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    @blenkinsopthebrave oooo what places is this you have been reading. If accurate I wonder if it may be something similar to The key of time season where the adventures were linked stories which all had the underlining storyline but individual stories or if it’s going to be essentially one long story like most of the early BG stories. This move c…[Read more]

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    Have been reading a bit more about season 13 (no spoilers though). It seems that they are going to jettison the separate story structure in favour of one story told over 8 episodes. I am assuming that this will re-engage with the consequences of The Timeless Children.

    Since all we have been given so far is a 30 second teaser, it would be nice if…[Read more]

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    A Town Called Mercy – I really like this episode.

    Had some classic lines in it.   Written by Toby Whithouse, but worthy of the Moff.

    “Why would he want to kill you? Unless he’s met you.” – Amy (to the Doctor).

    “I speak horse. He’s called Susan, and he wants you to respect his life choices.” – The Doctor.

    “Everyone who isn’t American, drop y…[Read more]

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    @nerys    Well, I have plenty of space, or did have.    My problem is, it inevitably fills up with interesting things which I can’t bear to throw out.   (So really, I’m the problem).   For example, 500 VHS tapes (remember them?)   I disposed of 300 a few months ago, there are still around 200 in the living room which I must bite the bullet and…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave  Thanks for that. I needed some Who news and I guess we got a tiny wee glimpse of what’s to come. Has anyone heard when?  We have to wait for so long and I do wait ,sometimes patiently, sometimes anxiously for each new series. Of course this gap was longer because of Covid so what can ya do.

    I really don’t know what to e…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent I should note that I did eventually catch up on all those missing chunks of Doctor Who, first on Netflix and then, after Netflix dropped it, on Crave TV. But, of course, by then I was already predisposed to like Donna, given what I had already seen. I did find Rose’s departure emotionally jolting, even years later, but it had less…[Read more]

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    @craig    Minor website matter – in Dr Who News on 24th June, ‘osdffdsfg’ or somesuch posted a mountain of rubbish with several commercial links in it.   May I suggest respectfully nuking it from orbit?  And maybe banning Mr alphabet soup.

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    @nerys   Well, first impressions definitely matter.   In my case, having seen Asylum, I was definitely well-disposed towards Clara (and Clara lookalikes), though the loss of Amy was a shock.   (All right, and Rory too, originally he was a bit of a dork but he improved as time went along.   Liked him better than Danny Pink, anyways).

    If you’d s…[Read more]

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    @janetteb I had read that there was another season/series of Good Omens! I really need to watch that without commercial interruptions. Sadly, as with Doctor Who, when there are constant commercial breaks, it really disrupts the flow of the program. It gave Good Omens an overly frenetic, almost frantic vibe, which I do not remember from the book.…[Read more]

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    From what I read somewhere, the 8 episodes aren’t separate, but are connected in some way.

    Let’s just say my expectations are…subdued.

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    @janetteb   I’ll be very interested to see your Red Dwarf podcast.

    @nerys   I basically agree with all of that.   Oswin was such a dazzling character, and so tragic.   And The Snowmen was not one of the best Christmas specials (in my opinion).   So though The Bells of St John was a good episode, with some witty interaction between the Doctor an…[Read more]

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    @janetteb   I agree with that, specifically Rose’s costume (I know nothing of the history of fashion, but Rose’s costume in Unquiet Dead would surely have started a riot.   Although, IIRC, I think I personally liked the look of it).   And generally, that some things we can accept and ohers not.   I think in the case of Unquiet Dead, the essenti…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave thanks for the link. I would have preferred them to say, “smallest adventure yet”, but other than that was welcome. Hopefully the “biggest adventure yet” is just advertising hyperbole and what we get is just a collection of good stories, average stories and maybe, one or two brilliant stories and Gallifrey is restored or was…[Read more]

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    @Nerys I love Staged and there is to be another series of Good Omens. Apparently Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman discussed a sequel but never wrote anything down.

    @dentarthurdent I agree re’ the cubes. Such a neat idea but a very disappointing resolution. Speaking of Red Dwarf we are finally going to review it in the podcast but that is currently…[Read more]

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    TRAILER at last!

    Well, very short teaser, actually. But even a tiny sip of water is welcome after a long time in the desert.

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    Drat, Karen Gillan. Sorry about the misspelling (and it’s too late for me to edit it).

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    @dentarthurdent I guess I was so taken with Oswin’s passion that I found that lacking in Clara, at least initially. I always felt (and I know this is subjective) that Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman didn’t have the kind of chemistry Smith shared with Karen Gilliam and, by extension, Arthur Darvill. “The Angels Take Manhattan” left me so distraught…[Read more]

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