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    @miapatrick    So you and Mudlark have almost the same dream as me?    There must be something deep-rooted (and probably Freudian) about that dream!

    I actually found the course work quite hard (it was Civil Engineering).    I did wimp out of one option (fluid dynamics) a few weeks in, it sounded interesting but I found it was fearsomely mathemat…[Read more]

  • @janetteb    Hard drive failures are an alarming prospect.   Right at this moment I’m copying all the files off my T520 ‘Marga’ to my L440 ‘Clara’ which will forthwith become my primary laptop – this is because Marga was reluctant to start a week ago, and flat out refused a few days ago.   Eventually got it started using a trick I found on the In…[Read more]

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    @Miapatrick    I suspect I must have enjoyed my student days (5 decades ago) since I quite frequently dream of being back at University.   Though usually the context is, I’m late for a lecture, and I can’t remember what room it’s in, except it’s  somewhere the other side of the campus, and I can’t find my timetable to locate it, and I can’t remem…[Read more]

  • @winston   I still have a working VCR – probably two, but the likelihood of me finding time to watch old VHS movies is minimal (given that DVD’s are much better picture quality and more convenient and often have extras, and then there’s the Internet and books to gobble up my time).   I haven’t graduated to Blu-ray yet, I might get a player (“t…[Read more]

  • @janetteb    So that’s a sample of four Whovians who also have too much stuff.   I wonder if that indicates some correlation between Who fandom and hoarding?

    By the way, it’s a marvellous feeling when the house is finally paid off.   All of a sudden you’re rich!   (Or at least, have a bit of spare cash left over after paying the bills……[Read more]

  • @winston    Don’t I know the feeling!   Every pile of paper I try to dispose of is full of significance for me.   To quote a tagline I once saw, “Nobody who can read is ever successful in cleaning out an attic”

  • @ichabod – (I don’t know why but I’m having trouble postuing this. It seems to sink without a trace) – what a coincidence. I’m a born hoarder (I still have a couple of cartons somewhere in a dark cupboard that haven’t been unpacked since we moved in in 1984). Just recently I’ve been making desperate but futile attempts to reclaim some floor space…[Read more]

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    By coincidence, I just watched ‘Doctor No’, which was a classic Bond movie, including an island which was the evil lair [grin].

    It was also probably the closest to the original book.   I did notice a couple of glitches that weren’t in the book – Crab Key had (in the movie) a river with waterfalls – no way, not in a cay.   And No’s mine in the boo…[Read more]

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    @janetteb   Yes, I got that feeling – that the show had potential as you say – from the last 3 stories (which are the only other Seven stories I’ve seen).   Certainly from what I’ve seen of con footage, and from the commentary to Remembrance,  Ace and Seven (that is to say, Sophie and McCoy) seemed to get on really well together.     I may try…[Read more]

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    I must have seen a favourable review of the 7th Doctor’s episode Remembrance of the Daleks, because I ordered the DVD – arrived a couple of days ago in the mail.   Two disks, one devoted to Davros, the other to the episode, complete with a commentary.

    There doesn’t seem to be a forum for this episode, so I’ll put my comments h…[Read more]

  • @craig I’m a relative newcomer, I arrived here following a remark in the Guardian comments section, at a time when the site was fairly dormant (no new episodes). It was surprising to find that some of the inhabitants had been here ‘forever’ – but they’re a friendly lot. I have no idea how I’ll find JW’s third season – I’ll probably get that far…[Read more]

  • @ichabod  (I wrote a reply and it sank without trace, try again)    I never did iTunes, but Youtube is marvellous for rediscovering 60s – 80s bands that I could never keep up with before.   For example I just discovered a ton of Mark Knopfler post-Dire Straits.  (Mention of a ‘surfeit’ – I decided to find the best version of his ‘Piper to the En…[Read more]

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    @janetteb   I loved Capaldi’s entrance in Magician’s Apprentice – could *anything* be more anachronistic than the Doctor riding in on a tank, blasting out chords on an electric guitar?    (Somehow, Tennant or Smith doing the same just wouldn’t have had the same impact).    I’ll be interested to hear some of his music.

  • @ichabod    We’ll make a pact then – we’ll survive to see RTD’s new Doctor.    And anyone who breaks it – will never see the next Doctor.   How’s that for an incentive?   😉

    Meanwhile, I can’t help feeling that modern times (particularly with the Internet) are far kinder to lovers of fiction than our young days.   If I miss something the Doctor…[Read more]

  • Wow, this thread is full of – old people! Yet you all seem perfectly normal to me. 🙂 Gives me hope for the future. In case anyone was wondering, I’m 74 and I’ve got used to being prehistoric compared with most people I meet. I can remember steam railway engines that weren’t actually preserved.

    @ichabod, I do agree with you about the Doctor.…[Read more]

  • @davidwho   Don’t worry, you won’t spoil me.   I watched right through to the end of Jodie W’s first season, last year.   Now I’m repeating it, from Eleventh Hour onwards, currently up to Flatline.

    I don’t know so much Old Who, though I did see the first episode when it first aired (I’m nearly as ancient as the Doctor, dammit).   Trought…[Read more]

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    @miapatrick My sympathy for your loss.
    You said ‘we’ so I think you have someone with you – I hope so, it would be a bad time to be alone. Hopefully Who can provide some distraction, though (I know the feeling) you can watch an episode and realise at the end that you never took any of it in. As you said.

  • @davidwho     Well, Capaldi is my all-time favourite Doctor too.   He just fits the role so well, complete with his slightly-eccentric mannerisms (mostly courtesy of Steven Moffatt).    I’m currently working my way through the Capaldi era of nuWho and thoroughly enjoying it.

    As to the Doctor’s full name being some sort of password or key, yes…[Read more]

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    @nerys   Almost 4000 miles – that is a long trip.   I can’t really match that – in NZ one tends to run out of land.   The furthest I can go is about 1000 miles (and that needs a ferry crossing), then I have to turn round and come back.

    But yes, from what I can tell, (and I only know North America from reading and a liking for geography and lands…[Read more]

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    So I just posted a longish screed on the Flatline thread.   This is an absolutely delightful episode, even better than Mummy (in my view).   And the logic of the episode hangs together well, I can follow it even better on subsequent viewings when I’m familiar with the plotline.  Just a joy to watch.

    The exchanges between the Doctor and Clara are…[Read more]

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