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  • @pedant  I have heard about the show and I am glad it is as good as they say. I will have to wait for my library to order it but they are pretty good at getting things if people request them. Thanks for the review.

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    @doctor-levina   I envy you meeting all of the Doctors for the first time.I remember my journey through Who and it was much the same as yours. The 9th Doctor was my first and I was so sad when he regenerated but then the 10th came along and he was so good then the 11th and so on.Each time I am sure I won’t like the new Doctor and each time I am w…[Read more]

  • At the moment, I am in the middle of the 5th season so I can’t really join the whole female doctor talk. However, my opinion about the different doctors went through a funny transformation.

    When I started watching, I was kind of sceptical about the whole series, because the only series I watched before that dealt somehow with extra-terrestrial…[Read more]

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  • I imagine many of you have seen the hype surrounding Chernobyl, the HBO/ Sky Atlantic mini-series.

    Every bit of the hype is justified. It is simply the best piece of storytelling you will see this year, or many other years, by an absolute mile. The acting is universally superb and unpretentious. The script is a masterclass in economy in telling a…[Read more]

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    @thane16    Oh it’s you! 🙂 I read the notification and wondered who the heck is this Syzygy person?

    I’ve been thinking of this lovely eclectic bunch of humans recently and been meaning to jump back into the pool, but I’m so easily distracted these days. I even made the Duolingo Owl cry. (I’ll be getting back at that Spanish shortly, I p…[Read more]

  • Hello there! Sooo I thought I’d post the first chapter of a fanfiction I’ve been working on, although it’s not your average fanfiction, it’s very distant from the show with a completely different storyline, to be honest I am actually not sure if it will ever connect to the doctor etc in any way but I hope that’s not a big problem… Tell me what…[Read more]

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    @winston Thank you!

    One more thing, does anyone else have the doctors voice in their head commenting everything you do? XD Cause I think I am going nuts.

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    @doctor-levina   Hi and welcome to the site. If you are obsessed with the Doctor than you came to the right place. There are days worth of reading here on almost every episode and topic ,with some really good conversations and theories on everything Who-ish.

    You will find young and old here and all are very welcoming and we all love Doctor Who! S…[Read more]

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    Good evening everyone!

    I am new to this site and figured I’d start over here by introducing myself 🙂 Obviously I am obsessed with Doctor Who, that’s why I am here and also maybe to make some friends who I can talk to about my addiction (because none of my study colleagues have seen it and they are quite frankly going nuts with my references; for…[Read more]

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    “Sad news one morning, got out the break of day…”
    Dr John has passed away

    Here’s his song Marie Laveau (Dr John is kind’ve a male version of her character).

    “She made Gris Gris shh kaa shh kaa”

    and some boogie piano playing (I was looking for a live version but the ones I found are a bit…[Read more]

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    @whisht Thank you for that link & the lovely “trust in me; sssleep ssafe & ssound” with its gorgeous sibilants. And unfortunately I don’t know Darrow very well at all. So I’ll try to educate myself.

    Also @arbutus where be you?

    The Britten choon is quirky, Whisht, but the breathing is quite ‘exact’ & whilst the impression created is they’re all…[Read more]

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    hey Sygers (!) @thane16
    glad you like the Japanese band’s song – though it was the first I listened to it did seem the best after clicking on a few others!

    And LOVED the Britten – when do they breathe??

    Below is an oblique song as I can’t think of a better one for Paul Darrow’s character in Blake’s 7.
    His character was similar to ‘the bad guy…[Read more]

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    ahh @jimthefish – thanks for leting us know about Paul Darrow.

    I was a bit young for Blakes 7 (or maybe not – maybe just not got chance to watch due to one telly and me being the youngest with little ability to choose what to watch!)

    I actually loved his character – it always seemed much more nuanced/ multi-dimensional than the others (not their…[Read more]

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