• @dentarthurdent  This episode is one of the scariest and I never watch it in the dark. On the other hand it is so nice to be able to see more of the TARDIS! Wouldn’t it be great to get a tour?

    I have read Sherlock Holmes stories since I was a kid and I have watched so many different movies and TV shows with many great performances of Sherlock…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave   We live in hope.

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    @auntie8nay6   Hi!  I am a fellow Whovian and your northern Canadian neighbour. Glad you found the site, we all love The Doctor here so it is a very nice place to be. I watched a few episodes of old Who when I was young but like you I started with new Who in 2005 and I have never stopped watching and loving the show.I watched the first episode be…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent  I can only offer a sympathetic “ouch!” I hope you get better soon but until you do ,enjoy your painkillers. We are so lucky to live in reasonable countries that recognize that affordable healthcare is a human right. get better.

    stay sane


  • @blenkinsopthebrave   Coincidentally we have been rewatching STNG episodes for some winter fun and I think we have season 4. I will see if we have that episode and watch it again. We love all Star Trek,  new and old, and all other series in between but NG is my personal favourite.

    I have watched all of  Picard so far and I agree that it has bee…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave @nerys @thane16 @dentarthurdent and @janetteb     Thank you all for your kind words. My stepfather used to annoy me by saying “life is life” as an answer to many things, but I was young and stupid then. Now I know he was right, loss is an unavoidable fact of life and we must carry on because what is the alternative. Life is ind…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent  It is good to see you are fine and have got through the rain and floods that caused so much damage. It is frightening how much destruction that floods can cause.

    We had -20C days and frozen water pipes for a few days but that has ended and the pipes thawed out.Back to normal winter for awhile.

    I have been away from the site…[Read more]

  • @dentarthurdent  I agree that this one is a devastating story. A true tragedy the leaves me angry at everyone and sad that they are forced to make such a decision. I find this episode so sad I rarely watch it and often skip over it when it is next in line. Great writing, acting and makeup and the sets were good too. Poor Amy waiting that long ,…[Read more]

  • @dentarthurdent  @janetteb   Hi! I remember the first time I saw these episodes I was shocked when Amy got zapped! I had no idea that she was plastic. For me the part I remember is when there are 2 Doctors and they challenge Amy’s way of thinking about the  living plastic people and their rights, not knowing at the time that she is living pla…[Read more]

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    Well a new year is upon us and I really hope that things get better for all of us who call this planet home , people, animals ,insects and all living things. All of them.

    We humans need to get a hold of ourselves, face the reckoning and get on with saving this planet so we can live on it, so our grandkids can live on it. Our governments and…[Read more]

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    @phaseshift   Wow!  Happy 10th anniversary to our forum. Thanks to everyone here for making it such a great place to visit and chat. Thank you also to @craig    for setting up the site 10 years ago and picking a day that is easy to remember. So happy 10th and a Happy Who Year to all you Whovians out there, where ever you happen to be. Next year…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave  I can’t wait, I have to but I can’t, but I have to. What a dilemma.

    Thanks for the link. Did I mention that  I really can’t wait?

    Stay merry


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    Well we have made it through another storm although Xmas is cancelled till next weekend.That is fine with me as long as everyone is safe. It was a day of good old fashioned phone calls and that was nice. The mister and I took plates of goodies and loaves of bread to our neighbours so they would get eaten up and then we watched Back to the Future.…[Read more]

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    @thetimelordwizard      Welcome and hello!  My son got me a fez for Xmas a couple of years ago and I highly recommend it. I wear it quite often, mostly  to annoy the mister but it is a snappy hat. I hope Santa brings you one.

    Stay merry

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    Hello to everyone out there in the Whoniverse and a happy holidays to all. If you celebrate Xmas than a merry Christmas to you and if you don’t than I hope you still get a few days off over the holidays. I just hope everyone has a good day.

    Here in Canada we are having storms from one coast to the other. In Ontario we are getting blizzards,…[Read more]

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    @janetteb  Thanks for the heads up about The Amazing Maurice, I am a big fan of Pratchett and I look forward to this! David Tenant does a lot of voices in animated shows ( there I made the Doctor connection) and he can sound so different it takes me a bit to get the voice.

    @thane16     Hello. I hope your holiday is going great!

    stay merry

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    @janetteb   We really liked The Detectorists and I had no idea about the Christmas special so thanks! It is a show that amuses and relaxes and everyone in it are mint. Staged is like that also.

    I will probably watch one version of Scrooge maybe even Scrooged and the animated Grinch which I have watched since I was a child. We also have a list o…[Read more]

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    Just watched the 2nd episode on my Christmas list and enjoyed it as usual. It is not my favourite special but it is still fun to watch. It has robot Santas again, making me wonder where they hid all year, maybe a storage unit? Another killer tree , this time bigger and better and the Racnoss round out the cast of bad guys. This is our intro to…[Read more]

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    @thane16    Hello!  Sorry it took so long to answer but life will interfere with my spare time. I hope you and the family are all well and enjoying your summer. We are having a bit of a snowstorm right now but we are tucked up inside so no big worries. Winter is coming…….

    I liked Avenue 5, it is a space comedy with Hugh Laurie as the Cap…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave   @nerys   and @janetteb    I  liked both seasons of Picard but then I am a Trekkie from way back and I rarely dislike any of it with a few exceptions of course. Just like Who there is always something I like in every episode. I am pretty easy to please. Give me Captain Picard and Q , throw in some Vulcans and the Borg and I a…[Read more]

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