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    Not at all. Give peace a chance. I mean, of course, write, write away! That’s how we’re supposed to do things. Many years ago I was looking at a pretty famous conductor’s notations on a score of Beethoven and I didn’t really like what was there so I changed the notations (in brackets naturally) and the orchestra was twitchy. I said,…[Read more]

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    I like that! Thing is, is it possible, having seen him in Rosa, knowing the sort of person he is, knowing he was nursed back to health by the lady who would become his wife, would such a narrative be necessary?

    I know that Thane likes a particular thriller author. This author, in his books, writes something like this:

    “In films and…[Read more]

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    @mudlark  thank you for your time!  I appreciate you checking the internet for this information. I concluded, based on your determination,  that the main issue is humidity. Yesterday: 100%.  My joints ache like the proverbial.

    Also, Thane, with a particular problem that affects his hip, had nagging pain during training put down to thick, sti…[Read more]

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    @craig That’s awesome!! I have this odd feeeeling. Timey-whimey: I can imagine the original writers and producers watching something like this and between them, saying “uh? That’s OUR Tardis.” That’s a ….a …cyberman….dancing the tango?”

    Like a channel blip for CAL in that Library.

    @Winston I’m sorry. Yes I recall now, Ontario!  Snowmen, Ah…[Read more]

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    Oh, no, keep it coming!

    The water logged plants could well explain the new lavender right next to the old (but getting better) one. I have a sprinkler which drips slowly overnight. Still, at about 6 pm, I checked the depth of soil 2 inches down and it seemed bone dry. And yet…it’s starting to go a bit “yellow” -which is either water…[Read more]

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    apologies @mudlark , I didn’t thank you for explaining marl, double digging and the nature of soils.

    The double-dig method has been an epiphany for me! For many years I would notice Father plying the soil with compost/ manure turning the earth occasionally so it was rich and loamy? For want of the best expression, the soil was soft, with some…[Read more]

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    and to you, @craig. It’s beautiful.


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    @miapatrick @pedant

    ooh, The Rick! Don’t you just love his hair?

    Bowie: Well, I can’t comment on his talent. But I wish I had his hair.

    rimshot 😀


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    I think we know exactly who we’re with, right?

    Craig’s correct. Let’s not bother with the nasties who do an occasional fly-by. Talk of a character being a coward etc isn’t nice. If I were in charge of the sandpit, I’d be turning away. I think that’s a good plan. Otherwise he might need to delete whole…[Read more]

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    huh? What did I do? I think I chatted REALLY well with @Bluffme. I was discussing the post and asking ‘propa’ questions of the poster?  at post #66594. But if you think that this person just wouldn’t listen – I get that. They probably wouldn’t. Which is why I being genuinely interested in answers!

    And I’m not chatting with the untagged…[Read more]

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>making sure no one’s feelings get hurt, this generation of people wearing their heart on their sleeve. Where every child should get a trophy and not learn that regardless of intentions there will always be winners and losers in life.</p>

    Here’s the thing…is it possible you’re conflating issues (above) s…[Read more]

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    Calcerous marl is, as far as I can tell, a calcium component or mineral filled with…..ahem, marl.



    I have one Camelia. I had two several years ago and, urged to save water, took the water from which I’d boiled pasta, and poured it on the plant. Killed it stone dead.

    The other Camelia is doing far better now because the…[Read more]

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    @missy That’s wonderful! (the purse, I mean).  I think they’re not over because (I suspect) after another 2 years they may well return to a male Doctor. Also, you chat with us -so you haven’t deserted the ship Tardis yet 🙂


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    this season is a series of lectures.

    But you haven’t actually watched it? 😉

    Alas, no, it isn’t. Frankly, if it WAS a season of lectures then good: we bloody well need them. But as I said on the other thread -the Battle of…. (except it’s a long post) I never felt deceived or preached at. The villains are us: perhaps we need to allow the…[Read more]

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    Tim Shaw found a new level of ineffectiveness, protected by feeble “sniper” bots and personally able to be bested by one untrained old guy with a gun. His only significant power was by proxy, through his influence on the Ux.

    Absolutely! He was “pretty crap” as a villain. Graham and “the gang” had been to a variety of places nipping hom…[Read more]

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    Oh, that’s a lovely dream. And then …to wake. It can be a bleak time, Christmas: despite the white picture-post-cards of trees warmly lit and candles in café windows, there are many who experience misery. Remembering the lost, the fallen and the misgivings of the season…But there’s joy too. In hidden moments.

    I remember that two…[Read more]

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    As always, a beautifully expressed post. And coincidentally, I was thinking last night of Buffy’s The Body and what an impeccable piece of writing it is. Possibly one of the finest 40 minutes of television I’ve seen.

    I love this:

    even if they were to say there wasn’t, I’d just quote D H Lawrence: Trust the tale and not the tel…[Read more]

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    Actually, I know that 😉  I was referring to “the latter” as written above?  – –  @ScaryB who we haven’t seen as yet. Glad you’re still about though….


  • @jimthefish @ichabod  @mudlark @nick @pedant @scaryB  (the latter: m’dear, where are you? Are you around and lurking at all??)

    I re-read your blog Jim. It’s really interesting just how the blog, the comments e […]

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    Well, ARE we? Playing the Finger the Cumquat?

    *This is not a rude, sexist, harassing comment on ANY level – -before the guns come out!

    Is it someone who enjoys the …..ding-ding thread?


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