Forum Etiquette

I didn’t really want to write this as it feels like I’m laying down guidelines for something that has been very freeform so far, and very enjoyable because of that. However, as the site is growing it’s probably for the best. The Doctor Who Forum is a place where fans of Doctor Who come to discuss one of their favourite shows. We like the community we’ve created here. It’s friendly, fun and respectful and we’d like to try to keep it that way.

Trolling and derogatory comments

All we ask is a little bit of civility. That may be unheard of on the web, but we’re trying. This site is not a place for you to call for the series to be cancelled, or to enlighten us with your opinion that it’s a kids show. Just stop watching if you don’t enjoy it and go and do something less boring instead. We know it is a family show, and we’re not interested if you now hate something that we continue to enjoy.

We’re quite happy for people to argue that the show isn’t as good as it used to be, and many here do, as long as there are constructive reasons for those opinions. Explaining why you believe the Pertwee era was far superior to NuWho is welcome. Short, derogatory comments without justification will probably be deleted (although we hate doing that, we really do… please don’t make us become proper moderators).

Ad hominem posts and abuse

Personal attacks on members of the forum are not welcome. If you don’t agree with someone please take a deep breath and remember that it is purely a difference of opinion, we’re all different after all. Just because you don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean that they’re stupid or Hitler. Once again, your opinions just differ. We’ll probably ban people who make personal attacks if, after an initial warning, they continue (please don’t make us do that either, I don’t want you to think we’re Hitler).


Many of us are guilty of posting things we’ve heard or read about without thinking. I would urge everyone to try to avoid posting spoilers in any main thread. There is a News thread for official news, which is usually text and images posted on the BBC’s site.

Please note that The Radio Times is growing increasingly spoilerish with their publication of episode plot details in advance of anything the BBC has officially released, so please think twice before you post in ‘News’ rather than ‘Spoilers’ something from the Radio Times.

If you do come across a spoiler and want to post it we have a Spoilers thread. However, if you post there, there is one guideline (I dislike the word “rule”…) which will help you respect those who do not want to read spoilers:

  1. Don’t @ mention anyone unless you are sure they are interested in spoilers. If you @ mention someone they will get an email which may contain your spoiler and then they will probably be rather annoyed with you, and you wouldn’t want that would you?


Basically all of the above comes down to being respectful of fellow members. We’d like to keep this constructive, civil, and a place where those who love spoilers and those who hate spoilers can co-exist without any ill-feeling.

Long may we have an enjoyable forum for all.