his early episodes. Hmmm?

The Tenth Planet (4)

The Tenth Planet part 4

The Z-bomb fails to launch and Cutler is furious, but before he can do anything the Cybermen re-take the base.

The Tenth Planet (3)

The Tenth Planet part 3

As Earth is drained of its energy, Cutler is determined to save his son and destroy Mondas by using a doomsday weapon.

The Tenth Planet (2)

The Tenth Planet part 2

While everyone is trying to get the astronauts safely back to Earth the Cybermen infiltrate the tracking station.

The Tenth Planet (1)

The Tenth Plant part 1

The Doctor, Ben and Polly land in Antarctica at a space tracking station just as a mission starts to go wrong.

The Keys of Marinus (6)

The Keys of Marinus part 6

As time ticks away, the Doctor and companions try to prove Ian is innocent of murder and save Susan from her kidnappers.

The Keys of Marinus (5)

The Keys of Marinus part 5

The final key is stolen before Ian can get to it. He’s accused of murder and the Doctor must come to his defence.

The Keys of Marinus (4)

The Keys of Marinus part 4

Split up in a region of ice and snow, the companions must find each other before searching icy tunnels under a mountain for the third key.

The Keys of Marinus (3)

The Keys of Marinus part 3

Barbara quickly finds what she thinks is the second key but is captured. The key is a fake. Ian decides to look for Barbara and the real key alone.

The Keys of Marinus (2)

The Keys of Marinus part 2

Barbara is missing, but the TARDIS team quickly discover that she’s fine. She’s living in luxury. But all is not what it seems.

The Keys of Marinus (1)

The Keys of Marinus part 1

The Doctor, Susan, Barbara and Ian arrive on an alien planet and are soon set on a quest to find the four micro-circuit keys that could save it.

Topics for discussion

Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor

Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who

Now that Peter Capaldi has only one more episode to go, please let us know what you think of his time in the TARDIS.

Jodie Whittaker is the Thirteenth Doctor

Jodie Whittaker - Doctor Who

Now CLOSED for comments. Jodie Whittaker has been announced as the new Doctor. It’s the start of the Chibnall era.

An Adventure in Space and Time

An Adventure in Space and Time

As David Bradley is back as the first Doctor, it’s time we looked back at his wonderful performance as William Hartnell, as the first Doctor.

The Curse of Fatal Death

The Curse of Fatal Death

Steven Moffat’s first televised Doctor Who story. It’s a comedy skit made for UK’s Red Nose Day in 1999 and features the first female Doctor!


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