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    Ta for that @ScaryB. Managed to miss that gallery. I took delivery just yesterday of my Dave McKean variant cover of Sandman Overture #1 signed by Dave McKean himself. To say I’m pleased at getting my hands on this entirely fails to do justice to the smug grin plastered on my features. I’m more pleased than the Doctor after being told that his fez…[Read more]

  • Thanks for that PhaseShift. My order is in for Gaiman’s new Sandman series starting at the end of the month. I’m ridiculously excited about it.

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    @Shazzbot Ha! ‘Galactus lives!’ is the best response I think I’ve ever received anywhere. I shall appoint you my herald. I imagine you standing over me triumphantly having connected an aracane power source to me, […]

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    Hello All

    Just to let you know, I do still dip in to the forum to catch up on the latest discussion, just don’t often log in as I don’t have much time to contribute at the moment. Will definitely be back for […]

  • @Whisht with regard to Sandman start with Preludes and Nocturnes. Might as well begin at the beginning. Order that one and see whether it encourages you to buy more (I’m sure it will, and can advise on further […]

  • One last thought before I call it a night and really have to stop thinking about this (otherwise I’m not going to sleep tonight). Do we think that perhaps the 50th anniversary special may end up undoing the events […]

  • @Juniperfish Someone on the Guardian blog pointed out that if Clara was present on Gallifrey to point the Doctor towards the ‘right’ TARDIS to steal, then it would suggest there’s a Timelord version of Clara. […]

  • It appears my brain hurts so much I’ve forgotten how to spell ‘incarnation’.

  • @PhaseShift A sensible approach, sir. We’ll split the Pennines down the middle. I’ll have everything in the universe to the west of them. You can have everything to the east.

  • Just finished watching again. The GI talks of ‘the slaughterer of the ten billion’. I assume that this is the John Hurt incarnation, and I’d be surprised if the Timelords had let one of their own responsible for […]

  • @PhaseShift Ah, this could get tricky. I’m a member of the Lancashire chapter. The Great Time War may pale into insignificance if we decide to go head to head on the great battle grounds of the Pennines in a bid […]

  • @Whisht Ha ha! Touche 🙂

  • @PhaseShift Hang on. I have a beard. Does that mean I’m secretly the Master? That would explain my tendency to spend breakfast plotting how to take over the galaxy.

  • @Bluesqueakpip @miapatrick Hmm, coming round to the idea of John Hurt being the Zero incarnation, the one whose actions first caused him to flee Gallifrey and assume the name of Doctor. That would certainly be an […]

  • Well, my brain is fried after that one. Bloody brilliant episode.

    I’m guessing John Hurt might be the Time War incarnation since the Doctor’s reaction seems to be about crimes past. Which has me tremendously […]

  • @Craig I hadn’t seen that. Settling down to read right now. And I believe Dave Gibbons of Watchmen fame was an artist back in the Doctor Who Weekly magazine strips that I’m afraid I’m old enough to remember […]

  • And, of course, Grant Morrison also did the Arkham Asylum comic that @ScaryB mentions. With artwork by Dave McKean, who did the covers for Sandman. That’s synchronicity right there.

  • I shouldn’t really be surprised that so many Who fans are comics readers. Comics readers are cool.

    @ScaryB Need to pick up and re-read the Ballad of Halo Jones. Loved Gibson’s art on Robo-Hunter. One of my […]

  • Haven’t seen an ‘abridged’ version of Watchmen. I’d be very dissapointed if there had been attempts to edit out how a certain character had finally adopted their true mask.

    @PhaseShift I’m a big fan of Moore’s […]

  • One further thought about Sandman. Matthew’s act of bravery in The Kindly Ones, offering to stand together with Dream despite being clearly terrified, was one of the first things I can remember reading that left […]

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