• @juniperfish, That is an awesome interpretation. It makes total sense, and, along with the serpent motifs, it also feels like a mobius strip, where the universe, the Doctor, and Doctor Who the show meet themselves in a never ending way.

    @miapatrick, Also love the idea that Chibnall might also be attempting to fold the 8th Doctor into this…[Read more]

  • No, another final thought…

    In the previous episode with the Weeping Angels little Peggy witnesses the death of her awful Great Uncle (“he was never nice to me”). It struck me in this episode how it was replicated by Awsok’s attitude to the Doctor.


  • Oh…final thought: what about the little girl Peggy? What happened to her? She was an incredibly interesting character in the previous episode, and her story deserves (at least) an episode of its own (if not more).



  • Really liked it.

    Yaz, Dan, the professor–Indiana Jones. What’s not to like?

    UNIT’s history compromised by the serpent. Yes, it makes sense.

    Awsok–everything about that was perfect. Barbara Flynn, the dynamic between her and the Doctor. It was brilliant. But perhaps less impressed by her death, which seemed…too easy.

    Anyway, just liked the…[Read more]

  • @scaryB, @mudlark Yes, you are, of course, right about the Brendon story. I confess I have shuffled that one to the back of my mind, but, in light of what you say, I should revisit it.


    Unless maybe, the Tardis, being unconstrained by any concept of linear time, was remembering forwards.

    Oooh, I like that!


  • Oh, and the sonic.

    Doctor Ruth clearly does not know about the sonic, and is contemptuous of it. And as we know, the sonic is not introduced until Troughton.

    That’s it…bedtime.

  • @scaryb You’re back! How fantastic! Just tonight Mrs Blenkinsop and I rewatched  this and over a post-viewing glass of wine with Mrs Blenkinsop, the following bonkers theory came to me.

    This whole series is about Division. What is it and why doesn’t the Doctor know about it? Well, if we go back to the Judoon episode, where Doctor Ruth is…[Read more]

  • We just re-watched this fabulous episode. It was really great on a second (or third?) viewing. I have had a constant complaint about the Whittaker Doctor lacking authority, but in this episode I realise that she really has the authority that the Doctor should possess. And then I wondered: was it the writer, Maxime Alderton, who also co-wrote the…[Read more]

  • @craig I like your ideas for where to go with James Bond. At the moment, most people seem to be thinking about how to address issues of gender and sexuality. But I like that you want to bring it back to the Englishness of Bond and shoot it all in the UK.

    I would suggest one step further–to address the fact that Bond represents not just the UK,…[Read more]

    1. @mudlark, @jimthefish Yes, I agree with you both. It sounds a bit like a version of the Cartmel Masterplan at the end of McCoy’s tenure, which was stopped in its tracks when the show was cancelled. Chibnall even references it with brief shot of what appears to be Lungbarrow at the beginning of the Halloween Apocalypse. I thought the Cartmel…

    [Read more]

  • @mudlark What excellent background research! The pieces really are starting to fall into place. Mind you, I am not sure Chibnall needed to hide the various clues quite as deeply as your research has revealed. That seems to me to be more like telling a story by way of embedding easter eggs, rather than via clear narrative flow.

    And yes, Awsock…[Read more]

  • OK…just watched it. And then, after dinner, re-watched Chapter 1. I am going to make, what might seem, a rather strange comparison. And it with the most recent series of “Twin Peaks”. It was 19 episodes constructed as one long movie, rather than as self-contained episodes. I think this has a rather similar construction. Each story tells its own…[Read more]

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    @janetteb The Blenkinsop household is surviving, although the fact that highways have been swept away by the floods has led to supply chain issues (petrol and food are in scarce supply in many places). If the supply of jelly babies and jammy dodgers dries up, however, that’s when we know were are in real trouble.

  • @juniperfish

    The last paragraph of your post was the most inspirational thing I have read for ages. It just so perfectly captures why we are all here.


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  • @craig Say it ain’t so! No, really, hear me out. There was a time, it seems ages ago (and it was) when a core group of us–some still around, some who drifted, and some who passed–found a connection with a love of Who that did not really connect with all the criticism and (I must say it) bile that was in evidence on t’other place, when Moffat…[Read more]

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    @miapatrick My deepest sympathies. You take care.

  • @ichabod It is great to see you again! Don’t give up. I totally agree with you about the sound. My initial assumption is that my hearing is declining, but then I realize it if there is a problem, it is not mine.

    As for the show, I like to think of it in context. When Troughton took over from Hartnell (I am 69!) my response was “that’s not right!”…[Read more]

  • @winston

    You are just a young slip of a thing. Nat King Cole sung that song in the year of my birth…1952.

  • A question to anyone who knows anything about TV production. This season is visually really impressive. Lots of CGI and lots less running though old rock quarries.

    I am assuming that all the CGI visuals are expensive in comparison to people running through rock quarries, but I just do not know. Or did they fly cast and crew to exotic locations…[Read more]

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