• Just watched the first episode of “Star Trek: Picard”. I thought it was simply brilliant.

    In the spirit of Data, I am still processing, and may offer further thoughts later, but I have not been this impressed by a sequel to a show–any show–as much as this.


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    A lovely reflection on Terry Jones. I couldn’t agree more. It is hard to think of many people who could bring so much laughter to so many people, and at the same time give us wonderfully insightful books on English cultural history like “Chaucer’s Knight” (which I remember very fondly, and deeply regret losing my copy of many years ago).


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    A bonkers theory, of course, relies on its own internal logic, and remains disdainfully aloof from the inconvenient reality of the paleontological record.

    Otherwise, how could we come up with “theories more insane than what’s actually happening”?



  • To add to my bonkers theory above, this also might make sense of our reservations over the mind wipe. If, as I am suggesting, time travel was stolen from humans by the Timelords, perhaps it also involved a collective, planet-wide mind wipe, so that humans were destined to have no memory of their earlier achievements. Essentially, the fate of…[Read more]

  • Damn. A bonkers theory spoilt by poor spelling.  I meant, of course, Earth.


  • Just to add to what I said above, while it was a good historical, one of the reasons why I think “Rosa”, for example, will linger for longer as a memorable episode is that, instead of rather disposable alien monsters, in “Rosa” the monsters were us.

    @Tardigrade raised the idea that perhaps “the lie” that seems to underpin the projected…[Read more]

  • Like everyone else, I enjoyed this episode. In a way, it reminded me of “Vincent and the Doctor” which, for me, is high praise indeed, as I felt that episode was, perhaps, the finest episode of AG Who. Of course, there were differences. Vincent was the genius in history’s eyes, but a failure in his own eyes, While, for Tesla in this episode, it…[Read more]

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    Allow me to join @miapatrick and @juniperfish in congratulating you on the award of your doctorate! I had somehow missed that when reading the posts. Given the erudite argumentation of your posts over the years, it all makes sense. While you will, not doubt, continue to be known on these boards as @jimthefish, I will, inevitably, like…[Read more]

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    Maybe there should be some kind of plaque…

    Perhaps there is a build-up of plaque on the teeth of Nu-Who.

    <Blenkinsop furtively runs away after making terrible joke…>


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    I, for one, would love to read your blog developing the JNT allusion.

    When I posted the comment I thought of adding the question: “Too harsh?” But on reflection , I thought it was unnecessary.



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    Re-watched again, just see if I had been too critical. Nope.

    I think we all tried really hard during season 11. And we were initially excited about the new Master and the potential Gallifrey arc. But then we all watched the opener again…

    All of which leads me to ask: are we witnessing the John Nathan-Turner years of AG Who?



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    That post was the best thing I have read all day! Actually, for ages. And so painfully accurate…


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    Just saw it. OK, I am not going to hold back on this one, but before I start, there are many regulars on this site who know how much I love this show. So, keeping that in mind:

    I thought this was really bad. There was too much happening too quickly (the point being that it was near impossible to relate to or reflect on anyone’s individual story),…[Read more]

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    On the question of the mindwipe, I tend to agree with @phaseshift and @jimthefish (now there’s a name we haven’t seen on the board for a while!). It does not seem right either in terms of consent, or in terms of the ways it has been used in the past (eg. Donna) or, more to the point, the countless times it hasn’t been used in the past. And as @jimt…[Read more]

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    Syzygy the elder,

    Have  been reading about the appalling conspiracy theories regarding the fires emanating from the Murdoch press and the dark corners of the web. Frankly, it takes my breath away. You mentioned, on another thread, the example of someone who was hounded and pilloried because of the false accusation of being an…[Read more]

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    Television viewing habits confession:

    We have never subscribed to cable. This means we watch very little TV. Technically, we watch no TV, only shows or movies that we have on DVD (and we are lucky enough to have one of the few remaining DVD rental shops left in Canada; one that specializes in quality stuff).  Occasionally, I hear of a…[Read more]

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