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    @nerys   I hope you and yours are OK after such a violent and destructive  storm. The damage to many parts  of the Atlantic provinces is terrible and sadly even the loss of some people. Let us know how you are when you get a chance and know that the rest of Canada wants to help. I am so proud of how prepared you all were and how strong you are in…[Read more]

  • @blenkinsopthebrave   That looks very interesting and I put it on my watch list. Thanks.

    @dentarthurdent  I am a massive fan of Sherlock and have watched it all a few times. It modernizes the characters and stories excellently, bringing Holmes and Watson to life in our time. It also has a really good cast! Have fun watching.

    Stay safe.

  • … and for once this is exactly the right forum (not that that ever stopped anyone) –  by total coincidence I’ve just this minute finished watching the first episode of Sherlock, written/produced by, of course, Steven Moffat, Sue Vertue and Mark Gatiss.   I have to say it’s pretty good.   I’ve had the box set sitting on the shelf for a year and…[Read more]

  • and Sue Vertue. (I think it a little ironical that Moffat is accused of misogyny in his writing when he is frequently working for his wife. Kind of think she might call him out if he was being misogynist. )

    It sounds interesting and with that cast cannot be bad surely? Will watch out for it. Thanks for the link, @blenkinsopthebrave.

    <p…[Read more]

  • Peter Capaldi. Steven Moffat. Time.

    Coming soon.

  • You know I don’t mind the timeless child story line. They had to do something to keep a future for the doctor and the show. How else would they keep explaining his regenerations.I know it might mess up canon from the classic who but I’m not familiar with classic who only nuwho.



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    @mudlark It’s a little bit reassuring (to me) to see that female persons agree with me on Moffat’s characters and I’m not somehow blinkered by my male point of view. (Actually I just realised I’ve stereotyped myself horribly there – I’m not really sure what a ‘male point of view’ is, forget I said that 🙂

    Whittaker was either mis-cast or…[Read more]

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    @Mudlark and @dentharturdent (excellent avatar btw) Agree with both posts. I do get irritated by MOffat’s use of the psychopath label when applied to River Song as she is not a psychopath though at times that aspect of her character is inconsistent but that is a different, and minor niggle. Moffat created some memorable female characters who were…[Read more]

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    After reading the Moffat interview I can only agree with your reflections on both Moffat and Chibnall. But I also found myself recognizing a slight irritation on his part to being criticized  for his cleverness (as if cleverness was a character flaw) that reminded me of Johnathan Miller.

    Miller was seemingly, or indeed actually,…[Read more]

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    Your views on Moffat’s writing coincide pretty much exactly with mine. I, too, love the ‘puzzle boxes’ and the densely layered plots which repay multiple re-viewings – so much more satisfying than simple narratives, though I concede that the latter can be very entertaining. As for the accusations of misogyny, I, born in 1942 and…[Read more]

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    @Mudlark   That was an excellent interview with the Moff.     Two things the critics reportedly alleged, which I absolutely disagree with – one was (alleged) misogyny.    Maybe my perspective is different from this side of the gender gap, but would a misogynist ever have created such strong and appealing female characters as Sally Sparrow,…[Read more]

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    For the record, there is an interview with Steven Moffat in today’s Guardian in which, among other things, he discusses with good humour some of the more negative responses to his take on Doctor Who and Sherlock.


    Thanks for that link.  The ingredients could, in theory, add up to an exciting send-off for the thirteenth Doctor…[Read more]

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    @janetteb   Maybe the finale will be, as you say, better.   (That’s called ‘damning with faint praise I think   😉    I’m still waiting for my Resolution of the Daleks DVD to arrive so then I can watch Series 13 (which I already have but waiting to watch in sequence) so then after that there’s a couple of specials before ‘The Power of the Doctor’.…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave   Well , it looks like they have all the major baddies in this one. It should be exciting with all those guys in it and the Master is always fun to watch. I am looking forward to this one and I hope they send the 13th Doctor off with a bang.

    stay safe

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    Thank you for the news @blenkinsopthebrave. I wish I was more excited but maybe, the end will be better than previous. I keep hoping and if Ian is in it then there will be at least one reason to watch it.



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