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  • I just spent part of my sadly reduced income to buy a copy (just released) of a new BBC animated reconstruction of a lost Patrick Troughton story “The Macra Terror” from 1967. Although I was watching back then, I have no memory of the story (but that could be said of so much more). But after a bit of research, I realized that the story (about the…[Read more]

  • @thane16

    I won’t comment on the music since they took a particular approach for a particular reason. Suffice to say the choons used in the dance sequence you see a glimpse of in the trailer is …not what one might expect… but works brilliantly. I will say that there is a truly splendid West Wing parody-cum-tribute that is a joy to behold.

    And…[Read more]

  • syzygy replied to the topic On The Sofa (9)


    Full of ….it? Ah some NY grog! Well that’s perfectly acceptable: delicious, legal, delicious, legal, fun, in the spirit of the new year god of all ….Sun Ra…

    You lost the channel?  Where’d it go?  🙂

    You have a good son who earns some cash. Thus you’ll get the episode. It’s annoying that it’s not on the DVD with all 12-13 other episo…[Read more]

  • @winston

    Alas, in the clip they didn’t include the supercut that aired of every time she mentioned Doctor Who in her interview and how great she thinks Jodie Whittaker is. Which was a lot.

    Representation matters. Who knew?

  • winston replied to the topic Dr Who News (4)

    @pedant  It is a cold,grey day here. There is lots of snow and the temp. is 0C and I am  stuck inside feeling a little blue and not just from the cold. Then from across the ocean you have posted something that has cheered me up and put a smile on my face. Thank you as always for the link.

  • winston replied to the topic On The Sofa (9)

    @thane16   Don’t feel too bad, you are not the only one who missed that episode. I have not  been able to watch it because I don’t have that channel anymore and because it is not on the disc set of the series. I watched the series but missed the New Years episode so hopefully in the future my library will get it or my lovely youngest son(a Wh…[Read more]

  • syzygy replied to the topic On The Sofa (9)


    Oh Gawd. That was on Hell Bent. Jeepers. I read that page. It’s all me. Blabbing. Mind you I was pretty ….well …you know…..lots of pain relief. ….High as a kite.


  • syzygy replied to the topic On The Sofa (9)

    @pedant @janetteB  Gawd, do I? I thought it was just the once. I thought this: “it took pedant probably hours to find that!”  Except it didn’t, did it? 2 minutes & I’m blabbing about something I haven’t seen yet. Jeepers. Senility isn’t it. I hope. It’s random stupidity.

    After being woken up by Devil Spawn “I’m going on a grad trip you didn’t f…[Read more]

  • @thane16

    Aha! I forgot your penchant for diving onto thread before watching (smiley winky thing)…

  • janetteB replied to the topic On The Sofa (9)

    I watched it at the time but barely remembered it. News Years is not perhaps prime viewing time. We re watched it a week ago and it really is rather good. You will enjoy it, @thane16 A late or early Christmas gift.




  • syzygy replied to the topic On The Sofa (9)

    if not senility, it was the other thing.

  • syzygy replied to the topic On The Sofa (9)

    @bluesqueakpip thank you for this…

    @pedant “dear oh dear” my ass. 🙂  I commented but didn’t (‘ahem’) watch it.  I read some comments, thought (potentially a thought) I’d watch it forthwith.

    But it never happened. I totally missed it.

    Senility approaches

  • @thane16

    I’ve missed something. Resolution

    You commented on the episode thread, Dear…



  • Bluesqueakpip replied to the topic On The Sofa (9)


    Hi! Resolution was the New Years Day Special for 2019. It’s not on the front page anymore because of the two retrospectives.

    You have to buy the DVD separately from the Series 11 box set – which is probably why you’re not remembering it as part of Series 11.

    The forum for Resolution is here. You didn’t miss much – for some reason it…[Read more]

  • syzygy replied to the topic General Music thread 4


    welcome back. The Pippettes!  Or is it ‘Pipettes?’

    I love the ice cream chord structure: Chord 1, chord vi, iv, v and repeat….

    Bowie’s blonde hair & Spray Tan Era was a tad …odd. But yes, his impeccable timing, no over-doing it on the stage gave hints of the performer he would eventually become, I think. A more approachable stage…[Read more]

  • Whisht replied to the topic General Music thread 4

    hi all – apologies have been missing of late but catching up!

    @pedant – quite a few clips and things you’ve posted recently have been really lovely! That Children in Need clip, Singing in the Rain etc. But also didn’t know this about Jona Lewie (I’m absolutely guilty of the inward-groan in December, every time I here the parps at the…[Read more]

  • syzygy replied to the topic On The Sofa (9)

    @craig  ??

    Please sir, we need a new Sofa, I think. I can’t find things. There’s old wrappers from sweeties in 2017. And now I’ve gone & lost a whole memory thing. It’s been swiped. No Resolution. How could this happen? Did it have the Daleks? It had to, right? All the requirements et. al etc etc.

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