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    @vickymallard @winston @ps1l0v3y0u I found this episode entertaining. The Doctor flirting with Jabe the tree person – (Rose noticed – “You two go and pollinate”) – I really liked her, it was tragic when she died heroically. The theme of the Earth ending made me feel a bit – uneasy. But there were a host of interesting characters to…[Read more]

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    @vickymallard @winston

    Yes, those interesting aliens (a nod to the 70’s series The Curse of Peladon?) and lots of hints as to the fate of Gallifrey. And without the oft unsuccessfully employed device of the ‘regeneration trauma’, Ecclestone makes a convincing and intriguing alien in a humanoid body.

    If you’re a huge 10 fan (and there are a lot)…[Read more]

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    @vickymallard I really liked the ninth Doctor but he is a little rusty when dealing with us mere humans. He has been on his own for too long and of course he is an alien. This must have been a really shocking experience for Rose what with all those aliens and the end of earth but she handles it pretty well.

    I liked the tree people and Cassandras…[Read more]

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    And here we go again. Still feels weird with this Doctor, but I guess I’ll get used to it eventually. And it’s interesting to see how he IS the same character. All that time-lordiness, the not explaining, occasionally almost arrogance. Although this incarnation seems to be somewhat less emotional and emphatic – he didn’t seem to consider even for…[Read more]

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    This just in! I’ve been trying to find the Doctor Who Regeneration set and couldn’t find it anywhere… I looked on Amazon – no luck, eBay – one listing, but cost to much. Finally found it here. Plus, I get FREE SHIPPING. I’m sooooo excited!


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    @janetteb I think ‘old Who’ worked perfectly well in its time. Just as, say, Blakes 7 did (even though the cast reputedly were a little bit disconcerted when the sets wobbled if they leaned on them). At the time, that was just the standard of special effects and production values we were used to. We used our imaginations to ‘fill in the…[Read more]

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    You sum up old Who well. Yet I at least, loved it for all that.


    Who scrips definitely have to work for the first time viewer as well as the aged fan. (like myself.) A friend is currently introducing the new stories to her daughter, who refers to them as “old Who”. She is loving it. I don’t think she will ever watch the…[Read more]

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    @vickymallard One of my favourite things about Rose is the music. It brings me back again and again.  This was my first episode and it started an almost 20 year long addiction to Doctor Who. I wish the Doctor would wipe my memory so I could watch them all over again for the first time. I think the ninth Doctor is mad and bad and a little cheeky.…[Read more]

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