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    Thanks for that @mudlark. Incredibly poignant. No child should be subjected to that.

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    @janetteb – Excellent news! A minority government, but that still represents hope. And some justice for Grace Tame.

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    @jimthefish Thanks for the new page. It is true that the old one was getting rather full, and at the rate that news stories about the next RTD incarnation are emerging, this page will fill up quickly, I suspect. Indeed, I have been reading so much about it in the last couple of days (but not from the BBC, so not for this page) I am actually…[Read more]

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    I feel a bit like Data when he is trying to access the Borg mainframe…”Processing, processing…”

    It is starting to feel like RTD is going to plunge the new Doctor into the alphabet soup of Doctor Who, but with the proviso that it is the RTD Who universe he is plunged into.


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    The Tennant Doctor and Donna Noble??!! Well, I suppose they were both RTD’s creations. I cannot imagine how he will use them. But then again, I am also finding it hard to believe that we have to wait 18 months before we see the first RTD show.

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    But another Scot!!???!!!???
    Where’s the diversity BBC????

    Ha!! Brilliant!

    You have been gone too long, my friend.


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    @dentarthurdent Yes I take on board all you say. Growing up in Australia in the 50s and 60s the impact of England was always there. I know from friends it was the case in NZ as well. I often recall the joke about NZ at the time that so many men looked like Sir Edmund Hillary and so many women wore pleated tartan skirts with big safety pins on the…[Read more]

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    Was just reading an interesting article in the Guardian about the casting of Gatwa as the new Doctor, and the connection with the Englishness of the show. In the article it is pointed out that from the very beginning of the show, it was created, not by those who represented some idealized notion of “authentic” Englishness, but by those whose idea…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent Thanks for the link to the different Tardis consoles. I had completely forgotten about Season 14, even though I would have watched it at the time. Come to think of it, I have a feeling the opposite sex was occupying more of my attention than the Doctor around then…

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    Have now watched a couple of things with Ncuti Gatwa and he certainly projects charm and charisma, but have not seen a sense of authority yet. Does the Doctor require authority? To someone of my age, who remembers watching Hartnell as a child, probably. That was also part of the reason I responded to Matt Smith. Did Tennant convey authority? Less…[Read more]

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    Crikey! It looks like I will need to watch Sex Education as well!


  • Just finished watching the first season of “Slow Horses” with Gary Oldman. A really enjoyable and excellently plotted spy series. It is based on the first novel in a series by Mick Herron. Was pleasantly surprised to discover at the end of the last show a teaser trailer for the second season (with the same cast) based on the second novel in the…[Read more]

  • @devilishrobby, @nerys, An interesting thought, but I can’t really cast Chibnall as quite that Machiavellian.  As I watched the shows slowly (ever so slowly) turn up months apart I felt that there might have been a more promising three years of stories if COVID had not reared its ugly head. So, on the one hand, Chibnall was unlucky. But on the…[Read more]

  • @jimthefish Yeah, I can see where you are coming from, and it was a slight episode. But, for me, it was still a fun (albeit) slight episode. Regarding the Doctor telling Yaz how great she was, this was someone trying to break bad news to someone she cared for. Should she have said that on a sliding scale of truly great figures from human history…[Read more]

  • Has everyone deserted the site? Where is @jimthefish ? Where is @bluesqueakpip ?


  • OK, on the one hand, I really liked it. It was a swashbuckling adventure, that looked really great, and all the actors worked. On the other hand, (and I tend to think of this as a Chibnall issue) why does everyone, but mainly the Doctor, have to be constantly explaining what has either happened, or is about to happen? The last time I saw the Sea…[Read more]

  • @janetteB, @nerys, Here is a brief taste of “Slow Horses”


  • @nerys The other TV show I have been watching (on Apple) is the spy mystery “Slow Horses” with Gary Oldman and Kristin Scott Thomas. And I am really enjoying it. Gary Oldman is very good as the irascible head of a group of agents who have been demoted from MI5 for past mistakes to a grim office where they are delegated menial tasks, but who are…[Read more]

  • @nerys Yes, I tend to agree. I was intrigued by the beginning, and up until they arrive in 2024. But when they started to cram all the actors from the future into the past, and and invented a Picard family history, the story seemed to crowded and sort of…disingenuous. There is nothing like the episode “Nepenthe” in this series.

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