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    14 pages of posts and I am only in the middle of page 5. So apologies if some one has said what I am saying below or I don’t acknowledge some one I should.

    Overall initial reaction, One of the best series in the modern era. And a very strong finale. I loved all the concepts in including Clara and Me running off in a stolen Tardis (to have a spin…[Read more]

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    I am highly, highly speculating here but does it work that those that the doctor physically kills, as opposed to may be dying to protect him end up with Missy. She is in some way his appeaser of his guilt complex?

    Coming back to your eureka moment, I think you are right it is too much of a coincidence. But I don’t know that it…[Read more]

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    @Timeloop Thanks for the response.

    1st Point. When Clara leaves the Tardis, they don’t acknowledge each other, which is what I would expect old friends to do. There is no “Good to see you again” or “How are things?”, etc. Even with a regenerating Doctor I would expect, “I see you have been having a few problems, Clara”.

    2nd point. I said it was…[Read more]

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    Just finished watching DB for the second time. There are still about 40 posts I have not read and not sure if these thoughts have been mentioned, but I want to share 2 ideas.

    On first viewing I was not surprised that Clara did not know the Paternoster gang, because the first time she was a Claricle. But I was surprised that they did not know…[Read more]

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    Agree that theme music doesn’t need changing each series. Brilliant sequence of Doctor post-regeneration-Stephan Moffat’s humour at its brilliant best, and at least 5 very good links to the past.

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    Re point (7). Thanks.  Realise, as being of non-TimeLord stock, I got the Timey Wimey thing a bit wrong. Accept the point in the Doctor’s timeline, it is as you state. In QE1’s timeline The Day of the Doctor occurs before the Shakespeare Code. I don’t know how SM keeps track of it all!

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    Coming into this thread a week behind but still ruminating on it. Also been looking for a website to share my thoughts. So here is my maiden post.

    1) Loved it. Lived up to the expectation. So delighted there was a prequel. I see no reason, why there should not be a parallel series with the McGann Doctor-before he grows too old. Come on Beeb.

    2)…[Read more]

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