• Just following on from @whisht‘s call for items celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing (and also about who has the right to be remembered):


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    Syzygy the elder (and @whisht) this provides some background to the wonderful Superman poster:



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    Thoughts of space and hope and striving for something better

    This seemed appropriate:

    And, although not music, this seemed especially appropriate, both for @whisht and for all of us. It is something that was produced in 1949, and in light of recent events, it qualifies, I think, as an example of…[Read more]

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    Syzgy, I searched (in vain) for an old Bugs Bunny cartoon set in the medieval period that featured the Duke of Ellington and the Count of Basie.

    But I found something even better: Cab Calloway and Betty Boop doing Minnie the Moocher.


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  • @janetteb when I said “all you need” I confess I am not sure how easy it is to acquire a region free player in Australia.

  • @janetteb It is available on the Amazon UK site; all you need is a region-free DVD player. It’s an excellent show.


  • @whisht thanks for posting that. He was a wonderful character actor of great range. It is interesting what sticks in the mind for each of us. For me, it was his Claudius in “The Caesars” back in the late ’60s, and his understated, yet hypnotically effective, villain in the 1974 film “Juggernaut”.


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    Thought I would move this conversation over here as it is not really Who related.

    Climate change: I have never really understood the opposition to an acceptance of this. It seems like a perverse rejection of countless scientific reports. Then I was thinking back to an episode of the current affairs program on Australian TV…[Read more]

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    I should also add that, as a Time Lord, you have been gone for more than five minutes…


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    Saw the news this morning. Very sad indeed. Not only was he brilliant as Avon (indeed, his Avon was both magnetic and seductive–in a way perhaps not a million miles away from River Song) but there were other shows I remember him from. In particular, he he was great as Mr. Tallboy in the Lord Peter Wimsey Story–“Murder Must…[Read more]


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    Hi Syzygy,

    well, yes, it’s true, you should always reference (said not in a sing song voice, but a sententious disapproving voice…)

    but I am pleased to report the the blenkinsop archival skills revealed the source as the NY Times, Jan 19, 2017. (It’s a good article, as well.)

    And if anyone on the right in Australian politics starts…[Read more]

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    Hello syzygy! (it is always exciting to be at the birth of a new voice–time will tell whether the views of the new syzygy are different from those of the old Puro and Thane…)

    Where does the Waleed Aly quote come from?

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    Well, that was depressing news to wake up to.

    Although, entirely predictable.

    Anyway, here are a few thoughts on what are essential to know about to get a handle on what is distinctively Australian. (In light of the election, the following tend to be oriented towards politics in the broadest sense.)

    Compulsory voting: the single most…[Read more]

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    Oh, crikey. Where to start?

    I started writing, but realized (a) it required a lot more thought, and (b) it is close to midnight where I am. So I will respond properly when…well, when we might know who  is the new government.

    But before I go to bed I do want to say that in my lifetime, three Prime Ministers changed…[Read more]

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    @winston Totally agree that this was very enjoyable. In fact, this two parter (and my lips are sealed on the second part until next week) remains one of my favourite AG Who stories. I know it has received some flack but I find it quintessentially Who. The Doctor’s admonition that we have to be “the best of humanity”, the seamless juxtaposition of…[Read more]

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    Welcome back @craig!

    And you return bearing treats! You are a beneficent Emperor indeed.

  • @craig, @bluesqueakpip, or anyone who can solve the issue, I suspect that I am not the only person to receive an email from Elizabeth who wants to share her fortune…

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