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    so, to carry on the theme of “this guy hasn’t a clue about music”, here’s the ‘latest’ choon I’m digging (man) fom the Ultimate yah yah of Geetar songs (or whatever the multiple CD compilation was).

    For me this band growing up was “urgh, don’t like” due to whatever was in the charts at the time rather than think “maybe they did other…[Read more]

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    Hi @pedant @winston @thane16

    I only heard about Peter York’s death a few minutes before checking in here and I’ll admit a certain “awwwww no”.
    I grew up seeing them on the TV, sandwiched between The Banana Splits and I thought of them as a joke band, though couldn’t figure out how some of their songs were so damn good.

    Sometimes it can take me…[Read more]

  • @pedant Cheers – spammer (or strangely confused person) duly removed.

  • @craig

    ^^^^^^ Something in this thread does not belong ^^^^^^^


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    @thane16   @pedant and @whisht   I heard about Peter Tork earlier and although I am very sad at his leaving I also remembered all the fun he brought me as a young girl watching the show ,singing the songs and trying to decide who was the cutest. .As a much older person I have learned to appreciate their music and even took a Monkees CD  on our…[Read more]

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    @pedant  @whisht

    Oh I know. His death popped up on my feed.  Such lovely memories of the whole band. Even dad liked them which says something (maybe)

    Thank you for the Jeremy Hardy. And Rebecca Front! And bees….And buttons.

    Phobias. That was actually very interesting.



  • Not many Monkees songs with Peter Tork (RIP) on vocals:

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    ah ok, not surprising but that was a link to A Bit of Fry and Laurie.

    Anyway, here’s some music.

    happy to take requests for convoluted connections between a scene with lettuce and some pop music, but in the meantime… i guess it will be mainly random

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    so, for a completely difficult/ tedious to explain reason, I looked up this video.
    Looks like the Beeb might be taking down videos from YT (not sure it will embed) but, anyway….


    I will link to music soon…

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    @thane16 – it might surprise you to learn that I haven’t heard Meddle (I know, I know) but that reminded me for some reason to Us and Them (which I have heard before – yay team me!)

    Thankfully (due to me looking for something about him) this popped up in my right hand panel of YouTube.
    Sometimes YT proffers stuff that isn’t…[Read more]

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    Cheers – and, of course, noted on acronym origin!)

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    so it’s been awhile and I’ve not seen this popping up in my in-box (my fault obviously).  I saw this last many, many moons ago.

    Above I read Castellan is very good….& is he played by Milton Johns?

    @JanetteB I agree -this was my bread & butter Who.  The actor playing Rodan tickles me. Do you recall an Aus movie The Getting of Wisdom? I think t…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave -me too! It was a late night of telly watching for the Puro Crew

    @mudlark Eyes, noses, next it’ll be ears! Glad your chest infection has diminished, however & thank you for the answer.


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    After reading the Rachel Talalay notes you uploaded, I watched Heaven Sent again last night. Fascinating to compare the notes with the way it was realized. The whole was very effective, yet I wonder if the TV monitors clashed a bit with the dream-like quality of the castle? For me, perhaps they did. But it was still a damned effective…[Read more]

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    @ScaryB   The comments by Rachel Talalay on the first scene of Heaven Sent are fascinating. I’m always amazed at how much intricate thought goes into the details, and it certainly paid off in this instance.  Interesting that Pierrefonds castle was referenced as an inspiration. I remember visiting it in the early spring of 1961 when I was a…[Read more]

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    @thane16  (puro)

    The curse of headline writing. Headlines have to be succinct but, as in this case, compression frequently leads to ambiguity. It is usually possible to discern the intended meaning, nevertheless, and  Thousands march in protest against the failure of governments to take effective and timely action to prevent devastating climate c…[Read more]

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    @ScaryB  your headline comment caused me to jump to this thought. For the wordsmiths out there & you know who you are – & @mudlark are you home yet?

    I see this headline:

    thousands demonstrate against Climate Change.”

    Is that the correct way to write: Climate Change is a THING & it’s bad so we protest
    ?  It could be read as “we’re protesting < …[Read more]

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    that’s brilliant to read Scary, thank you: hope you’re doing well.

    Puro x

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    @Blenkinsopthebrave *waves back*

    Talalay post – I agree (and apologies for it posting with the full length preview* (I just begin to think I’ve got the hang of this posting thing, then that happens!)). I love her direction (like Camfield, it’s got a flair, expertise and depth, that adds to the storytelling).

    Must go and check out the Crusade…[Read more]

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