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    Craig @craig

    The final part. Azal rises for the third and final time and Jo and Captain Yates are subdued. The Master then offers Jo as a sacrifice to Azal and actually seems a bit apologetic.

    The Doctor reveals the truth about The Master to the villagers, but will UNIT get there in time with the energy exchanger that he desperately needs? Or will the Doctor have to face the Master and Azal by himself?

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    This is a lovely piece of work, with some lines that became part of Who legend. Namely the brilliantly underplayed: ‘Chap with the wings, there. Five rounds rapid.’

    What’s really funny is thinking of the number of times you hear the anti AG moaners moaning ‘the power of love saves the day again!’ And what saves the day in this classic?

    Um… Jo offering her life to save the Doctor, causing Azal to seemingly self-destruct out of sheer perplexity. The power of love, a force from above – never mind keeping the vampire from your door, it’ll kill all known Who villains dead!

    I love the Doctor’s ‘scientific’ explanation, which basically (as Miss Hawthorne points out) describes magic exactly – only using the word ‘psychokinetic’ instead of ‘magic’. But psychokinetic sounds sciencey, so that’s all right. 😉 Later Who got much less embarrassed about sticking with ‘magic’, though it would generally go on to hint that magic was a special type of science…

    Nice little shout out to the Maypole dance in The Day of the Doctor, when we see a clip of Gallifreyan children playing – by dancing around a maypole. Certainly explains how the Doctor knew the dance. 🙂

    The one real ‘how times have changed’ thing for me was everyone being astonished by Bessie moving by herself. Nowadays ‘remote control’ would be the first thing you’d think of, not the last.

    The rather doubtful nature of the Doctor’s relationship with the Master (‘you’ll damage Bessie’ indeed) has also been rather pointedly developed into the Doctor reluctantly accepting that he needs to at least try to kill the Master/Missy. Again, it’s a nice shout-out to the BG series that the Cyber-Brig, who had personal experience of the Doctor and the Master, tries to save his old friend from something that’s clearly going to hurt like hell.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    This is a belter of an episode and a deserved all-time classic. @bluesqueakpip pointed out last week that although the plot is pretty basic, there’s not much in the way of interminable padding that all too often bollockses up BG stories. The leisurely running around is to a purpose and gives us all these nice character moments between the Doctor and the Brigadier and Miss Hawthorne, the Master and his henchmen and various heavies.

    Apart from the ‘five rounds rapid’ stuff, this episode also enters Who lore as the one where the couple of outraged old biddies wrote furiously into Points of View complaining about that lovely church being blown to smithereens just for an episode of Doctor Who. Aw, bless.

    It’s actually very Nu Who (plot being a hook to hang the interesting character stuff onto) and as Pip points out, the ‘love saves the day’ message is also very much of the new show.

    (And it’s not surprise that Azal, last of the all-powerful Daemons rendered gibbering and useless when confronted by a pretty blonde girl in a miniskirt, is a character that your average geekboy can relate to.)

    Having said that, the Daemons are a classic Who villain I’ve always wanted to see make a return. Not sure where you’d go with them though.


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