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    I got given a tour of the sets of Doctor who around Wales, one of them is the street in which David Tennant and Kylie Monuge with Bernerd Cribbins the part in which they teleport down to earth. at that very same time they were filming there was a flood of University students around the corner, if they were to turn right, they would see kylie…[Read more]

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    Why can’t we make out own Threads, like any other Forum. I get the Doctors Part. but having one thread for general stuff, Seriously? why can’t why have individual thread for Doctors episodes. so like: For example I pick The Eleventh Doctor. can I talk about him generally or go into an episode (Say the big bang) and people have different theories,…[Read more]

  • I have been on the same park as the Doctor was on, its in Cardiff.

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