• “… Some characters should not be messed with ( James Bond, Captain Kirk, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who and so on).” (edited by me)

    Here’s the thing.

    Only one of the above is portrayed as an occasionally shape-shifting alien of undetermined gender, if, indeed, gender, as we understand it, actually exists on Gallifrey.

  • Mrs May sheds a tear

  • Okay. So I’m predominantly a lurker.

    But all I have to say at this moment is, “Boo-hoo, curmudgeons.”

    You’ll all have much more time to be curmudgeonly with all that time you’ll have not watching.


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    I spent the last half of the episode thinking Clara would inhabit Rusty’s carapace and go on to be incarcerated in the Daleks’ Asylum – then rescued – thus closing a story loop.

    Was it only me?

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    Greetings from South Canada.

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    Plimuff, shurely? All those maids too …

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    Just popped in to say “Hello” and check my avatar …


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