• Songs that should have been written for companions, but weren’t…

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    @wolfweed — I’ve always loved that picture of the Voord with the watches. (The true reason for the invasion of Marinus? To set up a budget jewellery concession?)

    To be honest, I’ve found these episodes a bit of a slog, so I’ll probably just remain an interested observer for the Aztecs….

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  • @bluesqueakpip, @craig,

    In spite of the fact that life still seems to get in the way (but reflections on The Keys of Marinus will hopefully follow soon) I can guarantee you that the attack of the mace will have have pin-point accuracy and deadly consequences!

    So… bring on The Aztecs!

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    Continuing with last week’s mysteries being solved by culprits blurting their own guilt, this continues with the gaff about Susan giving the game away.

    Pyrrho gets a name drop – Nice!

    Yartek: ‘I shall order my creatures to kill her!’

    @BlueSqueakPip  Voord in a hoodie is faintly ridiculous. Why don’t we ever see a ‘nude’ Voord? They’re only…[Read more]

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    well, as has been mentioned, thatallfeltabitrushed

    Although I thought Arbitan would emerge from under the mask in a “ah ha! My fiendish plan to get all my keys back!” didn’t materialise, I got all the clues in this one – and that never happens!

    Ah well. I still think Barbara emerges as the most sensible person in these episodes (no Ian,…[Read more]

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  • @JanetteB

    Yes, I hadn’t watched this before, either, apart from episode 2. I have no idea why I saw episode 2 but not the rest. I really enjoyed it – for a ‘filler’, emergency story it was a really good one.

    The ending felt like Terry Nation had realised he couldn’t do his detective story in one episode, so had to take over half of part 6 -…[Read more]

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    @Thane 15 Very well stated. I agree with you and many years ago I would not have.  I still have some values that would be labeled conservative but as you said, lables are a problem. That is an understatement with politics and race topping that as a problem. We have been raised in a propaganda culture where pride in country is blind to the…[Read more]

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    Hi from Italy guys, i’m back for another round.
    After the experience of Class(series that i loved) i finally started the season 10.
    For the final year originally i want twelve alone without a companion, i think that he might add a original taste <u>and</u> change to the show and a challenge for Capaldi but…..i like this new companion, there is a…[Read more]

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    @rorysmith @janetteB

    Mum and I (and also Dad) are pretty much leftists: although that’s how ‘right wingers’ would ‘label’ us.

    Labels are annoying. Look how librarian went!

    I kid! 🙂

    I don’t like labels but I do know this: a flat tax is hopelessly regressive. One excellent thing about our country -and I know that some Americans talk about “god…[Read more]

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    I cheated this week. I watched half of this episode on Friday and finished it today so I am finally up to date. I really enjoyed the series. I was surprised to realise that I had not seen it before. I agree that the ending does seem rather rushed. The story arc proved less interesting than the components but that is so often the case. Returning…[Read more]

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