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    Watching all the people in the US on the news, staring at the sky and watching the eclipse, suddenly reminded me of “Night of the Comet”. It’s on NetFlix and also I think on YouTube (illegally, but, y’know).

    It’s a cheesy, 80s B-Movie, and the acting is pretty bad, but it’s brilliant. A must see – especially if you remember the 80s, and it has…[Read more]

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    I’m surprised the complete Series 10 is coming out so soon in the U.S. because 1) the Beeb has really dragged their heels on the American release of Series 10 Part 2, which comes out Sept. 10 here — I have a friend who doesn’t have BBC America and I can’t chat with him about anything past “Extremis” — and 2) I thought they would wait until after…[Read more]

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    Apologies for my reply. Far from being a well thought out response, I waffled it as I went along. I think I was trying to discover what the regeneration reset does to the Doctor’s attitudes & […]

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    So what’s the ‘core self’ of the Doctor?

    I’m picking ‘regeneration’ as the start of the legend because, even though you can argue for ‘defeating the Daleks’, if the Doctor had died in his first […]

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  • @shane1969 and @paul-ferry

    Thank you.


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    @ichabodSheesh, gonna miss this crew no matter what comes after . . .

    You and me both!

    Still haven’t looked at the clips (old team clips I mean) must make some time. Thanks to all who contributed.


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    Do any of you have a WEST LODGE in your vicinity?  There is one here, but I’ve not been into to it.

    Here is WA.


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    As the 13th Doctor has closed – which is not a surprise, what else is there to say? – I was unable to answer your posts

    @cathannabel and @thane15

    Sorry abut that, but I can’t always spend so much time on here.  Anyway, suffice it to say quickly, I have my opinion and you both have yours – and I could be wrong.  Time alone will tell.


  • @winston:  PC has been a mysterious and magical Doctor who took us for a rollercoaster of a ride through space and time. We went places with him that scared us or broke our hearts or made us giggle like children but as long as he was there we felt safe. We have questioned his actions but never his motives which are clear- to help where he can and…[Read more]

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  • (Basically, not Bascially) (!)

    Poor proof-reading!

  • (buildings, not builing)

  • @BlueSqueakPip
    Strange to think that:
    The Doctor started off scared of monsters. Presumably emboldened by the toy soldier without a gun he sort of passed on to himself (In ‘Listen’), he survived a 4 day […]

  • @cathannabel  @bluesqueakpip (loved your Blog yesterday too & your comments above)

    This is great. I remember Mum commenting when you wrote this originally, @Cathannabel?

    @nick @rob

    Sex happens. […]

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  • Hi all

    Is there a place around here for spinoff shows (other than Class)? I thought I saw Sarah Jane and Torchwood forums here, but I could be wrong.  I ask because I’ve finally started watching Torchwood Season 3 and I’m getting excited about how much better it seems than the first two seasons.

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