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    For all the (potential) writers out there, the BBC have announced their window for drama script submissions:

    We have just announced the dates for our next Script Room for the submission of unsolicited scripts in the Drama genre.

    The Script Room will open on Monday 7th September 2015 at 10am and close at 5pm on Thursday 24th September 2015.…[Read more]

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    @Jimthefish @Janetteb

    I didn’t realise so many writers frequented these boards. Very happy to give you both feedback; I deal mainly in scriptwriting but a lot of principles are the same. DM me if you want to.

    On a broader note, I think my idea for a forum written Who ep could work. Not sure about the mechanics of it, but I am sure we have the…[Read more]

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    @DonnaNoble has made a smart move in asking for feedback, no matter how nerve-wracking that can be. Part of writing is accepting positive feedback, as is re-writing. A lot of re-writing.

    I don’t mind the re-writing part so much bit generally have 3 or 4 scripts in various stages on the go to keep it interesting. Funnily…[Read more]

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    How short is the short story? 10 pages, 20?

    In the opening, you need to set the scene pretty quickly – maybe in the first 10% of your story, so 1 or 2 pages. Exposition.

    I’m not really getting a sense of either the place (where, when) or any of the main characters (who they are, what drives them). In DW terms think of the pre-credit…[Read more]

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    Many thanks for the geographical info, it certainly makes for interesting reading. Pretty global coverage, although I am disappointed at our lack of penetration in Outer Mongolia but I recognise this is probably down to lack of local infrastructure.

    And don’t give the script a second thought. It was good of you to offer as, like you say,…[Read more]

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    Just for interest, can you publish a geographical breakdown of the members on this site?

    Perhaps that data is easily available to you already, or you ask the forum to provide details, unless this breaches privacy guidelines of course.

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    Many thanks for the info. I was not aware of the Amazon Studios option.

    Last I checked, Writersroom were yet to announce the drama window, but it likely late summer, early autumn.

    Radio is really interesting and I have written scripts in the past. Quite a lot of work in adapting an existing TV script but, you are right, it is more…[Read more]

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    Hi again, @Whisht

    Yeah, well the script is for television, so generally can send to Production companies or, if you have an agent (I don’t), send it to them and they can find a place for it, or not.

    Because of the nature of this script, it would really only be a good fit for the BBC, which means I will submit to their Writersroom when the drama…[Read more]

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    Hello and good to meet you. Yes, I posted quite regularly up to the 50th but then only sporadically on The Guardian website, getting disillusioned as time went on. IMO this forum is much better in terms of knowledge and discussion.

    I don’t think that the US necessarily has a different Who-view to the UK, but it is interesting (to me)…[Read more]

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    From what I’ve read of your posts so far, I’d disagree. My own tactic is to read the discussions and, if I can contribute meaningfully, do so. Otherwise (and usually) it’s just daft jokes.

    I have been away from this hallowed place for some months now, it’s good to be back, especially as there are more of us in this time zone. For a…[Read more]

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    I think we can put the whole Doctor-Jesus debate to bed with this one quote:

    “He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy”

    Seriously though, keep it going, very interesting and engaging.

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    Not much happens in episode one, of course. It’s a five-parter so it’s taking its time with the set up and we get lots of nice character work

    The advantage of this of course is that we we are invested in the secondary characters, so we care what happens to them. One advantage of the slower pacing of the BG show, a disadvantage bei…[Read more]

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    @janetteB  Many thanks. I did venture onto the other place a few times (aka Guardian Who Forum) in the last year but became pretty disenchanted in the end.

    On the plus side, I managed to redraft (several times) and expand my script about, of all things, an internet fan forum. Pretty close to final version – now I’ve just got to figure out whe…[Read more]

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    The Third Doctor ep “Doctor Who and the Macc Lads”

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    Hello. Apologies for being offline (afk) for so long but last year was a bit of a CU Next Tuesday. RL got in the way.

  • @Juniperfish

    It seems odd to me that Smith is the only one to suffer memory loss. Then again, different regens deal with the war differently?

    The memory loss was foreshadowed in previous eps (as @geoffers pointed out). I’m reading something into that – it’s what we do right? – for the Christmas ep.

    Agree re Silence and loose ends btw.

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    I thought the only people who said “Yikes” anywhere was the cast of Scooby Doo. You Americans. Jeepers. 🙂

    Good posts btw.

  • @geoffers

    GI shenanigans you say? That would explain it. I seem to remember memory loss from another ep though. Could be Moffat playing a long game.

    The question should then be: will the ongoing memory loss have any impact on the regen ep?

    I guess Clara’s seen it all so won’t be as frightened as – ooh I dunno – a dirty old man 🙂 Matt looks…[Read more]

  • @ScaryB

    Thanks, but don’t mind me, just messin’.

    I just hope that a multiple enemies story is up to it. 45 mins is just not long enough in my view, especially for a regen ep. To be fair though, that would have meant Moffat writing two movie length scripts back to back, which is a lot of work. I would have helped him out – if he’d asked. IF HE’D…[Read more]

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