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    Just reading that Stephen Moore, who voiced–to perfection–Marvin the Paranoid Android in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” as well as taking on the small but important role of Eldane, the leader of the Silurians in the season 5 Who episode “Cold Blood” has died. While most people will think of him in relation to Marvin the Paranoid…[Read more]

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    It was the voice. And it was what she could do with other people’s songs. It was a combination of the electrifying power of her voice and a sort of ethereal, poetic take on what she sang that captured a moment (in this case, the early to mid seventies in Sydney, undergraduate days, living in share houses, going to performances like hers,…[Read more]

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    Been reading about the drought in Australia. As someone who spent 60 years of his life there, I have strong feelings about what is happening at the moment to the land itself and the government policy that is accepting (if not encouraging) it. It is clear that that this is not a changing of the seasons. I know that the…[Read more]

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    come to think of it, there’s this as well. You can’t believe how important this..and the music–and performances of–Jeannie Lewis…was to me at a certain moment in my past.


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    this one’s for whisht and syggers…maybe because it represents a moment in my youth, or…just because…




  • @syzygy

    Hi thane16 and siggers

    You know, when I watched it, I thought the tempo was wrong–I somehow remembered it as a bit faster. Of course, originally, my pulse would have been racing a bit faster…ahem.



  • @whisht

    I confess to being of the generation that responded to the Nancy Sinatra song (although I am not sure your clip did the song justice). But, to respond to the clip, with another clip from a different decade, that (in common with your clip) was ludicrously…well ludicrous.


  • @thane16, @craig

    Hi Syzygy the elder–or, indeed Puro (the incomparable),

    l seem to to be still courted by Kayla. Not that I want to be, of course.

    p.s. Has your name changed as you indicate? Has mine? Mrs Blenkinsop still seems to recognize me, and to be honest, that is all that matters.


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    In light of the passing of Terrance Dicks, it seemed appropriate share a short clip from the incomparable “The War Games”. And to remind us of of how we found out about The Time Lords.

    I really have to watch the whole thing again.


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    Terrance Dicks has just died. What a loss. He wrote some of the most memorable stories of the BG era, from the stunning War Games on. Not to mention his novelizaions and much more.

    It would  be great to gave a Dicks retrospective, particularly “The War Games”, for so many reasons.

    a great loss.


  • @janetteb

    @thane16 (the elder and the younger)

    Like both of you (janette and the syzygy the elder) I lived through the same years. I too often wonder if our decisions were responsible for the options available to the generation represented by syzygy the younger.

    When I think back to my own experience the one thing that always stands out–the…[Read more]

  • @craig Ah, Kayla–she is persistent, isn’t she?

    @pedant How do I know that you are not Chinese?

  • @pedant

    I was just reading the obituary of Chris Kraft, the NASA flight director during Apollo 11. Was it he who was the calm, controlling voice in the video you uploaded of “the complete descent”?  Or someone else?

  • Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? Some of you may have heard of this particular episode of a long forgotten TV show, but many of you will have not. It was made in 1958, it is 22 minutes long, and it is a hoot.

    When it starts you might think: what?? But bear with it…trust me, you will enjoy…[Read more]

  • @winston

    In the spirit of keeping alive 20th century viewing habits, there is a line from one of my favourite movies of all time, called “A New Leaf” with Walter Matthau, where one character explains to Matthau’s character: “Sir, in your own lifetime, you have managed to keep alive traditions that were dead before you were even born.”

    I have…[Read more]

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    in the spirit of maintains order on the forum, my reply is over on The Kebab and the Calculator (?) Anyway, the other one..

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    This may be of interest to American Whovians. Apparently HBO Max has acquired the rights to stream all of Nu Who:

    ‘Doctor Who’ to Stream Exclusively on HBO Max

    Personally, I have managed to avoid signing up to anything. I suppose someone has to keep alive the spirit of 20th century TV viewing…


  • @whisht

    yes, Arrival was a very emotionally effective movie. I urge you to read the story which it was adapted from. It was called “The Story of your Life” by Ted Chiang. It is easy to find (I found it for free on the web before the movie came out).

    It was really rather brilliant. (And only about 40 pages long, as I recall.)



  • @whisht @thane16

    I know many of us have seen this before, but nontheless:

    It is both incredibly moving and demonstrates the genius of his acting.

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