• I’ve mentioned 13 Reasons Why a few times, for all sorts of good reasons.

    But one side effect was triggering a very specific chain of thought in me. So, naturally, I blogged it. Old school, me. The apparently passing reference to the armed forces is non-trivial.

    One Reason Why, Two Words That Matter

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    Hi all!

    Nice to see everyone back.  I have a LOT of catching up to do.  Have enjoyed the first two episodes.  To me “Smile” felt very much like Classic Who.  If I had seen this story with Three and Jo I would have thought “That looked about right.”

    And then I would have thought “Wow, how did they manage those special effects!”

    Seeing Susan’s…[Read more]

  • @zeyra

    Your grand parents seems awesome!

    Can’t see anything wrong with that. If it was me (and obviously I’m not you, so you do whatever you like) I’d focus how, when the doctor is alone too long, his moral compass can get a bit confused – and his fellow travellers have a long history of getting his feet back on the ground. Hmm. mixed metaphors…[Read more]

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    For Puro – when Spawn goes crashing off the rails you will be able to trace it back to this moment. Before long her will be thinking that free verse is not a total bucket of arse gravy, but actually kind of OK. There’s no road back from that.

    The fucker is nothing without Johnny Marr.

    Now these are lyrics:

    “You cry out in your…[Read more]

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    The subject for the essay was : travelling by yourself can be a life changing experience.

    I first thought about my grand parents who are almost crazy, going with only some clothes and money to africa or asia not really knowing where they’ll go (can be very dangerous but it’s amazing too so…)

    anyway. Then I thought about Martha !…[Read more]

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    In principle I can’t see a why not. But it does depend on how and where you are thinking of doing so, and what your teacher is looking for. That is, what’s the question/ topic?

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    do you think it’s ok if I make Doctor Who references in my english exam ? I think my teacher is a fan… I’m just not sure yet. He loves tv shows and UK so I assume he knows and likes Doctor who 😀

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    The future of commercial-supported free-to-air television is bleak, if it’s not already in its death spiral

    Well, it’s not quite the end of days yet but I think you’re right. The future is definitely online and streaming and I’m guessing eventually Who will find a home on a BBC equivalent of Netflix.

    Getting off-topic, but it’s so…[Read more]

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    Right: at least when I hear that I jump in!

    He loves Joy Division -fortunately. I think he fancies himself as the lone warrior, the lone mediator, the lone trigger happy cowboy  or a …musician who cannot sing or play….

    <slight problem there>

    There’s a show from Melbourne (I think)  where several taxi drivers, equipped with cameras,…[Read more]

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  • *Weeps*

    There will not be a 30 day period of mourning @Thane15‘s judgement.

    PURO! Show him Joy Division, stat!

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    Hi there and welcome. The sofa’s the best place to start! Great story posted by @jimthefish. I really like her reading voice.

    The music thread’s another fun one…



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    So sorry, I meant Rm not Tm? Put it down to these dark glasses i have to wear. *rolls eyes*


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    @myth96: I agree about the continuity, it’s astonishing how the writers are able to do this over so many years.


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    @blenkinsopthebrave:  Fortunately I’ve never lost a post, but unfortunately I did lose my password? Craig sorted it out for me.

    @thane15:  I know that TM has a good reputation as an interviewer, and wasn’t knocking that, just his part in Whovians. Refreshing to hear that I’m not alone in my opinion. :)


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    @jimthefish: How charming, such fun. thank you for posting.


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    @bluesqueakpip:  Or to put it another way, if posters want to say something about every nation having shameful deeds in their past, they can, but they should start the discussion with examples from their own country.

    How odd, I could have sworn that I did exactly that? *sigh*


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