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    I loved the intro episode and the Rosa episode.

    The Ghost episode was a yawn, the spider episode silly the Pting episode zany but silly

    the Partition episode was a little Romeo and Juliet  romance for 9 year old girls.

    The companions remain like little children although to be fair time travel does take time getting used to.

    The first episode…[Read more]

  • Chibnall really is an amazing writer.

    The Dr again was fantastic.

    This is the best DR Who series ever.

  • Camp, corny and so British.

    I watched 3 Dr Who episodes in 1968 as a pre teen and have just rejoined the series.

    Yes I missed 50 years and 200 episodes so I bring a “unique” perspective.

    My memories of those 3 episodes in 1968 broadcast in black and white

    was how bleak and ultra budget the sets were while the DR was the

    earnest grammar school…[Read more]

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  • My Dr Who back story

    I first saw Dr Who in the late 1960’s in black and white here in New Zealand.

    I watched about 2 programmes.

    I liked the theme music and the Darlicks.

    The show looked like it was made in a garage with the  props all made out of cardboard. [Probably was 🙂 ]

    I thought the programme very grey and amateurish  so I stopped w…[Read more]

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    I am always wary of any “historical” programme as the style will be tailored to suit the target audience.

    Brits have an “American” perspective which we all know by heart and this episode

    was cliched to the max with regards Britt  steryotyping the deep south 1950’s USA.

    All we needed was U2’s 1988 “rattle and hum cliche of the USA but Adele f…[Read more]

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