• @janetteb I agree with you about Mother Nature. Sadly, things have felt apocalyptic here this summer.

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    Saddened to hear of the death of Michael Gambon, such a wonderful actor and superb in A Christmas Carol, lovable as Dumbledore too. I think my favourite role of his was in Longitude. I really should re watch The Singing Detective too. I last saw it when I was at Uni studying Film Noir.



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  • @nerys. First fires then storms. Mother nature is not being kind to Canada at the moment. It seems that this year we are really beginning to see just how pissed nature is though humanity has a frightening capacity to forget a crisis very quickly. I think it takes a couple of days from memory. My S/O did some research on that when he was…[Read more]

  • @winston Thanks for the thumbs-up. We just started watching the third season of Breeders … not realizing that the fourth season is also available. So we’ve got some catching up to do. After that, we may start with Annika. I think you’re right, and I will like it.

    (Post-tropical storm Lee was not as bad here as I’d feared. We had storm surge,…[Read more]

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    @winston lol cute alien you obviously never saw the Dr Who magazine comic strip story Meep the Bleek comes from.I’m not going to potentially spoilerise the special but let’s just say all is not as it may appear if they are following the Star Beast story line.

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    @blenkinsopthebrave  That was so good! I am getting excited for November ,which is a new thing for an Ontarian. The Doctor and the Doctor Donna together again, a really cute alien plus explosions everywhere, I can’t wait. Thanks.

    stay safe

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    The bbc dr who website confirms that all 3 60th episodes will be shown in November and Ncuti’s first full episode is going to be a special screened over the festive period ( hopefully that will mean  Xmasday)

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    New trailer. And it looks good.


  • @nerys  I have watched the 1st series of Annika and I really enjoyed it. I am waiting for the 2nd series from the library. It has great acting and writing and the beautiful scenery sometimes steals the show( for me at least). I think you will like it if you like Nicola Walker because she is very good in this.

    stay safe

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    @nuwhovianjean I hope you’ll take my advice earlier on in this topic about how to watch Doctor Who on BBC iPlayer from outside the UK, just by using a VPN and looking up a residential address, then inputting at least the Post Code. The BBC website has no news for Doctor Who dated after 2021. I demand a new series of Doctor Who with 26 episodes of…[Read more]

  • We’re halfway through Season 5 of Unforgotten, and I’m finding it every bit as engaging as the previous four. I was afraid they would be heavy-handed with the interpersonal conflict in the void left by Cassie’s death, and the introduction of a new DCI, but I think they are handling it deftly. Conflict would be expected on many levels, given the…[Read more]

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    @nuwhovianjean I’m not sure where you live, but in the United States, HBO Max carries past seasons of Doctor Who. In Canada, we were able to watch it on Crave, but it was removed earlier this year. (Oddly enough, I just checked, and it looks like one episode from Season 3 got left behind. Guess I can still watch that lone straggler.)

    I will have…[Read more]

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    Hmmm now this may sound a bit mad but they’re not setting her up as the next master/Missy are they??????

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    Another glimpse of what’s to come


    Albeit, coming at an agonizingly slow pace.



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    @janneteb sorry this reply is a bit late from what I understand the 3 anniversary specials are to be broadcast together, however they do the 60th with Tennant changing to Ncuti at the end of the 3rd part, with Ncuti’s first full episode being the Dr who Xmas special. Then his first full season to be aired after that. As to the writers strike my u…[Read more]

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    @translatercircuit According to an article in the Guardian recently the next series of Dr Who is going to be impacted by the writers strike, presumably due to the Disney connection. I guess that the specials will not be impacted.

    . Cheers



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    @winston  @janetteb    Yes, I’m more tolerant of anomalies if I like the characters or the story.   I’m much more likely to notice errors if I’m not just a little emotionally invested in the fate of the characters.   (And at worst I find myself nit-picking the plot as a sort of revenge on the bad writing/acting).   Kill the Moon was an exception…[Read more]

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    Here’s some more details about the production of future Doctor Who episodes, dated October 25, 2022. Read what it says under the pic of Ncuti Gatwa.


    As for the scripts lined up for Ncuti Gatwa, based on a clip of him as well as some rumours of…[Read more]

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    @janetteb I don’t think the American writers’ and actors’ strikes will affect these specials at all, for the following two reasons.

    1. Filming of these specials must have finished ages ago! They’ve had enough time to make two whole series by now!!

    2. Doctor Who isn’t a US production. They’re just getting funding from Disney+.



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