• Well, have now watched the last two episodes of “Dracula” and confess to feeling that it did not live up to the promise of the first episode. The last episode in particular, where Gatiss was given primary credit for the writing, was, I feel, a letdown. Every decision to change the novel was a poor decision. The characterization of Lucy, in…[Read more]

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    Watched this with the kid again last night and does anyone know where the Kasaavins come from?

    If they are they from N space then does that mean they are coming from the ‘negative’ side of

    the same universe?  Doesn’t that mean we are all on the ‘positive’ side of the same universe?

    Didn’t  the Cybermen also use N space a lot and is it p…[Read more]

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    Hi @CedarBranchTardis

    As above, this thread has now moved to the “Faces of The Doctor” topic.

    Please don’t post here unless you have comments about the website or users of the website.

    Many thanks.

  • This series is like the Star Trek films, alternating between poor and excellent. TBH I have only just got around to watching this week’s as I wasn’t all fired up, but what a treat. This was another winner, and as commented previously by others, it was the pacing. One story, stick to it, move it along. Back to being excited for tomorrow… defo hop…[Read more]

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    Hi everyone xx

    on the topic of who your favourite doctor is i want a ask everyone if you could be any doctor which doctor would you be and why ???

    I can’t make my mind up between David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker they are both a lil bit of me if I must say

  • I really liked the contrast between the different doctors. Eccleston looking at his “big ears”. More “athletic”, Tennant and his “brooding”, Smith’s “goofiness”, Capaldi should have wailed away on his guitar more. Some changes I didn’t like, the sonic screwdriver not being used, the TARDIS looking like the bridge of a starship, the loss of…[Read more]

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    @beemartha @missy

    Hi both, no biggie but could you please move this conversation over to the “Faces of the Doctor” thread? Many thanks.

    The Faces of the Doctor (2)

    The “Website comments” thread is more for problems with the website or with users so I can know what to fix, or who to have a stern chat…[Read more]

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    I can’t lie I must agree they were entertaining to watch.

    The War doctors one my favourites because I love his journey throughout time he’s seen so much pain and felt the darkness and it reminds me of how the world can be at times.


    I cannot lie David Tennant is my Doctor Who crush there’s not one episode I didn’t wish I was on the adv…[Read more]

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    Hello there.

    Frankly I’m in a minority on here, *grins* PC appears to be the least liked Doctor and I cannot understand why?

    For me he was the most convincing, the most endearing, the most human of all the Doctors.

    Mind you, Christopher came a close second in the ‘human’ stakes.

    David Tennant I found witty and quite mad at times,…[Read more]

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    @missy 😂😂 I know the feeling I’m new on the site

    I must agree i did enjoy them do tell me  why are they your top 3


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    Hello there, at last one I can respond to.

    1. Peter Capaldi

    2. David Tennant

    3. Christopher Eccleston.


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    hey everyone xx

    I’m curious to know who your top 3 Doctors of all time are because mine are

    1. The War Doctor John Hurt in 2013
    2. The Tenth Doctor David Tennant in 2005-2010
    3. The Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith 2010-2013

    I just think these doctors had the most exciting adventures and I love the personalities who are your top 3 ????



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    @toinfinityandbepond Thank you. I’ve marked them as spammer, so won’t happen again. At least from them.

    As I’ve said before, I can’t stop this happening once in a while, unfortunately. It’s not automated. There’s a human behind it who has to set up an account, maybe upload a picture (as they did here), then send the message.

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