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    You clever buggers! First time I’ve been able to properly log in and read the comments here and you’ve all covered all my thoughts and answered my questions so eloquently and intelligently. This place is genuinely a pleasure compared to the other comment-pits that Who (and other shows/films) tend to create.

    In lieu of anything original to say…[Read more]

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    Unbelievable. In the literal sense of the word in this case!

    Phenomenal acting chops displayed by all concerned. Coleman and Capaldi couldn’t have done that any better. Also mightily impressed with Maisie Williams (who is only 18!).

    Excellent script that felt very ‘tight’ throughout and allowed a good layer of tension.

    And then that ending. I…[Read more]

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    @geoffers Your thoughts re. the dust cameras:

    maybe it’s how missy managed to monitor the doctor and clara all last season, with impunity (the doctor wondering if he was ever truly alone, in ‘listen,’ and missy watching the events of ‘in the forest of the night’

    I love this idea! I’ve wondered before whether we’d ever get an explanation for that,…[Read more]

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    @geoffers You’re entirely right – it’s stated no helmet cams, CCTV etc. What I meant to type was that the soldiers ‘could have had’ helmet cams (i.e. change the story) and us watch just through their POV (slowly dwindling down to just 1 camera as they get picked off). Gatiss committing to a fully-formed, found-footage concept. So do away with the…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave Absolutely on the BG Who feel to the whole thing – Gatiss’ episodes so clearly mark him out as a real fan of the earlier stuff. And very interesting thoughts on the meta angle to it; I hadn’t thought of it like that and indeed this could survive in isolation as almost a ‘concept’ story, rather than an episode in a…[Read more]

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    Really enjoyed that one, perhaps even more so because I watched it this morning when I got up and I still had sleep in my eyes! Bit too exposition heavy, but that’s to be expected with an episode like this that’s got to at least try and keep everyone in the loop, from restless kids to distracted adults.

    Feels instinctively like a stand-alone just…[Read more]

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    Haha @barnable, I too would love the dino to come back! A super-sized T-Rex is pretty cool even when just standing around in the Thames, but it would be even cooler to have it on the rampage and smashing down Cybermen like skittles!

    Perhaps there’s still a chance; how about this: people (and dinosaurs) that have appeared to die in this series h…[Read more]

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    And whilst I’m online for a bit, my two-penneth worth on the phone call at the start is that there’s nothing timey-wimey going on. I interpreted the post-it notes as Clara organising her thoughts before speaking to Danny and nothing more.  Three months (as @thebrainofmoffat suggested) would refer to the time she’s been travelling se…[Read more]

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    Hi @everyone! Busy week so first time I’ve had chance to properly read through everyone’s thoughts and theories.  Loving it as ever, this series is culminating in some of the most bonkers theorising yet!

    I came away from the episode pretty sure that it was explained by Missy to the Doctor that the Nethersphere was nothing of the sort (i.e. not h…[Read more]

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    Check out  the window (or glass panel) behind the Doctor 18 seconds into that trailer, when he says ‘the dead don’t come back’… cue creepy looking (presumably dead) thing starting to stand up!  Could be a very […]

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    Didnt work sorry. To take the slow route therefore, google ‘dark water trailer series finale part 1’ and one of the first results should be a Facebook link. Guess youll need a FB account to watch. It has a very […]

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    Spotted a different trailer on Facebook today. See link below (dont seem to be able to embed it on my tablet so hope this works).

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    @ixion – just FYI, some people don’t watch the trailers and count them as spoilers, so if you want to discuss the one at the end of this there’s a blog specifically to do so. Not having a go at all, just wanted to make you aware.

    @craig @phaseshift and other lords of the administration, perhaps you could edit the last post for people who don’t…[Read more]

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    @melloyello – what @thommck , @spider and @scaryb say is correct; Clara didn’t recognise War Doc, Tom Baker and indeed Tennant or anyone else because she lost most of the memory of her time in the Doc’s time scar.

    This is established in Day of the Doctor (which I re-watched recently) when she meets WarDoc and TennantDoc in the cell.  To…[Read more]

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    @jimthefish @kaervekkun  Yes indeed, I’m starting to get back into the idea that Danny might well be the big-bad of the arc.  It’s something I speculated about before the series started, and then again when we met him properly in Into the Dalek (http://www.thedoctorwhoforum.com/forums/topic/into-the-dalek/page/3/#post-30843)

    The Master r…[Read more]

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    Hi all, not checked in here as much as usual so just ploughing through all the brilliant ideas and critiques.

    I really enjoyed this episode; I love the more character-led stuff and I’m partial to a fun-but-slightly-rubbish McGuffin like the Skovox B.

    My initial thoughts (/concerns) mirror @drben ‘s somewhat, in that they seem to be stressing the…[Read more]

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    Hi all, great theorizing already!

    Overall I liked-but-didn’t-love this episode. It might improve with a second viewing, but it niggled for a couple of reasons (that have already been mentioned by others).

    So I felt the music fit well but was a little OTT, like they were forcing a feeling from you.

    And the pacing was off for me, so much that it…[Read more]

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    Absolutely phenomenal episode, up there with the very best of the new batch in my opinion.

    I’ve watched it twice now (and rewound bits too) and I think the overall implication is that Orson is related to Clara.  There’s a red herring or two in there, and we know Moff is tricksy with stuff like this, but I’m leaning towards it.  Here’s why.

    So Or…[Read more]

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