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    @Juniperfish – wow! intriguing idea.   Unrelated – I’ve been itching to revisit Soderbergh’s Solaris – I always loved how he managed to take the original film and make a completely unique, yet still intellectually and emotionally involving, reinterpretation.

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    I finally caught 12 Years a Slave the other afternoon – powerful, incredibly so.  Saw The Wolf of Wall Street yesterday and was disappointed in it  – after hour 2 you’ve seen every depraved act of excess you need to and the rest becomes overkill. Great performance by DiCaprio, but Scorsese and writer Terence Winter have nothing to say of worth a…[Read more]

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    Hi there – first post. I just watched the episode this morning and enjoyed it despite being a bit perplexed at what was happening at times. I’ve gotten used to rules changing on a whim and things being wrapped up in very easy/odd ways…so the fact that Moffat made up a way to continue the series ad infinitum well that’s fine by me.

    What remains…[Read more]

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