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    Thanks for the info on the short story, appreciated. I didn’t want to rant about my dislike of last week’s episode because it could easily be mistaken for trolling. Also, most people on here loved it and I didn’t see any point on raining on that particular parade.

    On other points. I also think the mind wipe thing will have only…[Read more]

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    I liked this episode a lot. I think that those who felt let down, or that this was an anti climax, may have been too engrossed in last week’s episode. I was very much in the minority in thinking last week’s episode was a pile of  self indulgent, silly tripe. I stand by that thought. Really, we could have gone from the end of ‘Raven’ to the start…[Read more]

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    I realise and accept that I am in the minority here but that episode did not work for me. Self indulgent, joyless, pretentious nonsense . I tried watching it again but remain unmoved. Don’t expect many on here to agree but that is my opinion. Glad so many appreciated it. Will look to next week with guarded interest.

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    A few thoughts

    liked the stall selling scarves ‘As Worn by Sherlock Holmes’

    Why is the TARDIS in a different place from where the Doctor left it?

    Some of the comments on here are well out of order. It’s a forum. Not only are people allowed to have different opinions, they are supposed to have different opinions. Furthermore, one of the main…[Read more]

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    Is it of any relevance that one of the collective nouns for a group of ravens is ‘ A Conspiracy’? Are we being led up the garden path because they KNOW we will read too much in to it? And as for a ban on Latin? Nemo dat quod non habet

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    Well, here’s my opinion on a few things. I agree withthose who write that the cybermen were a let down. Par for the course really. They do a good clanking stomp but thats about it. The ‘coming out of the graves’ thing was good but it was badly timed. That could have been a lot more tense. As it was, they crawled out and erm…that was it. Could…[Read more]

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    When Missy was sitting on the steps outside St Paul’s , did anyone else start singing ‘Feed the birds, tuppence a bag’?

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    Thought that was very good and original. A few points. I actually thought Clara was good in this episode, which surprised me. Perhaps it is the Clara/Danny  Hollyoaks thing that grates. I do agree, however, that she is a bit too dialogue smart in situations where she really ought to be more concerned.

    Now some bonkers stuff. There was an earlier…[Read more]

  • I think some clarification is in order as there are various assumptions on why I wrote what I did and what those comments meant. My comments on the use of certain terms used on this forum were exactly that – their use in this forum.

    I thought I made that clear, perhaps I should have been clearer. The assumption by one person was that I had had a…[Read more]

  • I have read the rules on etiquette and have always respected other opinions even if I disagreed with them. If I am in a minority in thinking that terms such as ‘socially retarded’ and ‘knee-jerking homophobic fuckwits’ are acceptable on this forum then I will (gladly) delete my account and go elsewhere.

  • ‘Socially retarded’ – an offensive comment in any context


    @wordmuse – Well said.

  • @Juniperfish – Interesting thoughts about all the reversing. Two ways of looking at it have crossed my mind .  First thought was that it reminded me of another science fiction programme from the 60s – Captain Scarlet. Didn’t he have some sort of ‘reverse metabolism’ that allowed him to regenerate?  Also a link to colours – Scarlet to Pink.  …[Read more]

  • @PhaseShift – Putting aside you own displeasure for the moment, can you possibly live with the fact that you can’t speak for me?

  • @Melloyello – Although I think you are perhaps a bit harsh with you choice of words, I tend to agree with your sentiment. I think Clara is dragging this series down and is only there because she is such a feast for the eyes. The whole Danny Pink thing is tedious and, like  you, I feel that Moffat’s attempts to pull me in to a long story arc has…[Read more]

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    A few thoughts. I agree that there was a definite ‘soap’ element to this episode. The robot/monster was merely a plot device and served no real purpose other than to set this episode in the school. I’ve had a few odd theories about Danny and this episode made them appear slightly less mad. He is now ‘officially’ Clara’s love interest and has the s…[Read more]

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    Another ‘Most  Secure Vault In The World / Galaxy / Universe’ plot where there are no guards and anyone can access anywhere by  pulling off  an oversized vent  in the air conditioning system and simply walking in. A bit more imagination in the writing, please.

  • Yes, I am well aware that laughing at Hitler has been used in the past by some very funny people. It can be very effective in the right setting. Regrettably, Dr Who is not a suitable setting and neither is it a comedy show. This episode, by it’s rather frivolous     treatment of Hitler, has set a bench mark for the future incorporation of any s…[Read more]

  • I think you have to be careful when you bring historical people to the show. They got it right with Dickens but they got it completely wrong with Hitler. To incorporate this loathsome, vile, murderous man in a Dr Who episode may have worked if they were to confront the real horrors he brought to the world. Instead he is used as a straight man in a…[Read more]

  • “Well, an element of conflict in any discussion’s a very good thing. It means everybody is taking part and nobody left out. I – I like that”.

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