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    Hope you don’t mind but I thought it would be interesting to bring our discussion from the other place as I think its a fairly fundamental disagreement (with the emphasis on the fun) and I’d be […]

  • BESD1 replied to the topic Death in Heaven

    Despite what the following might suggest, I enjoyed this, although I don’t think it quite lived up to the first part.

    Some thoughts:

    1. I may be over simplifying matters (I’m sure any IT bods on the board will tell me sharpish), but couldn’t Missy have saved herself a lot of trouble by installing a simple “If …. then ….” subroutine into the…[Read more]

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    Sorry if this has been mentioned already, especially as it may be of no moment whatsoever but:

    Who is Seb?

    We only ever see him in the nethersphere so this means either he’s dead (but not cyberised as he still seems to have emotions, albeit in a moderately sociopathic way) or  he’s a computer programme or he’s alien/potentially time lord…[Read more]

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    @PhileasF        “it’s pretty amazingly irresponsible to have the Doctor say, in effect, that people who hear voices should stop taking their prescribed medication. Wow. Not sure how that one got through.”


    The fact that it did get through tells me that it wasn’t in anyway accidental. Far from a glib comment offering general encourag…[Read more]

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    @devilishrobby “For this reason in my personal opinion it can be forgiven for straying from factual science. ”

    I’ll refer you to @BadWulf on this – basically saved me a lot of typing, so thanks.

    @phaseshift “And it seems the lost (and perhaps dead), are starting to return”

    Brilliant – it hadn’t occurred to me that Annabel might have returned…[Read more]

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    @juniperfish “this was a eco-fable about the majesty of forests; one where the Doctor was a wizard who knew to listen to children rather than medicate them.”

    Exactly – this was a children’s fantasy told pretty much entirely from a child’s POV. As such not all of it worked for me (wish fulfilling dodgy science, empty London, reappearing sister,…[Read more]

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    Really enjoying having this series take me where it will, and watching the doctor awash with moral ambiguity (so much more interesting than moral certitude). A couple of convictions growing:

    1. The robot/ retooled human theme spells Cybermen
    2. Buoyed by growing wave of regal flotsam and jetsam I grow more sure that Missy/Gus/lady in the shop  is…

    [Read more]

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    @Badwulf – ah, now Jabba would certainly fit the bill.

  • BESD1 replied to the topic Kill the Moon

    Sorry – I meant @Bluesqueakpip ! There are a couple of posts responding to you up above with an embarrassingly poor spelling of your name.

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    @Badwulf @Bluepipsqueak thanks for introducing me to the Trolley problem. Having read up on it it seems the biggest problem with it, or at least its variants, is that it seriously overestimates how fat a person can be.

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    @MTGradwell @Bluepipsqueak – “All the science was garbage …….. You might be onto something here”   I really hope you are onto something, because if I get you right and what you’re saying is that these multiple distortions of reality are a symptomatic of some over arching distortions, probably related to the status of Missy’s promised land, t…[Read more]

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    Sorry: “deep Breath” – not sure why I keep thinking of it as “Breathe”! Possibly a latent memory of Prodigy.

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    Purely in terms of story telling, and having scanned the thread I get the feeling I might be in a minority, I thought that was the best episode of the series so far. I’ve enjoyed every episode, but have been finding the story telling a little lacking on the whole.  “Breathe” was an enjoyable introduction to the new Doctor, but the story was a bit…[Read more]

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    “She’s a psychopath,  loves the Doctor, lives in a mainframe” – ooh now, I was utterly convinced Tasha and River couldn’t be one and the same right up to there. Are you suggesting that the Papal Mainframe is descended from CAL in some sense (an app perhaps?)?

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    @Phaseshift “It does seem to suggest that the Time Lords (and Doctors) fears about them being frozen in that moment in an alternative Universe were unfounded. Time seems to play out at some pace on the other side.” Or is the question looped over again because the Time Lords are frozen in a discrete slice of time during which they can act (to find…[Read more]

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    Not sure if this has been noted yet but – now we know what was in the Doctor’s Room in the God Complex. The Crack.

  • Coming very late to this, and even later to this loose end (which might be more sort of a vague continuity error in any case) BUT:

    The Gelf – in Unquiet Dead at least one of the Gelf seems to have escaped into […]

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    “We now know that she suggested to Hartnell’s Doctor which TARDIS to steal. We also know, from The Doctor’s Wife, that the TARDIS stole her thief. Ergo – Clara is either a manifestation of the […]

  • @JimTheFish and @Wolfweed For that matter how much TV or Film Sci-Fi truly is scientific? Books yes, I’ll give you that. Asimov, Dick, Gibson and many more have all produced fiction based on projecting current […]

  • Firstly – yes, definitely, ding dong, top smart etc. Secondly, not sure if this has been asked (or answered) yet, but do we have confirmation that the GI was destroyed in the Time Stream, or is that an assumption? […]

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