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    @macphisto96: about Danny’s life being messed with – not sure i agree. Most of the interaction is positive, especially helping Rupert/Danny to learn how to handle fear (rational or otherwise). He already had the toy soldier, after all.

    The Doctor is sometimes shown as if he was a god, but i can’t imagine that even his powers of post-hypnotic…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip: yes, that slip of paper was… interesting.

    Personally, i liked Danny, and I somehow can’t imagine that Moffatt is going to have two consecutive companions leave on such a sad note, if only because the Doctor will likely be even more devastated than he was in the Christmas special where Clara was introduced. Or… maybe not (given…[Read more]

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    I really liked the episode, though honestly, the ending (Clara/Danny plus boy) surely was either a dream she had, or else taking place in an alternate reality, because

    – if the Nethershphere is a Gallifreyan HD, where is Danny now and how could he possibly be able to return?

    – Who would send a child who has been dead for some years back to this…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip – they nicked it, no question – probably paying the Brits back for burning part of Washington. 😉

    more seriously, St. Paul’s is absolutely amazing.  I’ve only been in London once, had limited […]

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    @purofilion – Thanks for the welcome!

    I’ve been lurking on this forum, off and on, since early last season, but decided to jump into the discussion due to “Listen.” Check my “How Tom Baker made me love the Doctor” intro. post above. 🙂


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    Hi all – longtime lurker here, but yesterday’s episode drew me out of the woodwork.

    I started watching the show in 1983, when I was in graduate school and really needed a break from studying and all-round stress. PBS (for you non-USians, that’s Public Broadcasting Service) had licensed a goodly chunk of Too Baker’s run, starting shortly before…[Read more]

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    @arbutus again: I’ve got the impression that the Nethersphere might be some kind of distorted, fun house mirror version of waking life – more specifically, the Doctor’s wakingn life (and possibly his dreams as well). Which fits with his mentions of doubles, shadows and ghosts.

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    @arbutus: I also believe he’s an orphan.

    As for the monster in Rupert’s room, my guess is that in each mperson’s mind, it is the thing the fear most – either in dreams or in waking life. That makes Clara’s being a literal “monster under the bed” more ironic and poignant.

    As to the monitor going off in the aTardis when the Doctor opens the door…[Read more]

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    I’m new here (more to follow in the proper forum).

    My head’s spinning, my brain’s scrambled, and…

    I think the Doctor saw Missy on the spacecraft at the end of the world. She’s acted like a stalker, she wears black, her original name (in scripts and credits) was Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere… Which would, imo, function much like the shadows…[Read more]

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