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    @winston Yes just today our idiot government voted for a new tax system that benefits the rich at the cost of public education and health care. Think I need to do more gardening, only right now that is hardly cheering. It is mid winter and the river is still dry. We are clearly heading into drought conditions. I fear for my garden. that is why I…[Read more]

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    @wolfweed Thanks for that.

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    @janetteb    Sorry about your tough week. I am done with dragging kids through school and in fact we are going to my granddaughters grade 8 graduation next week.Her parents can fight the good fight and we will just enjoy the milestones.

    In Ontario the province I live in we just had an election for premier and they voted in a Trump impersonator wh…[Read more]

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    thank you for the link @wolfweed that brought a much needed smile to my face. How well that is put together, to include all the companions as well as Madam Vastra, River Song and Rory all in thirty seconds is impressive.

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    Somebody finally uploaded it…

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    ‘I’m a trailer. But probably not the one you’re expecting.’


    A nice trailer for series 1-10 on iplayer was aired before the England vs Tunisia match.

    I Imagine that the ‘true’ Who trailer will drop at San Diego Comic Con, as some of the key cast and crew will be attending a panel…[Read more]

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    @ichabod I echo @pedant‘s applause.

    @winston Yes the helplessness is the worst especially when watching fools vote for political parties that not only don’t care about the environment but actively go out of their way to sabotage anyone who does. (We just lost the State Government that has worked for years to make this the “greenest” state in the…[Read more]

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    @pedant and @ichabod  I agree that people and animals today are already suffering from the effects of climate change all over the world. Hotter summers every year along with the smog alerts that go hand in hand with forest fires and massive heat related tornadoes. Our far north Inuit towns losing feet of shore line to rising sea levels, and…[Read more]

  • @pedant  Thanks. Never seen that before. What a paragon of impartiality…


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    @pedant — Thank you; applause right back.  And thanks for the clarification.

    And of course if most of the ground water is poisoned by chemicals from fracking, the raccoons don’t have much of a chance either . . . nobody does.  Rich fucks don’t care; they just want another private submarine and a house in Monaco, and to hell with everything and e…[Read more]

  • @ichabod


    Just to be clear: people alive *today* will probably – and their children will certainly – see displacement of people on a scale that makes the current refugee crisis in the Middle East look like a day trip to Disneyland.

  • @wolfweed

    And Cook’s sketch:



    Hmm. Don’t know why it won’t embed.

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    @winston   public service commercials on TV  by Competitive Enterprise Institute calling climate change a myth and even saying that carbon dioxide was not pollution because “plants breath it”  and that industrial waste was “harmless” and “essential to life.” The members of this institute were Exxon, Texico, Ford, Arco and General Motors .

    SOP fro…[Read more]

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    @ichabod  First let me congratulate you and your grandson and his new wife. They sound like wise young people with brilliant futures. Secondly , I want to say I agree with your posts and I also have a big stake in the game. My granddaughters and grandsons as well as all the children on this planet deserve better than what we are leaving them and…[Read more]

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    Finally got around to watching A Very English Scandal. Must see TV with lots of laugh out loud moments.

    (Murray Gold did the music & Eve Myles plays someone called Gwen. Jason Watkins and Adrian Scarborough also appear.)

    This documentary followed and might also be interesting to view…[Read more]

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    you sound like my English teacher.

    I fully agree with the whole post. However, one thing makes me fearful, “…the short time when Clara was his companion”



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    Hi all. I started watching Doctor Who during the first Tennant series and, something I’m not proud of admitting, stopped watching when he left. However since then I have caught up on all the Smith and Capaldi series and just this morning finished watching Ecclestone.

    I surprisingly loved Ecclestone’s series despite the 2005-like graphics. The end…[Read more]

  • @ddoherty95 “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” is a great story. I love Matt’s doctor and really enjoyed the short time when Clara was his companion.

    Well, just a few more days till a season 11 trailer is release. I can’t wait to see Jodie’s doctor and her companions. I thought I post my theories about the personality of this new doctor and…[Read more]

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    Love Tyson; tells it as it is.  And as it is, is that we damn well better pull our socks up and get serious about things liek (today’s news) the Artic ice sheets melting faster than ever, and probably not because they’re mean and want to make like difficult for everybody, or because, oh, you know, it’s *time* for that to happen.  @missy This is n…[Read more]

  • @missy  I think JW will be fine, though probably more limited in scope by the scripts given her; I just a fascinating documentary on PBS about working artists who are also mothers, and how their art explores areas of experience pretty much utterly ignored til now, unless seen through the eyes of male artists.  I found some of it kinda urpy, to t…[Read more]

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