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    My impressions of The Witchfinders –

    Strange that the villagers don’t notice how weirdly these strangers are dressed. OR that Ryan and Yaz are, err, black. I’d guess that in rural 17th-century Lancashire, black people would have occasioned some remark at least (if not an accusation of being a demon or ‘witch’s familiar’. I doubt the villagers…[Read more]

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    @Mudlark   I sympathise with your historical misgivings.   As I said to devilishrobby, I’m a retired engineer, so my groans are usually elicited by mechanical absurdities.    I find I have to allow a moderate degree of leeway – so long as something looks ‘about right’ I let it pass.  For example, I approve of the East German ‘circus train’ in Octo…[Read more]

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    @Devilishrobby    I occasionally trip over an episode of Casualty for about ten minutes (before I switch away because I don’t want to get hooked on their current storyline!) and my immediate thought is, “how do these people ever find time to, like, treat any patients?”

    Here in NZ our long-running nightly soap (which I have also never watched) is…[Read more]

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    So now the secret is out.   That would explain a lot.   What’s the odds that Putin is a Dalek ‘skin job’?

    (Not sure the correct terminology, I borrowed it from Battlestar Galactica)

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    @janetteb   Demons of the Punjab could likely have made an excellent human-interest story without the sci-fi elements at all.   But that’s not my thing, I’m told the Beeb’s recent-historical dramas (Upstairs Downstairs, Onedin Line  etc etc) are very well made but not my taste.   That society is not my taste.   The Doctor Who episodes set in the r…[Read more]

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    @janetteb     Ah well, congratulations.    And when Freddie’s finished singing,  Day of the Doctor is an excellent upbeat episode for the occasion, I think.

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    Again, the cinematography and sets are excellent. About all that keeps me watching, frankly. Very spooky when Yaz is walking through the warehouse between racks of packages.

    The Doctor is all annoying and preachy again. And making threats which are as gratuitous as they are unconvincing.

    And howcome the arrogant manager guy Slade is suddenly…[Read more]

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    Demons of the Punjab

    I see I wrote a bit about this on my first time around, so I’ll cut the bits where I repeated myself.

    Scenery is great. Sound design is excellent, background music is haunting and quite lovely.

    Yaz trying to explain their presence to her ?grandmother? is a bit awkward. And then she defies the Doctor’s instructions of ‘just…[Read more]

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    Well, plodding desultorily through Season 11, I rewatched The Tsuranga Conundrum (the first ten minutes of it anyway. Then I gave up and went to Youtube. Maybe I was in a odd frame of mind.) First, let me say the set was absolutely beautiful, probably the best I’ve seen on any Who episode. Clean white walls with a two-tone blue stripe. Why…[Read more]

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    @jimthefish   Yes I recall how how well Billie Piper did, against initial prognostications, that’s why I’d hate to see her performance retrospectively clouded by a less-than-stellar ‘Rose 2’ (if Rose 2 is supposed to be the ‘same’ character, which I note she may not be).     (Understand, I have absolutely no knowledge of Yasmin Finney, I hope…[Read more]

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    Ummm. Yasmin Finney as Rose. I’m rather conflicted about that, for two reasons. One, obviously, is that Yasmin Finney looks nothing like Billie Piper, and since Rose is not a Timelord, how could that happen? Okay, she did look into the Tardis core, and I guess RTD will find a way to make her change of appearance work (regeneration?). But it better…[Read more]

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    Ten *really* didn’t want to go,did he?   🙂

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    @winston    I am absolutely not complaining about the swimming – it’s lasted a month longer than it usually does.   (Interesting to see that very few other people have  kept swimming though, I think they’re reacting more to their usual expectations than to the actual water temperature).    Incidentally, it isn’t “just me” imagining things,…[Read more]

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    @janetteb   “the rain follows the plough”sounds utterly daft to me.   Why would it?    More likely to follow afforestation,which is the exact opposite of ploughing.     Ploughing marginal soils which could just support semi-arid vegetation was a sure recipe for disaster, the ‘dust bowl’ in the US Midwest being a classic example.   [Here endeth…[Read more]

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    @janetteb   Well, Robertson made a couple of good points about re-using derelict sites and even just how far up the chain of command responsibility extends – can you condemn the chairman of the board if a subsidiary goes rogue?   (When a space shuttle explodes or a 737 Max crashes, how far up do you place the blame?    The source of heated, err, d…[Read more]

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    @janetteb   You mentioned Arachnids in the UK a couple of days ago.    You said you felt it was “as though it was veering on pro corporate, even with a faint hint of Trumpism at the end.”   Really?   I thought it was wildly anti-corporate (and I tend to be fairly anti-corporate myself, also a tree-hugger, but I thought Arachnids was way over the…[Read more]

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    I see I already posted about this ep, but that was 17 months ago and it’s right above this one.   Busy group this…   🙂

    Robertson is an almost exaggerated caricature of the obnoxious American businessman. (Was he deliberately aimed at Trump? I don’t know, I think if one looks at the most extreme caricature of a billionaire with political amb…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave   You’re correct about the British influence on NZ society  (though as a Pommie immigrant I always found it best to avoid comparisons.   I think that applies universally, any visitor to anywhere is best advised not to imply “we do it better where I come from.”)

    Of course colonial countries defined themselves by reference to t…[Read more]

  • @janetteb     Most of the companions in NuWho came to a sudden end, and it always carried a huge emotional impact.   Even though RTD or the Moff usually ‘softened’ it a little (Rose, Amy&Rory, Clara, Bill – for which I at least am thankful) but of course we didn’t know that at the time so the impact was undiminished.

    In Grace’s case though it wa…[Read more]

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    Well now. Obviously there could be very many differing ideas of what ‘Englishness’ is, I can only give mine.

    I am English (though I’ve lived in NZ most of my life). My (only slightly romanticised) picture of ‘England’ is of leafy, narrow country lanes and little villages. (Never mind that 90% of the population lives in cities). And a quick tour…[Read more]

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