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    @peacefrog I think Mum would say “the sound was found as early as the 3rd century BC in…Crete.” Maybe. But we all love The Dead. And it resonates 🙂

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    We’re not both against Oxygen Right Now. Most people want it affordably. It’s not as if a “they” exists who shouldn’t have it (though water’s a massive problem & that’s a ‘not us Right Now argument’). Nor should ORN be discussed via them & they, but as an ‘us’.

    Most are willing to understand people should be paid to ensure there’s Oxygen RN even…[Read more]

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    And, of course, we know where Sacha Dahwan met the Doctor before…

    Mmm, could’ve be in Wired … 😉

    At the time, I thought they missed a quip when the Doctor rumbled O’s game:

    DOCTOR: No, no, no. I read your file. You were a champion sprinter.
    O: Mmm. Got me. Well done.

    O should have added, “YOU were always the expert on running.”

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    I don’t want to “hippie” it up too much in here.

    But I thought @thane16 might like this one.

    See if you can recognize the sound of a gyroscope being used on a piano wire to create a sound that probably didn’t even exist at the time.

    This whole ablum is worth listening to.


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    Axl could write some good songs…when he wasn’t busy being a jerk. 😀






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    Oh, wow.  Just watched that and it was painful.  Like when your favourite football team is doing really badly but you still support them and love them.

    I just had to check the IMDb rating on that episode in case it was me, but no.


  • As I don’t subscribe to Amazon Prime and so didn’t watch Good Omens when first shown, it has been one of the more cheering discoveries of the post-Christmas season to find Good Omens being shown on BBC. Enough, along with the new series of Doctor Who of course,  to rouse me temporally from my seasonal dormouse syndrome torpor at any rate.

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    @thane16 @bluesqueakpip

    ‘Qu’ils mangent de la brioche’* certainly shouldn’t be attributed to Marie Antoinette, since it was originally quoted in the autobiography of Jean-Jacques Rousseau where it is attributed only to ‘a great princess’, and this was written before Marie Antoinette even arrived in France. It has been suggested that it was in…[Read more]

  • @jimthefish

    Allow me to join @miapatrick and @juniperfish in congratulating you on the award of your doctorate! I had somehow missed that when reading the posts. Given the erudite argumentation of your posts over the years, it all makes sense. While you will, not doubt, continue to be known on these boards as @jimthefish, I will, inevitably, like…[Read more]

  • @jimthefish congratulations, Doctor! Frankly I lack your willpower, I’ve posted more on here when I was working on my undergraduate degree, and now that I’m working on my postgraduate degree than I did the couple of years when I wasn’t studying.

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    @thane16 In my case it was essentially me, in a bad mood, butting in on someone else’s argument, which was my bad.

  • I just realised, that Sacha Dhawan was also in Sherlock, in The Six Thatchers, as Ajay (one of Mary’s old assasin gang) as well as being in Dracula and now Doctor Who,

    In S4 of Sherlock, things were definitely not what they seemed, especially because of Culverton and his mind-wipe/ alteration drug TD-12.

    In Dracula Part 2, as I said before,…[Read more]

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    I’m not actually saying you shouldn’t protest – heck, with the recent devastating fires which were (very high probability) aggravated by an inadequate response to climate change, you should! But what I am arguing about is an assumption that the most important thing to you will necessarily be a) the most important thing to someone else…[Read more]

  • @phaseshift

    I’d almost forgotten that I’d even written this. Feel free to take whatever you wish. And something of the ‘between’ era would be interesting. It’s been bemusing to me how adversarial the Moffat and […]

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    Meanwhile on this side of the Pond, with Brexit looming and our very own irresponsible mophead and his crew in charge, this comes to mind.

    Not that I dislike my home city (where, for what it’s worth, a clear majority voted to remain in the EU), but if I were younger and had the opportunity ….

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    Loved the season opener, very my type of WHO. This on the other hand I have no compulsion to rewatch.

    Pacing seemed off and it introduced a lot of characters, rushed through some very sloppy character development and had way too many redundant scenes.

    It’s a stand-alone episode, which does not add to the season arc hinted at in the opener w…[Read more]

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    Take me to your leader….

    Just as easy to dance to as “Rock Lobster”.

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    @galaxymage  Sorry about that, I added a letter.See above.

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    @thane16 and @galaxyimage  As I said after watching this episode, I liked it! I watch Doctor Who as an escape and escape I do, for 45 glorious minutes. I sink into the show like a soft mattress with a warm and fuzzy blanket refusing to move until it is over. How I feel about the show when I am watching is all that matters to me at the time and…[Read more]

  • Really enjoyed this post Jim and I’d like to quote it on something I’m developing. I think you make great points on some of SMs strengths and weaknesses, but it’s really the narrative of the “between” era and the […]

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