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    <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>You are right!  I went back and rewatched that scene in The Caretaker and it does sound like he was talking about something in his past.  The first time I watched it I was excited to hear Twelve talking about River that I took it as something he had just done. I am no longer confused ☺</span>


  • Saw it tonight in the theater. I thought it was fantastic. Funny, poignant, just perfect.

    I am confused. Didn’t The Doctor mention spending time with River in an episode from last season when he was undercover at Clara’s school?

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    Wow!! What an episode!

    You all miss nothing. Thank you so muvh for sharing all your thoughts and theories. I watched this with my 7 year old. The scene when the Veil comes up through the ground totally freaked him out.

    I love the me/Me question. Which did he mean?  I think Me is a red herring but I also think I could be wrong ☺

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