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    @teddybear    I never would have thought of that. LOL that’s awesome!

    @bendubz11   That makes since though, but the stool was no longer in the room so would the stool disappear even if it was no longer in the room. I guess we will never know….

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    This episode was just amazing!!! It has me on the edge of my seat for the next one.

    Did anyone else think it was incredibly sad that the doctor died like a million times. I wanted to cry for him. He almost literally had to go through hell just to escape. Oh and the skulls…. At first you don’t understand why there there. I wanna give him a hug…[Read more]

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    Ya I really enjoyed Eccleston to. Fathers day was so sad…

    I’m not really sure what everyone else in the doctor who community is thinking but I am loving the 12th doctor. I’m no sure if anyone else agrees but I was kinda happy to see Clara go.  I feel like it kind of represented the end of Matt Smith hell to me. I really didnt l…[Read more]

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